Thursday, 30 November 2017


If one goes through Ramalinga Adigal's compositions compiled as the Thiruarutpa, we can see how systematically he had been brought to experience the various stages of spiritual evolvement. Just by following these songs one can attain bliss. I came across the following videos of several songs from the Arutpa that were composed for the 1939 version of Ramalinga Adigal's life story on celluloid. 

The saints life story was retold again in the 70's.

Give thanks to your parents for bringing you into this world. Give thanks to them for providing the material body that was needed for your soul to dwell in and cherish. Give thanks to your ancestors for the continuity in your lineage. Give thanks to the Siddhas, Rishis and Munis who stood by you and watched over you. Give thanks to all those who fed you, keeping you body alive so that this soul could dwell in it longer. Give thanks to Erai for giving you another day to serve another. 


The Kugan-Kogie family from Johannesburg, South Africa, with sponsorship from good souls, came together to make their contribution towards society through three separate events recently. They share their joy in giving with SH and its readers.

The Holy Cross 

We chose Saturday 25th November to treat the residents of the Home Cross Home to a scrumptious dinner, a delicious dessert and a Christmas gift. The Holy Cross Home is a residential frail care Center and a Hospice to 84 people, based in Pretoria, South Africa. The home is managed by the Holy Cross Sisters and it caters for all racial groups and denominations.

The morning began with the preparation of the meals. 

Later in the day, each member of the home was presented with a gift bag containing the following items (we thank our sponsors for their generous contributions):

Many of the residents, at the home had seen beyond the age of 80 and many were quite ill. Many were also retired sisters of the Holy Cross organization; and had given up much in their lives to serve humanity. Hence, they provided us with an opportunity to humbly serve them on this occasion.

Some of the Holy Cross Sisters with our crew 

The warm and friendly staff at the home were presented with a small gift as well, as a token of appreciation for caring and nursing people who require help, particularly those who may be terminally ill. We cannot thank them enough and words cannot describe the value of their work. 

We left the home that evening, richly rewarded from the experience of meeting, interacting and understanding some amazing souls. Their kindness, gratitude, compassion and appreciation was awe-inspiring. 

Christmas Charity Drive 

With the season of giving being around the corner many good samaritans opened their hearts and wallets to bring the joy of Christmas to 700 less fortunate children living in the south of Johannesburg. The children were provided with a Christmas meal, durable plastic plates, cups and spoons and a shoebox filled with treats and toys. 


Socks and Shoes 

On the 27th of October, team Ravi Naidoo distributed 400 pairs of socks and shoes to disadvantaged school children at the Boschkop Farm Primary School in Pretoria. Learners were also provided with stationery sets.

Excited and grateful …learners holding up their new shoes.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


A disciple of Agathiyar wrote in the following piece carrying her experience of how Agathiyar came to her and has blessed her.
When someone is always by your side in all situations it makes us lead a happy and soulful life.
Another name for happiness and soulful life is Agathiyar grandpa.
He came to my life through my well wisher, my friend, a disciple of grandpa.
I pursue a Ph D degree now. I am staying in a hostel and I do have to take care of things alone. When I am caught up with tough situations, I feel very low. So my friend gave me the Nadi Sollum Kathaikal book and told me your problems are solved. I blinked and took it with me. 
Once I use to be very lazy and kept my room untidy with clothes and dust all over. When I started reading the book, I really want to change myself and cleaned my room thoroughly.
When I started to know him even more, I started calling him grandpa. I use to look at the image of him in the front cover of the book and use to talk to him for hours. I started visiting his temple in T-nagar, Chennai regularly and greet him with flowers. What a change in my life!
If I am hungry, I will get food by some means and if I can’t pay the semester fee, someone will help me pay it.
Even though I am doing PhD degree, my aim is to build a temple for grandpa in future. I belong to a non-hilly area where places like Cuddalore, Pondicherry, Villupuram and Chidambaram are present. Most of the people from that side didn’t know grandpa’s existence. So, I wish to build a temple over there and let people experience the real need of life. I couldn’t wait till I graduate and earn money to build it.
For now, I made a small temple in my room.
I made this temple one day after the other by waking up until brahma mugurtha. I took bath and welcomed him every day during that time. Then I will get some sleep as I woke up the whole night. When I closed my eyes itself a big black snake use to appear, sit next to me and I was so scared.
When the temple was built, I drew a picture of grandpa and made him with full of cotton as he is also so light hearted. I started to pray him daily and he also made surprise visits sometimes which can be felt and can’t be explained.
I was so curious that what he would think of my plan for the temple. My mother and I went to Kallar for having a Jeevanadi reading by Agathiyar sithar from Thavayogi ayya. In nadi, grandpa called me as daughter several times and told me that the snake was him who came every day. My eyes drown in a pool of water with happiness. At that time, I knew him for just 2 to 3 months only. I admired his compassion and prostrated before him. Even though it was not a real temple, he accepted my love towards him and visited me.

Whenever I was in need of him, he will appear in any form.
I am very attached to my cow which our family is having in Cuddalore. I see her as my daughter only. She became sick. She got fits and doctor told she won’t last a week. When my parents told this I cried a lot and stopped taking food. I became weak and use to pray to him. Her condition worsened. After a few days, I got a call from Thavayogi ayya. He told me, “I feel I want to speak with you. Is everything alright?” I cried a lot and said what happened to my cow. I asked him why grandpa is still waiting. Ayya said “You are thinking about your daughter and I am thinking of mine. She will be alright. Nothing will happen. You have to take care of yourself. Have food and stay healthy”. I knew who made him call. I thanked grandpa and left it to him. Next day my mother called and said the cow was completely alright and she was doing well.
What I learned from all the happenings is that he never fails and never lets his disciples down. He can be bounded only with our truthfulness and dedication towards him. Salutations to the great grandpa. He made me treat people with a smile and care even if I don’t like them. I am blessed to be one of his many daughters. Please pray for me and bless me that one day I should make a temple for real. Thank you all.

Monday, 27 November 2017


Having a baby in the home is magical. There is something about these babies. They bring cheer and happiness to our homes and our hearts. A baby can bring instant change in the hearts and turn the house around. He/she engages everyone's attention and brings them together. I am enjoying the presence of my granddaughter and her antics. No wonder the baby is equated to the divine. The baby changes your life just as the divine does if only we let the divine in. 

