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  • A reader liked the post "COUNTING MY BLESSINGS". He wrote in, "Very nice article. I recommand it to my friends, I'll be back here again and again."
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  • I like your writing style very much. Short sentences, excellent command of English. And very inspiring. Thank you. 
  • I follow all your articles about siddhars and Im devotee of satguru agasthiar, jegatguru, jeganath swamigal and seshadri mahan. 
  • your articles really mind blowing..hope you continue to guide more malaysian people into siddha path..btw Im .... from Ampang. tc ayya 
  • Hi Sir, came across your sittar heartbeat blog, facinated. Wish to be friend in FB. Im from Malaysia also, BAtu Caves. From your blog, I visited Nadi Jodikam..Mr.Ramesh last week. Thank you 
  • namaste, just saw your blog, nice post....without your blog i would have never discovered kallar or agathair..thank u so much 
  • aum srim aumsarguru pathame saaba paava vimohsanam roga ahungaara thur vimohsanam sarva deva sagala siddha oli rupam sarguruway aum agasthiya kiranthaaya nama :) thank you sir..found this on siddha heart beat and this was one reason why i sent the thank you note, was chanting this all along before the jeeva nadi reading. your blog is too gud. you have such an enriching exp with the Siddhas :) 
  • Dear Sir, I have been following your amazing sharing on Maharishi Agasthiyar and m very awed by your personal experience with the divine Maharishi. I have been praying to Maharishi Agasthiyar recently for some problems and all went smoothly. I noticed that u mentioned about a NADI GURU T.RAMESH . I wish to see my NADI and would like your advise on who to contact to see my NADI. ..would you be able to share NADI guru T.Rameah contact details please?
These are the very kind and encouraging words from readers of Siddha Heartbeat that keep me going. I take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those who wrote in and those who follow this blog.

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Once the FIRE OF DEVOTION was ignited ...

.. I come to know about THE PATH OF THE SIDDHAS ...

..and they explained about KARMA ...

... through their medium of communication - THE NADI. Hence the 1st step was taken on THE PATH OF THE SIDDHAS

It has been a beautiful journey, walking the path of the Siddhas, as dictated and guided by Agathiyar, through the Nadi. It has been a 13 year journey, a rather short period but full of surprises thrown in as promised by Agathiyar. Agathiyar and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal have patiently cared and guided my family and me, while Supramania Swami was the catalyst. I think I have lived up to their teachings and aspirations.

The Nadi is a wonderful medium of communication between the Siddhas and mankind. I am blessed to have read the Nadi 49 times with a bonus thrown in for my wife; three times for my elder daughter and once for the younger one. What I thought initially was both very personal and private, has come to the fore in these pages, with much editing done, the reason being I wanted to share the joy that we derived in worshipping the Siddhas. One cannot fail to notice that all along the way Agathiyar has been stressing on the importance of prayers or Puja to the Siddhas. Tavayogi too says "Potrinaal unathu vinai agalum appa", paving the way for prayers.

Never in my dreams did I imagine I would end up where I am today. We are a very satisfied lot, waiting for his next directive. Along the way Agathiyar sends strangers, who later became best of friends, to participate in the prayers at Agathiyar Vanam. What is amazing is that Agathiyar mentions it in their Nadi readings too. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran is one of them. He has shared his Nadi with Siddha Heartbeat.

Similarly when my nephew Thayalan Arumugam could not find time to conduct Pournami puja at his home, Agathiyar in his Nadi reading pointed him to Agathiyar Vanam. Mr Balachander who accompanied his wife and his sister to Agathiyar Vanam too was blessed with a beautiful reading.

Agathiyar has mentioned about how he and Thirumular saved my daughter in Surendaran Selvaratnam's Jeeva Nadi reading.

Just as Jnana Jyothiamma was mentioned in my Nadi, Agathiyar relays our prayers for her quick recovery in her Nadi reading too.

Agathiyar happily mentions that he will perform miracles or lilas at Agathiyar Vanam in her Nadi too.

I am greatly indebted to Jnana Jyothiamma for encouraging me in many ways. The miracle of lights that Agathiyar showed through her at Kalyana Theertam will go down in history as a great spectacle.

Annette Merle Cleveland, an author and a participant in Discovery Channel's documentary on the Nadi, with whom I later corresponded, was mentioned in my Nadi reading too.

