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Uvaraj has traveled far and wide in search of mystics and Siddhas and has many stories to tell. Along the way he has met many masters who tutored him on several platforms. With these vast and diversified knowledge he attempts to bring all these invaluable teachings together and mold them into a comprehensive package that is presented during the Varmam classes held for students.

He shares his amazing experiences with Siddha Heartbeat during a recent Satsang at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia.

Having well traveled and having learnt various art forms from numerous masters, Uvaraj conveys his heartfelt thanks to all these masters through the following email to Siddha Heartbeat.
Dear Shan Ayah,
I have attached a summary of the Masters and Teachers who guided and inspired us in our Varmam Warrior Arts path. Please find the attached pictures of these masters during some of the training as well.

We felt that it is necessary to give credit to these Masters and Teachers for being the relentless in guiding and teaching us these knowledge that we bear today.

These are Masters and Teachers Who Inspired Our Varma Warrior Arts core essence and path over the years. Each one of them were responsible for teaching, guiding, inspiring and motivating us with their own ways on specific essence such as Varmalogy, Warrior Arts, Martial Arts, Siddha Medicine, Yoga, Healing, Energy Therapy, Meditation, Pranayamam, Siddha Margam, Spiritual principles and other relevant subjects.

Some of these amazing Masters and Teachers were directly responsible for transferring and teaching us ancient Varma Kalai or Warrior Arts systems and the rest were responsible for guiding us with the relevant Siddhar or Spiritual based knowledge that integrates within the Varmalogy system.

Some of these Masters and Teachers are still continuing their works till this day silently and remain the pillar of the Varmalogy and Siddhar arts in the modern times. It is an honor to give credits to these Masters and Teachers for all their tireless efforts and life works. We sincerely thank these Masters and Teachers with all our Mind, Body and Spirit for their teachings and guidance. Guruveh Sharanam!

· Tokoh Guru Kannan Varma Kalai & Silambam Grandmaster, Malaysia

Tokoh Guru Kannan (left)
· Varmam Warrior Arts Aasan Arunan Veerappan, Malaysia

Aasan Arunan Veerappan
· Veera Kalai & Siddhar Yogam Master Jothi Ramalingam, Natagiri Malai, India
Master Jothi Ramalingam (foreground)
· Varmam & Veera Kalai Aasan Rajendren Krisnaraj, Coimbatore, India
Aasan Rajendren Krisnaraj
· Varma Kalai & Varma Yogam Master Marutha Paandhi, Sankarankoil, India

Master Marutha Paandhi (left)
· Veera Kalai & Siddhar Yogam Master Kumar, Papanasam, India

Master Pavanasam Kumar with Babaji In Cutrallam Babaji Cave 
· Yoga & Energy Healing Master Veera of White Lotus Yoga, Malaysia.

· Hatha Yoga and Pranayamam Yogi Master Joe, Malaysia

Yogi Master Joe
· Siddha Medicine & Healing, Vellingiri Swamy Krisna Moorthy, Natagiri Malai, India

· Spiritual Wisdom & Essence , Dr Kadeer Ibrahim, Malaysia

Dr Kadeer Ibrahim (centre)
· Super Qi Gong & Inner Power, Dr Amir Farid Ishak, Malaysia

Dr Amir Farid Ishak (right)
Thank you ayah for giving us this opportunity to showcase and pay respects to our Masters and Teachers.

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அகத்தியர் வனப் பூசை! (Agathiyar Vana Poosai!)

A beautiful digital composition by Bala Chandran Gunasekaran 
Saravanan Palanisamy who contributes his art regularly to Siththan Arul, has dedicated a hymn to Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia in his blog http://arulgnanajyothi.blogspot.com/2015/06/agathiyar-vana-poosai.html today. He first surprised us during puja at AVM sometime back by rendering a few verses from this hymn. I reproduce below his beautiful composition for readers of Siddha Heartbeat.
அகத்தியர் வனப் பூசை! 
மகாகுரு அகத்தியர் அருளால், அகத்தியர் வனப் பூசை என்ற செய்யுளை எழுத்தும் வாய்ப்பு அடியேனுக்கு கிடைத்தது. இந்த செய்யுளை அகத்தியர் வனத்தில் நடை பெற்ற அமாவாசை பூசையன்று அவர் முன் பாடும் வாய்ப்பையும் அவர் அருளினார். அகத்தியர் அடியவர்களுக்கு இதனை அன்புடன் சமர்ப்பிக்கிறேன்.
மாந்தர் எல்லாம் வந்திடுவார் உந்தனுக்கு பூசை செய்ய,
கூடிடுவோம் நாங்கள் எல்லாம் அகத்திய வனமதிலெ,
செய்திடுவோம் யாகமுடன் அபிஷேக பூசையும் தான்,
அக மகிழ்ந்து அகத்தீசா எங்களுக்கு அருள்வாயே!
சித்தர்களும் தேவர்களும் உன்னை நாடியே,
எங்களுடன் வந்தமர்வார் உன்னை காணவே,
என்ன தவம் செய்தோம் நாங்கள் இந்த வாழ்விலே,
பெரும் புண்ணியனே உன் பாத கமலங்களை பற்றவே!
யாகமதில் சுடர் ஒளியாய் வந்து நிற்பவனே,
எங்கள் வினை அனைத்தும் சுட்டெரிக்க வந்தாய் நீயோ?
சுடர் ஒளியாய் வந்திடுவாய் பேரொளியை காட்டிடவே,
பேரொளியை காட்டியே எங்களை பரி பூரனமாக்கிடுவே!
பாலிலே நீ குளித்து பல வினைகளை அறுத்திடுவாய்!
சந்தனத்தில் நீ குளித்து சந்தான பாக்கியத்தை தந்திடுவாய்!
மஞ்சளிலே நீ குளித்து சகல மங்களத்தையும் அருள்வாய்!
பன்னீரிலே நீ குளித்து பங்கங்களை போக்கிடுவாய்!
பாங்கான பட்டுடன் மலர் மாலைகளை சூட்டிடுவோம்,
வாச மலர்களை துவியே உன் பாதத்தில் பணிந்திடுவோம்,
பழமுடன் பக்ஷினங்கள் மகிழ்வுடன் படைத்திடுவோம்,
வந்திடுவாய் அகத்தீசா ஓடோடி வந்திடுவாய்!
சேய் நாங்கள் அழைக்கின்றோம் ஓடோடி வருமப்பா!
ஓடோடி வந்து இங்கு எங்களுக்கு அருள் தருவாய்,
வையகத்தின் வாழ்வு தன்னை வாழ் வாங்கு வாழவே,
வந்திடுவாய் அகத்தீசா தந்திடுவாய் ஆசி தன்னை!
Agathiyar Vana Poosai