When a child is conceived the divine comes in and starts its work. Each partner contributes towards an opportunity for a soul to start its life anew in a physical form as a fetus, growing into a beautiful miracle that is a child. Here an avenue is created for a soul to live out its desires through a human birth. We provide the material necessary for the body to take shape so that the soul can reside and see through its karma. Each parent creates this magical moments for all the souls waiting to take birth out there. These souls choose their place of birth, parentage, and society carefully so that they can fulfill their dreams and desires in the given life. Life is precious. Cherish life and all its wonders.

The souls that departed even before their time was up, too are looking for a place to berth and end up forcefully taking hold of the weak at heart. They stay on till their calling comes fulfilling their desires through the individual meantime.

The divine comes into the murthy or idol and answers the prayers of ardent devotees. At times it swaps places with a soul in the physical body, entering his body and carrying out divine plays.  Meantime, the soul of the devotee rests awhile in the murthy.

Just as the knight comes riding a stallion and sweeps the damsel off her feet, Agathiyar too came through the Nadi and swept me off my feet. He has come to stay bringing immense joy and happiness as my granddaughter does. His coming was magical too. Knowing I detested rituals, he tricked me saying he was going to stopped over awhile on transit at my home before moving to a Brindavan later. But when the days went by, we became attached to each other. I did not want to part with him, although I knew pretty well that one day when the construction of the Brindavan was completed, he would have to move. Tavayogi told me if he goes he would replace his bronze idol in my home. But as the days of completion of the Brindavan neared, Agathiyar kept mum and silent. Agathiyar was not saying anything whether he was moving  or otherwise. When the Brindavan called me to asked when I was sending him over, I told them he was not coming, after which I was worried sick if I had been selfish and gone overboard in refusing to send him over. The moment I replied that he was not coming, someone donated another statue to the Brindavan. It was only after some time that Agathiyar revealed that he had chose to stay put in my place. The bond between us grew even greater day by day. 

Yogi Ramsuratkumar who addressed himself as a beggar, answered that India needs beggars to a question on why there were so many beggars around. I too soon realized that here was an opportunity for us to open our hearts (and eyes) to these section of society who are deprived in many ways. It provides an opportunity for us to extend our arms in bringing aid and help to these unfortunate souls. 

Some might equate this help extended to the poor as washing off their karma and gaining merits. In actual fact Agathiyar says that the one fed has his karma removed too. Simply said feeding works both ways, both the giver and receiver gain from this act of dharma and charity. Let there be an expectation in doing it for starters. The important thing is getting him/ her started. Eventually the act of giving for expected results and gaining merits is lost in this noble act over time. He/ she soon does it for the sake of the hungry and nothing more. With time compassion builds in them, their heart mellows and cries for the unfortunate. They want to do more and often. Towards this Agathiyar brought like-minded souls in AVM, TS, AS, AUM and TUT together to joyfully carry out this noble task. We are grateful to be a part of this change. He has told us that the food given will act as medicine for the receiver healing his illness and satisfying his hunger. It is said that Agathiyar loves to cook and feed others. When we are on the ground we are little Agathiyans handing out food parcels to the hungry and poor. 

As I sat and went through all the 54 Nadi readings that I had been blessed with this evening, I could not but cry out in joy for all the love and compassion he has showered on us. This path of the Siddhas is sheer amazing, mind boggling and incomprehensible. All we can do is watch with awe and amazement. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017



Never in my wildest dream did I envision walking a path of soul searching and one that took me to Agathiyar. I must have done some good somewhere to someone I suppose for everyone I meet tells me it is not a simple thing to come to follow Agathiyar's teachings. 

All I did was listen. I listened to him speak through the Nadi, the only means of communication between him and me till now. Although he tells us all at AVM that we did not need any further reading, but it was always beautiful to hear him address and speak to us. Hence he gives in to our yearnings and continues to provide us with readings.

When I look back at my life and the people I met and how they assisted me in all fields and moments of need, I find Agathiyar's hand in every single frame of my life. 

As an infant when I was suffering from recurrent purging, he came as a Chinese deity and treated me. Since then I was brought to the medium for all my illnesses. I remember vividly how he would hit his bare back with the blunt edge of his sword and chant in Chinese. He would then write Chinese letters with a Chinese brush dipped in red ink on a strip of yellow rice paper, burn it and place the ash in a glass of water. I was given the concoction to drink and what do you know? I was cured - always. This went on for the next 13 years until I was bitten by a dog and fearing rabies needed to get an injection in the general hospital. 

When I was hungry in class, he came as my cousin sister who taught me the Tamil language as part of the Pupils Own Language (POL) curriculum in school, giving me ten cents each time to buy me some food. In those days a loaf of bread only cost 10 cents.

When I fell from my bicycle as I rode home from school during heavy rain and lost my two front teeth, and was having high fever as a result, he was there for me in the form of my parents and siblings caring for me.

When I slipped and fell into the waters as I was boarding a shallow boat from the jetty, he saved me through the two bags of bread that I had in both my hands that kept me afloat and the quick action of the piling team who held on to me, saving me from being drowned.

He was there as the barge workers who immediately cared for me as I hopped onto a barge from the jetty only to hit my head against a post. Although I saw tiny birds circle my head back then, but I survived. 

He saved me from the dreaded dengue fever in recent years which my nephew would jokingly say, that the tiny mosquito brought down this lion.

Similarly he has saved my family members and many others are alive today as a result of his attention and care. His breath moves in us. His sight is on us. He comes to our aid the moment there is danger. He ensures a decent meal is waiting at the dinner table for us. He has provided us company in the form of family and friends. He has come to us in times of need, giving us an ear listening us out, giving advice, guidance, tips, remedies, prescribed medicine and treatment and given encouragement, hope and strength. 

When I heeded the words of a noble soul Segaran who was leaving to become a monk at the Ranchi ashram, I picked up work that was beyond my engineering field. I had the time and was willing to learn, the two things he mentioned. I soon became an asset at the office and this knowledge led my to become versatile with computers, both hardware and software, and with all forms of presentations and publications. I never imagined all these applications I learnt and had had hands on experience back then would one day help me with this blog, and the YouTube channels. 

The Tamil font, Shakthi, that was created by Kannan of Kelana Computer Service and that he provided me with, on my purchase of my very first personal HP Desktop computer from him back then in 1996, enabled me to dish out all the Tamil ebooks listed in this blog. 