Mr and Mrs S. Balachander, Mr and Mrs Rajah, Mr and Mrs Saravanan, Mr and Mrs Naga, Mr Ramoo, Mrs Yogita, Mrs Salin, and Suren all were introduced through Siddha Heartbeat. Mr Harimanikandan and Mr Gowri R Varadhan too followed the blog and visited Agathiyar Vanam recently. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran brought a big following of friends to Agathiyar Vanam including Mahin, Dyalen, Sugu, Shalini, Yuva, and Malar. Our family at Agathiyar Vanam has grown in size since then.

I wish to place on record my sincere thanks to Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar, T.Ramesh, Kalai and Selvam for being an important link in this mystical journey.

It is amazing how Agathiyar has laid a network of "workers" across the continents to serve him.


A beautiful digital composition by Bala Chandran
In the latest Nadi reading on 28 March 2015, Agathiyar encourages me to write further. I had been considering an early retirement. Agathiyar blesses me to do so.


Agathiyar brings me to tears with this reading on 21 September 2014. He speaks about this blog and encourages me to carry on, giving due recognition for the work done. He finally tells me he is not going places; that he is here to stay for good. If in the very beginning he had wanted to go over to the Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh after a short stay at my place Agathiyar Vanam, he decides today not to leave. Agathiyar suggests the idea to stream live his prayers. This has since become a reality. The puja at Agathiyar Vanam is now viewable at

Agathiyar speaks about the current Siddha Era and Lord Murugan. He encourages us to chant "Muruga" stating the enormous benefits derived by chanting the Lord's name.

Agathiyar mentions about my family members and me falling ill but assures that with the blessings of the Siddhas we will live through it.

After bringing me to tears he makes me rejoice by saying that he will continue to play his lilas and open his eyes at Agathiyar Vanam. Agathiyar ask that I continue with the puja.


Agathiyar opens his eyes!
Although Agathiyar said in the earlier reading that I do not need a reading, he most graciously came again in the Nadi to bless us. During the many prayer sessions we did at Agathiyar Vanam and in other devotees homes, we thought we saw Agathiyar open his eyes. But we were not sure thinking it could be an illusion or perhaps that our eyes were playing tricks. After the last Pourmani puja, my daughter rushed downstairs and showed her handphone to me without speaking a word. I was astonished to see that she had snapped several shots of Agathiyar with his eyes wide open in the bronze statue that we worshipped. In this reading on 24 November 2013, Agathiyar surprises us with the revelation that he had indeed opened his eyes during the puja. We were all blessed indeed to witness this miracle take place. It was also the day when Jnana Jyothiamma was with us in Malaysia.

Agathiyar surprises us further by mentioning Jnana Jyothiamma. He also speaks about Tavayogi too. When I was on the phone with Tavayogi, he complimented me by saying that I had come about to receive Agathiyar's blessing quite easily without much hardship as did Tavayogi and the rests having to tread across jungles and spend their nights in the caves. To my surprise Agathiyar mentions the same fact in this Nadi reading. Agathiyar speaks about our recent visit to Kallar Ashram and the gifts we received from Tavayogi.

After listening to this reading I realized that my family and I was blessed. I recall an episode that Veterinarian Dr Nanjan narrated to me while at the opening of a Gnana Peedham in Teluk Intan. The Dr had been to the home of a couple who were devoted to Agathiyar. Wishing to pay his respects, the Dr asked for permission to enter their prayer room. On opening the door to the room, he was surprised to see a Siddha in the room. The Siddha who was reclining and resting, sat upright, tied his long flowing hair into a knot, turned to look at him before he disappeared into thin air!


Paadaratchai or Holy Sandals gifted by Tavayogi

Vaasikol or staff gifted by Tavayogi
It had been almost a year since Agathiyar had a message for me, the last reading being on 26 April 2012. Nadi Nool Aasan had told me of devotees for whom he had a reading practically everyday, but was asked to stop these readings for reasons only known to Agathiyar. Similarly I read in Velayudham Karthikeyan's blog Siththan Arul that the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai too was on numerous occasions asked to stop the Jeeva Nadi reading or Agathiyar refused to appear in the Nadi. It was the same too with the Jeeva Nadi in possession of Nadi Nool Aasan J. Ganesan of the Siddhar Arut Kudil, Thanjavur. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal too was asked to stop the reading for a year. Fearing that I could have irked Agathiyar in some way, I was mulling over the reason for Agathiyar not "speaking" to me. 