By the grace of mahaguru Agathiyar, I had the chance to write a hymn on the prayers being done at Agathiyar Vanam (Malaysia). Mahaguru also gave me an opportunity to recite the hymn in front of Him on new moon prayer held at Agathiyar Vanam. I would love to present this hymn to all Agathiyar devotees.

Maanthar yellaam vanthiduvaar unthanukku poosai seiya,
Koodiduvoam naanggal yellaam agathiya vanamathile,
Seithiduvom yaagamudan abhishega poosaiyumthaan,
Aga magizhnthu agattheesaa yenggalukku arulvaaye!

Sitthargalum thevargalum unnai naadiyeh,
Yenggaludan vanthamarvaar unnai kaanaveh,
Yenna thavam seithoam naanggal intha vaazhvileh,
Perum punniyaneh un paatha kamalanggalai patraveh!

Yaagamathil sudar oliyaai vanthu nirpavaneh,
Yenggal vinai anaitthum sutterikka vanthaai neeyoh?
Sudar oliyaai vanthiduvaai pehroliyai kaattidaveh,
Pehroliyai kaattiyeh yenggal pari pooranamaakkidaveh!

Paalileh nee kulitthu pala vinaigalai arutthiduvaai!
Santhanatthil nee kulitthu santhaana bhaakkiyatthai thanthiduvaai!
Manjalileh nee kulitthu sagala manggalatthaiyum arulvaai!
Panneerileh nee kulitthu panggangalai poakkiduvaai!

Paanggaana pattudan malar maalaigalai soottiduvoam,
Vaasa malargalai thuuviyeh un paathatthil paninthiduvoam,
pazhamudan pakshinanggal magizhvudan padaitthiduvoam,
vanthiduvaai agattheesaa odoadi vanthiduvaai!

Sei naanggal azhaikkindrom odoadi vaarumappaa!
Odoadi vanthu inggu yenggalukku arul tharuvaai,
Vaiyagatthin vaazhvu thannai vaazh vaanggu vaazhnthidaveh,
Vanthiduvaai agattheesaa thanthiduvaai aasi thannai!
Saravanan Palanisamy 

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Agathiyar as he appeared before he was flown to Malaysia. Photo courtesy of Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative
Agathiyar over the years
Varadaraj has since then made numerous statues of Agathiyar, for devotees in India and Malaysia. Siddha Heartbeat thanks Varadaraj permission to use the following photos and the screen shots from his web page http://www.i-mok.me/index.php 

Jnana Jyothiamma was so impressed with Varadaraj's work of art, a masterpiece of Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia that after her visit to Malaysia she dropped in on Varadaraj at Swamimalai. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran too made it a point to include Varadaraj's workshop in his itinerary while in India.

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Jnana Jyothiamma with Varadaraj (left) and his brother. 
Jnana Jyothiamma with some good souls at Swamimalai

Bala with Varadaraj (left)


On 8 January 2009 Agathiyar gave me specific instructions on how his statue was to be made at Swamimalai and brought over to Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) to be worshiped. I had always had the thought, why Swamimalai and not somewhere else. 

Then Rightmantra Sundar in his blog explains why Swamimalai comes to mind when one needs a bronze statue, which I had posted on 27 September 2014. Sundar says that at Swamimalai these bronze statues are made using age old traditional methods and according to the agamas, hence Swamimalai is preferred for making temple Urchava Murthis. Statues made at Swamimalai are renowned worldwide. The lost wax method of casting these statues are a specialty here. Clay or mud from the riverbanks of Kaveri used by bronze statue creators at Swamimalai is most suitable for making the molds as it captures even the most minute details, revealing even thumb prints! Today I came across a couple of well researched video explaining the same.

The post by Rightmantra Sundar revealed to me then the reason why Agathiyar wanted him to be made at Swamimalai too. Agathiyar in my Nadi reading, gave specific instructions to have his statue made and worshiped. Among the many conditions he laid was that he was to be made in the form he presided at Agasthiyampalli (Thirumaraikaadu), Vedaranyam; he was not to exceed 1 foot in height; he was to be made at Swamimalai; libation or abhisegam and prayers done on him at the Adhi Kumbeshwarar temple at Kumbakonam and only then shipped to Malaysia. 

As Agathiyar was to be in the form at Vedaranyam, I could not buy his statue off the shelf. I had to commission it. After failing to locate people who could assist me, I searched the net and e-mailed 13 manufacturers in and around Swamimalai and Kumbakonam. Through Agathiyar's grace, Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative at Swamimalai offered to have Agathiyar done as specified. Agathiyar had mentioned in the Nadi reading of 2009, that he was coming on transit to my home while awaiting the Sri Jegathguru Raghavendra Mritiga Brindavanam to be built in Ipoh. 

On completion of the Brindavanam and awaiting its consecration on 12.6.2013, I was unsure whether Agathiyar still wanted to move to the Brindavanam as stated earlier, as he had not delivered another reading to authorize my next move. I took it upon myself to inform the Brindavanam that as Agathiyar had not spoken I was not sending him over. Almost immediately a devotee volunteered to place Agathiyar at the Brindavanam. I feared that I might have erred in making the decision of keeping Agathiyar to myself. In a Nadi reading on 21.9.2014, after more than a year, Agathiyar to my relief, tells me that he had shelved his plan to go to the Brindavanam and instead decided to remain at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia!

