Tuesday, 28 February 2017


When I met Aasan TR at Aasan Ramesh's office in Kuala Lumpur, TR read the Nadi while Ramesh explained. I was blessed to have both of them read the Nadi for me. On my way out TR asked me to search for Siddhar Rajiyam on the net where I could get useful information regarding the Siddhas. Back home while searching for this blog, I also came across Siththan Arul that exposed me to the miracles that the Siddhas performed in the lives of common folks to the extent of changing people's fate and destiny. I could not resist but to begin translating these real life episodes for Siddha Heartbeat.


I was blessed to connect with the admin of Siththan Arul Thiru Velayudham Karthikeyan who shared many interesting facts not published or made known to the public. These conversations and his blog were eye openers for me, a freshie beginning to walk the path of the Siddhas. I cherished every conversation I had with him. Unfortunately lately he has been off all social medias.

AVM was blessed to have both Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh and TR grace our home during the Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja. I am grateful to Navarani for fetching them over in the heavy thunderstorm that came all of a sudden. Nevertheless it was a blissful evening. 

Siddha Heartbeat is proud to post many of Aasan TR's explanations and Nadi readings by the Siddhas made available to him. Siddha Heartbeat thanks TR for sharing these valuable knowledge with us. 

Monday, 27 February 2017


Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Praba

Photo Courtesy of Sivakavin, Agathiyar Arul Aalayam, based in Chennai

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Sri Krishna

When I used to travel with Tavayogi to the Siddha spots, he would mention that the Siddhas came, were around and had given their blessings. And I used to look up at the skies hoping to see something. But I saw nothing.

At Agasthiyampalli, Tavayogi motioned me to the spot he stood at, in the open ground, and directed me to look at Agathiyar in his sannadhi. Agathiyar was opening and closing his eyes he said. But I saw nothing. Later Tavayogi throws his shawl asking me to place it on the stained floor at Agathiyar's sannadhi. Agathiyar opens his left eye in his granite form!

I had an appointment to see the Nadi one day. After looking around for a parking spot, I found one beside the Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields. Although it was some distance away from Nadi Nool Aasan T.Ramesh's office block, but it was fine. Since I was already at the temple, I thought I should garland Agathiyar at this temple. When I sat in front of Agathiyar for the reading, he mentions that I had just garlanded him!

While waiting for Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh in his office space on another day, I was prayerful, thinking about all the blessings that my family and I had received from Agathiyar. Agathiyar in the reading tells me that I was thinking about him!

After giving me an hour long lecture on anger management in the Nadi, and as I left Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh's premises, I find myself faced with a dilemma. It was one in the afternoon. The heat was unbearable. And what do I find? Someone had double-parked and I could not get my car out of the parking spot. To add fuel to my anger it was a Sunday and there was ample empty parking bays on both sides and all along the road. Why did he choose to block my vehicle? After honking for some time I finally had to force push the car out of my way sufficient enough for me to slip through. I had failed in the test of patience that Agathiyar placed before me. My family was having a field day at my expense, looking up at the skies, saying that Agathiyar must be monitoring my moves through the CCTV.

Once a friend of mine while waiting for his turn to see the Nadi at Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh's office started small talk with a girl who was waiting too. The conversation between the reader and the client was audible outside. Midway in their chat, the girl mentions that Agathiyar was mentioning about her to her male friend who was having the reading. Shortly her friend came out and she went in for her reading. Now the guy tells my friend that Agathiyar was talking about him to her female friend. Eventually at the end of both their readings they were matched made by Agathiyar!

Recently when Balachander Aiya and me were at Ramesh's office, while waiting to see the reading, I started to question if at all Agathiyar spoke about politics. Thinking that the Siddhas were spiritually enlightened and above all materialistic things, I wondered if they would come down to address our transient concerns. When Ramesh finished his reading with an earlier client, having sent him off, engaged in a conversation with us, I asked him if Agathiyar spoke politics. He replied that "Yes Agathiyar has spoken about politics". That surprised us. To our further surprise after speaking about numerous matters, Agathiyar in the Nadi talks about politics to us!

Agathiyar had mentioned specific devotional songs to be sung during the recent Shivarathri. These were songs from the Thiruarutpa by Ramalinga Adigalar namely Mahadeva Maalai, Parasiva Vilakam, and Thiruvadi Pugalchi; and Manikavasagar's Sivapuranam. He knows every saint and his work!