To my surprise Ramesh calls me in for a reading on 15 February 2013. Agathiyar explains why there wasn't a reading as he deemed it was not necessary. Agathiyar speaks about the greatness of performing puja to the Siddhas. He continued his praise of the selfless service my wife was doing for him. Agathiyar put me on a regime and promised that I shall receive a reward at the end of the stipulated period. True to his words when my family and I visited Kallar Ashram later in October, Tavayogi presented us with a new pair of Paadaratchai or Holy Sandals and a Vaasikol or staff, made from the residential Vritcham, a Noni or Nuna tree that had fallen in a freak storm earlier. We were delighted to receive them.

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Nadi Nool Aasan called me in on 26 April 2012 for a reading. As he let me into his room and I took a seat as usual, he went into the adjoining room to retrieve the Nadi. But this time he came back with a surprised look on his face and told me the day's reading was for my wife. I was surprised too. To my understanding everyone has to go through the common process of providing one's thumbprint image and go through the tedious affair of locating one's leaf. Although I had came back reading after reading to receive instructions from Agathiyar, I had always wished that Agathiyar would address my wife too. Towards fulfilling this wish I had made an appointment with Ramesh to bring along my wife to see her Kaanda Nadi earlier. But on the day of appointment due to a misunderstanding on both our parts, Ramesh had not expected us to turn up and did not allocate a slot. We too did not wish to intrude into other's time and went back empty handed that day. We thought that her reading was not to be on that day. 

Today on 26 April 2012, to both Ramesh and my surprise, Agathiyar made an exception and appeared in the Nadi addressing my wife  There was no thumb print of her's taken and no question and answer session in locating the Nadi, as was the norm. I was all up in joy realizing that the most compassionate Agathiyar had made an exception in my wife's case because of her deep faith, belief and untiring service towards Agathiyar as he himself reveals in the Nadi. 

Agathiyar is all praise for her which she deserves very much. I was very happy for her after hearing this reading and thanked Agathiyar for his blessings on the family.

If in the above reading Agathiyar says that it is only because of my wife that I could manage this far on this path, he had mentioned that I came to this path because of my younger daughter's connections with him in her past birth in a much earlier reading for my daughter on 28 November 2009. I am very obliged to both my daughter and wife for the opportunity to come to this beautiful Margam.


The Annual Jayanthi and Guru Puja for Agathiyar was held at Kallar and Agathiyar Vanam, Malaysia simultaneously on 11 January 2012. On 16 January 2012, Agathiyar graciously provides a reading in which he speaks about the Vizha. He says he had accepted the prayers. He also ask that I continue taking the Triphala and Indian Gooseberry.

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For close to 2 1/2 years I was suffering from lower back pain. What started with discomfort and pain while walking later led to pain while standing too long too. I would look for a seat. We would only expect to be refreshed and energetic after a good nights rest and sleep. But in my case I would wake up in the mornings with pain running throughout my body and especially the lower back. The pain got worse and was so extreme that it woke me up from sleep. I saw a traditional chinese medicine practitioner or sinseh who used to massage people. He gave me a herbal preparation instead of giving me a massage. It brought some relief but not a cure. Dr Krishnan by friend and Siddha practitioner ruled out stone and kidney failure as it did not hurt when I urinated and my feet did not swell respectively. He asked that I take an X-ray to see if it was a slipped disc. The medical doctors did an X-ray and gave me a clean slate. I was started on a course of physiotherapy and infrared therapy. Meanwhile I thought I had suffered enough and wished to hear what Agathiyar had to say. I got an appointment on 26 November 2011. Agathiyar's words gave me relief as he assured me all would be fine and indicated me to take Triphala and Indian Gooseberry, besides doing some prayers. I recovered soon.


The Nadi reading on 19 April 2011 was not recorded but written out. Agathiyar speaks about the Chitra Pournami prayers held at Agathiyar Vanam. Agathiyar also speaks about my daughter's accident and explains that it had to happen due to the positioning of her planets but assured us with his Grace she will come through it fine. Agathiyar graciously reveals his Moola Mantra to be chanted and shared with all. Wanting to record this mantra, I was looking for a suitable piece of music to accompany the mantra. I came across Pradeep Swaminathan's Vinayagar Agaval. I thought his music would compliment the mantra recitation beautifully. I cannot thank enough Pradeep Swaminathan for giving us this masterpiece.

On 9 August 2011, Agathiyar most compassionately and graciously promises to take on all the karma of devotees. He speaks about Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal undergoing tavam. After this disclosure by Agathiyar, I thought Tavayogi should be given the space to carry out his tavam without interruption. I decided to close all social media accounts. All the years of work went off in a jiffy. I had no regrets though. When I mentioned to Tavayogi about the deactivation of all accounts, he questioned me, "Why Son? All this helps to bring people to the Margam." Listening to him, I started building up from scratch. 