Today Agathiyar has brought us to serve others in many ways including sharing information through this blog, the many ebooks made available on this blog, through conducting prayers, and holding satsangs, and doing charity, serving food and providing clothing. To add to this list he has brought us together to produce an audio CD album that would further spread his fame. 


The Bala Chandran family carried out their monthly annadhanam or feeding session at a regular home in Semenyih assisted by Sri Krishna of Pothigai Meals on Wheels. 

While they served food for the inmates of the home, Mr and Mrs Kugan prepared meals to be served, and toiletries to be distributed to the less unfortunate some 5308 miles away in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


We are told that the mother passes only X chromosomes to all children and that the father passes on the X to the daughters and Y to the sons. How amazing!

Now we hear about Autosomal DNA and its testing. 
Autosomal DNA is a term used in genetic genealogy to describe DNA which is inherited from the autosomal chromosomes. An autosome is any of the numbered chromosomes, as opposed to the sex chromosomes. Humans have 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes (the X chromosome and the Y chromosome). 
The most popular DNA-deciphering approach, autosomal DNA testing, looks at genetic material inherited from both parents and can be used to connect customers to others in a database who share that material. The results can let you see exactly what stuff you’re made from — as well as offer the opportunity to find previously unknown relatives.

We are cautioned though that, "Doing DNA testing for fun can carry consequences few of us might anticipate. It requires little investment at the outset, but it has the potential to utterly change our lives."

Similarly when we go for a Naadi reading, we are told about our karma and its effects. The effects of karma can be far reaching, going back several centuries and several births, linking us not only to our family tree but beyond with people we hardly knew now but had somehow met before and influenced their lives both ways. We are told that every action of us comes back to either reward or haunt us in this life. 

For instance I was told that I was a temple priest, a Namboothiri from Kerala to be precise, in the Kaanda Nadi based on my thumbprint. Then after some 14 years, Agathiyar in his Jeeva Nadi reading tells me that I together with my present family were in Papanasam in a former birth. Along the way he tells Bala Chandran that we were together in Malaysia in some birth in the past and again together at Shringeri, India in yet another birth. That's four past births accounted for. Amazing.

My relative who was a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk in his past birth leads a spiritual group that worships Sri Raghavendra Swamigal. Amazing.

There is a possibility that I could have been born in other nations and regions too, adopting its language, culture, belief and faith. I might be championing a cause for a particular sect, cult or religion and hurting and harming others or bringing down their places of worship now, without the least knowledge that I could have been in that community and helped build it in the first place. There are so many possibilities out there that is beyond our imagination.

And as the study on DNA by the producers of the above videos reminds us that, "You have more in common with the world than you think" and as we are told, "Love thy neighbor as thyself", love your family and friends, for we are all connected.

Agathiyar tells us that he is in the prapanjam and that the prapanjam is in him. We are indeed all connected.


Acharya Gurudasan or lovingly known as Master Gowri among AVM circles, will lead the following programme as posted below:

Initiation into Babajis Kriya Yoga in Dehradun,
December 1-3, 2017

Initiation into Kriya Kundalini Pranayama:
The Breath to Creation’s Power & Consciousness, Awakened Kundalini Shakti & Action with Awareness, Training in Meditation, Hatha Yoga Asanas, Mantra, Siddha Puja Ceremony.

Physical Health & Mental Fitness in Your Daily Life,
Constant Inner Peace in a Householder’s Life,
Realization of Your Self & Absolute Reality,
Conscious Creation of Your Present and Future Life.

Prerequisite: None
With Yogacharya Gurudasan from Bangalore

Free introductory lecture: Friday night December 1, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm.
Seminar: December 2-3, 2017, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Venue: Sakteswar Panchayati Temple. Post office Road, Lane Name Gurunanak Road, Subash Nagar, Clementown. Dehradun
Shri. Vinod Kumar email:, Phone: +91 98456 61221
Shri. Rohit Naithani email:, Phone: +91 9412381505
On another note, Dr Tiaga of AVM is involved in organizing the following event:

Friday, 24 November 2017


Srinatha Raghavan posted the following enlightening conversation on fb,
In Banares, I happened to meet a young Aghor or a Tantrik, on the ghats of Manikarnika. As I was just staring into the pyre of death, He came and sat beside me and struck a seamless conversation.
He: Death is as temporary as Life?
Me: Yes.

He: Do you know why Death (Yama) & Time (Kala) are so feared?
Me: No.
He: Because they are least understood?
Me: True.
Me: How to understand Death?
He: By experiencing it, even when alive.
Me: And how do we do that?
He: Under the guidance of a Guru, you can experience Death.
Me: What is Death?
He: There is nothing called as Death?
Me: What?
He: Death as we know it, is just physical cessation of the Body and it's functions.
Me: Yes.
He: But what made the Body once tick, the spark of life, lives on and just like a drop of Water that has turned into Vapour, it goes back to become one with the whole.
Me: Interesting.
He: What is more interesting is what happens after that?
Me: What would that be?
He: It's the way the whole game once again, when the droplet separates itself from the whole to become an individual again.
Me: That's true.
He: Thus the play of life and death continues, till the drop has finally lived it's share of desires to assume a form and lives happily as a part of the formless whole.
Then giving me some Bhasma and a Rudraksha, as a parting gift, He said, "May this Bhasma ever remind you of the impermanence of life and death and the Rudraksha of the latent Divinity that lay hidden within you, which is nothing less than Shivahood?"
Om Namah Shivaya!
Om I acknowledge the Shiva in my Self!
~ Memoirs of a lost Spiritual Traveller.
"Thus the play of life and death continues, till the drop has finally lived it's share of desires to assume a form and lives happily as a part of the formless whole."

Thursday, 23 November 2017


AVM in collaboration with a recording company is making an album on Agathiyar, that will carry a compilation of songs singing the praises of Agathiyar. The album that was initiated by Tavayogi after the producer received Agathiyar's blessings through a Nadi reading, is making good progress. This venture is possible because of the many good souls who came forward to sponsor the tracks. 

This album will be special in many ways as the AVM family is directly involved in many aspects of its making, hence having our heart and soul into it. Rather than outsourcing it and branding it as an AVM venture, we are grateful to Erai for allowing us an opportunity to participate actively with professionals in the field of music, to bring you a very personal account of our journey with Agathiyar and the Siddhas. Episodes from their lives, their preaching and their glories too have been taken into account while writing the lyrics.