Yesterday, immediately after feeding the kids at the home, Bala Chandran is called in for a reading. Agathiyar speaks about the feeding session! He knows every child and his work!

Agathiyar says he is in the prapancham and the prapancham is in him. Indeed he is all encompassing!


Bala Chandran Gunasekaran set out to perform charity by feeding the inmates of two homes simultaneously since it was the Sathayam star, a day auspicious to carry out acts to reduce one's karma. Agathiyar immediately calls him over for a Nadi reading where he praises Bala for his act of charity. The translation goes:

Gnana Aasi Kandam for Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

After the formal greetings to Lord Muruga, Agathiyar begins the reading
You are a pure soul doing service without any vested interest. I (Agathiyar) am truly happy. So are you, happy and satisfied. You shall gain merits. I shall send help to you to continue your dharma. You, your family and friends are doing a great service to me and my marga. I shall introduce good souls who shall do service without any expectations, to help you with your ongoing service. This act of charity will start from your home and progress to a larger and bigger scale. I shall bring you to another level. You have just come to me (for a reading) after completing annadhanam. Although tired and exhausted but you are satisfied and happy. This joy and satisfaction will be yours forever. Monetary aid will come your way to help sustain your charity and service. You will expand your service in providing annadhanam. The food itself will become medicine for those who receive it since this act of serving food has the blessings of the Siddhas. The blessings of the Siddhas are there for all who come forward to help you.
One of the homes, the Pusat Jagaan Sayang Sejati, where children from 2 years to 11 years of age are cared for, is in need of sponsors to pay the monthly rental. AVM and Thondu Seivom through Amudhasurabhi does not take on long term commitments like paying rent and bills but provides provisions and other essentials. Good samaritans can get in touch with the operators of the home at:

Meanwhile Suren sponsored the meal that was prepared by Mr and Mrs Sri Krishna and served to the homeless in and around Kuala Lumpur city last Friday. Suren who frequents Ongarakudil in Thuraiyur, has participated in their feeding program several times. 

Sri Krishna has a regular feeding program called Pothigai Meals on Wheels on Pusam Star days where he hits the streets of Kuala Lumpur distributing the food parcels to the hungry and homeless. 

Agathiyar has started many souls on a wonderful journey of sharing and giving that gives immense pleasure to both the donor and the receiver.

Sunday, 26 February 2017


Bala Chandran Gunasekaran with his family prepared food and served the elderly and the handicapped and mentally challenged inmates of Pusat Jagaan Insan Istimewa in Semenyih again today. As today was Sathayam star, an auspicious day for dealing with one's karma, Bala decided to serve the unfortunate this day.

After distributing the food at this home, he went over to another home in the neighbourhood that was run by the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Keluargaku, where children from 2 years to 11 years of age are cared for. Thondu Seivom and AVM joined him.

After the annadhanam for today, Bala was surprised with an Aasi Kandam reading by Agathiyar. Agathiyar mentions today's annadhanam! He mentions the merits in feeding people. Agathiyar also mentions our recent trip to India too.

Agathiyar's revelation that food given out during annadhanam shall turn into medicine for all illnesses reminds me of Dr VM Jayapalan's audio on the origin of Agathiyar's temple at Agasthiyampalli. Food dispensed with Agathiyar's name and nama japam by an old man in the outskirts of the king's kingdom during a famine, cured and fed the people including the king.

Friday, 24 February 2017


I was spared the time and money and the hassle of seeking a guru and learning from him. The most compassionate Agathiyar took me into his folds and his arms the moment I surrendered to him. When he told me to come to his path in a Nadi reading, I had no idea who the Siddhas were. I began my worship of Agathiyar and the Siddhas with a thanksgiving ritual to the Siddhas, Nadiku Dhanam, for revealing about us through their Nadi. The need to know about the Siddhas arised after that. I went to several establishments that we connected with Agathiyar in Malaysia. They did not satisfy my search, my hunger for information and my needs. I decided to embark on my own. Getting my hands on whatever little literature that was available then, I continued my prayers to Agathiyar and the Siddhas at home. Agathiyar brought me to my first guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai the following year in 2003 and my present Guru Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar ashram in 2005. Supramania Swami took me as his disciple the very first day we met when he passed me a teecha mantra at the end of a wonderful and enlightening 5 hour mystical revelation. Tavayogi too the very same day we met, decided to give me and my wife a mantra teecha when I told him Agathiyar wanted me to come to his path in the Nadi, and when my wife mentioned to him about the numerous dreams she had.