Agathiyar decked in an Arugampul garland during Vinayagar Chaturthi

Agathiyar on Vinayagar Chaturthi day

Agathiyar looking magnificent in an Arugampul garland on Chaturthi day
I still do not know why I performed a puja in conjunction with Vinayagar Chathurthi a day later. I usually refer to the online Almanac or Panchangam and note the dates and times or tithi of auspicious days, pornami and amavasai on the normal calender. Seeing that it was Chaturthi I headed to my regular florist only to be told that I had come a day after Vinayagar Chaturthi to buy the Arugampul garland. I realized that I had made a mistake. But I decided to go ahead anyway. I wanted to dress, garland and worship Agathiyar as Ganapathy that day. 

On 17 October 2010, Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh called me for a reading. I was surprised to hear Agathiyar speak about the Ganapathy puja conducted on Chaturthi, and he had accepted my delayed and belated prayers! That is the compassion of Agathiyar.

Agathiyar mentions two of his devotees, an Australian author, Annette Merle Cleveland and a Malaysian Navarani. Annette Merle Cleveland is host of a website that helps devotees seek their Nadi. She was also interviewed for the Discovery Channel.


Kutu Prathanai at Agathiyar Vanam
Kutu Prathanai at devotees home

On 9 August 2010, Agathiyar endorses and praises us for moving him to devotees homes at their request and performing joint prayers or kutu praathanai.


In this reading on 12 July 2010, Agathiyar gives an extensive list of benefits derived from conducting rituals and prayers.


Devotees gathered to usher Agathiyar's arrival in the form of a bronze statue at Agathiyar Vanam

Agathiyar on 31 January 2010 and 3 April 2010, recaps his arrival in Malaysia and the puja held at Agathiyar Vanam, Malaysia on 3 January 2010 to commemorate Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja.

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In this reading on 26 December 2009, Agathiyar speaks about the upcoming Jayanthi and Guru Puja as his bronze statue created by Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative in Swamimalai, was ready to be shipped to Malaysia.

Varadaraj has recently made 8 statues of Agathiyar for Malaysians. He has also made one for Srimathi Vijayalakshmi Ravichandran too. All these statues are similar to the one at Agathiyar Vanam. The statue at Agathiyar Vanam is a replica of Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli in Vedaranyam.

Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli
9 inches tall statue of Agathiyar created by Varadaraj for Vijayalakshmi Amma. Photo courtesy of Vijayalakshmi Amma
Agathiyar, Varadaraj's creation. Photo courtesy of the Bronze Creative
Agathiyar, 21 inches in height, Varadaraj's creation. Photo courtesy of the Bronze Creative
While posting this audio today, it brought back sweet memories of the moments leading to Agathiyar's arrival at my home. When Agathiyar dictated to me to have a bronze idol of his image at Agasthiyampalli made, I sent out emails to manufacturers of statues in an around Swamimalai and Kumbakonam. Only two got back. One person e-mailed me to say that he was in Singapore at that time and asked me what I wanted, although I had stated very clearly in my mail all the details. Varadaraj took the option to call me from Swamimalai. He agreed to do it for me without further questions!

I would like to share my correspondence with Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative who created the dashing and beautiful statue of Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam, from day one, and the series of events that took place before Agathiyar reached our shores. 

My open mail to prospective manufacturers in India, among them was the Bronze Creative,
To: Date: Friday, January 16, 2009, 11:50 AM
Subject: The Bronze Creative Business Enquiry Through
From-: Mr. Avadaiyappa Shanmugam Malaysia.
Description: I need a statue of Sage Agathiyar to be placed in a Peedham/Kudil in Malaysia. The statue has to be a replica of the sage in Vedharanyam, Agastiyampalli. The statue has to be not more than 1 foot. It has to be made in Swamimalai during the end of the Tamil month of Thai and the beginning of Maasi. Prayers to be conducted in Kumbakonam, Athi Kumbeshwarar temple and only than shipped to Malaysia. Do you think you can take this order? How much is it to make, perform prayers and shipped to Malaysia? The above instructions is from Agathiyar's Jeeva Naadi.
After Varadaraj responded to my mail immediately and called me by phone agreeing to take up the task, he writes to me about having to visit Vedaranyam to see for himself how Agathiyar looked.
From: ssrashtaa varadaraj <>
To: Mr. Avadaiyappa Shanmugam
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 3:54:30 AM
Subject: Re: The Bronze Creative Business Enquiry Through
Dear Sir, I hope this finds you in good health. I am coming there in Feb. I will see the agasthiyar statue in vedaranyam after i 'll come. Kind regards, ssrashtaa varadaraj.
My mail,
From: Shanmugam Avadaiyappa
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 3:07:15 PM
Subject: Statue of Sage Agathiyar

