Thursday, 25 May 2017


Srinatha Raghavan posted the following on fb.
I once got an opportunity to meet an elderly gentleman, a humble Farmer, who took on the role of a Spiritual Guide and Mentor for a sincere few, who cared to seek his guidance. He never accepted anyone as his disciple, pointing bluntly, "Your Karma is your own responsibility and I can't carry it for you!"
At that time of life, I was going through a very rough patch, with no job, no purpose, no love, no nothing. I would wander the city like an hopeless man without a vision, going wherever my feet took me to. While on one such escapade (I was trying my best to flee from my destiny!) I met a guy by chance in a local train, who was a follower and benefactor of this old Guide. We struck a conversation and he invited me to come with him to meet this Guide, who was luckily camping in a place not far from where I lived then.
On the appointed day, I met this newly made acquaintance and we both left to meet his old spiritual guide to seek his blessings. There he was sitting on a sofa, with his legs atop each other, even though his frame was too hefty and big for such a feat. He was chewing Betel leaves, with bright red stains all over his white kurta and dhoti. He wore a white Gandhian skull cap, which looked too small for his massive head. He was a rustic and simple man, with no marks or airs of a Spiritual Teacher. He looked at the acquaintance who had got me there and waved his hands in blessings and mouthed something in colloquial Marathi, which went straight above my head.
He then turned his attention on me and called me to sit at his feet and massage them for a while. I did so as I was told, while he was talking to the small crowd of followers and devotees. I couldn't understand much of the animated exchanges, as it was emerging muffled up from a mouth that was constantly chewing betel leaves and also in a language I had much trouble coping all throughout my schooling years.
Suddenly turning towards me he gave me a Betel Leaf to chew and I was taken aback beyond measure by this offer.
Like one righteous fool I blurted out, "I don't eat Paan Sire?" whereas I loved it.
He laughed like a child, his full frame shaking with the laughter and said, "By eating this, only your tongue will be stained and nothing else. Whereas there are so many things you are daily consuming, that is staining your very soul?"
I felt as if a clean slap was delivered across my face and quietly took the Paan from him and keeping it in a cover, I put it safely inside my pocket to be had later, as you aren't supposed to eat anything in front of the Guru/Master.
I feel highly fortunate to have met many such simple souls, with no airs of Gurudom or the over sized Spiritual Egos of the so called Keepers of Wisdom. Alarmingly these days, many so called Gurus, methodically train you to become a Spiritual Zombie, making the disciple totally dependant on the Guru, ultimately taking away one's spiritual freedom and common sense. A real Guru does exactly the opposite - She sets you free!
Thankfully there are many living Masters still in this time and age, living unknown to the gaze of the overtly zealous world, beautifully hiding in plain sight. It is they who have kept alive the ancient adage of "All is one!" least discriminating the poor from the rich. They treat us all alike, in love and compassion, which thankfully renews hope and faith, in cynical beings like myself.
~ The greatest blessing is to earn the company of the Wise.
And another piece,
They called Him an Avatar,
But He absolutely cared not,
He came, He spread love, He went away,
But those around Him built a huge hype,
Of  He being the Highest One,
On His deathbed, he is said to have told,
"I came a Human, lived a Human and now dying the same,
Don't build me a Temple & make me a god beyond reach?"
This is the story of many a Modern Masters,
With the hype their disciples create on their name,
They make them god like in no small measure,
Till the Master too begins to believe the same.
Alas! Gone are the era where Masters lived among us,
Side by side & shoulder to shoulder they freely walked,
No one was barred from meeting them, be they rich or poor, 
It didn't matter!
They distributed their love and grace to all without exemption,
Till they got extinguished like a candle after giving their light.
Now it's a different story altogether,
Where the Master never comes down from a pedestal,
For they seem to like all the "Lights, Camera, Action",
Only to have become an elite club of veteran Spiritual Actors?
Kali Yuga baby, Kali Yuga!
Where almost every version of God is copyrighted,
So someone else don't claim Him to be theirs.
In this Age,
It's up to us, to choose wisely whom we want to follow,
Because the ones leading us may least know,
Where they are going themselves anyway?


