Friday, 21 September 2018


I have stepped into my sixties. My AVM family surprised me with a cake that they arranged for me to cut during the recent 108 Nei Deepam Yetrum Vizha or Lighting of 108 Ghee Lamps event at the Sri Mayuranathar Alayam, Srimath Pamban Swamigal Thirukovil. 


I was surprised further when Thiru and Thirumathy Maheswaran fetched Thava Thiru Kumara Swamy Aiya from the Agathiyar Ashram in Anuvavi, Tamil Nadu, India, who was bound for Penang to conduct his regular Free Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapy Service, from the airport to the temple to lead us on with the prayers and bless all those present. Swamiji is a regular among Malaysian's bringing his knowledge of Siddha and Ayurveda, rituals and Siddha prayers to our shores.


Then we had Thiru Subramaniam Purushothman Aiya come out off his retirement to render several soul stirring devotional songs at the temple with a guest singer, Thiru Babu Loganathan, son of the late playback singer Trichy Loganathan. 

Thiru Babu Loganathan (left) and Thiru Supramaniam Purushothman Aiya

To top it all up we had a gentlemen drop by the temple and roped us all in on his tree sapling planting campaign, his 1208th event in temple grounds. 

The grand finale was when the divine told us to worship the Aganda Deepam which he said was equivalent to worshiping him, reminding us of Ramalinga Adigal's last message to his followers before shutting the door to his room in Sitthivalagam in 1874, only to be seen again in the mortal frame in 1902 when he came back to give darshan to his foremost disciple Kalpattu Aiya and subsequently placed him in Samadhi after Kalpattu Aiya upon seeing him merged with him. 

What else can someone ask for as a birthday present? Thank you Lord. Thank you AVM family.