Dear Mr Varadarajan, Please receive the following attachments and get back to me as soon as possible. Thank You. Avadaiyappa Shanmugam
My mail,
From: Shanmugam Avadaiyappa 
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 10:08:51 PM
Subject: Re: Statue of Sage Agathiyar
Dear Mr Varadaraj, I shall send some numbers of contacts in Vedharanyam tomorrow. This people run an asramam for Agathiyar in front of Agastiyampalli temple. They are disciples of Rengaraja Desigar of Ongkara Kudil in Thuraiyore. They shall assists you in all ways. They have photographed Agathiyar's statue too. Let me know when you are going to Vedharanyam. 
My mail,
Monday, January 19, 2009 7:07 AM

Dear Mr Varatharajan, Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I see you not as a businessman but a person specifically choosen by Sage Agathiyar to lend a hand on this mission of ours. Agathiyar had asked that a place be allocated for him in a Peedham that is to be constructed for Saint Sri Raghavendra in Ipoh, Malaysia. Agathiyar has instructed how to go about making his image. Please see the attachment ‘agathiyar jeeva naadi.pdf’ and ‘Agathiyar.pdf’. Agathiyar mentions the auspicious period has ‘Thaiyinpin maasi kaalam’. I believe we hindus choose the ‘vallarpirai’ for beginning a new task. Amavasai is on 26th Januari 2009 (Thai 13). The new moon begins the next day till the full moon on 9th February 2009 (Thai 27) after which is ‘Theipirai’. The next valarpirai would be on 26th February 2009 (Maasi 14) till the full moon on 11th March 2009 (Maasi 27). I understood earlier that we wait for the month of Thai to end (12th Februari 2009) before beginning work in Maasi (13th Februari 2009) which means we start work on the statue during theipirai. I believe you want to start the work during vallarpirai too. We shall start work on the statue on after Amavasai (26th Januari 2009), or any other auspicious moment during this period that you recommend. Please advise.
My mail,
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:17 AM

Dear Mr Varadaraj, Pls see attachments for more photos of agastiyampalli temple. Contact the following persons for direction to Agastiyampalli and for assistance : Mr Sudarsan - 9790487269, Mr Na.Rajendran (N.R) - 9976480562, Mr Sa. Maniam - 04369340127. Tell them Thayalan Arumugam who visited them recently from Malaysia sent you. Thayalan will call them to inform your arrival too. Agastiyampalli is 3 kms on the route from Vedharanyam towards Kodikarai (8km).
Varadaraj started on the wax model of Agathiyar after his brother returned from Vedharanyam with snapshots of Agathiyar. Along the way as the plans for the construction of Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Mrithiga Brindavanam was postponed several times and with consultation of Ramesh, I asked Varadaraj to hold on. Later as the Brindavanam was delayed further, I thought I should go ahead and fulfill my part of the deal in getting Agathiyar's statue done. I passed the word to Varadaraj to continue. Throughout this time Varadaraj briefed me on the progress. After the idol was cast and the work completed, he had brought the statue to the Adhi Kumbeshwarar temple in Kumbakonam for a ritual as instructed by Agathiyar in the Nadi, before delivery to me. He mailed me to inform that Agathiyar will be shipped shortly,
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 10:19 PM

Dear Sir, I have attached the photo to you. It is in the packing now. tmrw it will be go to chennai. Kind regards, ssrashtaa varadaraj.
First sight of Agathiyar commissioned for Agathiyar Vanam. Photo courtesy of the Bronze Creative.
My invitation to devotees and friends to participate in the annual Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja,
Sent: Wed, December 9, 2009 9:51:44 AM
Subject: Invitation To Agathiyar Jayanthi
Greetings, As you well know Agathiyar's Jayanthi falls on Ahilya Natchathiram in the month of Margazhi. This year it coincides with 3rd January 2010. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal will be conducting the homam at 2pm on the 3rd at his ashram in Kallaru. Similarly I shall hold prayers too on that day at my home. This year would be extra special. The statue of Agathiyar that was commissioned with Varadaraj of The Bronze Creative in Swamimalai, India has been completed. See attachment of a photo of the Agathiyar's statue. Agathiyar's statue will be shipped to Malaysia in the next few days. On the 3rd, an abhisegam for Agathiyar's statue will be done between 10am and 12pm, with chanting of Agathiyar's nanam 100,000 times. Please participate in chanting Agathiyar's name and get his blessing. After lunch and tea, we shall continue with the homam at 4.30pm to coincide with the homam at Kallaru at 2pm IST. I await your participation eagerly. Please confirm if you are available. Shanmugam Avadaiyappa.
 My mail on receiving a photo of Agathiyar, where I catch first sight of him,
Saturday, December 12, 2009 9:39 PM

