Monday, 31 July 2017


As Bala Chandran and Thondu Seivom family sets off for Kuala Lumpur city to distribute pastries and drinks to the homeless this very minute, Surendaran passed on buns and drinks to ten people on the streets of Manila this afternoon.

This is a beginning to more things to come. Just as we had carried out Annadhanam in India @ Kallar Ashram, Tiruvannamalai, and Palani, Suren has started distributing food in Manila, finding some time from his busy work schedule. It is a great thing to extend this noble act overseas too. Soon we will rope in AVM members from overseas to carry out feeding in their locality too.


If many years back a peacock came and stayed at Tavayogi's old Kallar Ashram for months, this morning a deer venture into the new ashram grounds. As Tavayogi came close to it just outside the Meditation Hall, it allow him to pet and take it into his lap.


Nadi Nool Aasan Thamaraiselvan Ramaiya Aiya reads and explains the 5th Kaandam of Agathiyar's 12000, one of Agathiyar’s many works, where Agathiyar advises his student Pulastya on the shortcomings of the Age of Kali and shows a way out to his student.

Receiving these secrets from the Aswini Devas, Agathiyar narrates what will take place in the Kali Yuga, which is exactly what we are seeing happening around us today. Agathiyar explains that it is the nature of Kali Purushan to keep us engaged in Maya or illusion. The qualities of Kali Purusha enters into man and takes control of him, causing him to act as he dictates. Hence man caught unaware, falls for it. All these is not the making of man but that of Kali Purusha taking the upper hand, entering into his heart and making him do it.

His constant reminder for those on his path, has been to never give in to Kali Purusha; not to be tricked by him, and not to fall for his lure and antics. 

Agathiyar shows his students a way out. He advises his students not to fall prey, not to be trapped, and not to fall for the play of Kali Purusha but to safeguard oneself by taking hold the holy feet of Sadasiva, keeping him in our thoughts daily. He asks us to worship Sadasiva daily, keeping his holy feet close to our chest and in our thoughts. That is the only way to escape the grasp of Kali Purusha. 

Although God is in Chinmaya which is in turn within us, Agathiyar advises us to worship in our own way; not having the need to follow another or be envious of others talents or their ways and most importantly not to follow like a sheep.

Agathiyar says take Gnana Paal and Shiva Kathi; take the Holy Feet of Shiva, on the path of Pathi Marga and Guru Marga; worship light or jhothi, what was to become Ramalinga Adigal's stand too many years later; to reach the state of Saloga, residing with Shiva.

Finally Agathiyar tells us that the Nathakkal had veiled many things due to Kali Purusha's doing. But the most compassionate father Agathiyar exposes Kali Purusha to us.


We at AVM do not debate as to who is the greater God. Instead we hold steadfast to the concept that all Gods are one.

We at AVM do not debate about the merits of being vegetarian or otherwise. Instead we work on compassion.

We at AVM do not talk politics. Instead we channel our energy to something close to our hearts, Agathiyar. 

There is no negative talk here. We put a stop to it the moment it arises. Instead the talk at AVM is always about Agathiyar. 

We at AVM have come together out of love for our Sadguru, Paramaguru, and Moolaguru, Agathiyar. Agathiyar has brought us together to join hands in prayer (puja) and tapas (tavam); and in service (seva) and charity (dhanam). We at AVM have come together in devotion and compassion - the two keys to the the kingdom of God.

Agathiyar has led each individual in AVM, on his/her own journey. Traveling on this journey, soon each of us found our way and walked the path charted by him. We realized that Agathiyar has ultimately brought us together onto a super corridor - that of selfless service. Through union of these souls and a common understanding, love and compassion blossomed and prevails here. Ego is stamped out. In event it shows up, we ask each other to remind the other of the pitfalls. We at AVM remind ourselves not to fall into the trap of illusion or Maya, never making the mistakes others have made, taking those incidents as a lesson to us. We look out for each other. It is a journey, of not an individual, but of all of us. Those who cannot bring themselves to submit themselves in selfless service soon leave on their own accord while those who come with stagnant thoughts, shallow understanding and ideas that have collected moss, all which could poison and destroy the very structure that we have put up together are asked to leave. We believe we are in good hands, the guiding hands of Agathiyar.

Trekking on this road, Bala Chandran, Thondu Seivom and AVM family went about tirelessly purchasing pastries and toiletries the past two days, packing them to be distributed tonight to the homeless on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Thondu Seivom members purchased, packed and will manage the distribution of these contributions from Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia through its financial arm Amudha Surabhi, and from Thondu Seivom members themselves, gathering at Menara AgroBank, Kuala Lumpur at 10pm tonight, in conjunction with Kuthambai Siddhar's Jayanthi (Aadi Maatham Visaagam Natchathiram) today. Please do join us in seva and lend us a helping hand.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Roshan Sekhon made provisions to provide eye glasses to inmates of the home in Semenyih on a personal basis yesterday. AVM had held a medical camp at this home sometime back. Upon examination of the inmates and also those who manage the home, eye glasses were prescribed by the doctors. Taking from there Roshan and his family members volunteered to buy the inmates the glasses. AVM thanks Roshan for his kind and generous gesture.


