Friday, 28 February 2014


On 15.2.2014 Surendaran Selvaratnam from Malaysia was one of the many devotees present at the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham in Kallar to have his Jeeva Nadi read by the patron founder of this ashram Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. He was very pleased with the reading.

If the Kaanda Nadi is located and read after taking a print of the thumb of an individual, the Jeeva Nadi is life reading, where Agathiyar answers the questions and doubts of devotees who appear before the Jeeva Nadi reader.

A famed Jeeva Nadi Guru from Chennai had been gifted with a Jeeva Nadi by Agathiyar. Ganesan of Tanjore too has one in his possession. Lately Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was blessed with the Jeeva Nadi which he reads currently every Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Sashikant Oak has uploaded a video of his Jeeva Nadi reading with Ganesan of Tanjore at

You will be expecting the video on the Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar next, right? Sorry to disappoint you. When Suren approached Tavayogi to record a normal Jeeva Nadi reading session at Kallar, Tavayogi remained silent for a moment and told him that would be publicizing the service. Tavayogi very humbly turned him down.


When Surendaran Selvaratnam read the Jeeva Nadi in possession of Tavayogi on his recent visit to Kallar on 15.2.2014, Agathiyar directed him to visit Jeganatha Swamigal's Samadhi and Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi. I had always wondered why Agathiyar had not mentioned these two Gurus in the Nadi. I understand from Bala Chandran that an Indian citizen working in Singapore too was asked to worship Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi earlier by Agathiyar in his Nadi.

There is yet another samadhi, that of Sannasi Aandavar in Malacca. Nothing much is known about this Guru too.

Suren passed me the photographs of Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi at Batu Caves when he came over to participate in the Shivarathri Puja at Agathiyar Vanam last night.

Lord Murugan standing majestically at the entrance to Batu Caves in Malaysia. Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi is on his left.
The grounds at Batu Caves
Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi


In the very first reading of the Nadi by Sentilkumar, Agathiyar had mentioned many things among them that I shall meet my guru. But Agathiyar did not mention the time and the place. After completing my atonement or parikaaram in the temples in India in 2003, I had still not met him. I thought it must be another time and another place. It could also happen back in Malaysia. But miraculously, I was brought to my first Guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvanamalai on the pretext of having my second daughter's astrological chart just before I left for Malaysia. Thus started a beautiful relationship between the Guru and the disciple.

The very first time I met Supramania Swami, I was amazed to hear him talk about me and my future. Although he was an astrologer too, he did not draw up my astrological chart nor read my palm. All those revelations just flowed out of him as I sat awe struck before him, neither of us moving from that spot for the next 5 hours.

Agathiyar after the first reading, asked that I perform all the atonement and come back for another reading after 2 years when I was 45 years of age. When Tavayogi was in Malaysia in 2005, I made an appointment to meet him. During that time I mentioned to him that I was having difficulty locating a Nadi reader since it was about time I saw the Nadi again. I was 45 then. Tavayogi immediately passed me Nadi Guru T.Ramesh's contact number. 

On the appointed day, I stood in front of Ramesh. We spoke about Tavayogi for an hour. Ramesh revelaed that Sentilkumar (my first Nadi Guru) and he had read the Nadi for Tavayogi previously. Tavayogi too had been guided  by Agathiyar through the Nadi. Tavayogi showed me some of these Nadi leaves of his in his possession when I accepted his invitation to visit his ashram in 2005.

Ramesh mentioned that he had also read the Nadi for Rengaraja Desigar of Ongkarakudil in Turaiyur. Rengarajar stills receives revelations which he publishes for the benefit of the public.

Those days when Ramesh was renting a premise beside the Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields he could afford to spent much time with us talking about Agathiyar, the Nadi, Gurus, and the Path of the Siddhas. Lately Ramesh has such a tight schedule accommodating seekers of the Nadi, that these cherished moments have become a rarity. Bala Chandran who read the Nadi with Ramesh was so captivated with the results that he had campaigned the Siddhas and the Nadi to all friends and relatives. To date he has led 83 people to Ramesh to have their Nadi read! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Just like everyone else who had been to a Nadi reader, I too gave a print of my right thumb to Sentilkumar. Sentil came back after a few minutes with a few bundles of Nadi leaves all tied up neatly. He placed a single bundle closed to his eyes, mentally conducted a prayer and untied the string that held the leaves in its wood case. He started reading from the first leaf. I was told to answer only yes or no, either I agreed or not agreed to the contents read from the leaf. After he read a few lines and seeing that I had not nodded to any of the statements from the Nadi, he moved on to the next leaf in the same bundle. This went on for some time until we reached the last leaf in that bundle. I had not accepted any of the revelation as referring to me.