Thank you very much. It was a marvelous job you have done with Agathiyar. Please ensure I receive Agathiyar Statue before the 3rd January 2010. Shanmugam Avadaiyappa.
Agathiyar's statue was transported to the shipping agent in Chennai on  9 December 2009. Unfortunately the shipping agent and Varadaraj faced a hitch while the relevant papers were submitted with the authorities to enable Agathiyar's statue to be shipped to Malaysia. As it was the year end and holiday season officials were not available to certify and endorse the papers. Varadaraj was in constant contact with me throughout these gruelling period. I was not certain and neither could Varadaraj promise me that Agathiyar would arrive in Malaysia before his Jayanthi.

On 26 December 2009, a couple of days before his arrival on our shores and before the Jayanthi celebrations, Ramesh calls me for a reading. Agathiyar assures me he would meet his devotees in Malaysia on the day of his Jayanthi. That brought relief to me as I had sent out invitations informing devotees that the Jayanthi was special in the sense that Agathiyar will arrive in the form of a statue. It would be very embarrassing if Agathiyar was not delivered right on time for the Jayanthi, right?

On Friday 1 January 2010, while on the phone with Varadaraj, he assured me that the shipping agent and he were trying their level best to bring over Agathiyar. Later that evening at 7.30 pm, Varadaraj surrendered informing me that I could only take possession of Agathiyar on the following Monday. My heart sank to the lowest bottom of the pit. We prayed hard for a miracle to happen. After 2 hours at exactly 9.30 pm, Varadaraj calls me back to inform me that Agathiyar had boarded the plane and was on the way to Agathiyar Vanam in Malaysia. We were in joy! He adds that they opted to fly Agathiyar to Malaysia instead of shipping him as originally planned and quoted. Agathiyar's Statue was originally to be delivered to my doorstep by courier, but now I had to drive to the airport and take delivery of him from MAS Cargo. Varadaraj said he would send me a copy of the Delivery Order to enable me to get possession of Agathiyar's statue. Varadaraj graciously absorbed all the cost arising from the change in plan.

I was constantly checking my mail for the Delivery Order but sadly it never came. I called Varadaraj. He told me the network was down in most parts of the city. Again my heart sank. I could only be sure when I take possession of Agathiyar, I thought to myself. On Saturday, 2 January 2010, the eve of the Vizha, as I was waiting for news and the Delivery Order from Varadaraj, surprisingly Ramesh calls me for a reading. I rush to see him at 12 noon. Agathiyar most graciously tells me again he is on the way and shall grace my home and bless the devotees.

Just as Agathiyar promised, I came back home to be greeted with an e-mail from the shipping agent and a copy of the delivery order which allows me to gain possession of the statue.
From: Muthu c.s.
To: shanmugam avadaiyappa
Sent: Sat, January 2, 2010 12:33:09 PM
Subject: Fw: air way bill - kul
dear sir, i'm forwarding the air waybill copy for your reference. WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR. thanks n regards, muthu,
My family and I rushed to the airport only to be told by freight agents who frequently handle the shipments that it would easily take 2 1/2 days to clear my "goods". My heart sank again. But by Agathiyar's grace it only took me 2 1/2 hours to clear all the papers with the airport authorities and the customs. As we drove home with Agathiyar it felt like having fetched a relative who has returned from abroad. That was the happiest day in our lives.