Thondu Seivom hit the streets late last night after life in Kuala Lumpur city came to a halt. It's only at this time that the homeless return to their shelters and usual spot on the streets after working odd jobs all day long. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran who lead his friends in unison to carry out this noble act of feeding did not forget to thank Sri Krishna for showing them the way and bringing them to the streets to conduct his Agathiyar Universal Mission's (AUM) monthly feeding program Pothigai Meals on Wheels. Taking the lead from AUM, Thondu Seivom has served the homeless several times. 

As yesterday was Bhoganathar's Jayanthi, Thondu Seivom decided at the 11th hour to serve pastries and drinks instead of a full meal.

Thondu Seivom did not forget the workers doing maintenance on the streets after the city goes to sleep.

Sri Krishna has scheduled a feeding session on 30 May 2017. Those interested in joining him can call him for details.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Surprising for a movie buff like me during my teens, I rarely watch movies now, opting to watch well made documentaries instead. My last movies were Kochadaiyaan and Baahubali, which I wanted to see for the extensive usage of CGI and visual effects. I enjoyed both these movies. I even had a desire to direct movies back then. But good sense told me to drop the idea as there are many factors that need to cooperate with you as the director - the heroes and heroines; the weather and lighting; and most of all it needs lots of funding. But the desire was fulfilled when Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal came along. Tavayogi had produced two Tamil movies before he became a Turavi, and had his fair share of problems making these movies. I began to document him and his Kallar ashram on film and then went on to include my home pujas and other numerous events related to the Siddhas. All these were uploaded in YouTube at  Seeing my videos on him, he was full of praise for me, complimenting me on being a good movie maker. In return I used to tease him saying that he was my first "Katanayagan" or Star.

When Jnana Jyothi Amma watched the live puja from AVM that I streamed on Skype, just for her upon her request, beginning from 2011, she used to ask me to sing Ramana's Akshara Mana Maalai. She would join in humming the tune on the other end, from the confines of her room in Minnesota, USA. She was the one who encouraged me, to upload this beautiful piece from Ramana, bringing me out of my private home into the public net.

Last night my daughter and wife asked me to watch the Tamil movie "Pa Paandi" saying that I would like it. True enough I liked it. I saw the sadness and pain in growing old; and abuse and neglect of senior citizens, not only in this movie but all around me; in the family circles; in the neighbourhood; the hospitals; and the old folks home. It is a sad thing to age and go through all that comes with aging - losing one's mobility, sight, and hearing; having slurred speech; not able to chew and taste and enjoy the food anymore; becoming forgetful and senile; becoming sickly; becoming bedridden, and eventually passing away. It is sad not able to do the things you did; not having the strength to do the things that you wished you could do now; and having to depend on others to help you.

"Power Paandi" decided to take hold of his life and confronted his son who treated him as a child, and abused him verbally. Paandi tells him off that old age is not about having to depend on the children but instead took to the motorway to do some soul searching.

A pertinent point is made in the movie - that the elders have always lived their lives for their kin and not for themselves. Very true. A colleague much older than me told me his desire to buy a CD player and listen to all the classical music CD's he had collected, but did not own a player as he kept postponing buying it since each time he had to spend his pay on the essentials. I told him to get it. I told him he deserved to pamper himself once in awhile. The next day he surprised me with the news that he had got the player that he had eyed on. He was extremely happy!

Another point highlighted in the movie was that old age is not about watching serials, sending their grandchildren to school and fetching them and watching the house or baby sitting while their children are out.

Those who end up in charity homes or are deserted on the streets, have a sad story to tell too. Sadly many go through these sufferings silently. For one they do not have a companion to talk too. They are ignored by their children who take care of their needs but do not have the time for them. Many chose to leave their home for the streets or orphanages, looking up to the mercy of good samaritans. Many among them refuse to return to their children's home although they have surviving next of kin.

When we extend help beyond our family and friends to reach strangers and other unfortunate souls, we begin to feel the joy in giving. What we provide for the family is a responsibility and cannot be construed as charity. While giving brings joy to us, there is some sadness in me to see these unfortunate souls each time we visit the charity homes or the streets. There is no cheer and laughter in the homes and in their lives.

In the following songs the pains of old age is depicted graphically. Pattinathar gives a rather bleak, gloomy and dark narration of old age in his song.

