Thursday, 31 March 2016


Reading the series NADI SOLLUM KATHAIGAL, personal writings and compilations of many episodes in the lives of the general public who came to the late Sri Hanumathdasan of Chennai to hear Agathiyar speak through his Jeeva Nadi, brings further insight into the workings of Karma and the efficacy of prayers. His writings are a boon for those seeking to know Agathiyar, the Siddhas and their workings.

Watching Agathiyar answer Sri Sashikant Oak through a Nadi reading by Sri Ganeshan of Tanjavur Siddhar Arul Kudil, helps broaden our understanding of the workings of the Siddhas too.

Sheer amazement sets in as we watch an interesting satsang on the Nadi, "WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT NAADI GRANTHA ASTROLOGY" at

Finally Kagapusandar through the following Nadi revelation for Sri Sashikant Oak, explains that the subject of Birth (Jananam) and Death (Maranam) is a Divine Secret (Brahma and Deva Ragasiyam) and puts our case to rest.

Jnana Jyothiamma too mentions similarly in a note to me,
"Why then is it that some are saved while others are not? The closest answer one can think of is, may be the Vasanaas ie, Karmic Imprints are very intense for those (some) who succumb. It is something beyond the mind, body, senses complex. We, being in the human Realm cannot, and can never predict, when and where our next or following birth would begin or even be."

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


After stunning me with amazing miracles in India and exposing me to the mysterious world of the Siddhas, Agathiyar promised me that it would continue once I was back in Malaysia. The experience was altogether mind boggling and beyond the understanding of the human mind and beyond the physical realm.

The Nadi was one such mystery.

I have been an ardent follower of Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya's blog Siththan Arul (,) having been attracted by the numerous amazing episodes on Agathiyar, the Siddhas and their Jeeva Nadi. Karthikeyan Aiya wrote about the origin of the Nadi in a post of his. I had translated it into English as follows.
“The Siddhas are those who knew the past, present and the future. The Nadi has been written by Siddhas for us to know about our past, the present and the future. Many have corrected their lifestyle after listening to the explanations, heeding the instructions and carrying out atonement. Many more had regained their health and peace of mind.”
Karthiyen Aiya’s blog entry brings us back to time immemorial where the Siddhas, being compassionate and kind, put forward to the Almighty whom they preferred to call Erai, their wishes for the betterment of humanity. The Siddhas had wished that whosoever seeked them out for solutions to their problems and surrendered to them, they shall be pardoned for their past deeds, however bad and evil they may be, and shall not be put through the trial and tribulations and made to face the accompanying consequences, saving them from the predicament. Erai granted the Siddhas their wish.

The next instant the Siddhas wrote down: the reasons for each individual’s sufferings; listed out solutions and remedies; and showed ways and means to overcome or end the individual's problems, sins, diseases, illnesses and sufferings. They wrote them in Tamil prose on dried palm leaves. This writings came to be known as the Nadi. 

Having personally read my Nadi some 50 odd times; hearing from these Nadi readers; sitting in on Nadi translations for other non Tamil speaking seekers; hearing from the seekers about their Nadi revelations; browsing through the net and observing the extent of the following these Nadis have and at the same time an equally large number of disappointed seekers and the numerous comments of dissatisfaction with the outcome of these Nadi readings, I understood that it was rather a complex subject, unfathomable, something of a mystery that this simpleton could not comprehend and understand. 

Many have approached the Nadi readers in the hope of gaining an insight into why they were going through difficulties and sufferings and praying for a solution. Many have come out of a reading feeling astonished and amazed. Many have come out in disbelief. Yet many have ridiculed these readings too. 

Many have taken the Nadi as Erai's word and followed every single thing said in it, fulfilling all the atonements or parikaram mentioned to reduce or overcome their karma and its adverse effects. Many more have turned a deaf ear and instead accused the Nadi readers of making a fast buck out of these parikarams. 

Some have complained that nothing said in the Nadi actually materialized for them.  Many have voiced out that even after having completed the parikarams there was not much improvement nor any radical change in their lives.

Now why does the Nadi reading work out for some and not the others?

Similarly another mystery, one closer to us, is regarding karma and destiny or fate and the extent of prayers and its efficacy in changing these.

A friend lost his cousin sister in a tragic accident recently. She was only 19. Although we prayed hard, she did not survive the ordeal. When he requested Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar of Kallar Ashram to look into the Jeeva Nadi, to their surprise there was no message. As he was a staunch devotee of Agathiyar, my greatest fear was that what if he should leave the marga, disappointed that Agathiyar did not save her. But he understood very well the extent of prayers, karma and destiny. He was prepared to let her go.

When the wife of a brother of my brother-in-law, was knocked down by a passing vehicle while crossing a main road opposite a temple where she had prayed just moments before, died, he lost faith and belief in God and became an atheist.

My brother-in-law, who suddenly complained of stomach pain and was operated on, did not come out of coma although we prayed hard for him. He passed away shortly after. I consoled my sister that he had an urgency to be born again in another life, hence he had to end this one right then.

A young friend of mine who ran a home for the homeless, and who was instrumental in me reading my very first Nadi, died a tragic dead. His family and friends were shocked. News of his demise came to me as a shock too. A reader of Siddha Heartbeat kept asking me why had not Agathiyar revealed to him regarding his untimely death.

When a friends brother-in-law died after suffering for 5 long years, bed-ridden due to a disease of the nerve, his family scorned my friend and his wife, who were devout devotees of Agathiyar, and questioned why all the numerous drastic and humongous parikaram and atonements carried out on his behalf had not brought an equally expected drastic improvement in his condition.