So he moved on to untie another bundle and repeated the entire sequence of questioning. Since I had not consented to the contents in the Nadi as referring to me again, he moved on to yet another bundle. It is interesting to note that in one of the leaves, all that Sentil read from it referred to me and my family, until when he mentioned the name of the individual's wife. It was Manogari. My wife does not carry that name. Surprisingly my name, that of my parents, the number of siblings, my occupation, one of my sibling's occupation, the fact that my mother was called by two names too was mentioned in that particular leaf. But since my wife's name was not Manogari, Sentil moved on saying it was not my leaf. The question arises, so could there be another individual walking this earth with the exact description as me but married to someone else? The question has not been answered.

After a long time, and having read from three bundles, Sentil told me that he had to stop for the day, as he was not allowed to read further. He gave me an appointment for another day, two weeks from then.

On the appointed day, I turned up again and Sentil continued the search for my Nadi.  After reading from a few leaves, there was on in the very first bundle that I could accept as talking about me and my family. I accepted it. Sentil sent me away asking to come back again for the full reading of the leaf that I had picked another day.

On arrival, Sentil read from a transcribe of the chosen leaf. He read the transcribe of the Pothu Kaandam or general canto describing me and the family; moved on to Karma Kaadam or the revelation of the past birth and the past karmas and the reasons to take this birth; and finally showed me a way out of the karmas, reading the Shaanti Parikaara Kaadam. I was amazed. I sat in awe as he revealed so many things from my Nadi.

Sivabalan, a Malaysia lad, who had brought in Sentilkumar from Avinashi to read the Nadi at his home, suggested after reading these three cantos that I read  the Gnana Kaadam or the spiritual canto too. He told me not everyone has one written. Sentil went in and came out after a while with yet another bundle of leaves. He untied the string and peeked into the leaves. To both Sivabalan's and my surprise, Sentil left the room abruptly without saying a word. After a while we heard the ringing of the bells and some chanting. Sentil came back into the room and started reading from the Gnana Kaadam.  It was sheer amazement.

I had always regarded the Nadi reading as very personal. I did not reveal its contents to anyone outside the family. After 12 years I have posted portions of the extensive collection of Nadi readings, 47 till this date, as an audio rendition at

I decided to air these recordings after I returned from Agathiyar's abode at Kallar in October last year. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal with Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar run an Ashram the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham at Kallar. After being under Tavayogi's wing for the past 8 years, my family and I gained recognition and endorsement on what we were doing when Tavayogi requested we conduct a prayer at his venue. He was very impressed, I suppose, since he asked that we conduct another prayer the next day too. It was indeed a rare opportunity and my family and I was blessed to conduct the prayers at Agathiyar's abode!

Just before we left he called me up and had Mataji bring a book, SIDHARGAL PUJA VIDHI, and read out a mantra from it. This was Agathiyar's mantra which my wife and I had received during during our very first initiation from Tavayogi in Malaysia in 2005. He asked that we spread this mantra to people. This instruction of his surprised me since when he had initiated us back then, he cautioned us to keep it a secret and not to reveal it. 


Once while traveling in Malaysia, Tavayogi told me to spread the words of Agathiyar and the Siddhas to the masses. I was hardly a few years into this path then and was hesitant. I was questioning myself if I had all the values to do so? Tavayogi during the opening of a Peedham in Banting, (cleverly) announced that I shall speak a few words. You can imagine my state then. I began to have cold feet. I motioned to him that it was not necessary for me to speak. Luckily I managed to say a few words and escaped from having to talk further by initiating the rendition of the Arutprunjhoti mantra where all those present joined in.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


When I carried stories of the Nadi and the revelations many corresponded with me seeking clarification, explanation and some even thought I was a Nadi reader.