Jegan Shanmugam introduced two wonderful songs at AVM bhajan sessions, seeking the grace of Lord Narayana and Lord Nadeson before old age and death arrives to consume us. 

In the classic movie Vedan Kannapa, Lord Shiva comes as a mendicant to advise Kannapa Nayanar to come out of Maya and take hold of Erai immediately.

In another classic movie Savithri, we are again asked to come to the fold of Erai before it's too late.

Seeing pain and sorrow for the first time in his life, Gautama left his palace and shed his princely attires for that of a sadhu, seeking to find answers. and after years of searching found the middle way to be the most appropriate.

The Siddhas too seeked to bring an end to aging and death. They discovered the way and the secret to long life. In, "Another Siddhar, Bhogar (Bhoganathar), who lived between the 3rd and 5th century AD is said to have discovered the elixir of immortality."

From "Secrets of the Siddhas - Health, Longevity and Enlightenment" post on fb, Thiru R. Kuppusamy explains Ramalinga Adigal's view of Immortality. 
Immortality Explained by Vallalar.
One should ask, "Do I accept death and aging?" If you do not accept this, then do something about it and follow my example."
"Vallalar knew what the Body of the Future Man would be like. He said this impure body with all its excretions through the nine apertures in the body would be transformed into a pure body with no waste matter at all. Instead the pure body will be producing its own food called nectar. It will not rely upon external food or atmospheric air for its breath or on books for its knowledge. This pure body can last for hundreds of thousands of years in an uncorrupt manner. This pure body belongs to a Siddha.
But this is not the final body. This pure body has to be transformed into a lighter body. It is also called Space Body or Pranava Body or Omkara Body. This body belongs to the Gods and Goddesses. It is also called a Mantric Body or a Sound Body. It can be seen and heard but not touched, for it has no physical substance. It can be sensed and perceived only by the mind’s eye. This Omkara body can last for millions of years but even this is not the final body. This too could meet with death.
The deathless body belongs to God alone. It is the purest of the Pure Body. It is made up of pure light - not a physical light but a light emanating from total compassion or grace towards all beings in creation. This body is indestructible. The aim of Suddha Sanmarga of Vallalar is to attain this everlasting body of compassion."
Ramalinga Adigal and the other Siddhas have decoded life's mysteries. Let us hold on to their holy feet and pray that one day they shall come down to pass on this knowledge of immortality to us.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

தவயோகி தங்கராசன் அடிகளின் பொற்றாள் சரணம் ! At the sacred feet of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal (in Tamil)

Rakesh from Chennai has translated Anonymous's work of poetry on Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. View the original at

தென் ஆப்பிரிக்காவில் உள்ள ஒரு அகத்திய அடியார், தென்ஆப்பிரிக்காவிலிருந்து  கல்லார் ஆசிரமம் சென்று, தவயோகி தங்கராசன் அடிகளாரை சந்தித்து, அவருக்கு ஏற்பட்ட அனுபவத்தை கீழ்க்கண்ட வரிகளை பொன்னேட்டில் பதிந்துள்ளார்.

குளிர்மிகு டிசம்பர் மாதத்தில் மிருதுவான என் நினைவலைகளில் 
நீக்கமற கல்லார் ஆசிரமத்தின் கவின்மிகு அழகை என்னுள் ஊட்டி 
சிறு குழந்தை தவழ்ந்து செல்வதை போல் தங்களோடு சேர்ந்து 
ஒவ்வொரு அடியாய் அனுபவித்த இன்பம் தான் மறக்க முடியுமா ?

இல்லை சித்தர் பீடத்தில் உறைந்து உள்ள அருளாளர்களின் 
அருளை எமக்கு ஊட்டிய தவயோகியிடம் இருந்து வீசுகின்ற 
சந்தனக் காற்றை தான் மறக்க இயலுமா ?

அருள் மொழியோடு இணைந்த வார்த்தைகள் - வார்த்தைகளில் 
வெளிப்படுகின்ற அன்பும் கருணையும் என்னே ! தங்களின் 
ஆராவில் உள்ள இறை ஆற்றலில் இருந்த தருணத்தில் 
பொன்னான நேரமும் விலை மதிப்பற்றதாய் - இது 
உண்மைக்குள் உறைந்த மாயையோ !

