Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Agathiyar came in the form of a bronze statue in 2010 upon instructing me in the Nadi to have the replica of his granite statue at Agasthiyampalli, India made and brought over to Malaysia. He had us perform libation on him with nine items. We continued this ritual adding on to it, making it 16 items when Mataji of Kallar Ashram extended to me a list of abhisegam items that hit 19.

Then Tavayogi of Kallar Ashram told me to carry out lighting the homa. We continued doing it both the rituals diligently for years. Both these rituals would take us more than two hours with a brief gap in between to prepare for the next ritual and time to dress him up. We would finally sing his praises before ending the puja.

Although Agathiyar and Tavayogi were a catalyst and instructed, and got us going with these rituals, they did not dictate us but rather we were allowed to experiment and grow. And so the list of the names of the Siddhas grew just as the compendium of Siddha songs I had complied grew as I came across more songs of praise to the Siddhas from books and the net.

Then I was moved to make it all simple and brief. Everything began to shrink. When Ma came herself to perform libation on Agathiyar she just used three items. We decided to follow her dropping all the other items. The elaborate puja was reduced to just mere minutes.

Later even the singing of the praises was to come to a halt just as it began, bringing us to just sit in silence and go within. We moved away from rituals to sit in silence. Just as I was about to drop everything as the call to go within came on stronger, Ma comes to instruct us to not stop what we were doing but instead to continue libation to Agathiyar with just water only and to do it daily, till she advises otherwise.

As for Homa, I was moved to do it only when necessary. A classic example was set by Agathiyar himself when he tells us that the Siddhas, hearing our appeal for mercy to save Tavayogi from near death, began a Yagam so that Tavayogi could live. Tavayogi survived the ordeal but voluntarily gave up his soul on a later date. The Siddhas who have traversed and gone beyond the need to do rituals took it as a tool when the need arisen.

What surprised us most was that Agathiyar, who had big plans for us, ready to bring us to greater heights in carrying out his annual celebration or Vizha on a big scale, had suggested we move to a bigger venue, told us not to make the move later giving in to our reluctance to do so. He then shocked us revealing that even the devotees would shrink in numbers. He said the Siddha Neri was not to be compared to that of devotion or Bhakti where thousands will flock to. We saw the truth in everything that he revealed for it was happening as predicted. 

I believe we have come a long way and fulfilled and satisfied the wishes of Tavayogi asking that we come out of devotion or Bhakti and temple worship to Jnana or the path of inquiry. I did pose a question to him later as he prepared to move and expand his ashram/temple for Agathiyar to the present grounds. Why was he now going back to Bhakti? He replied it was for the public.

It did not make much sense than in 2016. Today I have come to understand his words pretty well. Today I understand why Ma wanted me to carry on daily libation to Agathiyar at least with water. 

When we come together these days for an occasional puja, performing the homa and libation, we saw that the younger generation who joined us with their parents begin to watch and learn the worship and imitate the singing and prayer at other times, as seen in my granddaughter. Ramalinga Adigal, moments after my toddler granddaughter had performed libation with assistance from elders, on Agathiyar in our home, blessed her telling us that it took him 12 long years of intense austerities or tavam to reach Agathiyar, but my granddaughter had reached him even as a toddler. Tavayogi had mentioned to me that we had tapped into the code that brings Agathiyar within distance very easily in the comfort of our homes as opposed to his times when he had to scale the heights of mountains and tough terrain and camp in caves and jungles. I guess the most compassionate Siddhas have made it easier for us to scale the heights on this path in this age.

I came to realize, as what Tavayogi had told me that whatever he did was for the good of the public, there was a need to carry on the rituals in a simple manner so that generations to come will learn, adhere and follow the path of Siddhas in their home ground from their immediate family circles rather than the need to seek elsewhere. We realize that what we had advocated from the very beginning, that of coming together in the premises and homes of devotees has produced the desired results, of taking the lead in performing puja, breaking the tradition and norm of that time where devotees conjoined in ashrams and peedhams, societies and associations every Thursday to sing the praise of God and the Guru, being satisfied with just being followers.

Let each man take charge of his life and groom his family into becoming great devotees of the Siddhas. Let the name of these Siddhas sound in each individual's homes. The rituals and practices shall continue at AVM, if not for us, at least for the young who come to the path of the Siddhas at a very tender age. We shall work on the young now.