Balamurugan and Ramachandran spent five lovely days at Kallar Ashram recently. They took the time to explore the jungles neighboring the ashram, coming across the remains of an elephant. They spent much time in enquiry and listening to Tavayogi share his experience and knowledge. Both Bala and Rama received a Jeeva Nadi reading too while there.

They found time to visit the old Ashram too.

Saturday, 29 July 2017


When Agathiyar in a Nadi revelation to the late Nadi Nool Aasan of Chennai, mentioned about life beneath the earth at some 40 feet below ground level at a particular place where Siddhas were dwelling even then, I was amazed.

When I read that the trees and plants greeted Agathiyar as he came through the woods, and shared their properties to him, I was amazed.

When traveling through the woods with Tavayogi, he told me that there was a particular plant that immediately went into hiding, pulling itself into the earth the moment there was an intruder in the vicinity, I was amazed.

When Dyalen told me that a big fallen tree trunk that blocked their way as AVM family made their way back after hiking up to Pothigai peak some years ago, sinked even further down onto the face of the earth so that they could walk across rather than climb over it, I was amazed.

When I read that Bhagawan Ramana discovered an amazing place within the core of the famed Tiruvannamalai hill, its appearance akin to the scene from the movie BABA where Rajni is led through an opening in a cave to another world, with green pastures and sunshine, I was amazed.

When a young lad who had taken upon himself to clean and restore a depleted Shiva temple at Tiruvannamalai, narrated his experience to me, where Esakki Siddhar held on to his hands, brought him to the inner sanctum behind the Shivalinga and slid himself into a crack on the wall, with only his hand remaining behind and visible and still holding on to the lad's, I was amazed.

I went into a state of awe and amazement at the myriad mind boggling mysteries that have yet to be explained even in this century of modern science and logic where many discoveries are made daily. 

The world around us is an amazing place if only we take time to look around us.

When our pet dog Basher that we had as I was growing up was ill, he would look for the Imperata cylindrica or commonly known as Lalang, chew on it and spit it out. He would recover.

When the Phyllanthus emblica, also known as Indian gooseberry or Malacca tree, I planted did not bear fruits even after 8 years, my neighbors suggested all kinds of remedies, some of it cruel, to make the tree bear fruits. I left the tree alone to produce flowers and fruits in its own good time. Soon it began to flower and bear lots and lots of fruits till we did not now what to do with the excess fruits. We began to distribute it.

Mataji told me once that if we are to take some portion of the plant, be it the leaves, flowers or fruits, we need to get permission first. She advocated we say the mantra, "Siddhar Sabam Nasi Nasi" before taking from them. Just as cutting our nails or hair does not hurt us, so too taking from the plants. But uprooting them or pulling out the tuber ends their life.

Every visitor to AVM is delighted to see our garden and tells us that our home is appropriately named, Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia - Vanam meaning a garden or jungle. 

I picked a name for my home when people started asking for directions to come over. I chose Vanam as Tavayogi after returning from Sathuragiri, the last leg of his extensive tour of India after becoming a mendicant or Turavi was asked to settled down at Agathiyar Vanam by Agathiyar. After asking around, he was pointed to the original site of his ashram at Thuripalam, Kallar. That small village was known as Agathiyar Vanam or Agathiyar Nagar. Since then Tavayogi has moved to his new ashram some 2 kilometers down the road.

Friday, 28 July 2017


The Siddhas had control over mind and matter, or rather worked in tandem with prapancham and nature.

It is said that when Agathiyar walked in the woods, the trees and plants would sway towards him with respect and go on to narrate their use and worth, to the Maha Muni in detail. He gathered all these knowledge and wrote treatises on them. Agathiyar got the prapancham to work for him.

And so he brought Tavayogi to perform the Yagna or Yagam for the well being of all of creation. Tavayogi went on to hold the Sarva Dosa Nivarana Maha Yagam as an annual event in conjunction with Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja. Tavayogi told me its purpose was to reduce the wrath of mother nature who lashed us with both extremes, drought and floods.

Tavayogi asked me to conduct a similar prayer but on a smaller and modest scale in my home simultaneously. I began to perform the homam in the confines of my home. Later Agathiyar brought children of his to join me and my family in these prayers. Agathiyar explained to me the reason and purpose for asking me to carry out the homam. Again, it was for the good of prapancham, he told me.

Agathiyar brought AVM family to perform simple yogic practices along the way. He took us on a path of bakthi or devotion, tavam or tapas, and dhanam or charity. As we surrendered to him both our actions and the results, I saw where he was leading us. He was bringing us to work with the prapancham. He told me that he was the prapancham, he was in it and that it was in him. I realized that he was working in us and through us, executing carefully his well laid plans for humanity. Soon I realized every single task, fell into place and was accomplished easily and perfectly. Every desire began to take shape and became fruitful. I was amazed to see prapancham work in our favor now.

