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Sri Krishna was exposed to the existence of Agathiyar, the Siddhas and the Nadi from a very young age. He was brought up by his uncle since young after losing both his parents. His uncle was very much involved with the worship of the Siddhas. He used to bring in Nadi readers from India too. So Krishna was pretty comfortable with the Siddhas and the subject of their Nadi. 

As his life took a turn for the worst as predicted by Agathiyar, nevertheless Krishna held firmly to the Holy Feet of Agathiyar. Slowly with regular worship and by performing loads of atonement or Parikaram, Agathiyar guided Krishna and elevated him both materialistically and spiritually. 

Today Krishna is proud to recount how he came to Agathiyar for Siddha Heartbeat in this interview. He also explains how Agathiyar worship started at both the Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple at Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur and the Sri Sakthi Raja Nageswari Amman Temple at KL Eco City.

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Monday, 25 April 2016


As both Sri Krishna and Saravanan Palanisamy bid farewell to us at the Rajagopuram of the Mayuranathar Alayam, they did hint that we could conduct Agathiyar Vizha as an annual event. Sri & Srimathi Balachander and Yogacharya Gurudasan too while traveling back had discussed about having the event annually. On reaching home Sri Balachander excitedly browsed through the Tamil Almanac for the next Chitrapournami date. 

Later Sri Krishna messaged on Whatsapp, "Astonishing event full of love, passionate and care from Mayuranathar committee. Excellent preparations. Marvellous gathering. Interventions of Lord Muruga, Lord Pamban Swamy, Lord Agathiya Peruman, Lord Arunagiri nathar, etc. Maybe should be a annual event"

Sri Sugumar too mentioned the same, "Tq dr. and Shan aiya for arranging wonderful event. Hope can have it as a annual event. Tq"

Dr Tiagarajah from Mayuranathar Alayam agreed and at the same time enquired about Agathiyar's Guru Puja too, and put forward a suggestion, "May be we can plan something for Agathiar Marghali Ayilyam, a very important day." That started the ball rolling and we all wished to hold Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja celebrations at the Mayuranathar Alayam on 18 December 2016.

Later that day I received an email from Jnana Jyothiamma that came as a pleasant surprise. She surprised us when she mentioned, "I somehow feel, even the annual Guru pooja too, you may conduct it at this temple"
"Shan, One such thing happened this morning, the moment I woke up. Woke up means, out from the sleep state into the waking stage, but not fully awake. We had spoken and exchanged a lot for hours on end during the early stages of our meeting in 2011/2012. It was in one of our earlier conversations, you told me that dad had asked you to build a temple for HIM and that you had gone about inquiring many temples in your vicinity, if they could spare you a place to install Agasthya Maharishi. But you couldn't find any place and hence dad stayed put at your premises.

I also remember in one of your earlier readings, dad had mentioned that very shortly you would be conducting a grand Vizha for HIM, when I jokingly commented that your entire premises may be needed for such an event. Dad also mentioned and that it will be blessed by many jnanis too, who would attend that Vizha.
Can you recollect this reading?...well.....I can see it has started with the just concluded Vizha at MayurnathanTemple.

In an ever expanding Jagat, which is expanding every minute, Agasthya Maharishi is, and will expand too. Is there any other better place than Mayurnathan Temple, where along with HIS Guru Lord Muruga, HE got that Vizha conducted ?

Serenity en-capsuled with Divinity. In the abode of Lord Muruga, who is Agasthya Maharishi's Guru, along with the participation of Lord Muruga's celestial Vahanam..the peacocks, who also joined the rituals conducted, in their own ways of praising the Lord......What more is needed?

I somehow feel, even the annual Guru pooja too, you may conduct it at this temple, as Dad is drawing many many people towards HIM and the Siddhas, in HIS own mysterious ways.

This point is very clear now.

When I saw the pics of the peacocks hovering around the sanctum after everything concluded itself depicts many things..There are many msgs in them.