Recently to my surprise Agathiyar explains why he wanted his image made in Swamimalai through Jnana Jyothiamma's Jeeva Nadi reading. Agathiyar reveals that it was the wish of Lord Muruga, Lobha Ma and Agathiyar himself that he should be made at Swamimalai. He enlightens us on the significance of Swamimalai and the Kaveri River and the reason for Agathiyar to be made in in Swamimalai. Agathiyar explains that it is Lobha Ma's wish that his statues made on the banks of Kaveri (Swamimalai in Tanjai) and blessed by Swamimalai Muruga, should reach places all over the world. Although Agathiyar's image has been depicted in many forms over time, the image of Agathiyar from Swamimalai will eventually be his identity and worshiped the world over. Lord Muruga himself has conceived this image and blessed each statue made here.

Agathiyar reveals in the Jeeva Nadi that many miracles will be shown through these statues of Agathiyar. These statues will become "alive". All these will take place with Lord Muruga's blessings. Agathiyar reiterates that these miracles had taken place in Jnana Jyothiamma's presence too, reminding us of the miracle he performed at AVM. In October of 2013, we at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia held prayers almost everyday during Jnana Jyothiamma's stay in Malaysia. During the libation or abhisegam, Agathiyar most graciously opened his eyes to bless all those present!

Agathiyar opens his eyes during libation at AVM    

Jnana Jyothiamma performing libation to Agathiyar 

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The sacred feet of Agathiyar as in Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia, created by Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative, Swamimalai. Digital art by Bala Chandran Gunasekaran of Malaysia.
Siddha Heartbeat has been kind of a Yellow pages for people seeking information about the Siddhas since day one. We have been "promoting and sort of advertising" Agathiyar and the Siddhas; their samadhis; their ever mysterious and mystical Nadi which form the Voice of the Siddhas; their works on Bakthi, Yoga and Jnana; the ashrams related to them and the many Gurus running these ashrams including Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal; the numerous disciples on the road to Guru-hood including Jnana Jyothiamma; and carried all things related to the Siddhas.

This is seen all the more necessary in the wake of being told that this is the beginning of the era of the Siddhas; hence the urgent need to bring more people to the folds of the Siddhas; Agathiyar appreciating this blog and asking to use this wonderful medium and other information technologies on hand to help spread further his teachings and the Siddha path as revealed in the Nadi readings; Jnana Jyothiamma given the green light to share about the Siddhas revelations that will come our way through the medium of the Nadi; with Agathiyar progressively encouraging the establishment of temples and ashrams related to Siddhas including a new one being currently erected by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal; with Agathiyar igniting the worship of Siddhas either through the Nadi or in other subtle ways in many individuals; with Agathiyar bringing the Siddhas into the homes of these devotees; with a promise that Agathiyar's statues made along the banks of Kaveri (Swamimalai) would prevail and become prominent, a request put forward by Lobha Ma; and finally bringing together many individuals, forming a network, to serve and carry out his (Agathiyar's) mission. 