இதய கூட்டுக்குள் இன்பத்தை தந்தீர் 
குருதியை தள்ளுகின்ற இதயம் தங்களின் தரிசனம் பின் 
அன்பையும் சேர்த்து தள்ளுகிறது - கண்ணில் என்ன 
காந்தமோ! இல்லை இறையாற்றல் ஒளிர் விடும் 
அருள் விழிகள் அன்றோ! கண் மூடி அகம் நோக்கி 
தங்களின் பொற்பாதம் பணிகிறேன் - வாழ்வின் முழுமைப் பேற்றில் 
என் இதயத்துள் நடக்கும் முடிவிலா போராட்டம் 

அந்த குங்குமப் பூ அங்கிளுக்கு பின்னிருப்பார் யாரோ ?
நீண்ட காலமாய் யாம் அறிந்திலோம் 
குழந்தைகளின் விளையாட்டு போல் வாழ்வில் தொடர்ந்தோம் 
என்னை நோக்கி புன்னகை பூத்து என்னுள் அகத்தியம் ஊட்டி 
வாழ்வை வார்க்க தரிசனம் தந்தீர் ! 

பற்றற்றான் பாதம் பற்றிட இழத்தல் 
வாயிலாக மகிழ்ச்சி யூட்டினீர்- அந்த மகிழ்வின் 
நெகிழ்வில் தங்கள் பாதம் பற்றினேன் 
நினைவின் அலைகளில் உணர்வாய் நின்றேன் 
வாழ்க்கை விளையாட்டில் மகிழ்ச்சியே மிஞ்சட்டும் 

கல்லாரின் புனிதம்  என்னை வேறு எங்கும் 
செல்ல விடாது - பொறுமையோடு அங்கேயே விளம்ப 
பொறுமையோடு மிருதுவான மென்மையும் கொடுத்தது 
நான் உணர்ந்தது மெய்மையே ! அடிகளாரின் அருள் வார்த்தைகள் 
என் உள்ளத்திலே என்றென்றும் ஒளி விளக்காய் !

இந்த புவிதனில் தனியனாய் ஒரு போதும் நான் 
இருந்திலேன் - என் முன்னே உள்ள அனைத்து 
உயிர்களின் இதயத்தில் அன்பு ஊட்டி கருணை காட்டி 
அகத்தது தான் அன்பு என்று எடுத்து காட்டும் 
அகத்தியம் உய்விக்க வாழ வாக்குறுதி இங்கே !

இங்கே, சுவாமியை பற்றி ஒரு துளி எடுத்து காட்டி உள்ளேன். அவர் அருள் ஊற்று. இன்ப ஊற்று. அள்ள அள்ள குறையாத அருட் கடல். எனக்கு அள்ளி அள்ளி கொடுத்துக் கொண்டிருக்கின்றார். என் இதயத்துள் இருக்கும் அவருக்கு நான் திரும்பி தரப் போவதென்ன? எனக்கு கிடைத்த அருள் நிலைக்கு என்றென்றும் அவர் பொற்றாள் சரணம் செய்கின்றேன். இது போல் ஒவ்வொருவரும்  சுவாமியிடம் இறை அனுபவம் பெற்று இருப்பீர்கள் என்று உறுதியாய் விரும்புகின்றேன்.


Balachandran Gunasekaran's family came together again in preparing and cooking for their monthly annadhanam or feeding program at a home nearby yesterday. Thondu Seivom went to his aid to help bring over and serve the food at the home.

And AVM grows .....