Both these masters made miracles happen. Supramania Swami had brought his guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar to join me and him in chanting his name (the Yogi) in the confines of his prayer room even after his guru had gone into samadhi on 20 February 2001; and showed his presence in our living room in Malaysia after he too had gone into samadhi at Tiruvannamalai on 7 February 2007. 

Tavayogi brought the Siddhas down to earth wherever we went: at Agasthiyampalli and Agathiyar's sannadhi, Agathiyar opens his eye in his granite statue; at Palani and Bhogar's sannadhi, he takes me to a state of bliss; at Uthiyur and Konganar's cave, he brings to materialize the sacred ash; and at Pavanasam and Kutralanathar, Agathiyar opens his eyes again in his granite statue, both eyes this time.

When I was in his old ashram the very first time, Tavayogi brought out all the Nadis that he had and placed them in front of me. He took several of them and showed them to me. He also showed me the Nadi transcripts from several notebooks. He told me that people he knew and strangers likewise gave him these Nadis saying his name appeared in them or after instructed to do so. But he never divulged the contents of it. When Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar who was a housewife then, read a few lines from them to me, Tavayogi immediately stopped her. Later when I asked her to continue about Tavayogi, he stopped her again. 

Over the years Agathiyar revealed to me who Supramania Swami and Tavayogi were in his Nadi. Agathiyar mentions that Supramania Swami was a true guru and that he had attained Samadhi; Agathiyar mentions Tavayogi as Kallar Siddhan and a true guru. Lord Muruga in his Nadi mentions Tavayogi as Kallar Munivan. In the face of all the praise and honor placed on him, Tavayogi just brushes them aside and moves on with his daily chores never for a moment becoming a slave to fame.

Supramania Swami a householder, did not have a following. I can safely say I was the only student of his. Tavayogi a turavi or ascetic or recluse, was not keen on having disciples and followers as he arrived at Kallar with the desire and intention of going into samadhi. Agathiyar instead had him go all around including Malaysia and Singapore to preach the Siddha path. Although he had officiated many peedhams in the name of Agathiyar in these places he never was keen or encouraged a following. Instead he directed one and all to Agathiyar.

It was only in 2013 that Tavayogi acknowledged after a prayer at his ashram that the seed of faith and devotion on the Siddhas that he planted in Malaysia had germinated. Last June when he was in Malaysia, he announced that the fruits of his labour in bringing the Siddha teachings to our shores has seen the light of the day. He endorsed the contribution of Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) in bringing the Siddha path to the attention of many. AVM is a small congregation of devotees of Agathiyar who share the same outlook, thoughts and aspirations. Agathiyar tells us of our congregation that the Siddhas are not interested in the quantity but the quality of their devotees. Agathiyar has directed and guided each and every one in AVM through the Nadi readings instructing them and giving them tasks and mission that are varied but that complement each other. Recently through a Nadi reading Agathiyar brought all of us at AVM a step further into the worship of Valaithaai. The beautiful thing is that he has lifted all of us at the same time to the next stage. 

Agathiyar has led many faithful souls in AVM to his abode; trained them in the many techniques to keep the body fit; enlightened them on the mysteries of birth; and prapanjam or the universe and mind; and fed their soul; quenching each person's thirst and search.

If all these years we at AVM have been staying awake, performing homam and conducting libation for Lord Shiva during Shivarathri, just days ago Agathiyar delivered a message through the Nadi asking us to drop the rituals, but instead to sit upright and meditate on Siva and recite hymns from the Thevaram, the Sivapuranam, Ramalinga Adigalar's Mahadeva Maalai, Parasiva Vilakam, and Thiruvadi Pugalchi. I guess he is taking us to the next level, from rituals to meditation.


Aasan TR wrote in his Whatsapp group just moments ago,

குரு மலை கழுகை ஒத்த குணமாக இருக்கவேண்டும். எல்லா வித்தைகளையும் கற்கும்வரை பாதுகாத்து கற்றதுபின் உலகஞானத்திர்க்காக தன்சீடனை குருநிலையை எட்ட தனித்து நிற்க செய்யவேண்டும். 