Many have written in to express their thanks after finding what they seeked for in the pages of Siddha Heartbeat, 716 posts to date. I am pleased and it gives me satisfaction that Siddha Heartbeat has served well over the past 2 years, fulfilling its tag line, An Avenue that Showcases the Workings of the Siddhas. I share some of their encouraging mails, giving me a reason to continue, since many a times I had thought about calling it a day.
  • om agasthisaya namaga...thanks for uploading videos in you tube. its very nice...i hear it everyday.
  • i have seen your blog sir.. Agathiyar kirupai. very nice to see.
  • I like your writing style very much. Short sentences, excellent command of English. And very inspiring. Thank you.
  • Such a beautiful posting shan Ayya. Reading this has answered many of the doubts lingering in my mind. Surely the spiritual path is one where many of us end up with much confusions but a complete faith on and in the Lord will help us reach His feet.
  • Greetings Sir, My name is ..... and I am from Klang. I have been reading your articles for the past 2 months repeatedly as I find it really amazing and gives me a sense of spirituality every time I read it. It is really amazing to know that you have experienced many miracles throughout your trip to India.
  • Dear Shanmugam, I have just read your inspiring pilgrimage notes to Tamil Nadu with Swami Tavayogi! Thanks so much for sharing part of your journey with a spiritual traveler from afar.I would like to make contact with you and Swami Tavayogi, and share more about our common interests. Wishing you the very best in your journey, and looking forward to being in touch! Jai Guru!
  • I have read your account of your trip to southern India and am very inspired to make the journey in the next couple of years. I have been a devotee of Yoganandaji for 30 years and hope to make this pilgrimage, guided by Swami Supramania. Do you think that might be possible?
  • Thank you sir for this enlightening post. I read another wonderful post by you about agathiar saying that he is inside all of us and and we all are inside him, but I cannot find that post again. I would kindly request you to tell the title of the post or please post another beautiful article on the same revelation by father agathiar!
  • Dear Shanmugam - I got up this morning to discover that you had indeed replied to my question on YouTube as to where to get more information. I spent most of this morning reading your very well-written blog! Thank you for response and your blog. My introduction to Agastya and siddhas started a while back following the agasthiar.org website, and more recently when I started reciting His "Karya Siddhi Malai", and various prayers to Sri Lalitambika. I am Malaysian, resident in Singapore for a long ...
  • Jai Guru, .... vanakam. ur website is really interesting. actually im looking for rite source to find about sithar kongganar hope u cam bring some info.... tq valga sitthar neri!
  • Sir, i am a regular reader of your blog , i like to know if you are planing to conduct any prayer at tapah jaganatha swamigal temple on 12-july-2014 which is a guru pournami day. I like to know more about agasthiya moment in malaysia as well.
  • Hi! I appreciate your blog writing! We are a Sweden based social media company and have clients in India as well as in Europe. I am looking for blog writers to be members of Spot and Tell in India. Our members get an opportunity to stay in hotels, retreat and spa, attend food and wine tasting events for free and write about it on web and share feedback. Their blogs are linked to our European and Indian websites. 
  • Sir, My name is .... and i am living in singapore, i read your blogspot and decided to join the siddhar follwer community activity in singapore. Nandri . vanakam
  • Dear Mr. Shanmugam Avadaiyappa, My name is .... and I am residing in Malaysia. I have been reading about your spiritual journey in regards to Agathiyar teaching and Tavayogi as your Guru. Is it possible for me to meet and discuss with you about spiritual matters which I believe that you might be able to help me? I have been praying to Lord Agasthiyar to show me the path and someone that might be able to help me along the way. Thank you for your time and help.
  • Dear Shanmugam, Read your article in the web regarding Agathiar and different Siddhars. Pls help to send me more info regarding these Siddhas. What are you doing currently. Do you still keep in touch with Tavayogi. 
  • Hello, My name is .... I have a question about the Konganar cave or any other cave siddhas used for meditation/Samadhi. How did they find their way in and out of there without light source? Is there a siddhi for manifesting light? Thanks for your time!
  • Sir, It is not fair to expect you to remember me. However, I had been in touch with you after reading your blog on Agastyar. I have been asked by ...., even though she has given up her mortal coils, to do ...... I have no concept of what it is and what it means. May I request your good offices to help me find the answer? Regards.
  • I have been reading some of the travel stories published on the internet and have seen your pictures from them in the past couple of years. These act like an incredibly strong magnet but have never tempted to contact you. About 2 years ago I visited Krishnaveni amma near Papanasam and this was thanks to you otherwise I would never have been able to locate her. She among other have transformed my life completely. I had the honour of staying with her in the daytime a whole 2 days. Also the small Agathiar shrine next to her ignited the inner fire straight up. Now I know this is just one place and there are many just waiting to teach those who are thirsty for it. So I feel it is time to just contact you and and go straight to the point. What are the chances for me to join up with you (Tavayogi) for a couple of weeks just meditating in the amazing Tamil Nadu treasures as my longing for this is bigger then anything else in the world. I will be going to India in February and March 2013 and if you are open for such a request just name the dates and financial support needed and I will be there. I hope this is not too straight forward and I am already grateful enough to be able to talk to you as you already showed me a very small but life changing area of southern Tamil Nadu that I will never forget. Yours truly,
  • Respected sir, I am ...... aged 36 yrs old. I saw urs Pilgrimage tour to Sivanmalai and then to Konganars cave. I saw those beautiful of the caves and the temple. I am in need of those photos of big resolution for eg (1200*800) . Sir could u plz update those photos with big resolution, so that i can download and save in my computer. I am a great disciple of Lord Siva and Lord Murugan. so plz help me in this regard. I am very much thankful for uploading those divine photos on the net. Thank u once again sir, Yours divinely,
  • Dear Sir, I am interested in knowing about Asthiar, meditation, etc. I have undergone training in meditation in Vedhathri Maharishi's Vazga Valamudan. Please let me know as to how to reach the place where Agasthiar had meditated. Thank you and regards.
  • i am totally attracted by sage agathiar just before year back .can i speak to him .i have to get his blessings. i need him to be my home.i am believing siddhas are living with us. i am expecting reply for this as soon as possible. OM AGATHISAYA NAMHA
  • Many thanks Shan: Lovely site you have put together. If I can ever help. Let me know. fondest wishes.
  • Thanks shan you are doing wonderful things by this agathiarvanam blogspot it is helping to all our ayyas devotees to pray him
  • Dear Shanmugam, Many thanks for your kind and helpful response. I look forward to contacting Tavayogi on my next trip to Southern India, and hope that our paths too will cross in the not-too-distant future, and surely in this lifetime. I hope we can stay in touch during our spiritual quests, and look forward to meeting you. Again, thanks for the information. Jai Guru,
  • அய்யா ஒரு உதவி. நிறைய குரு மார்கள் இப்போது தோன்றிவிட்டார்கள்.பிறப்பின் நோக்கம் சாகா கலைகற்று சிவனை அடைவதே என்ற தெரிந்தது.ஆனால் அவற்றை அடைய பாதை தெரியவில்லை.குரு அருள் வேண்டி குருவை தேடி வருகிறேன்.குரு வை காண்பது எப்படி என்று என்னை வழிநடத்த உதவி வேண்டுகிறேன்
  • hai, in which part of Malaysia u r going to celebrate the guru puja? i'l try to come on that day. jst wanna ask u where to get agathiyar photo. cz i have try most of the place at malaysia & india bt very difficult to get. there is some photo/poster with his eye close.. if u have any idea pls let me no.
  • Respected Sir, My name is ...., from Bangalore. I wanted to visit Tirunelveli, Brahmarishi hills, nambi hills, tiruvannamalai and spend at least a few days with the Enlightened Siddhars, if GOD permits. Sir I don't speak Tamil but can understand a little. I am planning to meet Shri Maha Shiv Swamy on the day of guru poornima this month on 15th. So if you could help me plan my spiritual journey it would be a great help. I have not gone on any trips alone and am a complete map/places illiterate. So please be kind enough to help me in my quest as soon as possible. I am also practicing certain yoga for the past 5-6 years now. Any information will be helpful Sir. Thank You Sir, 