Agathiyar brought many good souls to his fold and his path. After I came to know about the Siddhas in 2002, I realized there were many organizations following the teachings of the Siddhas in Malaysia. When I was asked to come into their fold too, Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar started me with puja to the Siddhas in the late Sivabalan's home, where he was staying. Amarar Sivabalan gave me a painting of Agathiyar to worship. Wanting to know more I headed for the local chapter of the Sri Agathiyar Sanmarga Sangam in Dengkil. Thiru Anbarasan and Thiru Thirumathi Manivannan passionately explained to me the feeding programs and donations undertaken by their society. I then headed for the Sri Agathiyar Gurukulam in Kampong Lakshmana. Thiru Subash and Thiru Karthik informed me that they were treating the sick through Siddha Medicine and Jhothi Vazhipadu and Agaval Parayanam was held regularly. Meanwhile in 2003 on my maiden pilgrimage to India to carry out my parikaram or atonement rituals, I stopped over and was well received at the Sri Agathiyar Sanmarga Sangam at Ongarakudil in Turaiyur by Thiru Nadaraja. When asked if I could meet Swamiji, he replied that I could have his darshan later in the evening as he comes out of his tavam to meet the public at that time. Surprisingly within minutes a turn of events took place. While I was served evening tea, Thiru Nadaraja invited me to meet Swamiji. Before he brought me to Swamiji he showed me the whole ashram complex and its facilities that he said was only possible with the monetary contributions of Malaysians and explained in detail how their annadhanam or feeding program was carried out. I was blessed to meet Swamiji privately in a room, with his aid waiting in attendance and Thiru Deventhiran who chauffeured me around India. Swamiji accepted my contribution making me happy.

In 2005, I came across an advert in a Tamil daily and headed for the Malaysia Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham in Batu Caves. Thiru Appana Nagappan had invited Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal to officiate his newly formed Peedham. Tavayogi after explaining what he was doing back home at his Kallar ashram also invited me over to see for myself. My journey with Tavayogi started right there and then. 

After meeting Tavayogi, I chose to stop going places but instead began to focus on the Siddha Puja at my home as directed by Agathiyar. In 2010 Agathiyar came into my home in the form of a bronze statue made to order in Swamimalai and according to specifications given by him through the Nadi reading. He was a replica of the aged granite statue of his at Agasthiyampalli. This was the very first temple built for Agathiyar in the Kali Yuga according to Agathiyar in his revelation to Dr VN Jayapalan of Bangalore. When Tavayogi and I were here in 2005 a "mysterious priest" who greeted us at the entrance or Raja Gopuram upon arrival and alighting from the car, took us straight to Agathiyar's sannadhi and even before Tavayogi could sing a few hymns on the Siddhas as he usually did, drove us to circumambulate the temple and asked that we meet him at Lord Shiva's mulasthanam. After the arathi he led us to the open space again and pressed his thumb on the ground on a particular spot to indicate the exact spot where Agathiyar had pressed and brought balance to the earth that was tilted, weighing heavily on the north due to the presence of all the Gods and Goddesses and deities gathered to witness the marriage of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvathi. If one Rishi has taken a step to the south and could bring balance to the earth, logic would tell us that he has to be the equivalent of all those present at Kailash at that time. That is the magnanimity of Agathiyar.

I had always wanted to have a pathugai or holy sandals to be placed at my altar. After much search I purchased one at Leboh Ampang. Tavayogi who made frequent visits to Malaysia then gave me instructions as and when required. And so he asked that I purchase a Vaasi kol or staff saying that it was mandatory to have one. He asked that I start a small homam or lighting of the sacrificial fire at home during prayers and chant the names of the Siddhas. I was asked to purchase a copper homa kundam for that purpose. On another visit, he asked that I purchase a copper kudam or water vessel to serve as a kumbam. Later in 2013 when I was at his ashram, he gifts me with a Vaasi kol or staff and pathugai or sandals made of a nuna or noni tree that came down in a thunderstorm at his old Kallar ashram. The tree was the stala vricham of the ashram. 

After six years in December of last year Agathiyar reveals in the Nadi reading for AVM that came through Surendran Selvaratnam that his form in Agasthiyampalli was that of a state of bliss in having had the darshan of both Lord Shiva and Ma Parvathy in their marriage attire. Hence he himself  was in the Shiva Parvathy form at my home too. In April this year Agathiyar again mentions that he was in the Shiva Parvathy form at his temple the Sri Raja Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple at Eco City too. This granite statue too was a replica of Agasthiyampalli Agathiyar. 

Slowly Agathiyar sent many devotees of his from past births to join in the prayers at my home. Wanting a name to identify the place, I chose to name my home as Agathiyar Vanam after the place the original Kallar ashram was sited on. Thence was the birth of Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM). A star was born.