Just like an eagle protects its chick only to let it fly when ready, soaring in the skies akin to him, the guru should be like an eagle protecting his student while under his tutelage only to let him go so that he too can take on the role of a guru for the good of other seekers.

கடைசிவரை ஒருவனை சீடனாகவே வைத்திருப்பது குருவிர்க்கு தோல்வி.
தெள்ளற வித்தைகற்றான் சீடனும் குருவை தேடான்......மூதுரை. 

A guru should make another guru out of his disciple. It is seen as a failure on the part of the guru if he keeps his disciples remaining a disciple till the end. 

It is said that Guhai Namasivayar sent away his disciple Guru Namasivayamurthi to Chidambaram once he exhibited the ability to see the curtain at Chidambaram Temple burn. Guru Namasivayamurthi was serving his guru Guhai Namashivayar in Tiruvannamalai. Guru Namasivayamurthi had strangely began to brush his attire with his hands as if dozing a flame. Guhai Namashivayar asked what he was doing? The disciple answered that a rat had taken away a burning wick from a lamp that accidently ignited a fire in a curtain. He had smothered the fire dozing it off.

At another moment, Guru Namasivayamurthi suddenly laughed aloud. The senior Namasivayar enquired why he had laughed. Guru Namasivayamurthi narrated that he had seen a lady stumble and fall while dancing at a procession for the lord at Thiruvarur.

Happy to see his disciple gain siddhis, but as gaining siddhis is not an indication of one attaining jnana, the master tested his student further. Guhai Namasivayar tested the devotion of Guru Namasivayamurthi by asking him to dispose his (Guhai Namasivayar) vomit in a place where no one would step on it. The student drank his guru's vomit. My guru Supramania Swami had mentioned this incident to me. 

David Godman writes in his blog, http://davidgodman.org/asaints/gurunam1.shtml
Seeing the powers his disciple was developing, and noting the extent of his devotion, Guhai Namasivaya thought to himself, 'Day by day my disciple's knowledge is increasing. He should not be kept here any more. Let me test him one more time, and then I can send him to a place that will be appropriate for him.' 
Giving him the first two verses of a poem or venba Guhai Namasivayar asked his disciple to complete it.
Guhai Namasivaya was delighted with the way that his disciple handled the test.
Guhai Namasivaya, feeling that delay would serve no useful purpose, responded to the song by saying, 'You can start right now'.
Guhai Namasivayar decided to send him away to Chidambaram where he too would be of use to other seekers. 

This is the true guru. A true guru would never want his followers to remain a follower forever. His achievement is in seeing his student rise to the level of a guru at par or even better then them. They rejoice in seeing their students rise up the ladder of spiritual advancement. 

Agathiyar tells me to walk tall so that he too could walk tall. The pride of the Siddhas lay in the hands of their followers. It is not easy to come to the path of the Siddhas we are told. Many do so because of their previous involvement with the Siddhas in past lives. The Siddhas are said to be on the lookout for potential candidates whom they could bring to their fold and groom them to become their students and finally make them a Siddha too. They are never satisfied with their students remaining a student forever. They do their utmost best to raise their students to the level of a guru at par with them. All we need to do is pay heed to their instructions. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017


When Tavayogi was in Malaysia in June of last year, my wife and I spent some private moments with him at Sri & Srimathi Balachander Aiya's home where he was staying. That is when I asked him what was our next course of action, for me, us and AVM. As he was our guru I expected him to say something towards that but he surprised me by saying, "Naan yenna magane direction kaaturathu, athaan Agathiyar ungalai direct seiyuraare", meaning "What am I to give direction my son, Agathiyar is already directing you!" with a broad smile in his own style. I realised that he was detached even from the act of guiding his disciple. If I was in his shoes I would have said a thing or two to my student and taken credit for it, but he passed that responsibility to Agathiyar. That was Tavayogi.

