Friday, 28 October 2016


Josiah Skeats while working at an University in London came to know of someone who had gone around the world pedaling his bicycle. His venture on the bike amazed Skeats. Skeats thought that if he should have performed that feat so could I and hence started to see the world on bike too. His newborn desire took him to 23 countries including America, France and Scotland. He is currently in India and stopped over for a night at Kallar Ashram. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dr Jana in India

Dr Jana was in India beginning 2nd September 2016, fulfilling the commands of Agathiyar who asked him to visit Kalyana Theertam and Kallar Ashram. He speaks passionately of his trip and how the most compassionate father opened his eyes at Shenbaga Devi temple. At Kalyana Theertam he unexpectedly meets Dr K Ravikumar who installed the now famous figurines of Agathiyar and Lobha Ma. The good Dr shares a mantra with all - Aum Aatma Pradakshanam Aanandha Kodi Namaskaaram Samarpayaami that would complete any prayer with total surrender to the deity concern.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


கல்லார் ஸ்ரீ அகத்தியர் ஞானபீடத்தில் ஜீவநாடி உள்ளது என்பது அனைவரும் அறிந்ததே. ஜீவநாடியின் மூலமாக பல அன்பர்களின் வினை விலகி நல்வாழ்க்கை வாழ அகத்திய பெருமான் வழி காட்டியுள்ளார். அன்பர்கள் ஜீவநாடியின் மூலமாக பெற்ற இறை அனுபவத்தையும், அற்புதங்களையும் ஞானபீடத்திற்கு மற்றும் என்ற முகவரிக்கு தெரிவிக்குமாறு தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம். உங்களுடைய அனுபவங்கள் ஞானபீட இணையதளத்தில் வெளியிடப்படும். நன்றி. வணக்கம்.

Devotees who have had their Jeeva Nadi readings at Kallar Ashram are invited to share their experiences in reading this sacred Nadi with readers and followers of the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham. Their experiences, miracles and positive opinions would greatly help build faith in the hearts of others devotees on Agathiyar and the Siddhas. 

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


NS Shan is clear in his objective as he mentioned at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM). So was Pedro in his earlier interview with Siddha Heartbeat. AVM too is clear about its role. AVM and its digital voice/bulletin Siddha Heartbeat is for the new kid on the block. It is for the ambitious hardworking materialist who manages to find a moment to forget work and wind done in spiritualism. He brings them over to AVM. Some come after he directs them in their Nadi reading while others find their way here after coming upon its blog Siddha Heartbeat, its videos on YouTube and through its several other websites. There is no guru in the physical form here at AVM but only Agathiyar. 

Since Agathiyar, from day one through the Nadi, had started me on rituals and has been asking me to continue performing them, we at AVM continue to conduct prayers to Agathiyar and the Siddhas and all Hindu deities, that includes performing Kalasa Puja and Homam, a smaller variation of the Yagna or Yagam; and libation or abhisegam to Agathiyar and other deities too on days that are auspicious to them. This is followed by singing the praise of Agathiyar, the Siddhas and Erai where the many hidden talents of AVM family is put to test. Occasionally we gather in satsang  to share each person's experience while on the path of the Siddhas.

Many keen and curious to know, turn up at our doorstep, learn a thing or two and move on with their lives. Some, captivated by the Siddhas teachings, stay on to bring their teachings to the knowledge of others too. These few dedicated souls started a small group Thondu Seivom to reach the needy and poor, besides aiding in all major functions organised by AVM. To manage the Annadhanam or feeding program, and its related supply of provisions to the needy, and handle the small contributions that comes in to aid in this noble work, Amudhasurabi was initiated. 

To our surprise, Agathiyar in his Nadi readings for many of us, mentions all these groups and blesses us to move on to greater heights. Agathiyar had been the driving force behind us, revealing his amazing blueprint for the betterment of mankind and all of his creation, from moment to moment. Towards this he has brought together different people with different specialties and talents to work together towards a sole purpose - Seva or service to others.

Agathiyar has blessed AVM family for their devotion and service through several Nadi readings that is compiled below.