With Balachandran Gunasekaran's entry to AVM came a big trail of volunteers and youngsters. He soon formed Thondu Seivom (TS) to provide assistance. AVM family members have a big heart as can be seen by the contributions towards the Amudha Surabhi (AS) fund that dispenses provisions and food to the needy. On the homefront these wonderful souls have come forward to provide their services and contributions to AVM during its prayers and events. Thiru Thirumathi Rajah gifted a majestic throne on wheels that Agathiyar has now permanently come to occupy. As Thirumathi Rajah was a staff of a company that manufactures stainless steel products she convinced her management to build this throne that was custom made. This replaced the earlier cabinet made of chipboard. 

Balamurugan who is a Siddha Vaidyar and Varma practitioner, surprised us with his purchase of a large bathing pan, to place Agathiyar on while doing libation or abhisegam, and a kamandalam or drinking vessel. This enterprising soul has started manufacturing and bottling his own brand of pure virgin coconut oil named after Agathiyar.

Thirumathi Vijayalakshmi from India purchased and passed on a glass housing for the agal lamp at AVM through Balachander Aiya. Thirumathi Snekhalatha Manikandan from Singapore purchased a brass aarti dhoop or sambrani vessel for AVM and delivered it on her visit to AVM. Not to mention the numerous head gears and attire gifted by devotees who drop over at AVM. 

When I received the Vaasi kol and pathugai from Tavayogi, I passed my existing Vaasi kol and pathugai to Surendran. Agathiyar in his Nadi revelation for Surendran says that he had come into Surendran's home in the form of the sandal and staff! When Shanga Manikam came over one day, I passed him the pathugai of Agathiyar from Kallar. Soon Balachandran replaced the pathugai with one he purchased. Master Arunan too gifted me another pathugai. When the newly married couple Thiru Thirumathi Maheswaran came over to AVM for the very first time, I gifted them one pair.

The Rajah's received their pair of Pathugai from Tavayogi, the exact one that he had worn in Rishikesh.

As Agathiyar had desired that we conduct his Jayanthi and Guru Puja Vizha at AVM on 4 January 2018, I decided to invest in a polycarbonate canopy to cover my porch and to accommodate the devotees at this fest. At the same time it would accommodate the participants to the monthly Varma Point Therapy and Varma Energy Therapy and healing sessions held at AVM.

When Sugumaran came for the healing session to AVM, seeing Master Uva sweat it out in the heat of the day, he with Balachandran Gunasekaran, Mahindran Vijayakumar, Dyalen Muniandi and their TS friends gifted and installed an 18 inch wall fan at AVM.

And of course not to forget the womenfolk at AVM who take the trouble to prepare and cook food and deliver for all the occasions at AVM. We had no words to thank Thiru Thirumathi Rajah who took the trouble, in spite of staying some distance away, to prepare, cook and deliver food to AVM during the healing session yesterday and left shortly. AVM occasionally would source food from Yogita and Sri Krishna who are both into the catering business.

AVM family had been at our bedside when my family and I were warded in the hospital. Thirumathi Shanti Balachander stayed overnight for two consecutive nights taking care of my wife when she was hospitalised some time back. 

Surendaran Selvaratnam had been the man we chose to put forth the question and receive answers to all our queries and doubts. He did a good job at it putting forward these questions to Agathiyar during the numerous Nadi readings he had; and would interview prominent figures in the Siddha path and during his numerous temple visits and pilgrimages. He would bring back visuals and audio to be uploaded in Siddha Heartbeat. Dyalen, Mahin, Bala, Sugu, and Hari with my daughters would turn photographers at AVM's events. 

Jegan Shanmugam and Thirumathi Vinthamaray Santosh with their melodious and mesmerizing voice, were the leading singers in many of our functions accompanied by the Rajah family, my daughters, rock stars Balachandran and Mahindran, and Dr VJ Tiagarajah a devout devotee of Pamban Swamigal. Agathiyar brought a wonderful musician along who was also a practising medical doctor to AVM, Dr Jana. 

Saravanan Palanisamy supplies numerous herbs to AVM that he sets out to identify and collect with the guidance of Siddha Vaidyar Thiru Arivananthan of the Arul Guru Agathiyar Arul Peedam in Klang. Shanga Manikam who imports, repacks and markets puja items, sponsors these items to AVM. 