We all have to wait and watch. This is a big turning point, as far as I can Visualize. One thing is very clear now. Our dad, Mahaguru Agasthya Maharishi has captured the hearts of countless people....devotees and other wise too."
Jnana Jyothiamma at Mayuranathar Temple in  October of  2013 & again in April of 2014



Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal officiated the start of the Siddhargal Vizha at 12.20am on Thursday 21 April 2016 by revealing Sri Agathiyar's statue at the new Kallar Ashram Temple complex. This was followed by prayers. A vasikol that was worshiped by Tavayogi was given to adevotee to be placed at Agathiyar's cave adjjacent to the Shenbaga Devi Temple at Courtallam.

The festivities concluded with serving of Annadhanam in the afternoon. A heavy downpour of rain fell immediately after the Siddhargal Vizha ended taken as a sign of blessing by the Siddhas.


Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hardly having time to rest and recoup, the temple committee of the Mayuranathar Alayam are back on their feet organizing another two major events over this weekend. 

AVM and Malaysia Agathiyar Universal Mission too is organizing a spiritual yatra to several temples, samadhis, caves and ashramams and will participate in the prayers at the Sri Sivasubramaniyar Alayam at Kampong Kepayang, Perak.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


As night fell over the Pamban Kumaraguruthasa Swamigal Thirukovil, AVM members went home feeling blessed to have been given an opportunity to perform Siddhar Pooja in conjunction with Agathiyar Vizha and Chitrapournami by the temple committee.

Srimathi Santhi Balachander wrote in: "Thank you Dr.Thiaga, Mr.Bala and all Mayuranathar Temple committee it was a wonderful energized evening, with detailed planning and execution of the event with the blessings of Murugar and Agathiar we had an eventful evening. Thanks again fro the bottom of my heart. Thank you Shan Aiya for. everything, when i want to thank Shan Aiya for giving us this wonderful opportunity"

Acharya Gurudasan had no other words to say, except express his gratitude, "We were all truly blessed. Thanks to Agathiar for having brought us all together to the wonderful little paradise of Sri Mayuranathar Temple"

Sri Krishna wrote : "Absolutely true. Astonishing event full of love,passionate and care from mayuranathar committee. Excellent preparations. Marvellous gathering. Interventions of Lord Muruga, Lord Pamban Swamy, Lord Agathiya Peruman, Lord Arunagiri nathar, etc." suggesting that "Maybe should be a annual event. Nandri shan ayya"

Sri Sugumar too suggested holding this Vizha annually, "Tq dr. and Shan aiya for arranging wonderful event. Hope can have it as a annual event. Tq"

Magin and Balachandran respectively thanked everyone: "Thanks to all the good souls who make this event wonderful" and "Tq a lot Dr n Shan Anne for giving us opportunity" 

Magin was happy that he had the opportunity to carry all the murthis or statue, "We must thank you Anna. Bcs of it I get a chances to carry Agathiyar Appa, Pamban Swamigal, Arunagiri Nathar. Really a blessed full day"

Harikrishnan said: "Blessed being able to be there today"

I too wrote in to appreciate: "Thank you thiru s. maniam, dr thiaga, thiru bala, thiru sugumar and all the commitee members at dengkil temple for inviting avm agathiyar over and being a good host. Thank you for all the purchases and items for this event. Thank you for all the meals too. Thank you all avm members for all the help n hardwork in making this event a success."

The peacocks and peahens returned to roost in the towers of the temple after having screamed the whole day at the very slightest song sang or music played at the temple.

With a heavy heart we left Agathiyar behind indicating that we would come around the next day to pick him up. But I only brought him back to AVM this morning.

The day after the Vizha, Dr Tiaga messaged us on Whatsapp,
"Most of us went back home very late yesterday. Due to Friday prayers in the afternoon, I thought of going to the temple. Yesterday, Mr Shan told me that he wanted to bring the Agathiar's statue back home in the morning. Chitrapournami thiti still available until today afternoon. Agathiar statue from AVM was still there in the vasantha mandapam.
Human have learnt various scientific theories and ideas from birds and animals. It can give us some idea, indication or instinct in our life.
Mr Shan, I think Agathiar didn't want to leave the Temple in the morning. Do you know why? In our temple, the mayil started doing their prayers. Take a look at the picture below."