Music and songs has always had a role and influence in our lives since ancient times. Many a saint when they hit the point of enlightenment through devotion towards Erai, translated their mystical and divine experiences into words, that came spontaneously in the form of hymns, stanzas and songs and alike. Similarly many musical geniuses have expressed their feelings on Erai through music.  

In return, these divine songs and music has aided contemplation and worship on the divine, as Tavayogi once mentioned after hearing me play the Thiruarutpa.

I have many personal favorites. Here are some.


Many relationships could have been saved if we had asked ourselves the following questions before we spoke. Is "what we intent to say" going to bond or break the relationship?

Similarly many could have saved themselves from landing in debts if they had asked three simple questions each time they paid to buy a stuff. Do I need it?, can I afford it?, and can I live without it? Even if they had a need and could afford it, the last question would make them rethink about their purchases.

In the spiritual field too, many can save themselves from further confusion if they ask themselves sincerely if they wanted a life of a mendicant and roam the streets living on alms or live a dignified life with the family and society, earning an honest living and giving away a portion to charity. 

But the path can never be the same. Studying and living with nature opens many frontiers and widens our perspective of life. The stream that is left to take its natural course, does not flow on a designated path or predetermined path. It finds its own way. It creates its own path. So do we need to find our own path, a path that should bring us immense joy and that we want to share with others. Share only the bliss but do not convert another. Once he gets to sample the bliss, he would want to join you too voluntarily in making this bliss permanent and lasting.

Agathiyar summoned me for an audience with him, I guess when he figured that I was ready to learn about him. I had a calling to see the Nadi. He placed an option, through the Nadi reading telling me about karma, its influence on my pasts, what I was to do to gain relief from it, and my next move in life. I was given the choice of whether to heed his words or turn a deaf ear. I took up his advice and carried out what was dictated with faith.

He told me to worship Lord Ganapathy, Lord Shiva, the Siddhas and him. He brought us to a living guru. He came in the form of an idol, asking us to chant his moola mantra, perform libation, and conduct homam. This is how he came into our lives, as an idol, then a part of the family, a master, a guide, a guru, ever watchful over us, ticking us off if we made the wrong move. Soon he came into the idol and opened his eyes to see us. He asked us to light a earthen lamp with ghee, and he listened to all our grievances and outpourings. Later he brought us to chant the Arutperunjhoti Mantra. He brought us to chant Muruga. He brought AVM to worship Vaalai Thaai (Manonmani, Bhuvaneshwari, Balambigai, Vaalai Parameshwari and many more names of Sakthi). Soon he asked us to take up reading of Siddha's works. He brought us to the worship of Lord Shiva at Chidambaram. 

To bring compassion into our lives, he brought us to do charity and feeding.

He brought us along on a walk:  he brought us into idol worship and worship of yantras; he brought us to discipleship to a guru; and he brought us to perform charity. Today in return for all the years of dedication and faith on him, he has given us access to the universe, asking us to take whatever we want from it. It is amazing and a wonder to see the compassion and blessing that he has showered on his devotees. He asked us to walk tall for then he too shall walk tall he added. Now when we are asleep he takes a walk. 

Photo by Sivakavin, Chennai

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Where was this "I" before it took on this body? What then happens to this "I" after I shed this body?  Will "I" keep existing? Life is a mystery indeed.

When did this journey that we call life start? When did I become aware of "me"? I try to trace back but I do not have any recollection of that moment when the "I" arised in me and I became aware of me as an individual or entity. 

When did this journey that I know as life start? From my mother's perspective, it must have begun the moment she began to have symptoms linked to pregnancy. Then my father would have come to know of the good news. Both of them would have rejoiced and looked forward for my arrival. My siblings would have become aware of a life taking shape in their mummy's tummy later. Soon the relatives and friends too would have come to know. Where was "I" then? I have no recollection, as I am shown photos of the past.

My life had already begun without "my" knowledge. "I" was not making my life happen but was at the mercy of some mysterious hand that worked on me then. The moment I was delivered, even then "I" was not making my life. I was dependent on so many for my very existence and survival.

When did this "I" set in then? When did this awareness of "me" as an entity, an individual among many others arise? It would seem that "I" came to occupy this body only after some time of its existence. Soon "I" began to pack myself with all kinds of thoughts, ideas, routines, ambitions, achievements, etc till this "I" has bloated into one inflated ego.

In this journey of life that "I" have taken I became engaged in worship for reasons I cannot remember. I used to follow my parents as a child; then I began to frequent temples on my own. Wanting to understand better what is it that we were doing and practicing, led me to read and listen to discourses by pioneers in this field. Then dissatisfied with the actions of certain quarters I took it upon myself to conduct prayers personally in the comfort of my home. That began to give me utmost satisfaction and joy. I set my own rules and built discipline within me, never breaking my own rules. Then there came a cooling off period in my life. I abstained from all forms of worship. In 1998 when a new temple was built and consecrated for Lord Muruga in my local neighborhood, I began to frequent the 48 days of Mandala Puja that followed the Kumbhabhisegam. My wife was carrying our second child then. I cannot remember what mooted me to revisit the temple after a long gap of 14 years. Similarly I had no reason, to go on a vegetarian diet after she was born.

Then Agathiyar stepped into my life, things became clearer. He began to reveal the reasons for my existence, reasons for things to take place, etc. This "I" now is aware of another side of the coin that is life. "I" am shown my purpose in life. I understand that every single thing that takes place or single person I meet was placed in my path for a reason. I was to help them. Helping others bring joy to both parties. "I" have to leave something of me behind when my day is up. Something to be remembered by. Only then can "I" safely say that I had lived a fulfilling life.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


I met him at Kallar Ashram during the Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja last year. He walked up to me with his sling bag dangling from his shoulders, with a wide grin on his face as if he knew me before. He introduced himself. He told me that we had been acquainted through the social media even before we met.

Once back home, we kept in touch over the phone. I asked him to initiate a Whatsapp group to bring Chennaites on the Siddha path, together. He immediately got to it. He soon made new friends at the Panchesti Agathiyar temple. He followed Kandhan Gurukal of the Panchesti templer to Pothigai peak and had the darshan of Agathiyar. All these happened within a short time of Sivakavin engaging with all these wonderful souls. He met Vaidyanathan Aiya who was blessed with the gift of healing through certain medicines that he dispensed to the sick.