Master Arunan and Uva, and Acharya Gurudasan have graciously sacrificed their time and energy in bringing Varmam, Energy healing and Kriya Hatha Yoga to AVM family. Thiru Thirumathi Balachander have opened their home for AVM family to come together in prayers, satsang and provided lodging, food and hospitality to visiting saints, including Tavayogi, Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar, and Thavathiru Muthukumar Swamigal of Kutralam. Thiru Thirumathi Sri Krishna too have invited Sadhu Janagiraman of Thiruvannamalai, Thavathiru Kumarasamy Aiya of Anuvavi Agathiyar Ashram, and numerous others, chauffeuring them to many events and homes.

(If I had left out anyone it is not intentional).

AVM, TS and AS have come all out to support all the programs making each event a memorable one. It is wonderful to see Agathiyar taking care of his needs and providing for himself through these wonderful samaritans, relieving me of wholly taking on the responsibilities in running AVM. 

Varma Point Therapy and Varma Energy Therapy Healing Session

The 4th healing session was held yesterday at AVM. Thirteen people participated in the Varma Point Therapy and Varma Energy Therapy. Both masters Arunan and Uva speak on this therapy.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Annual Guru Puja for Agathiyar at Eco City Sri Raja Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple

A staunch devotee of Agathiyar who had worshiped Agathiyar at his home in Petaling Jaya for years, had moved him to a nearby Lord Ganesa's temple only to move him again to the Sri Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple, now in the midst of a major development Eco City that has engulfed the temple. After his demise, several devoted devotees of Agathiyar had taken up the task of performing rituals for Agathiyar only to give up for some reason or other. The divine task of conducting libation or abhisegam is now carried out by Sri Krishna of Agathiyar Universal Mission and assisted by Sri Balachander Aiya of AVM.

Nandhi Devar blessed Srimathi Santhi Balachander with a wonderful Nadi reading recently in which he gave explicit directions on a forthcoming puja for Agathiyar at this temple premise.

Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia, Thondu Seivom and Amudha Surabhi came together again to aid and sponsor puja items for the Annual Guru Puja for Agathiyar at Eco City Sri Raja Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple schedule to take place on 31 May 2017. A Yagam followed by abishegam would be done for Agathiyar after prayers to Mother Goddess. Thavathiru Kumarsamy Aiya of Anuvavi Sri Agathiyar Ashram in Coimbatore, India who had led a prayer here on a couple of occasions will preside over the puja again.


Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Time: 7.30am - 10.30am

Venue: Sri Raja Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple KL Eco City

AVM Puja


What a Nadi Nool Aasan revealed to me many years back still rings in my ears. He had said that there were many organisations carrying Agathiyar's name but sadly Agathiyar was not there. This statement surprised me. Then I was jolted again. In a recent Nadi revelation Agathiyar said that many have come out to declare that they were Agathiyar in physical form and mortal frame. Agathiyar says these are frauds. I remember Agathiyar in his Agathiyar Gnanam written many many years ago had mentioned of frauds in the spiritual world and asked aspirants to be cautious with these people.

From whatever little understanding I have on the Siddha path, I could understand that one has to uphold honesty or satyam. The moment we let loose our hold on this foremost and important virtue, the Siddhas too let go of their hold on us.

The Siddhas might be able to stomach our little flaws and weaknesses, as in kutrame gunamaage, but to fall from upholding righteousness brings us back to where we started as in the game of snakes and ladders.

This statement of his came as a warning to me not to lose my grip on this one important component in moving towards living a righteous life.

Another warning came in the form of Agathiyar issuing a stern warning not to belittle the Nadi, the spoken word of the Siddhas.

An important lesson taught by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was not to worship him but the source within all of us. He names it as Agathiyar and tells me it is Light. Others might have other names and forms to describe Erai.

As we descended from the steps leading to the Nattadreswarar temple, Tavayogi suddenly turned around to me and declared that Lord Shiva and Agathiyar were one. Agathiyar in the Nadi decrees that he is in the prapanjam and that the prapanjam is in him.

When I accompanied Tavayogi on his regular morning walk the morning after I arrived at Kallar ashram for the very first time, he turned to me and said that Agathiyar had come the night before and spoken to him. I looked back at him baffled! Was this possible or was he pulling my legs?