The Dr writes further,
"A mayil is standing inside the Vasantha Mandapam, performing its prayers to Agathiar. They can't recognize Agathiar by look, but they can understand the vibrations well. Furthermore, peacock is a smart bird. Due to very highly charged vibration for Agathiar from AVM, they started to concentrate on the vasantha mandapam area. They were roaming around the vasantha mandapam area and screaming 'Kuha' 'Kuha' for quite a long time. Our temple yagha salai is built with zinc roofing, so it will be hot beneath. Yet, a few mayil were standing inside the Yagha Salai even in the hot weather.
The gurukkal had to close the vasantha mandapam after some time, we can't leave it open for a long period of time due to security reasons. Even, when it is closed. The peacocks remained in front of the mandapam. Look at the pictures below. All these are strong evidence which proves that strong vibration is being emitted from the AGATHIAR statue, 100% confirm.
I was sitting there a looking at the peacock for quite some time, it was so stubborn and didn't want to leave the Vasantha Mandapam. So, I came back home. It was still there I left the temple."

That was a pleasant surprise to all of us at AVM. Thank you Agatheesa.

Dr Tiaga took the opportunity to thank all too:
Thank you, Mr Shan for agreeing to conduct this Vizha. Without your agreement, all these wouldn't have materialized. Thanks for the support from Mayuranathar Temple bhaktar and temple Thalaivar, Thiru Pamban S Maniam. Thanks for Mr and Mrs Ganesan for being the main sponsor of this event. Thanks for all the supporters from Pamban Yathirai group for taking part in cooking and food preparation tasks. Thanks for AVM bhaktargal (Bala, Mahen, Hari, Jegan, Sanga and many others) for continuous hardwork since morning till night. Thanks for all the Agathiar groups whom were present for this event. Special thanks for Pamban Kumaraguruthasar Swamigal whom had been residing in this temple very strongly. He is monitoring all the activities in this temple and guiding everyone.
Sri Balachander wrote to say that his wish and desire too was fulfilled during Agathiyar Vizha.
"It was a wonderful and memorable day in my life. Thanks to all the wonderful soul who attended the festival yesterday. Thanks Shan ayya for giving me an opportunity to  do the abisegham for appa. At last my dream has been fulfilled"
Jnana Jyothiamma after viewing the video on the proceedings of the day, writes:
"A real feast to/for the eyes to see dad (Agathiyar) being pampered. So very nice.The Recitation from Thirupuzhal was very good. A year or so back, I had sent you some pics of Pamban Swami's Samadhi at Chennai and also an audio clip of Krishnan (of Thirupuzhal Trust, chennai) and his wife reciting verse 15 on Thirupuzhal.
The Vedic invocation chants by Sara and the group at the Havan was just Superb and very pleasing . The Potri chants for dad and the Siddhas were beautiful.. And not to forget the charged Environment, the moment the "chosen one"(I dunno his name) took the mike and said ...Ayyaneee....Oh God.! The intent and Intensity and the devotion of his Rendition is highly appreciated and applauded. He has the blessings of Lord Muruga and the Siddhas. Blessings to him.
Pls covey my warm wishes and greetings to Sara and his family. I could see his chantings are perfect with vedic modulation. And Shan, my love and warm wishes to you , mahi, vimala and praba. Regards, greetings and blessings to all over there.
Harih Aum Sri Gurubhyo Namah."
We are but only instruments in the hands of the Divine. I personally take this opportunity to again thank all AVM and Thondu Seivom members, Sri and Srimathi Krishna of the Agathiyar Universal Mission and Sri Yuvaraj and his friends from the Sri Agasthiyar Sakthi Nyaanaalayam and of course the members of Sri Math Pamban Kumaraguruthasa Swamigal Thirukovil for their attendance and all assistance rendered to make this Vizha a sucess.

A wonderful composition by Saravanan Palanisamy sums up the greatness of Agathiyar.


Photo Courtesy of Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative at Swamimalai

Agathiyar's statue at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) is an image or replica of the granite statue at Agasthiyampalli. Agathiyar's thirumurthy or statue arrived in Malaysia from Swamimalai a day before his Guru Puja in 2010. Agathiyar instructed me to have his statue made in bronze at Swamimalai and worship him while awaiting the completion of the Sri Raghavendra Swamigal Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh. But later for reasons only known to him Agathiyar chose to stay put at AVM.