Then tragedy struck when the vehicle Sivakavin was traveling in went off the road and crashed near Madurai. Sivakavin and several others survived the crash while two of his fellow passengers were killed instantly.

The very first question I asked him once he was able to communicate on phone was if he was angry at Agathiyar for the mishap. I have had devotees become atheist and non believers after they were confronted with mishaps or illnesses. I feared he too would change his belief and stand. But he told me that whatever happens he would stand by with Agathiyar. Those words of determination and courage brought a huge relief to me.

After Sivakavin was discharged and returned to his in laws place at Kanyakumari, Vaidyanathan Aiya and several others dropped in on him. Vaidyanathan Aiya performed the Yagam and treated Sivakavin, traveling regularly from Chennai. Another good soul was sent to guide and heal him both internally and externally by Agathiyar.

After recovering from a head injury, multiple injuries and several broken bones, his left arm humerus bone had yet to mend. His guides started him on a 48 day Ganapathy puja which he carried out without fail.  The bone too has mended, avoiding the need for further surgery. Slowly but surely Sivakavin has recovered with Agathiyar's grace and is more then ever determined to serve Agathiyar.

Monday, 20 November 2017


என்னென்ன செய்தோம் இங்கு
இதுவரை வாழ்விலே
எங்கெங்கு போனோம் வந்தோம்
விதி எனும் பேரிலே
காணாத துயரம் கண்ணில்லே
ஓயாத சலனம் நெஞ்சிலே

இறைவா ..
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததும் உண்டு
சன்னதியில் சனனம் வெல்லுமா
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது நான் அல்லவா விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடிப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உன்னை வாங்கினால்
கரை சேர்க்கிறாய்

வாழ்கையின் பொருள் தான் என்ன
வாழ்ந்து தான் பார்த்தால் என்ன
கதை சொல்கிறாய் பயம் கொல்கிறாய்
காலை சூரியனின் ஆதிக்கமா
பாடும் பறவைகளும் போதிக்குமா
உனது அரசாங்கம் பெருங் காடு
உலகம் அதிலே ஒரு சிறு கூடு
உன்னை அணைத்துக் கொண்டு
உள்ளம் மருகி நின்றால்
சுடும் தீயும் சுகமாய் தீண்டிடும்

இறைவா ..சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததும் உண்டு
சன்னதியில் சனனம் வெல்லுமா

உள்ளிருக்கும் உனைத் தேடி
ஓயாமல் அலைவோர் கோடி
கருவறையா நீ கடல் அலையா
மலைகள் ஏறிவரும் ஒரு கூட்டம்
நதியில் மூழ்கி எழும் பெரும் கூட்டம்
என்னில் கடவுள் யார் தேடுகிறோம்
பொய்யாய் அவரின் பின் ஓடுகிறோம்
கண்ணை பார்க்க வைத்த கல்லை பேச வைத்த
பெருந்தாயின் கருணை மறைக்கிறோம்

இறைவா ..சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததும் உண்டு
சன்னதியில் சனனம் வெல்லுமா

அன்பான ...

The lyrics of the above song expresses our current thoughts and practices into words and together with it brings a new insight to our understanding and realization. We can relate to this song. Several verses from this song reminds me of Tavayogi's speech many years ago. 

The past month was a period of uncertainties where Tavayogi who went to check why his fever did not subside even after a few days had passed, was told that that he had coronary artery disease and was operated on promptly, recovered only to lapse into a state of worry. AVM placed prayers at the feet of Agathiyar asking that he should be with Tavayogi and see him through his period of ordeal and prayed that Tavayogi should return back to his ashram to continue his service to Erai and humanity.  But sadly, one day he would be fine and the next day his health  was reported to be deteriorating. When there was a time where I accepted the fact that we were about to lose him and was prepared to let him go, I began to console the others too, "We have to be calm at this moment in time. Let things take its course. We have prayed hard but who knows what Tavayogi's soul wanted? Who knows what's the deal between him and Agathiyar? Pray that Agathiyar is at his side taking care of all matters." That is when many from the AVM family called in pleading and asking that he be with us longer. 

Even in these moments of anxiety, I saw blessings being showered on us. Tavayogi seeked medical attention at the right moment and was attended to immediately by a wonderful team of doctors. Mataji was at his bedside caring for him since day one. Mataji carried out her service to the Guru with responsibility and dedication, a task that was placed on her shoulders by Agathiyar through her Nadi reading way back in the days of her coming to know Tavayogi. Agathiyar had assigned her to take care of Tavayogi and in return Agathiyar promised her liberation or mukthi. Agathiyar must have foreseen this day. Thavathiru Kumarsamy Aiya of the Agathiyar Ashram in Anuvavi, visited Tavayogi to extend help. Dr Subashini of Chennai, made a day trip to Coimbatore to visit Tavayogi. Nirmala from AVM visited him at the hospital, carrying our prayers with her. 

Once back at the ashram, many who knew him visited him. Acharya Gurudasan flew in from Bangalore, and represented us by paying a visit to Tavayogi carrying our message of concern and best wishes. Tavayogi is recovering well and he informs us that the Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja prayer scheduled for January 4 will go on as usual but on a modest scale.

AVM had planned sometime back to come together to give thanks to Erai for his unfailing attention and care on all his children. The event took place yesterday with a very good turnout. A day before the event, Agathiyar surprised me with a reading in which he discloses again to our surprise, that the Siddhas had come together to conduct a Yagam so that Tavayogi would sail through the trying times and come out of his life threatening condition! The Siddhas saved him and extended his life span, hence answering our prayers. The most compassionate father listened to our prayers. Although he put us through this brief period of anxiety and worry, he took measures accordingly, to fulfill the wishes of the numerous wonderful souls who came together for him in the light of this unexpected turn of events, in his time of need, in prayer and through monetary and other assistance.

Agathiyar also reminded me to be thankful to others for all our achievements in life. What an appropriate timing of events! We at AVM thanked Agathiyar and the Siddhas for all their blessings, care and protection, and for helping many recover from their illness, helping them come out of their problems, and for saving Tavayogi's life. We joined hands in a moment of silence and contemplation that was energizing led by Master Arunan and Master Uva.

