Saturday, 24 February 2018


After conducting a medical camp at an old folks home in Semenyih some time back, AVM and AUM took to the streets to conduct its Homeless Mobile Medic Assist for the very first time as part of Pothihai Tharma Chakkram's programme providing basic medical care besides distributing biscuits and drinks.

Dr Janar briefing all participants on the right ways to use a face mask and gloves besides speaking about safety and hygiene while on the streets.

Packed and ready to go

Treating a variety of cases

Giving an ear to listen to people

Serving light refreshments while the public wait to go through their examination and tests.

We had the privilege to meet the initiators of Pit Stop Community Cafe Joycelyn Lee and Andrea Tan when we dropped in on them while tending to the poor and sick on our last stop for the day.  

Joycelyn Lee and Andrea Tan join us at our mobile station some distance away from their Pit Stop Community Cafe

Joycelyn Lee and Andrea Tan of the Pit Stop Community Cafe

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