  • Feeling truly blessed to have been graced to visit Agatiar Vanam at last and meet shri.Shanmugam and his lovely wife.i was sitting infront of Agastiar for quite sometime hoping and praying He would open His eyes and grace me through Nayana deeksha. Shanmugam sir said that guruji was so very happy. I humbly bow down at the lotus feet of Guru Agastiar for His kind grace. He has accepted me at last.
  • Can I have your contact number or e mail address? I'm searching up and down for agathiyar statue
  • Thank you Swami, will call you soon for your guidance, grace and blessings. I had been to Brahma rishi hills last week and met Shri Rajkumar Swamiji and had some good experience. Fed a few people with my own hands which I consider a great privilege. Also participated in yoga for peace and grace. I need much more guidance from you and from such spiritual people like you. Thank You for your concern,
  • Dear Friend, I was a avid follower of your old scribd site and see that some of your old poems in English (praise of all Siddhas) is not available for viewing anymore. Can you please upload this document? Many thanks, 
  • Thanks a lot Shanmugam. this is a massive amount of information you have here in the book. How do you use it? Perhaps a part of it everyday? Do you have any books on specific Siddhars like Bogar, Pulipani, Nandi Devar, Karuvurar, Konganar, Avvai? If yes, where do you buy these? Is there an online source & are these available in English. I cant read Tamil very well, though i speak the language fluently. Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing to bring the common man close to the Divine Masters, Wishing you & your loved ones many blessings from the Masters,
  • Dear Brother, I read your book in scribd (https://www.scribd.com/shanmugam%20avadaiyappa) and much inspired about your development. I have been given mantra upadesa from one Siddha master near Coimbatore like this: ... I read your book and noted that the same mantra is shuffled in order. Do you know anything about this? If so please reply; Sivaya Nama! Aum Tat Sat!
  • Sir, I am under the auspicious & benevolent Grace of AMMA SRI KRISHNAVENI of Papanasam,Tnvli. I have been initiated by HER [mantra deekai]It is my humble desire to behold,in person,Sage Agathiyar. He sent me to HER, through a Nadi reading. Can you tell me if this is possible?
  • I love Siddha heart beat blog very much ayya! Aum agatheesaaya namah! 
  • Pranam Sri Shanmugam, Please let me know if you have any "Jana "message from our guru which you got . I am from kannur in kerala india I am working in out side india. hope even if you have any pdf that you can share please let me know. with pranam
  • vanakam. ur website is really interesting. actually im looking for rite source to find about sithar kongganar hope u cam bring some info....tq valga sitthar neri!
  • Dear Mr.Shanmugam, Can you send the address details of Agathiar dapovanam in Malaysia. I had lived in Malaysia many years back and it took a complete twist in my spritual journey after visiting Batu caves in KL somewhere in 1994 which is driving me thro' numerous experiences. kind regards, 
  • Dear Sir. I would like to have the collection of books written by you in pdf format. Since scribd requires a login to download the books, I am unable to do so. I am currently reading Fire of Devotion written by you. Please share any other books, that you feel will improve my knowledge and devotion on the siddhas. Though I believe in the siddhas, and have some knowledge about few of them , I am not aware about all the 18 of them. Any material about them would be helpful.
  • vanakam shanmugam. I plan to go in December 2014 , date not sure when but i will be going to the north site to meet another guruji before possibly planning (if god allows) to try to meet with mr tavayogi and visit kallar temple in the south site, if u can guide me how to go to kallar , the safest route and, i will be traveling alone and this will be my fist time in India . i have been previously in 1993 but for work purposes. need your kind assistance please.u can guide me from say starting from kuala lumpur, thank you
  • Dear Sir, I just saw the website and the Agathiyar caves. please let me know if you will take a group of 4 to 5 people to these caves. all of them are spiritual seekers. thanks
  • Hello Shanmugam sir, I read your article now a days. Its so much impressed me. The Picture of agathiya peruman opened his eyes is awesome. (No more words to say) Soon i will send a detailed mail to you. The bronze statue of Agthiya peruman is very very very beautiful also i never saw agathiya peruman in this much beauty in any where else. I will contact you soon Sir. Thank you. 
  • Who ever find this site they are lucky peoples. Thanks for sharing. Thank you.
  • Happy to see all the pictures. Also very happy to see many publications use the Agasthiyar picture of yours in their books. The statue of Agthiya peruman at your house is soooo pretty i never seen any thing like this in my life. 
  • Amazing Shanmugam Sir. "Thank you Father." (Last post in Siththanarul blogspot they posted Agathiya peruman's eye opened picture of yours)
  • Hi sir. Thanks for a very enlightening post from none other than the great sage agasthiar. I really prayed to him to tell me about the working of karma and he replied through your post!I am thankful to both of you.
  • By the grace of greatest sage agasthiyar i fortunately saw this mantra.
  • Wonderful experience Sir. I read your blog fully and I also got some important tips of about how to worship in uttamar temple and more ideas got. Thanks a lot to you Sir for sharing with others.
  • sir, im ...... from chennai. i wanna go to agathiyar malai.so i wanna details for that, how to reah tat. pls help me.
  • om agatheesaya namaha, sir , me too agasthiyars swamis devotee , can u guide me how to do pooja on Thursdays. thank you 
  • Ayyah, i am stuck in life now. dont know whats happening. No job, no income and life is very miserable without any aim. Please show me a way. My humble request and prayers to Agasthiyar appa.
  • Like to know more details about Agasthiyar (appa) and Lopamudra (amma)
  • Om namasivayah,I very honestly want to participate in Guru Puja in Jan' 2015,swamiji pls kindly message me what are d procedures,thanking u in advance,hope guru answers my prayers
  • Vanakam ayya, im ... from Malaysia. My question is will this problem will come to a solution or I will suffer some more.
  • Could you please give me more information on A Pligrimage of Caves and Samadhis. Thanks
  • Vanakkam Aiya, I wanted to know the place where Konganar siddhar worshipped linga and one parai kallu is there , there was video on youtube in your channel but the place is not mentioned
  • Dear Sir, I am interested in knowing about Asthiar, meditation, etc. I have undergone training in meditation in Vedhathri Maharishi's Vazga Valamudan. Please let me know as to how to reach the place where Agasthiar had medidated. Thank you and regards
  • thanks for writing your experiences
  • thank you so much..so blissfull 
  • Thanks a lot sir. I am happy that I am among the people that have benefited and learning still through you, your experience and your contribution towards the Siddha Maarkam. Thanks again to you and your family.
  • Hi Shan, Thanks for replying so promptly. I was fascinated by the written work. I was wandering f if I can get hold of a hard copy of the written work on 'Fire of Devotion'. I am finding it difficult to read it on the slides. I have visited the Jeganathans Swamigals samadhi late last year in Tapah and have been on a voyage of discovery on this. The experience that I had left me shaken for a bit :)  Warmest regards.
  • What a timely post.reacting not and let it undergo.any ways what is destined to happen will happen.total surrender to god will make us accept things in life.it happens with highly evolved souls like adigalar. what abt normal humans when a crisis arises they choose to react.only side has must show us a good way.
  • Vanakkam Tiru Shanmugam, I understand that you have traveled to Palur Saniswaran Temple. I am intending to go there as well. Would you be able to furnish me with any useful information as I can't seem to get any from the internet.
  • Dear Mr. Shanmugam, May I ask you a doubt? There are 2 mantra's for Agastya mentioned, in your blog....1. Om Agateeshaya namah 2. om srim om sarguru padamae..... So which one has to be chanted as per Sidhha Agastya? Could you guide here, please? Rgds,
  • I have also recommended your site in my blog and asked few people to look into your site for the knowledge on guidance from Sri Agastya...
  • Dear Mr. Shanmugam, You are doing an excellent Karma by sharing very key information from Siddhar's. Wish you a great blessings...
  • how do i make pilgrimage trip to kallar to meet tavayogi and see temple and pay homage to agathiyar
  • shanmugam..how do i go to kallar and would like to meet tavayogi thangarasan. would like to go in december 2014.
  • Wonderful! Your articles seem to be impartial of any caste or religion, showing a typical siddha path! The adding of points with acceptance from various philosophy show your open mindedness and simplicity! You had come out of the shell to guide others by the guru's blessings! Keep posting articles like this sir!
And a personal note of appreciation from Tavayogi himself.