The AVM family was given a sneak preview of the audio CD album that is in the making, a compilation of songs of praise on Agathiyar. This venture in collaboration with a local recording company has received positive views and funds too from devotees of Agathiyar both in Malaysia and abroad.

Thank you everyone.

Saturday, 18 November 2017


Just a year back Sri Krishna invited Sadhu Janagiraman of Thiruvannamalai to officiate his feeding programme aptly named Pothigai Meals on Wheels. With the blessing of the Divine, and support from numerous souls, he expanded his noble feeding programme to encompass the homeless on the streets, poor students and inmates of homes. A couple of days ago he began feeding the cows too. Today his team freed pigeons in captive, and fed the birds, monkeys and fish too. 


Friday, 17 November 2017


நாராயணா ஹரி நாராயணா

நொந்துடலும் கிழமாகிக் தளர்ந்தபின்
நோயில் நடுங்கிடும் போது
ஜீவ நாடிகள் நைந்திடும் போது
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
இன்று சிந்தை கசிந்துன்னை கூவுகின்றேன்
அருள் செய்திடுவாய் ஹரி நாராயணா

நீடு கபம் கோழை ஈழை நெருக்கி
என் நெஞ்சை அடைத்திடும் போது
விக்கி நாவும் குழறியபோது
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
நான் அன்றுன்னைக்கூவிட
இன்றழைத்தேன் என்னை
ஆண்டருள்வாய்  ஹரி நாராயணா

ஐம் பொரியும் கரணங்களும்
வாயுவும் ஆடி அடங்கியபோது
எந்தன் ஆவி பிரிந்திடும் போது
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
இன்று நம்பி உன்னை தொழுதே
அழைத்தேன் ஜகன் நாயகனே
ஹரி நாராயணா

எம்பொருள் என்மனை
என்றேதெல்லாம் இனி இல்லை
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
நீ அன்று வரும் பொருட்டின்றழைத்தேன்
அருள் அச்சுதனே ஹரி நாராயணா

வந்து எம தூதர்கள் வளைத்து
பிடித்தென்னை வாவென்று
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
அந்த அந்தியம் நீ வர
சச்சிதானந்தனே ஹரி நாராயணா

உற்றவர் பெற்றவர் மற்றவர்
சுற்றமும் ஓவென்று நின்றழும்போது
உயிர் ஒசைகள் ஓய்திடும்போது
மனம் எண்ணிடுமோ தெரியாது
இன்று பற்றி உன்னைப் பணிந்தே
அழைத்தேன் ஆபத் பாந்தவனே
ஹரி நாராயணா

- அகத்தியர்

அங்கும் இங்கும் எங்குமாய்
அமைந்த தேவ தேவனே
ஆதியாய் அநாதியாய்ச்
சமைந்த ஜோதி ரூபனே
மங்கலங்கள் யாவும் நல்கும்
அம்பிகை மணாளனே
மைந்தன் செய்யும் பூசையில்
மகிழ்ந்தருள் நடேசனே

எந்த இல்லம் ஆயினும்
இருந்த இல்லம் சிதம்பரம்
எடுத்த பீடம் ஆலயம்
தொடுத்த கூரை கோபுரம்
செந்தமிழ் சொல் மந்திரம்
திருந்தும் அன்பே ஆகமம்
சிவந்த பாத பங்கயம்
உவந்தருள் நடேசனே

மண்ணிலே எடுத்தகால்
என்மனையிலும் எடுத்துவை
மனதிலே நினைத்த நன்மை
விரைவிலே முடித்துவை
என்றும் தீமை அணுகிடாமல்
ஈசனே தடுத்துணை
ஏத்தும் அன்பர் குழுவில் என்னை
செர்த்துவை நடேசனே

ஆ பயந்த ஐந்தினோடு
பால் பழம் பஞ்சாமிர்தம்
அலைவாய்க் கரும்பு தெங்கு
தேன் சுகந்த சந்தனம்
நீ பயந்த யாவையும் நினக்களித்தேன் ஆடி
நேர்ததியாய் அனைத்து ஆடி
வாழ்த்துவாய் நடேசனே

வில்லினால் அடிக்கவோ
வீசுகல் பொறுக்கவோ
மிதித்த பாதுகை பிரம்பை
மேலும் நான் எடுக்கவோ
நல்ல பிள்ளை என்னை
ஆளும் நாதனும் நீ அல்லவோ
நாளும் நான் படைத்த
சொல்லும் பூவும் கொள் நடேசனே

ஆட நீ எடுத்தாய்
அறிந்தவர் இயம்புவார்
அல்ல அல்ல என் தலைமேல்
சூட என்று சொல்கிறேன்
ஈடில்லாத தெய்வம் நீ
இடப்புறம் எடுத்த கால்
எந்த நோக்கில் என்று
சொல்ல வந்தருள் நடேசனே

மழுவெடுத்த எதை விளக்க
மன்று தோறும் ஓடினாய்
மதியெடுத்து சிரம் இருக்க
மந்தனாய் ஏன் ஆடினாய்
கழுதெடுத்த நடனம்  ஆடும்
காட்டில் என்ன தேடினாய்
கையில் நான் எடுத்த தூபம்
கொளுவாய் நடேசனே

எடுத்த தூபம் ஆதியாவும்
ஏற்றருள் மகேசனே
இன்று நான் படைத்த யாவும்
உண்ணுவாய் சபேசனே
தடுத்த பண்டை வினையகற்றித்
தாங்குவாய் சர்வேசனே
சரணம் உன்னை அன்றி ஏது
தாங்குவாய் நடேசனே

வாழி நீ படைக்கும் தெய்வம்
மலர் அணை அமர்ந்த தாம்
வகுத்தளிக்கும் தெய்வம் கூட
அரவணை கிடந்ததாம்
ஊழி தோறும் ஐந்தொழில்
உவந்து செய்யும் ஈசனே
ஓய்ந்து சற்றென் நெஞ்சனைக்கண்
சாய்ந்து கொள் நடேசனே

ஓம் நமசிவாய ஓம் சிவாய நம ரூபனே
ஓதும் ஐந்து சபையில் ஆடும்
பாதனே சங்கீதனே
வாமியாய்த் தழைத்த சிவ
காமி காதல் நேசனே
மாறிலாத கருணை நீ
வழங்குவாய் நடேசனே


After seeking all the material gains and happiness that it brings with it man eventually turns towards the divine, for something in him tells him that life is not all about family, work and momentary joy. There has to be moments of bliss that we are told happens when we are with the divine. This moments go beyond sensory indulgence that gratifies our needs, alas momentarily only. This bliss is said to be ever lasting, while awake and also asleep, in the midst of company or all alone.