He initiates us. We then plan - we can only plan. He approves or disapproves or modifies it. The plan is put to action. The results of our actions are offered back to him.

It is beautiful how Agathiyar has guided every soul here at AVM as can be seen and heard through their emotional interviews at

If you are keen on joining us please leave a note at

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Moment with NS Shan


Today is a special day. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran reminded us through his post on fb. 

Today was the day two years back, on 17 October 2013 when Agathiyar opened both his eyes and blessed us all during abhisegam or libation, through his bronze statue at AVM.

My family and I had just returned to Malaysia after a brief visit of five days at Kallar Ashram. We arrived at 6 am on 16.10.2013 to have Jnana Jyothiamma arrive in the evening the same day from Chennai for a short four day visit to AVM. 

We conducted the usual Thursday prayers (Guru Naal) on 17 October 2013. Surendaran Selvaratnam, Bala Chandran Gunasekaran and his sister Bala Jhothy joined us. That night after the puja, my daughter ran down the steps to us with excitement and passed me her phone without uttering a word. To our amazement Agathiyar had his eyes open in a photo that she took earlier during the libation!

Agathiyar amazed me the very first time when he opened his left eye in the granite statue of his at Agasthiyampalli, Tamilnadu as he had promised in the Nadi. That was on 24 September 2005.

Agathiyar as he was at Agasthiyampalli in 2009
After a couple of days on 26 September Agathiyar performs the same miracle, this time unannounced, at his shrine behind Kutraleswar in Kutralam. This time he opened both his eyes, and they looked human and natural. I had not anticipated these miracles and did not reach for the camera to snap a photo on both these occasions.

Agathiyar at Kutralam
Back home in Malaysia later, he opened his eyes in a painting of him during puja at home. 

Agathiyar from AVM who went to the home of nine girls including Navarani, Rajes and Saras who invited him over to their home, opened his eyes to bless them during their prayers some time later.

Agathiyar before & after

Agathiyar's image zoomed
When Jnana Jyothiamma came over to AVM, Agathiyar opened his eye in the bronze statue of his that has since become viral. Agathiyar confirmed this in a subsequent Nadi reading.

Agathiyar opened his eye again during puja at Surendaran's home and confirmed that this miracle happened in his subsequent Nadi reading.

Agathiyar's image zoomed
When Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was at Vinthamaray Santosh's home, Agathiyar opened and closed his eyes in a painting of his each time we passed him.

Agathiyar's image zoomed
The latest miracle where Agathiyar opened his eyes was at Malathi Rajah's home.

Agathiyar before & after 

Agathiyar's image zoomed
Agathiyar has given us hope and assurance that he is with us. It is truly amazing.


AVM, Thondu Seivom and Amudhasurabi teamed up again to conduct the annual lighting of 108 lamps and Annadhanam program for the second time at the Batu Caves Muruga Temple yesterday.

We gathered at Batu Caves even before 8 am and started our program with the blessings of Lord Vinayagar and Mauna Guru Siddha at the base of the hill cave. Treading carefully the 272 steps we reached the cave at the top where Lord Muruga blesses devotees in the form of a Vel. 

We then proceeded up a small flight of steps to the next level of the cave where Lord Muruga gives darshan with Valli and Deivanai. We lighted 108 ghee lamps in front of Lord Nadarajah, sang the praise of Siddhas and asked that Agathiyar should safeguard all his creations.

We fed the monkeys and came down the hill to give Annadhanam - distributing food packets to the public. We fed the birds and fishes too.

It was a wonderful outing besides carrying out a small prayer for the well being of all of Erai's creation. It was fulfilling to do charity and dharmam, although only in a very small way.

Starting the day at Lord Vinayagar's Sannadhi
Lighting the lamps at Mauna Guru Siddha's Samadhi
Climbing Batu Caves

Preparing the earthen lamps

Lighting the 108 lamps

Singing the praise of the Siddhas

Giving away food parcels

A jump in the air to mark the success of the days program. This photo is courtesy of a Chilean couple touring Malaysia who stopped to snap us in mid air.