  • Hello my son how r u? i have noticed all the videos and other web pages that you have uploaded in the web. its all awesome and you have done fantastic spiritual work, i am very happy. 

  • My dear son how r u? we hope that all of you are well.There is always sage agasthiars blessings for you all. Its happy to note that you were added sum of photos to flickr from indian heart beat, well. spread the power of agasthiar all over the world, thank you.
And a word too from Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan, administrator of Siththan Arul.
  • Agathiyap perumaan exposes himself through you sir! What else proof required. Great! You are doing the unknown job perfectly. He guides you sir!
  • Paying tribute/thanks to those who helped us climb up the ladder reduces one's karma. You have done a good job and still going in the right direction. May agathiyar, murugar and the Guides who are all with you, make you walk towards Siddhas.
  • Sir, Thank you for the photos. Today being 1/1/2015, Thursday, i could not go to Agathiyar Kovil due to ill health. I was a bit down mentally. After seeing your photos, i felt agathiyar guru has graced me at my home. thank you so much. Some time in siththan arul, i may use these photos for some articles. Please, let me have your permission.
  • Very nice article to wipe karma; those who can realize, let them. Thanks and Best Wishes Thiru Shunmugam avarkale!
  • Thanks to Shunmugam Avadaiappa Avl also for posting the entire pictures drawn by Sri Saravanan and making him projected to the web world. Thanks to Sage Agathiyar for showing me you all as aspiring great souls.
  • Nicely presented the article, especially about chanting by the monk.Good work! May the Guru bless you! 
Many readers wrote in to inquire about the Nadi reading and where they could get on. Some mistook me for a Nadi reader and thought I had the Nadi in my possession.