My thank you note after having taken Agathiyar into my possession,
Saturday, January 2, 2010 10:18 PM

Thank you very much. I have already collected the statue. Thank you for your effort in ensuring I receive the statue on time. Shanmugam Avadaiyappa, Malaysia. 
Another thank you note after the Guru Puja was over,
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 6:14 PM

Your efforts made it possible for us to celebrate Agathiyar's Jayanthi. Thank you very much Mr Vradaraj, Mr Krishnan and all others who contributed. See attached photos of the celebrations.
Agathiyar Jayanthi & Guru Puja on 3 January 2010 at Agathiyar Vanam
I are glad that worship of Agathiyar and the Siddhas is on the rise. I am glad that more people are seeking the Nadi written by the Siddhas for various solutions. I am glad that more devotees are engaged in performing homams and yagams.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


This reading on 8 January 2009 was not recorded on a cassette but written in a notebook. Agathiyar gives specific instructions on how his statue is to be made. Agathiyar mentions that since I had intended to set up a Peedham for him, he instructs that his image should be that of Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli in Vedharanyam. He specifies how, where and when his statue should be made and the rituals done before he goes to the Brindavan. He also says that he will be at my home before he is moved to Ipoh. He instructs me to accept donations from devotees towards the cost of making his statue and building his Peedham. He promises that he shall fulfill the prayers of devotees who seek him out for assistance. All they need to do was to light up a lamp.

In the reading on 27 August 2009, Agathiyar appreciates the many ways that his path was being spread to the masses. Agathiyar has lots of advice for me too among them he talks about anger management. After setting me on a path of performing Aram, he now introduces Tavam.


Beginning from this 31st reading on 8 December 2008, Agathiyar starts to mention about his temple, something he told me in my very first reading on 14 December 2002. Agathiyar had ask that I build a temple for him. Sivabalan who had brought Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar from India, asked me to try and fulfill Agathiyar's wish for he told me Agathiyar had mentioned the same in almost 50 previous Nadi readings, but no one took up the task. I set my mind on doing it. But it was not feasible to build a new temple in Malaysia. I thought I should ask the management of existing temples if I could at least build a shrine for Agathiyar in their premises. But that too was of no avail. When Supramania Swami sent word of building a temple for Lord Murugan at Thiruvannamalai through my nephew, I started the ball rolling. But that too was not to be when a Siddha stopped Swami from continuing. I thought I had fulfilled my role in assisting in building a temple. In this reading Agathiyar mentions that he had already received Sundara Arumugam's consent to install him at the yet to be built Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh.(The Brindavanam has since then been built and inaugurated)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Agathiyar revealed a Nadi reading on 19 August 2008, which I am not able to share in full as yet.

Agathiyar on 30 September 2008, provides an extensive discourse on control of the mind and breath.

Monday, 20 April 2015


Photo from the net
Agathiyar reminds me whatever happens never give up the puja or prayers in this reading on 12 July 2008.


Patanjali. Sketch by Saravanan Palanisamy. Source:
If Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal had given us a treasure in the form of yogic practises earlier, Patanjali surprises me by guiding me with the food that I should take to counter the excessive heat that is generated due to these practises on 18 May 2008. He sets my diet right. He asked that I spread the fame of the Siddhas, something that Tavayogi had been asking me to do all this while. He adds that these prayers, rituals and practises are done for the well being of others too. I am very grateful to Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh for the poor soul could hardly speak that day but went ahead to provide the reading.


Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was in town. My nephew and I schemed to get Tavayogi to teach us some Yogic practises. Tavayogi had a very tight schedule then but agreed to spend a night at my nephews invitation at his home. That night we got him to agree to teach us asanas and pranayama exercises the next morning. We sent the word around to a small group of family members and close friends. It was a beautiful session where we had hands on practise from the Guru himself. I treasured his teaching. We video taped the whole episode. Agathiyar in the Nadi reading on 25 April 2008 tells me what I received from Tavayogi is to be treasured.

Agathiyar speaks about the the Chitra Pournami prayers at Agathiyar Vanam. He asked me to continue with the prayers.


Painting by Saravanan Palanisamy for Siththan Arul
Agathiyar speaks about the greatness of his Siddha path and its Gurus on 8 March 2008.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Agathiyar at the Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, Brickfields
When Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh called me for a reading on 29 January 2008, I could not find a parking spot close to his premises. Finally I found one in front of the Karpaga Vinayagar Alayam in Brickfields. As I stood in front of the temple, I thought I should buy a garland to garland Agathiyar who was in the form of a bronze statue at this temple. When I sat before Ramesh for the reading, Agathiyar surprises me by mentioning that I had garlanded him moments ago!

Agathiyar spoke about the Jayanthi and Guru Puja that we held at Agathiyar Vanam in Malaysia on 27 December 2007. He blessed all the devotees who had gathered for the prayers.