As we hiked up the hills and walked through the jungles towards the sites, caves, and temples of the Siddhas, he would comment that the Siddhas were ushering us by showering flowers. I would look up into the sky and stare blankly.

I was told Krishnaveni Amma would hang her clothes to dry and Lord Muruga would pull them down. The cloths will be soiled and Amma would chase Lord Muruga with a stick all around her ashram at Kalyana Theertham for being mischievous. Agathiyar would appear with Shridi Sai and chat with her for hours. She used to narrate this and more stories to Venkatesh Swamy who took care of her needs till her last days.

What I did not know then was that soon my lack of faith and disbelief on these miracles was to be corroded away. Agathiyar opened his left eye in a granite statue of his at Agasthiyampalli! He followed this miracle with another similar miracle, this time both his eyes at Kutraleswarar temple at Papanasam.

Agathiyar promised me that there was more to come, in the way of miracles, once I was back in Malaysia. He opened his eyes in the very bronze statue of his that I had in my home!

Tavayogi and Mataji Sarojini Amaiyar, both Turavis, took the trouble to fly all the way to Malaysia to bless my daughter and son-in-law during their recent marriage and to dine with us, breaking all taboo and past beliefs about Siddhas forbidding marriage. Tavayogi as he left the wedding reception whispered to me that the Siddhas had come and blessed all present by showering flowers. Soon Agathiyar revealed the same in the Jeeva Nadi reading for the newly wedded couple.

But not all was rosy along this path, as there were times of anguish and pain. My daughter broke her leg bones in a road accident; my other daughter and I went through a bout of suffering when a teeny weeny aedes mosquito brought us down; soon it bit my son-in-law too. My wife too had her fair share of hours in consultation with her doctors. But throughout these trials and tribulations Agathiyar stood by us. He saved us from further plight. Similarly he came to the aid of all his devotees at AVM too.

One thing is certain. By giving us these pain and sufferings, knowing pretty well now that it is all due to our doing,  he has brought us to an understanding not to take life for granted. We began to cherish life and every moment of it. Slowly but surely he built up our faith in him.

Walk tall and I shall walk tall too he said back then. Today we walk tall with the realization that he is among us. 


He had a dream and in his dream he was having a question and answer session with Valluvar. It was interesting to note that his question was regarding Aram, a topic on his ongoing series on Valluvar's Kural. Rakesh of Chennai was uploading daily quotes and sayings from Valluvar's Kural on fb and Whatsapp. Valluvar patiently explained the meaning of the word and spoke further on it. Rakesh walks the walk and talks the talk. He brings together his teammates to carry out many programs to help the less fortunate. With his brother Mano.R's artistic and graphic talent and Rakesh's poetic talent, this siblings have put together a fantastic blog at

SH borrows some of his posts on Valluvar's Kural.

There is joy in giving.

Aasan TR brings to light the necessity to perform acts of aram or dharma as spoken by Valluvar. With his extensive knowledge on the Tamil literature and his vast experience in reading the Nadi, comprehending and understanding the principles upheld by the Siddhas, Aasan puts it all in plain language for our understanding and comprehension, citing the need to give back to society. There is joy in giving.

Sanjiv Malhotra from New Delhi shared his views on Whatsapp.
My learning from various discourses, readings and experience points to only one way out and that is service and charity.
It is important to give back to creation.
Feeding the not so privileged has been an inherent part of all religions. 
Another saying is that do your part and move on. Do not get attached to the act of giving... Give to anyone but give without judging. 
Service is another way we can give back to creation. Hungry stray dogs, cows feeding on garbage are a common sight in our country. People most often object to feeding of strays; dogs and pups are poisoned and incidences of them being burnt alive have come to my notice. We turn a blind eye to such incidences and remain silent. We at times do not speak for them. But somebody watches us. Letting an act of adharma happen in front of you and not reacting to it makes us an equal partner in the crime if not more.
Today a whole market was protesting against a man who feeds pups and a couple of strays. Instead of helping out they were keen to get rid of the pups. We empathise with those who do not have a voice and stand with them. 
We are privileged since our karmas allow us to do charity. There is no second thought to the fact that one cannot do service and charity without the requisite karmas. 
This is the key to all locks including the one that we all took birth for... Self realization.