  • Dear Shanmugam Avadaiyappa, I found your blog while doing some google researches on Nadi Astrology. Digging through your blog, I understand that you have a deep and vast knowledge on Nadi Astrology. As I am looking to experience the wonder of Nadi Astrology, I am writing this message with the hope of asking you for your recommendations of some Guru in Nadi Astrology so that I could reach out for a reading. If they could be reached out and perform the reading over the Internet, it would be more ideal...
  • Good evening sir, I am ....... from karaikudi. I would like to know something from you. i read your blog about agasthiyar temple in kallar regarding nadi astrology. i want to see him.
  • Sir, I read with interest your search on the path. It is, indeed, a very rewarding and rich experience. I do take this opportunity to wish you more Grace and Fulfillment in the times to come. I do have a small request of you. Could you let me know as to where you got your nadi read. It would be of a great service to quite a few of us, who do want a genuine read, but don't know where to go.
  • Hi Shanmugam. My name is ..... I'm interested to get in touch with one T. Ramesh who provide naadi consultation. I get hold of your contact from reading one of the articles. Sincerely appreciate your assistance if you are able to provide. Wish you a pleasant day ahead, bless you.
  • Mister Shanmugan avadaiyappa, I am from El Salvador, Central America, and know by the Internet on your experience and authority on Nadi Astrology, because I have read your texts IN THE PATH OF SIDHAS ENGLISH, IN SEARCH OF THE PATH, END OF THE PATH, SIDHAS IN MALAYSIA ENGLISH, THE SIDHAS, SIDHA POTRI IN ENGLISH. I will want know on that viewpoint you have on ..... from site in Internet ....
  • Dear Sir, My Name is .... and i am from Karur, Tamil Nadu. I came to Kualalumpur on last March and working as a software engineer in ..... I saw some your books about Sage Agathiyar in Scribd.com (https://www.scribd.com/shanmugam%20avadaiyappa) and liked it very much. Could you please guide me to find any place here in Malaysia where i can see the naadi prediction. Also could you please give me the Agathiyar temple address in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you very much !
  • Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham -- Is he still reading " Jeeva Nadi Reading " 
  • Dear Sir, I read about your experiences in scribd.com. Its really amazing and wonderful to read it. I am also interested in Naadi Reading, but since there are so many scamsters nowadays, please send contact details of some the Genuine Naadi Readers that you have met with. 
  • Great experience :) It would be helpful if you can provide the address of muthukumara swami in courtallam :) Shri Agatheesaya nama!
  • Hi Mr. Shanmugam. I was going through your blogs....which were very inspiring in the spiritual path.Thanks for sharing your experience. One help I require....I was interested to go for a reading to find out some solutions to my problems.So can I seek divine help from Swami Tava Yogi...
  • Vanakkam. I am deeply interested to hear the NAADI JOTHIDAM offered at Gnana Peetam Tirukoil. Pl get me to have that divine opportunity.Thanks
  • Respected guru, Pranams. I am from kovaipudur, coimbatore. I would like to visit the ashram and know the path i have to take from Agasthiar Jeeva Nadi. Pranams
  • My name is .... and I live in London England and am writing to you to respectfully ask your help, would it be possible to get jeeva naadi for my self? I was I. Malaysia and was directed to a naadi reader by Dr Krishnan but I am confused as my reading has not materialized and I don't know why. Please if you could help me I will be In your forever debt.
  • I am want to see nadi Horoscope.How much it cost for one person.I am coming from coimbatore can you tell me where i have to divert from ooty road.
  • Vanakkam. I am deeply interested to hear the NAADI JOTHIDAM offered at Gnana Peetam Tirukoil. Pl get me to have that divine opportunity.Thanks
  • Please let me know whether it is possible to read the jeeva naadi for me next week, if yes please contact me or send me a mail.
  • Request for an appointment on 18th April morning. Thank you
  • i need appointment. i have some doudt . and wht is the fee.
  • Hello sir, Greetings for the day, We wanted to visit Kallar n get readings from Agathisyar Jeeva naadi. I am interested in reading articles about Agasthiyar. Regards, 
  • Sir..so why i have to loose money for a false reading before. Is it my karma?
  • Sir, I read with interest your search on the path. It is, indeed, a very rewarding and rich experience. I do take this opportunity to wish you more Grace and Fulfillment in the times to come. I do have a small request of you. Could you let me know as to where you got your nadi read.It would be of a great service to quite a few of us, who do want a genuine read, but don't know where to go.
  • If we want to agathiyar naadi, where should we come and see?
  • Sir, give me the following contact number, Agathiyar Jeeva Natha Brahma Suvadi - kuttralam, my mobile number : ..., just message me. very important to me
  • Dear Ayya, I was following your blog only about a week back. However after reading through your posts about Siddhas and nadi's, I gained more knowledge and also started to search more about Siddhas. Do post more about Siddhas so every human being who read this can became a good son, citizen, devotee (Bakthan). After reading your blog I also begin to looking forward to know about my past through nadi. I'm trying to consult T.Ramesh however due to the distance and time unable to do so yet. Will keep in touch always. 
  • Respected swamyji, I have tried many times on 1st date to get appointment from you but i am unable to get you connected..because your mobile is always busy at that time. Please give me a appointment to know my past and future.
  • Dear Sir, I read through your website and your articles as well. Was astonishing. As a 1st step i would like to see the Nadi. I am based in singapore now & is there someone who i can see in singapore who can read to me my Nadi.
  • Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply. I got same article today by 12.30 p.m which written by you on 15-03-2015/16-03-2015 after i sent e-mail from you . I spoken to Sri Muthukumara swamigal sister by 1.00 p.m today about my wish to see him for Nadi.
  • Dear Shanmugam Sir, Can you please give me the NADI reader Ramesh's E-Mail address please. Thank you. 
  • Good evening sir, I am ....... from pudukkottai,tamilnadu. i like to know my future from nadi jothidam.so kindly help me sir.
  • Dear Shanmugam - I spoke with Ramesh just now, and shall plan to visit him shortly in Brickfields for the Nadi reading, with his translator (as I am sadly not proficient in Tamil). Thank you and best regards.
  • Hari Om dear spiritual Aspirant, My name is ..... and I went through the details of your travel in India, it was amazing phenomenon and very motivating. There is something that you have mentioned about the nadi reading that Sage Agastiyar had promised. Is this the nadi reading which is going on in Vaitheswaran? If so, which particular nadi astrologer did you see? Seem to be very accurate. I have a plan of making a pilgrimage to some of the places that you have mentioned. Especially Agastiyampelli, Courtrallam Babaji's sadana place, Siddha Bogar Palani and Ramaliga Swamigal's place Vellore. Since you have the experience going to these sacred places, could you give some advise which I should be aware of. You travel is truly inspiring, may God bless you and grant you the wishes that you are seeking for. Thank you.
Some spoke about Tavayogi and Mataji and the Kallar ashram after having visited them
  • Vanakkam Sir, I had been to Kallar for the homam. It was indeed a great pleasure! Every experience of Kallar make me blissful I could identify Gnana Jyothiamma and went to speak to her. I have been following Siththanarul and so knew the person who drew the sketch. I was happy to see all of them. I hear your Siththan vakku upload almost everyday! I have noted some specific points in it. Especially Chathurthi and its importance. That audio has got lot of answers to my questions. once or twice i had called mathaji and fortunately I spoke to Swamiji. But that day alone I feel yes I am blessed by Agathyar! Anyways I feel hearing from you all and meeting people is my last jenmas remembrances! With your blessings
  • Guruji avargallukku adiyavanin vanakkangal . Kallaril yagathil pangerkkum podhu edutha video idhanudan inaithullen- thayavu seithu parkkavum - Oru siru Oli vandhu selgirathu marupadiyum vandhu sendru vidugirathu. Enakku Yaravadhu siddharaga irrukko ena ninaikkindren http://youtube/v6JZsa_WcnQ 
  • Respected Shri Shanmugam ji, Thanks for the response,shri Swamigal told to call me in evening I hope he has some answers for me.I got inspired about the jeeva nadi after reading your book online "fire of devotion"..great work...I just could not understand is it the same nadi you refered to one with Shri hanumandas? anyway even if nothing happens something sounds good that the people in the book are real it is a surreal eperience for me. Thanks and regards,
Some were generous enough to come forward to want to contribute towards the cost of the new temple complex.
  • Respected sir, I read your post about new kallar ashram making.would like to know about the estimated cost for siddhas statues,sthala vriksham,sivalingam installation .so that see what we can contribute.please do send details regarding estimated cost. Regards,

Many appreciated the live streaming of the Siddha puja from Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia.
  • Beautiful and awesome plan Shanmugam ayya. I will definitely follow AGTHIYA PERUMAN'S pujai. I am waiting for these opportunity a long time. Thank you so much
  • Today being Guru Poosam day, it is very auspicious to watch the Live Puja, thank you Sir, and thank you Mr.Stalin for the idea
  • உங்களது இல்லத்தில் நடைபெற்ற இந்த பூஜையை உலகத்தோர் உள்ளத்தில் பதிய வைத்த இந்த ஒளிபரப்பிற்கு என்னுடை
  • இந்த பூஜை ஒளிபரப்பிற்கு நன்றி ...... 
  • பூஜை ஒளிபரப்பிய அன்பு நெஞ்சங்களுக்கு நன்றி ..... 
  • மிக்க நன்றி 
  • blessed to see now 
  • பூஜைக்கு நன்றி 
  • ஒளிபரப்பிய உங்களை உளமார வாழ்த்துகிறேன் .......
And off course some mails of a personal nature too.