We were instructed to perform abhisegam for him upon arrival in Malaysia. Later Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal instructed us to conduct the homam. We at AVM have faithfully been performing these rituals on Thursdays, Pournami and Amavasai days.

Jnana Jyothiamma was blessed with an amazing five hour Jeeva Nadi reading, and subsequently another two readings, some time back, on October 13, 2014. She wrote to me,
Next month, I have to do a massive ritual for Agathiyan and the 18 Siddhas. For this simultaneous instructions in my reading was given to ...... (the Nadi Nool Aasan) too, that, he should conduct it in my presence in the same room where this Nadi reading is being read and dad mentioned the date too, when it should be conducted and specifically told me that "Lord Murugan, Lord Shivan, all the 18 Siddhas and I (Agathiyan) will be present there.
Sodasa Siddhar Pooja is Sushmna Pooja. That is the reason why the Libation is done for Agathiyan and Shakthi, before the start of the Sodasa Pooja as Agathiyan's and Shakhti's grace are required before the start of Sodasa Siddhar Pooja. 16 items mentioned by Agathiyan are required for the invocation of the 18 Siddhas. This Sodasa Siddha Pooja should be concluded by Vallai Pooja. Agathiyan says this is the manner how Sodasa Siddhar Pooja are performed by the Siddhas. It is basically a ritual done by the Siddhas.
Jnana Jyothiamma shared further information about the Sodasa Siddhar Pooja that she was to conduct with the aid of the Nadi Nool Aasan.
Agathiyan had instructed the Nadi Nool Aasan the method to assist me to do the Sodasa Pooja. Agathiyan told .... (Nadi Nool Aasan) that this was the method the Siddhas do Sodasa Pooja.
First, libation to dad (Agathiyan) and Shakthi with only certain things, which you can see in all the individual videos sent.
Second .... invocation of the Siddhas through offerings (16 items .. which includes the Poorana Kalasam) and their Nadis. Poorna Kalasam has to be filled with Dhanyam ..... to the brim ... and is lighted at the tip .. at the end.
Third ..... thanking the Goddess.
Fourth ..... singing praises of Arutperumjyothi and Lord Shiva.
Fifth .... Praises to Vaalai. Agathiyan told him in the early stages of him doing Siddha Pooja, that a Siddha Pooja is never complete without Vaalai. 
In the midst of the Siddhar Pooja, she found a moment to call me and I had the privilege to speak to the Nadi Nool Aasan too. I appreciated what he was doing for Jnana Jyothiamma and thanked him too.

Painting courtesy of Saravanan Palanisamy & Siththan Arul

Jnana Jyothiamma updated me by mail after the Sodasa Siddhar Pooja was over.
Dear Shan, at last, this intense Siddhar pooja … Sodasi pooja ... was completed yesterday ... everybody came and blessed me during that time. You can hear Agathiyan mentions it in my reading yesterday .... I felt everything and everybody at very close proximity.
Agathiyan too mentions that nobody in my kulam had done something like this .... it gives me immense happiness to know that I had laid the strong foundation for my descendants ... future generations and coz of this what I did, with the help of Agathiyan and the Siddhas ... seems, my future generations will be blessed.
Pooja started at 11 am and continued till 7 pm ... in three parts .. a wonderful experience indeed! It was when the first phase of the pooja concluded that I called you and connected ... (Nadi Nool Aasan).
All the things and articles given to me by Agathiyan .. through various Shiva adiyars ... I had to take it for the pooja .... and energy activated in all. This is one in a lifetime .. such an intense Siddhar pooja.
Have no words to describe his (Agathiyar) care, protection, love and compassion and proximity.
Shan ... all I asked Agathiyan in February 2012 ... was to give me a chance to do a small pooja at your place. He gave me the ultimate ... the ultimate pooja, one can ever think of ... when all the 18 Siddhas, Agathiyan, Murugan .. and Lord Nataraja ...... the "universal creator also came, blessed us ... and gave his dharshan ... that 8 hours of pooja ..... 12 - 7 pm .... you were all there with me ... at that moment.
Jnana Jyothiamma at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia in 2013