Just like many, I too was captivated by the Nadi and its revelations. I was told of the existence of the Nadi the first time by my good friend, astrologer and Siddha practitioner Dr Krishnan way back in 1996. It was only in 2002 after my colleague Murali Saminathan told me of his experience seeking the Nadi in 2000 that I was tempted to have a reading. Murali called Sivabalan of Petaling Jaya who then gave me an appointment. Sentilkumar from Avinasi read my Kaanda Nadi.

A whole new world opened up before me. Before this reading I did not know about Karma. Agathiyar in the Nadi spoke about it. He spoke about our actions and its repercussions. I had not given any thought about rebirth and possible past lifes. Agathiyar revealed my past life. Agathiyar explained how our lifes and present state of affairs is linked to our past deeds. Until then I did not know about the existence of the Siddhas. Agathiyar spoke about them and asked me to come into their fold.

Agathiyar was gracious enough to provide a relief, and opening and an escape route for me to come out of the rut I was in by providing atonement or parikaaram. I was blessed to come to know of the Nadi, given an opportunity to know my past and my past deeds, and shown ways and means to overcome or the least lessen the effects of my past Karma.

Over the years I came to understand more about the Siddhas and their workings. A documentary carried by Discovery Channel on the Nadi captivated my attention and interest. Books and videos by Sashikant Oak too helped clarify many things regarding the Nadi and the Siddhas. Velayutham Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL played a major part in revealing the mysteries of the Siddhas and the Nadi. Through SITHTHAN ARUL I came to know of Hanumathdasan and his contribution towards society. Later I asked my very good friend, Jnana Jyothi Amma to purchase the published works of Hanumathdasan, revelations of Agathiyar through the Jeeva Nadi in possession of Hanumathdasan, all five books titled NAADI SOLLUM KATHAIGAL. Discipleship to two beautiful Gurus, Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal brought me closer to God. Just observing them both brought more understanding.

The Siddhas opened up a new chapter in my life. They taught me to be more charitable. They asked that we instill good values in us and move towards becoming Divine in nature. Tavayogi told me there would also be brickbats thrown at you as you walk this path. It would be a test of time and patience. It would not be an easy path. Perseverance and determination will help one sail through these rapids and stormy waters.

After having come to the path of the Siddhas, becoming acquainted with the Siddhas and my Gurus and armed with whatever little knowledge and experience I had, I embarked on this marvelous and wonderful journey. And so I set about mentioning the Siddhas, my Gurus and whatever little experiences I had in my website INDIANHEARTBEAT, SCRIBD and on YOUTUBE. Later I terminated these accounts only to be told by Agathiyar in the Nadi and Tavayogi to reinstate them. And so I set about posting and uploading again. Along the way I had received many beautiful reviews and mails from readers and also some nasty ones too.

Lets walk through some of them, shall we?

Mail 1

This mail was in response to my mail to Annette Merle Cleveland, the 'star' of the Discovery Channel's episode on the Nadi.

Good day my dear friend. I am very happy to communicate with you. I find it interesting that you saw the Discovery Channel program which was made around the Chennai area. When the Discovery Channel people contacted me I was happy to oblige and contacted the Japanese fellow to see if he would be interested in coming over also. Of course, he was most happy to be involved.

I will go through your book more thoroughly over the weekend and we will write more. I look forward to further communication. Best wishes. Annette

View Annette’s interview with Discovery Channel at

Mail 2

This mail surprised me since it was from a Chinese. We became friends later with he attending our prayers for the Siddhas at our homes.

Hi Shanmugam. My name is ..... I'm interested to get in touch with one T. Ramesh who provide naadi consultation. I get hold of your contact from reading one of the articles. Sincerely appreciate your assistance if you are able to provide. Wish you a pleasant day ahead, bless you.

Mail 3

Sir, I read with interest your search on the path. It is, indeed, a very rewarding and rich experience. I do take this opportunity to wish you more Grace and Fulfillment in the times to come. I do have a small request of you. Could you let me know as to where you got your nadi read. It would be of a great service to quite a few of us, who do want a genuine read, but don't know where to go. Regards 

Mail 4

This mail was from a girl who was later mentioned in my Nadi reading. Agathiyar chose to open his eye in his painting during prayers at this devotee's home.