A new friend called to appreciate the many messages carried on Siddha Heartbeat but also mentioned his disappointment in retrieving contact numbers of those mentioned; it was either lacking or not available. Hence I shall provide below these information.

For those keen on seeing the Nadi can contact the following persons;

Sri Muthukumara Swamy at 9443851965. (Courtallam)
Nadi Nool Aasan T. Kalai Mani at 9842606364 / 9842411234 (Kumbakonam)
Nadi Nool Aasan T. Ramesh at 016 3570527 / 016 9665039 (Malaysia)
Nadi Nool Aasan Selvam at 9952026908 / 9976048004 (Chennai)
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal / Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar at 98420 27383 / 98425 50987 (Kallar)
or thangarasanadigalar@gmail.com, and mathajisarojini@gmail.com

For those seeking astrological remedies and Siddha medicine, please call Dr Krishnan at 0162280993 (Malaysia) or hillriche@gmail.com

For those keen to have a statue made and worship, can get in touch with Varadaraj of the Bronze Creative at  918220032200 or http://www.i-mok.me/

Those keen to learn the Varma Kalai, an art form of self defense and healing can get in touch with Uvaraj at e-mail.

And off course those who would like to put a word to me could e-mail me.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Uvaraj wrote in to thank Siddha Heartbeat for featuring Varma Kalai and furnished more information regarding this art of self defense and healing.
"The Varmam details is very well written. So simple and yet so informative. So beautifully done. Anandham."
"I have attached a few resource files that will be very useful for the Varma Kalai articles for the Siddha Heartbeat blog."

"These are some compiled notes and articles from many sources online that we find very useful in explaining about Varma Kalai in its essence and how the siddhas and their knowledge is related to it. These notes are the ones which I find easily understandable and states the basis of Varmam."

"There is one file titled 'Varmam Warrior Arts' and this is a summary of our Varma class that we teach. Our Varmam system is referred as 'Varmam Warrior Arts' as we don't just teach the Martial Arts side of Varmam but integrate others warrior essence such as meditation, yoga, breath work, siddha principles and other relevant studies." 

VARMA KALAI (the art of vital points) is the ancient Indian martial art form that manipulates vital points in the body, which can be used both for self-defense, healing and spirituality. Varma Shastra belongs to the very Ancient Siddha Tradition rising from the South of Ancient India. VARMAM WARRIOR ARTS, is a dynamic martial system of life that merges the Ancient Siddha’s Varmalogy system with modern warrior ways.

With balance in all forms as essence, our VARMAM WARRIOR ARTS system covers mixture of ancient VARMA KALAI martial training combined with modern defenses, health, healing, spiritual and fitness training that includes these core structures within the system:

- Varmam Vasi (Breathing)
- Varma Kavasam (Inner Power)
- Tarkhapu Varmam (Varma Defense)
- Pancha Por Murai
- Varma Weapons
- Kuttu Varisai
- Warrior Yoga
- Varma Meditation
- Varma Healing (Adangal)
- Varma Vital Point Therapy
- Varma Energy Therapy (Meitheendha Kalai)
- Varma Siddha Herbs

VARMAM WARRIOR ARTS primarily focuses on developing the Warrior essence by understanding the optimal being state for the modern living. Our classes will present in depth meaning and understanding of living as a warrior by;
  • Educating the diversity of the Warrior Arts training and their application in modern day.
  • Layering the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspects of these Warrior Arts.
  • Exploring many different Warrior Arts application within the Varmalogy system.
  • Studying Ancient Yogic arts and Warrior Healing applications within the Varmalogy system.
  • Discovering Modern, Ancient, and Spiritual importance of Warrior Arts in Modern world.
Our mission is to explore, educate and experience the commonality of Warrior Arts within the Ancient Varmalogy System and make it available in its evolved form for today’s needs.

The core backbone of the Varmam Warrior Arts is Varmalogy System of life, Martial application and Healing System. This is our main focus. Through our experience to make the art more accessible as a way of life we needed to continually evolve the structure, just like everything else evolves in life naturally.

In essence it is based on the Great Siddhas ancient teaching, adapted for every day beyond it in a new perspective. The Warrior ways of the ancient days must be adapted for today’s warriors needs or else everything becomes stagnant and ‘non-alive’.
Some interesting facts came to light while browsing through Uvaraj's notes.
  • Thirumoolar directly and indirectly quotes about varmam points in relevance with chakras and breathing cycle, using various concepts based on Aayul Pareetchai, Aathaaram, Kalai Nilai, Sara Nilai, and Vaara Soolam etc.
  • Varmam has grown under three independent schools of thoughts, mainly governed by three ancient Siddha’s namely Agathiyar, Bhogar and Rama Devar, hence arriving at three school of thoughts, Agathiyar School of Thought, Bhogar School of Thought and Rama Devar School of Thought.
  • Varmam has relationship with other fields like Siddha Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Astronomy, Psychology, Tantra, Anka Sasthra and many others.
  • Varmam is one of the main streams within siddha medicine.
  • Among ayurvedic text, there is no separate text for varmam. But in the text ‘Astangahridayam’, written by Vakpatar, he speaks about 107 varmam points in human body. Some other ayurvedic texts also contain sparse information about varmam points.
  • Every yoga asanas has its effect on certain group of varma points enabling proper health, flexibility, mobility and physique. 
  • Siddhas, who developed varmalogy, studied where and when rays from all the planets and moons in the solar system reaches Earth and act on human body and based on their studies, they have created various varmam texts which studies varmam points in relationship with the rays from the planes and moons and their consequence on human body.