Ted Schmidt in his Advaita Vision at, talks about the various pursuit of ours beautifully and the eventual realization of a truth. He begins by listing out the first three pursuits that we seek: "The first thing people seek is security. Once people feel secure, the next thing they go after is pleasure. The third thing people pursue is virtue." 

Here are some highlights from his blog that bring us a greater understanding of the purpose of life.
While the desire for objects seems quite natural and essentially harmless, it actually agitates my psyche to a greater or lesser degree depending on the intensity of the desire and directs my attention away from my own inner reservoir of peace and happiness, pointing it outward toward the objective world (which in terms of Vedanta includes the mind) where it hopes to find a source of satisfaction.
Ironically, I, myself, am the source of the happiness I seek to experience through my ceaseless pursuit of both “inner” objects (i.e. emotional and psychological states) and “outer” objects (i.e. relationships, possessions, and experiences). Moreover, following this line of reasoning to its inevitable end, I realize that joy is my true nature. I am joy itself.
So if the joy that I seek through object is actually in me, is indeed my own true nature, then it is only logical that I should pursue joy directly in myself rather than wasting my time and energy scrambling after objects that are ultimately incapable of providing me with any lasting fulfillment.
Then he puts forth the fourth pursuit,
This is the realization from which the fourth pursuit – freedom or liberation (i.e. moksha) – takes its cue and enters into the drama of my life. At this point, freedom from limitation becomes my top priority, the guiding goal that gives purpose to all my actions.
Then there has to come a time where our very desire for Erai, that we use to substitute and replace all our other desires with, as Buddha ask to replace all the thousand thoughts with one thought, has to go to.

10ம் திருமுறை
திருமந்திரம் (திருமூலர் அருளியது) 
எட்டாம் தந்திரம் (2122 - 2648)

40. அவா அறுத்தல்

ஆசை யறுமின்கள் ஆசை யறுமின்கள்
ஈசனோ டாயினும் ஆசை யறுமின்கள்
ஆசை படப்பட ஆய்வருந் துன்பங்கள்
ஆசை விடவிட ஆனந்த மாமே. 3.

From Advaita Vision, we continue the pursuit, 
I already possess that which I am looking to find. My only problem is that I don’t know I have it. In a word, my only problem is ignorance. So what is the solution? What will remove my ignorance and reveal my true identity? Here again, reason rather than faith comes to the rescue. Logical inquiry leads inevitably to the conclusion that only one thing can give me what I’ve already got: knowledge.
Taking Jnana as a tool to a better understanding, this divine knowledge draws the final curtain that of ignorance aside, revealing everything as it is, in its exact nature, Vetta Veli, without any assumptions, judgement or veiling.  
Only knowledge will liberate me from my erroneous notions of limitation and thus “give” me the freedom that is already mine. Therefore, according to Vedanta, both the point of knowledge and the purpose of life are one and the same.
Agathiyar explains the purpose of life in a simple statement to a question by Malarvathy from AVM.

பிறப்பின் நோக்கமே பிறவா தவம் பெறுவது (Pirappin Nokkame Pirava Tavam Peruvathu)

The purpose of taking birth is to be blessed with not taking birth anymore. Revealing this purpose, he then leads us along, pointing out and teaching us how to overcome or put a stop to taking birth, hence breaking the cycle forever. 


As I take the Siddhas hand and they lead me through life, it suddenly dawns on me what a beautiful paradise that we are dwelling in. The divine has made it so perfect that no man can replicate it. Every inch of space has been accounted for and every living thing has a role and responsibility to play. He has drawn the curtain aside and made me stop in my tracks and take in the beauty of his creation.

I used to join others in advising the sick at their hospital bed while visiting them back in those days. Having read much about alternative systems of healing, I would jump at the opportunity and at the very instance someone has taken ill, I vomit all that I learnt to them, subtly blowing my ego too. Then I heard someone talk over the radio, telling the public that when they are visiting a patient at the hospital, go visit them. Do not become a doctor yourself. This came as a blow to me too. For that was what I was practically doing too. 

Since that day I got the blow, I go over, say something positive, pray for them and come back. I do not ask how the tragedy happened or how he took ill. Imagine if everyone were to ask him these questions and he were to recollect the tragedy, that would be traumatizing. In the first place he is supposed to forget the incident and work on getting better. I realized that when a patient is under the care of the doctors, we should let them handle the situation. I learnt to stop advising the patient to try other methods of treatment, or advising them on food intake, what they should take and what they are to avoid. In event some treatment or food supplement that we have asked to take goes wrong or aggravates their situation, are we going to take responsibility for it? We would most likely admit that we read it somewhere and move on. The doctors are trained in their respective fields and understand their responsibilities very well. They would have to answer to their superiors if in event something goes wrong. They are held by their medical ethics and shoulder a big responsibility for the patient under their care. It is dangerous practice for us to give bits and pieces of advice without knowing the history or smuggle in and administer alternative medicines while in their care and not opening up to the doctors. These food intake and supplements will show in the blood tests and might alter certain traits in the patient and lead to confusion and wrong diagnostics and treatment on the part of the doctors.

If modern medicine needs feedback from the patient and looks at symptoms and depends on machines to guide them on the patients condition, the Siddhas go even further to the root cause of the ailment that could surprisingly have its beginning in one minute action of ours to another way back some centuries ago in a past life. The Siddha scans through the life of the soul and identifies the wrong doing that had triggered a series of ailments in the patient in current times. They then recommend that we carry out remedies and seek the appropriate medical attention or treatment. The Siddhas have advised us accordingly showing us the appropriate treatment required for our ailment, at times requesting us to get all the medical attention from the hospitals while at other times forbid us to do so but instead seek alternative means for certain reasons. The Siddhas at times have worked hand in hand with doctors using the modern day facilities and know how in new breakthroughs in the field of medicine, administering them to combat the illness. 