Greetings Sir, My name is ....... and I am from Klang. I have been reading your articles for the past 2 months repeatedly as I find it really amazing and gives me a sense of spirituality every time I read it. It is really amazing to know that you have experienced many miracles throughout your trip to India. 

I would like to share something with you which I consider an interesting event in my life. Probably we are all connected in a way or another by Agathiyar. I met Nadi Reader Ramesh at the end of March where he read my olai. At first, I took it very lightly about the reading, but a tragic event which was mentioned in olai suvadi happened to me in less than a week from the time the olai was read ! I realized that it is no joke. The tragic event actually lead me to a path in which I started to read and deepen my knowledge in sitthar and olai chuvadi. That’s when I found your article. 

That was the time, I joined ....... and I was put under the supervision of ........... I used to share with him about ollai suvadi, Agathiyar and your article. And I was given a book title ‘ANTHOLOGY OF SITTHARS’ by ..... which was given to him by ...... who apparently knows you. I started reciting the Sitthar’s Potri from the book. 

Now I realize that when I first went for my olai reading, it was mentioned that I would have Sitthar Valipadu and Sittar Thodarbu in this birth. I am seeing it happening now! I met ...... last Friday and he shared a lot of things with him on Sitthar and he also mentioned about you and how the olai reading has been so accurate for you. 

It would be really great if I could meet a great soul like you and would like to listen to the greatness of sitthars from you. ...... told me that you are working with ........ Are you in ....?

Mail 5

Mister Shanmugan Avadaiyappa, I am from El Salvador, Central America, and know by the Internet on your experience and authority on Nadi Astrology, because I have read your texts IN THE PATH OF SIDHAS, IN SEARCH OF THE PATH, END OF THE PATH, SIDHAS IN MALAYSIA, THE SIDHAS, SIDHA POTRI. 

I will want know on that viewpoint you have on ......... from site in Internet ....The first reading he send me was in 11-02-2008 called ................. in 29-11-2008, he send me the reading on General Gandham and Shanti Ghandam. 

Mail 6

Hari Om dear spiritual Aspirant, my name is ......... and I went through the details of your travel in India, it was amazing phenomenon and very motivating. There is something that you have mentioned about the nadi reading that Sage Agastiyar had promised. Is this the nadi reading which is going on in Vaitheswaran? If so, which particular nadi astrologer did you see? Seem to be very accurate. I have a plan of making a pilgrimage to some of the places that you have mentioned. Especially Agastiyampelli, Courtrallam Babaji's Sadana place, Siddha Bogar Palani and Ramaliga Swamigal's place Vellore. Since you have the experience going to these sacred places, could you give some advise which I should be aware of. You travel is truly inspiring, may God bless you and grant you the wishes that you are seeking for. Thank you.

Mail 7

Dear Sir, my name is ...... and I am from Karur, Tamil Nadu. I came to Kuala Lumpur on last March and working as a software engineer in ......... I saw some your books about Sage Agathiyar in and and liked it very much. Could you please guide me to find any place here in Malaysia where I can see the naadi prediction. Also could you please give me the Agathiyar temple address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you very much ! With regards, 

Mail 8

Dear Sir, I read through your website and your articles as well. Was astonishing. As a 1st step I would like to see the Nadi. I am based in Singapore now & is there someone who I can see in Singapore who can read to me my Nadi. 

Mail 9

This mailer thought I was a Nadi reader.

When I go thru the website, I heard the word Nadi, are you are a Nadi predictor having chuvadi's. I was seen Nadi @ Vaideeswaran koil one time. But I understand they use that as moneymaking media rather than a service. I want to see my chuvadi, kindly guide me where I can get clear details. After I start firmly believing in spiritual way, I thought everything happening as per our Karma, everybody must underwent in to the karmic process. But I want to take some important decisions in my life. For that, I want guidance through chuvadi. Kindly give me guidance where I can get right details. Thank you. Nama Shivaya. ………

Mail 10

Dear Sir, I read about your experiences in Its really amazing and wonderful to read it. I am also interested in Naadi Reading, but since there are so many scamsters nowadays, please send contact details of some the Genuine Naadi Readers that you have met with. Regards, …… 