I came to Tavayogi after seeing an advert in the papers. He was in Malaysia to officiate a local chapter of his Agathiyar Gnana Peedham. Meanwhile he was going places accepting invitations to homes of devotees of Agathiyar. When I invited him over to my home for the very first time and he accepted, I was on cloud nine. My nephew and I fetched him from Batu Caves at 10.4am on 31 July 2005. We had gathered family and friends at my home. Tavayogi spoke a few words and I invited him to conduct a short puja which he did. Lunch was served and Tavayogi had to leave. As I accompanied him back to Batu Caves with my nephew at the wheel, I began to thank him for coming over. I asked him if he was pleased with us. He nodded his head and smiled. I told him that that was the very first time I had a holy man in my home. I was deeply grateful to him for coming over. Immediately he turned to me and said that I was living in Maya (Illusion). "You think I have something hidden beneath this kavi (his saffron-coloured clothing). I have nothing on me. Pray to Agathiyar." That shut me up. I was taken by surprise. I did not expect that answer in response to my gratitude. We remained quiet the rest of the way.

Initially I felt hurt at his response but today I can proudly say that he had done me a great favour. If he had not blasted me that day, I would have returned home and placed a large portrait of him in my living room and garlanded and worshipped him. What he taught me was to worship the spirit within him that is also within all of us immaterial what we want to call it or by whatever name we address it. He chose to call it Agathiyan.

He led us on the worship of Agathiyar and the Siddhas. He preached the Siddha path. He officiated many Peedhams for Agathiyar in Malaysia on the requests of devotees. He spoke about his guru Chitramuthu Adigal and his Paramaguru Jagannatha Swamigal, whom we were unaware of until then. Both these gurus, having arrived from India, had lived in Malaya, practising their tavam.

I took after his heels to his Kallar Ashram on 18 September 2005 when he invited me over. I had my very first experience of an Ashram life. He only had a small dwelling. There was no water nor electricity. We went down to the river flowing nearby to wash our clothes and take a bath. Latrine was in the outdoors under the open sky. Mataji who was then a housewife traveled to the ashram from her hometown to serve and cook for us. Since Agathiyar had asked me to visit several temples in the Gnana Kandam, Tavayogi volunteered to take me. Besides Agasthiyampalli and Agathiyar's sannadhi; Palani and Bhogar's sannadhi; that came in the Nadi, Tavayogi brought me to Sivanmalai and Sivavakiyar's cave; Uthiyur and Konganar's cave; Chennimalai and Pinnakeesar's cave; Thanjavur and Karuvurar's sannadhi; Saraswathi Mahal Library; the hills and caves of Kalyana Theertam and Kutrallam; Pavanasam and Kutralanathar; Marudamalai and Pambatti Siddhar's sannadhi and other ashrams in and around Ooty.  It was a fulfilling journey getting to travel with the guru to all these spiritual places. I was blessed in a way because Tavayogi was fit and was able to travel the distance.

Each place he took me, a miracle happened. But he did not dwell into it ; neither did he allow me to dwell into it for more than a moment. He whisked me off saying that they will show (the miracles) only for a moment. These were out of the norm worldly experiences. He did not stay to explain these occurrences. If I did miss out something though, he would point it to me, asking me to observe. It was mystical in nature and beyond logic. Here was a city dweller who had no previous experience and knowledge about the Siddhas, taken on a magical walk through the kingdom of the Siddhas and shown amazing things and stuffs related to them. I learnt many things by just observing him. I am deeply grateful to Tavayogi for all these wonderful moments. I am deeply grateful to Agathiyar for making it all possible.

Tavayogi never approved adulation of him. He was down to earth and easily approachable. His only wish was to spread the word of the Siddhas. After extensive travels throughout India, upon leaving his family to become a turavi, he finally came to Kallar to go into samadhi. That was in 2002. He came to Malaysia in 2004 for the very first time on the direction of Agathiyar. After a short stay he returned in 2005 upon the invitation from devotees to officiate a branch of his Peedham in Batu Caves. He came again in 2007 as patron to the 1st World Conference of Siddha Philosophy held in Malaysia. He then came again several times with Mataji to spread the teachings of the Siddhas and officiate even more branches.

In 2002 after my very first Nadi reading, Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar from Avinash passed me a leaflet announcing Thaaiveedu Thangarasan's intention to build a temple for Agathiyar in Kallar hills. Today his desire has been fulfilled. A beautiful ashram/ temple cum meditation hall and other facilities like lodging and dining stands on a 2 acre piece of land where Agathiyar had meditated many years ago. The beauty and ambience of the surrounding Nilgiri hills adds a picturistic flavor and a sense of tranquility bringing peace immediately upon arrival.