When another relative of theirs collapsed during a political gathering, he went into a coma. The doctors had given up on him. His family and kin questioned why Agathiyar did not come to his aid. When fellow devotees of Agathiyar seeked Agathiyar's help through the Nadi, Agathiyar promised to save him giving him his very breath.

When my mother was taken ill all of a sudden and admitted in the high dependency unit at a private medical center, we prayed hard. She became better and was moved to the intensive care unit and later brought out into the wards. We are grateful to Erai for saving her. 

When my mother-in-law was ill, we prayed again. My wife consulted Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar and requested that Tavayogi look into Agathiyar's Jeeva Nadi for a remedy. Agathiyar gave us a life extending mantra, AUM KLI ANG UNG SWAHA. We chanted this wonderful mantra 108 times whenever possible. She recovered too.

When my elder daughter was knocked down by a car while riding pillion, she sustained a broken fibula and tibia, Agathiyar assured her that the broken bone would mend together. After 9 months in a fiber cast, and going through a procedure known as ACP Injections (Using the body’s own healing processes to speed up or complete the recovery process from injury. The process involves a simple blood draw and office based injection and uses only the patient’s own blood, the risks are very few. After the blood is drawn, it is spun rapidly in a device called a centrifuge. This separates out the platelets and the special molecules they contain. The molecules are then injected directly into the site of injury. The hope is that high concentrations of these naturally occurring substances will speed up healing -, she is back to normal.

When my wife needed to undergo a procedure that required her to be put under anesthesia and a needle in her spine, again Agathiyar assured her that he shall be with her throughout the procedure.

When my second daughter came down with the dengue fever, and was admitted in the wards overnight, both Agathiyar and Thirumoolar came to the general hospital and increased her platelet level. This was revealed later in a Jeeva Nadi reading for Surendaren Selvaratnam at Kallar. She was discharged the following day.

When I submitted to the dengue fever a year later, I was warded for four days in the same hospital. I had developed high fever to the extend I collapsed four times at home and once at the private clinic. But miraculously I came out of it, with no injuries even after falling numerous times.

A friend fell from his motorbike trying to avoid another vehicle, just moments after a Nadi reading. Nothing was mentioned about the mishap in the Nadi reading in Malaysia. Agathiyar did not forewarn him. But in another reading Agathiyar said he was there to hold him as he hit the road.

Agathiyar had mentioned to him who his future bride would be through another Nadi reading in India. Upon him returning to Malaysia, his heart fell for someone else. Confused about his feelings and having to answer family and friends as to why his choice differed from the one mentioned in the Nadi, he went back to Agathiyar. Agathiyar replied that he had brought about the change, switching his bride to be that was predetermined according to previous karma (vithikapattathu) with someone else, once he surrendered to Agathiyar.

When my daughter's classmate's father adopted an indifferent attitude towards his family and work, his family suffered for years. Agathiyar rid him of the blockages initiated by his guru.

When another young friend was undergoing peculiar sensations and happenings in him that he could not comprehend nor could his guru help him, for close to 2 years, he gave up on Agathiyar and the Siddhas after his condition failed to improve.

Why then is it that some are saved while others are not?

Reading the series NADI SOLLUM KATHAIGAL, personal writings and compilations of many episodes in the lives of the general public who came to the late Sri Hanumathdasan of Chennai to hear Agathiyar speak through his Jeeva Nadi, brought further insight into the workings of Karma and the efficacy of prayers. His writings are a boon for those seeking to know Agathiyar, the Siddhas and their workings.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


The Panguni Uttara Ursavam will be held at the Sri Mayuranathar Alayam (Srimath Pamban Swamigal Thirukovil) at Dengkil on 23 March 2016.

The flag raising ceremony or Kodiyetram Poojai, which depicts the start of the Panguni Uthiram Thiruvizha was held at the Sri Mayuranathar Alayam, Sri Math Pamban Kumaraguruthasa Swamigal Thirukoil in Dengkil at 8pm on 21st March 2016.

Photos Courtesy of Arumuga Agathiar Whatsapp Group


Members of Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia, Thondu Seivom and Malaysia Agathiyar Universal Mission Organisation gathered together on 20.03.2016 for the Panguni Ahilya prayers to Agathiyar at the Sri Raja Sakthy Nageshwary Amman Temple in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a beautiful prayer session, thanks to Sri Balachander Aiya, Sri Krishna and Saravanan Palanisamy who tirelessly worked to bring the grace of the guru to all those present. AVM and Siddha Heartbeat thanks the trio for this wonderful service for Agathiyar and the community.

We take pleasure in thanking Sri Rajah's kids who accompanied the abhisegam or libation of Agathiyar with the songs and entertained us further with more devotional songs while alangaram was being done for the guru.

Praise to Sri Balachander Aiya, Sri Krishna and Saravanan Palanisamy again for beautifying Agathiyar's sannadhi. We love the moola mantra posted behind Agathiyar. It aids devotees who are not familiar with Agathiyar and are in the dark as to what mantra to chant at his sannadhi. It was a brilliant idea of Sri Krishna. Saravanan Palanisamy can very well fill the post of a gurukal with his mastery of the ancient chants and an equally wonderful and powerful voice. Siddha Heartbeat really was amazed with the amount of work these devotees and their families do at Agathiyar's sannadhi each week.

We on behalf of everyone else would like to thank the Sri Raja Sakthy Nageshwary Amman Temple trust and committee for providing the space, giving us plenty of leeway and freedom to conduct these rituals. 

Working towards beautifying Agathiyar's Temple

Previous Prayers

Route to the temple

The Sri Raja Sakthy Nageshwary Amman Temple,
149C, Jalan Pantai Baru, Kampong Haji Abdullah Hukum, Setia Eco City, Kuala Lumpur.