And here comes the brickbats,

Mail 11

Hello Anna, I saw your posts on some of the websites related to Nadi. I have been to a 4 Kaandam nadi readers so far, but none of them seemed genuine. I really really need the guidance of the Maharishis. I got in touch with Mr. Ganesan from Tanjavur. Unfortunately, he said he will not be doing readings for anyone till June 2014. I then found the contact info of the Agathiar Gnana Peedam at Kallar, and managed to get an appointment ... but only in late Feb. Could you please suggest a nadi reader I could visit in the meanwhile? I contacted a few others..But I didn't get a good feeling about them.

I replied as follows,

Thanks for visiting the blog and your kind comments. I feel you are not ready for a reading. The reason is you can keep going to more readers, maybe even be at Kallar, or with Ganesan, but in the back of your mind your past experiences with the earlier nadi readers will surface. You will always not get a good feeling about them. One who is desperate will not seek an opinion as to the genuine-nity of the readers or have an opinion on the nadi because in that situation we seek the Sidhas opinion and feelings on that matter. Our opinions and feelings will be immaterial. Sorry if I sounded harsh. Certain things have to be said.

And she responded to my reply.

I am in need for divine guidance..PERIOD. Let the great siddhars decide if I am ready for a reading or not. If I am not, they will not make it happen anyway. I did not ask for your opinion, as to whether I'm ready or not. I just asked if you could recommend some genuine readers, for I am not in a position to get cheated of huge amounts of money over and over again in the name of remedies.. If you cannot help, that's fine. There's no need to give unsolicited advice and be rude to people who are already going through a tough time. Sorry if I sounded harsh. Certain things have to be said.

Quoting her I forwarded the following,

"... for I am not in a position to get cheated of huge amounts of money over and over again in the name of remedies." 

Agathiyar says if you lose money in this way to the Nadi readers, there is a reason for it to. He says that he is taking away your Karma. Nadi Guru Ganesan of Tanjavur who has a Jeeva Nadi too, conveys Agathiyar's explaination as to why the Nadi reading does not seem right for some seekers. Watch the video recording from Shashikant Oaks

When I had new friends and seekers come over for prayers and also out of curiosity, some stayed back. Later they shared their sorrows and miseries with my wife and me. We being good listeners, heard them through and naturally started advising them. But then that lead to inconveniences for the family. When I consulted Tavayogi he slammed me, asking me, "Why do you interfere?" and continued, "Show them to Agathiyar. Let Agathiyar deal with them."

I accepted all these as part of growing up and a lesson that I needed to learn.

Monday, 24 February 2014


My mother used to share stories about God's and sadhu's visit to our homes. She also used to say that at one time way back in the past animals could talk to humans. As these animals could see God, these animals knew and revealed God's every movement to man and their masters. It was then that God decided to remove their ability to speak.

When I came into the Siddha path and began worshiping Agathiyar, my mother prayed to Agathiyar that I should drop my anger. Agathiyar did listen to her prayer for he mentioned this to me in one of my regular nadi readings!

Betty J Eadie, who had a near-death experience, in her book EMBRACED BY THE LIGHT, published by Bantam Books, 1992 describes the Mother's Love. She was watching the earth from the heavens. She saw beacons of light of various intensities, from mere sparks to the largest laser beams, shoot up from the earth towards space. She was told these were prayers of earth dwellers. At the same time, she witnessed angels responding to these prayers, organizing themselves and helping out, and were themselves filled with joy, in being able to assist. She says these angels responded to the brightest source of light (the largest prayers) and eventually moving on to the lesser, helping every individual who prayed for assistance. She observed that insincere prayers which did not emit much light and hardly had any power was not heard. Prayers with an immediate urgency and those prayers done for others are immediately visible and attended to. She was told there was no greater prayer then that of a Mother for her children which is the purest, done with intensity and done out of desperation. The Mother has the ability to implore the Lord for her child's sake.

That is the soul of the MOTHER. God listens to all MOTHERS and grants their wishes.