Agathiyar through a Nadi reading for Jnana Jyothiamma had requested her to perform the Sodasa Siddhar Pooja, an elaborate ritual for the Siddhas, aided by the Nadi Nool Aasan. Going through the net, I understood a typical Sodasa Pooja would comprise 16 elements, it being called Sodasa Pooja was appropriate too, the reason being 16 in Sanskrit is Sodasa. (ṣoḍaśa—sixteen,   ṣoḍaśa-upacāra-pūjāya—by worshiping with sixteen kinds of paraphernalia – Source:

After viewing the videos clips that she sent me I had a similar desire to perform the Sodasa Pooja for Agathiyar too. I scouted around for the paraphernalia needed to perform this puja. I was told that an order could be placed for the complete Sodasa Ubachara set used in this ritual and that it would cost some Ringgit 2,000. I left it at that. But it was heartening to know that we at AVM unknowingly have been using a similar number of items during the libation or abhisegam to Agathiyar.

After Agathiyar's arrival on our shores, my nephew Thayalan, his friend Maran, Navarani and her friends, and Sri and Srimathi Balachander had asked that we bring Agathiyar over to their homes for prayer. They performed the prayers to Agathiyar to their hearts content, in the comfort of their homes.

The very first prayer to Agathiyar in the form of a bronze statue at AVM in 2010
A prayer conducted by Tavayogi on his visit to Malaysia
Sri & Srimathi Krishna join in the prayers
Agathiyar in the home of another devotee Sri & Srimathi Maran
Agathiyar at the home of Navarani & some other wonderful devotees
Agathiyar in the home of Sri & Srimathi Balachander

Besides these individuals homes, Agathiyar was invited to the home of another colleague too, but he decided to conduct the prayers at his hometown instead as he was staying in the military quarters. On arrival at his hometown of Karai in Perak, he decided again to have the homam and abhisegam at a small shrine under a banyan tree or alamaram instead. 

While there we were informed that the local priests had left the temple abruptly the night before after having a showdown with the committee. As there was no priests to perform the Nitya puja for the day, we were given the green light to conduct our rituals. Surprisingly, just as we prepared to start, in walked a priest. He took his seat some distance away and watched us silently, performing the homam. After the homam ended, he informed those present that he had only a while and that he had to move on to another temple. At this juncture I requested him to perform the libation to Agathiyar and he readily agreed. On completion of the libation, he did the alangaram for Agathiyar too. He then asked an assistant at the temple the procedures of performing the nitya pooja carried out at the temple. After listening to him, the priest mentioned that they had been doing it all wrong all this while and took it upon himself to perform the evening prayer, including performing the arathi for Agathiyar. We started with the bhajan while he sat an began to observe again. He then blessed all those present and only left at 9pm! Now who was this who appeared out of the blues and conducted a magnificent pooja for Agathiyar at Karai? Till today I am puzzled as to why Agathiyar went there too.

When Dr Tiaga requested that I bring over Agathiyar's statue for the Agathiyar Vizha, I agreed too. Later I was wondering why Agathiyar was going over to the Pamban Kumaraguruthasa Swamigal Thirukovil. The morning after the Vizha my wife provides me with the answer. She told me that Agathiyar had fulfilled my wish to perform the Sodasa Pooja for him! When I mentioned this to Dr Tiaga, Sri Pamban S.Maniam, and Sri Bala from the temple, they surprise me further by mentioning that they had purchased the paraphernalia to perform the Sodasa Pooja specifically for Agathiyar's Vizha!

Agathiyar through Jnana Jyothiamma has shown himself to the world in numerous ways and locations. Agathiyar has performed many miracles wherever Jnana Jyothiamma went. The Sodasa Pooja that Agathiyar instructed her to perform was a precedent for us to follow suit.

To get an idea on the paraphernalia that are used in paying homage to the deities, see

A typical Sodasa Ubachara set.  Photo courtesy of  Raja Spiritual Super Market Private Limited, Kanchipuram