Painting by Saravanan Palanisamy for Siththan Arul
This day on 27 December 2007 was Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal celebrates this 2 day festival at his ashram at Kallar annually. He performs the Yagam at 2 in the afternoon. I too perform a homam, a smaller version of the Yagam, at Agathiyar Vanam in Malaysia at the exact time to coincide with the Yagam at Kallar. That would mean I start the Homam at 4.30 pm Malaysian Standard time taking into consideration the time difference of 2 1/2 hours between India and Malaysia. But for some reason I sent out e-mails and invitations to family and friends informing them that the puja will start at 5 pm. I did not realize this mistake until a few days before the event. I decided to go ahead as informed since it would be a huge task informing the devotees of the change in time to 4.30 pm. To my surprise, just before noon I received a call from Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh to come over for a reading. Agathiyar reveals the exact time of prayer to commemorate his Jayanthi and Guru Puja. It was to be held at 5 pm! I was astonished and amazed.

I called Tavayogi after the puja to enquire how it went on. Tavayogi briefed me and added that the Yagam was delayed. It started at 2.30 pm. That meant it coincided with Agathiyar's timing too! I was astonished and amazed again.

Agathiyar also said that the financial aid sent to Kallar ashram is put to good use.


Original Thannirmalai Temple at Penang. Photo from
In the Nadi reading on 23 November 2007, Agathiyar asked that I perform puja for Siddhas and deities at several temples to counter the negative effects as a result of the planetary position of certain planets at this period of time.


Sketch by Saravanan Palanisamy
In this reading on 13 October 2007, Agathiyar delivers his Gnana Nool as mentioned in the earlier reading. After introducing Bakthi or devotion and slowly introducing Dhynam or meditation, he brings us now to Jhothi Vazhipaadu or the worship of Light. It is not that we drop the earlier but it compliments the other. He reveals that Erai and the Siddhas are in the form of Light. He ask me to switch to an earthen lamp, light it and worship the light. He asked to continue chanting the Maha Mantra.

He speaks about man's evolution to a Divine state or a Deivam.


Sculpture of Thirumular. Photo courtesy of
Thirumular blesses me with another reading on 23 September 2007. He speaks about bakthi or devotion and puja or prayers. He states that the Siddhas Naamam or names are the Maha Manthiram and encourages me to continue chanting them. He adds that there is benefits in prayers. He cautions me to tread life carefully least my actions should create more karma. Thirumular also mentions the miracle that took place at our home where Supramania Swami blessed us with his presence in a suksma form or mystical and mysterious way. He states his Thirumanthiram as Guru Nool and Agathiyar Nigandu as Gnana Nool. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai. Photo courtesy of Jnana Jyothiamma
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. Photo courtesy of ShivaRam
Tavayogi's Andamum Pindamum
Agathiyar speaks about both my gurus and mentions Tavayogi's book Andamum Pindamum on 24 July 2007. Agathiyar mentions an amazing miracle that took place at Agathiyar Vanam. Usually the aroma of various abhisegam lingers on at our home. But on that day as my wife and I sat in the living room after our evening prayers to our surprise there was the strong smell of tobacco in the air. Immediately I asked myself if Supramania Swami was present at our home, knowing pretty well that Supramania Swami had gone into samadhi earlier on 7 February 2007. My wife too turned to me to mention about the aroma in the air. Almost immediately my hand phone rang but stopped after a few seconds. Their was a missed call. Supramania Swami's number appeared on the phone! I knew that after his demise that number was not in use. I was figuring and carried the thought with me as to how this was possible for the next few days. Finally I decided to call the number. A man answered. I asked if he had called me in Malaysia. He replied he did not make any calls to Malaysia. When I asked for his location, he told me it was Coimbatore. I asked about both my gurus but he did not seem to know them.

After a couple of days I related this incident to my nephew over the phone. He knew Supramania Swami too. As I hung up the phone, there was a missed call. It was the same number, that of Supramania Swami again. I was spellbound. I called Supramania Swami's son Ramajayam immediately for confirmation if the number was terminated. He told me that indeed the number was not in use anymore. I explained to him what had transpired back home.

Agathiyar confirms this miracle in this Nadi reading. Supramania Swami came back from his samadhi to make his presence known at our home that day.


Kallar Ashram
Agathiyar speaks about puja on 12 June 2007.


Sketch of Thirumular and episodes from his life by Saravanan Palanisamy
I was surprised with a reading by Thirumular on 8 May 2007. He speaks about the benefits of puja or prayers too.


Newspaper coverage of the 1st World Conference of Siddha Philosophy
Kagapusandar blesses me again with a reading on 23 April 2007. He speaks about the greatness of the Siddha Margam and the upcoming 1st World Conference of Siddha Philosophy to be held in Malaysia.