When I was in Kallar in 2005, Mataji, then a housewife and known as Sarojini, woke up early, fetched the water in the dark and boiled it so that my brother and me could have a bath before we returned to Malaysia. I saw the humbleness, patience and love in her then. Later she adorned the kaavi. She has stood by Tavayogi all these years looking into the needs and welfare of Tavayogi, the residents at the ashram and all visitors.

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, the all knowing guru, shuns publicity and chooses to remain  away from the limelight. He rarely speaks, but when he does he has a message for us.

As my thoughts rushes back to the very first moment I laid eyes on this bespectacled monk in kaavi, I am filled with gratitude to Agathiyar for sending him to Malaysia. He invited me to his ashram, which I did visit shortly after he returned to India. During my stay at Kallar, Tavayogi brought me to numerous caves and temple samadhis of Siddhas which was an eye opener and a new experience for me.

As I write now, it brings back fond memories of my stay at Kallar and my second pilgrimage to India.

Earlier in 2003  I was lead to my very first guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai, a Gnani.

Then comes along Jnana Jyothi Amma who will bring this path or marga to an even larger audience. With her mastery of English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil, and the availability of the internet, all is set to bring this marga to the nooks and corners of the world.

The Siddhas too have gone IT savvy!

My family has been supportive of my ventures and gained Tavayogi's respect and praise when they sat and conducted prayers at Kallar during our recent trip in October of 2013.

Nadi Guru Ramesh had been a medium to tap into the world of Siddhas through the many Nadi readings he had graciously provided. The least I could do for him is to advertise his services.

To all these people I have only one thing to say, a very



Sunday, 23 February 2014


My daughter has fully recovered from the dengue fever. I had posted about it at I had mentioned that the ever compassionate father Agathiyar had taken care of his child well.

"And finally to top it all up, we did lots of prayers, individually and jointly too, for her fast recovery. Prayers of Tavayogi, Mataji, Gnana Jyothi Amma and our parents was heard by God. With good care from the nurses and doctors and these prayers she is back on her feet and has attended school today."

Today Surendaran Selvaratnam turned up at my home with the transcribe of the Jeeva Nadi reading he had had in Kallar recently. Suren who was attached in Bangkok for a short stint decided to seek the Nadi at Kallar. Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar gave him an appointment to have his Jeeva Nadi read on 15.2.2014. 

Suren flew to Chennai on 14.2.2014 and subsequently took a train to Coimbatore, and boarded a bus to Methupalaiyam and another to Kallar. He arrived just in time to receive the prasad after the Full Moon prayers were over. The next day day he was scheduled to read the Nadi first. Tavayogi read the Jeeva Nadi while Mataji noted it. He was very pleased with the reading. 

As I read his transcribe I was speechless for a few moments trying to digests what was said in it. Agathiyar most graciously spoke about my daughter and her recovery in Suren's Jeeva Nadi reading! It came as a surprise to us.

Agathiyar says he had come with Tirumular to the hospital and treated her! He went to the extent to explain what they did to make my daughter recover! They made her platelet rise! 

Indeed our prayers were answered!

The transcribe goes as follows:

என் மகன் குருநாதன் நாமம் கொண்டோன் மழலைக்கு உடல் வாட்டம் காண என்னை வேண்டினான். நானும் மூலனும் சென்றுமே அணுக்கூறுகளை ஏற்றம் காண வைத்தோம் சத்திரத்தில்.

I had read about Agathiyar coming to the aid of his devotees in Velayutham Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL and Amarar Hanumathdasan's NAADI SOLLUM KATHAIGAL. I read these revelations and was amazed how Agathiyar saved the lives of his devotees. 

The story that still lingers in my mind is how Agathiyar and Lopamudra went to deliver a child of a villager, thus changing the fate of the mother and child destined not to survive the delivery. Another story was how Bhogar treated a child who was going blind and another women who had stomach ailments at Kollimalai. On the local front a devotee in Malaysia was spared his life when his kin and friends did a joint prayer or kuthuprathanai seeking Agathiyar's grace. I had posted translations of these miracles at  

Agathiyar had come to the aid of my elder daughter when she broke her leg. Now Agathiyar performs yet another miracle! I am forever indebted to my Father!

Agathiyar worshipped in Suren's home
Agathiyar worshipped in Suren's Hotel room in Bangkok

At Kallar