On another note we are often told what food to take and what to avoid, blaming the food for all our troubles. The phrase "We are what we eat" is common usage now, used to instill fear in people and getting them careful on what they consume. I personally realize that as I age I tend to have certain discomforts that I understand comes with age. But I am told that it is due to certain food that we take and am asked to avoid.

Then Ram Dass writes about his encounters with his Guru Neem Karoli Baba. Among them, he mentions the following episode at
In 1967 when I first came to India, I brought with me a supply of LSD, hoping to find someone who might understand more about these substances than we did in the West.
When I had met Maharajji (Neem Karoli Baba), after some days the thought had crossed my mind that he would be a perfect person to ask. The next day after having that thought, I was called to him and he asked me immediately, “Do you have a question?”
Of course, being before him was such a powerful experience that I had completely forgotten the question I had had in my mind the night before. So I looked stupid and said, “No, Maharajji, I have no question.”
He appeared irritated and said, “Where is the medicine?”
I was confused but Bhagavan Dass suggested, "Maybe he means the LSD.”
I asked and Maharajji nodded. The bottle of LSD was in the car and I was sent to fetch it. When I returned I emptied the vial of pills into my hand. In addition to the LSD there were a number of other pills for this and that –diarrhea, fever, a sleeping pill, and so forth. He asked about each of these. He asked if they gave powers. I didn’t understand at the time and thought that by “powers” perhaps he meant physical strength. I said, “No.” Later, of course, I came to understand that the word he had used, “siddhis,” means psychic powers.
Then he held out his hand for the LSD. I put one pill on his palm. Each of these pills was about three hundred micrograms of very pure LSD – a solid dose for an adult. He beckoned for more, so I put a second pill in his hand–six hundred micrograms. Again he beckoned and I added yet another, making the total dosage nine hundred micrograms – certainly not a dose for beginners. Then he threw all the pills into his mouth. My reaction was one of shock mixed with fascination of a social scientist eager to see what would happen.
He allowed me to stay for an hour – and nothing happened. Nothing whatsoever. He just laughed at me. The whole thing had happened very fast and unexpectedly.
When I returned to the United States in 1968 I told many people about this acid feat. But there had remained in me a gnawing doubt that perhaps he had been putting me on and had thrown the pills over his shoulder or palmed them, because I hadn’t actually seen them go into his mouth.
Three years later, when I was back in India, he asked me one day, “Did you give me medicine when you were in India last time?”
“Did I take it?” he asked. (Ah, there was my doubt made manifest!)
“I think you did.”
“What happened?
“Oh! Jao!” and he sent me off for the evening.
The next morning I was called over to the porch in front of his room, where he sat in the mornings on a tucket. He asked, “Have you got any more of that medicine?”
It just so happened that I was carrying a small supply of LSD for “just in case,” and this was obviously it. “Yes.”
“Get it,” he said.
So I did. In the bottle were five pills of three hundred micrograms each. One of the pills was broken. I placed them on my palm and held them out to him. He took the four unbroken pills. Then, one by one, very obviously and very deliberately, he placed each one in his mouth and swallowed it – another unspoken thought of mine now answered.
As soon as he had swallowed the last one, he asked, “Can I take water?”
“Hot or cold?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
He started yelling for water and drank a cup when it was brought.
Then he asked, “How long will it take to act?”
“Anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.”
He called for an older man, a long - time devotee who had a watch, and Maharajji held the man’s wrist, often pulling it up to him to peer at the watch.
Then he asked, "Will it make me crazy?”
That seemed so bizarre to me that I could only go along with what seemed to be a gag. So I said, “Probably.”
And then we waited. After some time he pulled the blanket over his face, and when he came out after a moment his eyes were rolling and his mouth was ajar and he looked totally mad. I got upset. What was happening? Had I misjudged his powers? After all, he was an old man (though how old I had no idea), and I had let him take twelve hundred micrograms. Maybe last time he had thrown them away and then he read my mind and was trying to prove to me he could do it, not realizing how strong the “medicine” really was. Guilt and anxiety poured through me. But when I looked at him again he was perfectly normal and looking at the watch.
At the end of an hour it was obvious nothing had happened. His reactions had been a total put-on. And then he asked, “Have you got anything stronger?” I didn’t.
Then he said, “These medicines were used in Kullu Valley long ago. But yogis have lost that knowledge. They were used with fasting. Nobody knows now. To take them with no effect, your mind must be firmly fixed on God. Others would be afraid to take. Many saints would not take this.” And he left it at that.
– Ram Dass
"To take them with no effect, your mind must be firmly fixed on God." I got the message that be it the intake of food or any action if it is done with surrender to the divine then nothing unwarranted happens to you. It is all a matter of understanding and bringing us to a state where we are in charge rather then have the elements control over us. The Siddhas have achieved this state, and they have drawn the curtain aside so that we could understand the workings of the mind and body better.

As it is I have survived the past 19 years on a vegetable diet, finding at times extreme difficulty in getting it when out in certain towns. In desperate moments I have had a decent meal cooked by others in their kitchen with utensils that had been used to cook meat too. I do not look into the fine prints of the packaging if it had any animal base additives in it. In event I am dumped in the Arctic or Antarctic I would be force to change my eating habits and adopt a fish or meat based menu, although I am told that supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is made available now through ships that dock or when an aircraft lands. Or if I am evacuated with my family to safer and higher grounds in the wake of flood waters rising as is happening in many parts of Malaysia, I would need to survive on canned foods supplied by authorities and charitable organisations, which most likely would be canned sardines and chicken. 

Rather than debate on the virtues of vegetarian food or otherwise, we should build compassion in people. Bringing good norms and thoughts of kindness, sharing and giving will inculcate and build compassion in one. By becoming compassionate to another, the thought and feeling extends to all of divine's creation, hence he would abstain from hurting or killing another. The urge to kill and consume meat of another of divine's creation will drop on its own over time. 

We have to have our priorities clear in life. What is it we want in life? If it is to earn an honest living, have a comfortable home, family and children then take all that life has to offer. But if you want a life akin to leaving in the monastery or ashram then live according to its rules and regulations. 

For every ounce of meat consumed, you will have to go through a grilling process of expelling it from the body. Imagine then if you had taken meat throughout your life the amount of grueling moments you have to go through in purging and getting rid of it from this body. You would have to go through this and many other cleansing processes to transform this body into that of light. So if your intention is to gain this state go for it and adopt all the regimes and disciplines needed for it.