Let us follow the dictates of Agathiyar for a better world. Let us join Agathiyar in healing and bringing new life to this prapancham, wounded and hurt by the actions of mankind. Let us come together in prayer to heal Mother Earth.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Srinatha Raghavan wrote on fb just moments ago, 
"Why undertake a pilgrimage?" was the question.
He replied, "To lose yourself...till you find yourself?"

A true pilgrimage is that which leads you to yourself. When you undertake a pilgrimage, you gradually lose yourself to fate, realizing that there is a Higher Power that is taking care of you at every step. Once you become fully aware of this Higher power, that's when the real essence of the pilgrimage will come forth - Surrender. Then when you come back to the world and the worldly, nothing will have the power to distract you, for you'll be then firmly rooted in Truth.
So true. Exactly what Balamurugan too experienced after his pilgrimage to Kailash.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


When I took my daughter and her new born baby to the clinic for a regular checkup yesterday, the seats were all taken up. She was carrying my granddaughter in her arms and so were several other mothers. When I arrived after parking my car, I could not fail but notice young men who accompanied their wives were seated with their spouses. Some were steeped in looking at their smartphones while others were engaged in a chat with their partner. A pregnant mother gave up her seat to my daughter and chose to stand instead. I had to remind these young men to vacate their seats and give it to these women. I wondered how is it that it did not strike them to get up and give way to the expecting mothers and those that had a child in their arms? 

As I stood outside the clinic, I watched a small child pluck the leaves off a plant in the pot with her father looking on. Then I remembered Ramalinga Adigal who had shed tears when he saw the padi plant wilt in the heat of the day. If a child was divine in nature why was she hurting the plant?

My younger daughter would tell me that while waiting for their school bus, the boys would catch lizards and pluck their tails off. Why do they find amusement in hurting other creatures?

When my daughter was taking the Light Rail Transit to and fro from work, she would relate to us the behavior of fellow travelers. As these were peak hours and the cabins were always packed, young people would rush to grab a seat and either engage on their phones or doze off, becoming indifferent to who or what was around them. It is often the elderly who would vacate their seats for an expecting mum. Why are the young indifferent to the aged, elderly and pregnant?

Why do some people come with certain noble values already inculcated in their lives, while others are indifferent to fellow beings?

I believe that the soul, in those who come forward to help the elderly and needy, has put in much effort working on compassion towards other beings over the many previous births and that it was exhibiting these values readily in the present. This is what we always say that "it has to come out of the heart". He/she is ripe to open up his/her heart to others, having put in the efforts over the many previous births. Sadly many need to come back and work on this component.

I believe just as we point out to a child that fire burns and could hurt her, we need to inculcate certain positive values in them. Just as a guru is needed to point the way, we need to show our children ways of compassion. By bringing them along and showing them the sufferings and hunger of others will make them appreciate and be grateful for what they have and inculcate compassion in them for the unfortunate. By teaching them to respect and help the elders they will give way to them in all situations.

Many came to AVM. Some broke down the moment they saw Agathiyar. Some did not see the divine in the bronze statue. A devotee who was in dire straits began to investigate the messenger rather than take up the message. Soon he dropped off the path. Why are some touched by the divine and others not?

Many came for a Nadi reading, and sat in silence, tears of gratitude streaming down their cheeks, as Agathiyar opened up to them about their past, present and future. Others came out of a reading, and put on their thinking caps, and investigated whether the message was indeed from Agathiyar or was coined up by the reader. Why do some believe easily while others find it so difficult to bring themselves to believe in things and have faith?

Again I believe that the soul, in those who are spiritually inclined, has put in much effort working on devotion or bakthi towards the divine, over the many previous births and that it was exhibiting these values readily in the present. 

When an aspirant turned up at AVM, he opened up to me and my wife his problems after several visits. But he hid many things from us that we only came to know after meeting his wife. Many come for solutions but do not divulge many things. Hence it is only expected that the solution would not be appropriate. Many turned up at Nadi readings, hiding certain things, only to have Agathiyar expose them. People fail to realize that all their actions are seen and noted in the Akash. Nothing is hidden from the watchful eyes of the divine.

I believe that the divine can only work on us when we totally surrender to him. He would expose us but save us by showing us a way.

When devotees stood before Bhagawan Ramana, seeking directions, he would advise them to carry on whatever path they were on. They would return happy, happy that they were on the right path.

When Tavayogi used to sit at the feet of his master Chitramuthu Adigal at Panaikulam in Ramanathapuram, Shivasri A. P. Muthukumara Sivaachaariyaar from Malaysia too would frequent the master. When they became full fledged masters, they chose different paths. Tavayogi went on to become a mendicant or turavi while Sivaachaariyaar went into rituals. Why do we chose different paths then although we learn from the same source?

I believe the soul will know in due time, with the coming of his guru, what his mission or path is. 


Sanjiv Malhotra from New Delhi wrote:
One's karma guides the path. Many come but only a few stay. On this path only service and charity will allow one to stay with an evolved soul. Our willingness to give to creation whatever we can will decide our path.
Our difficulties in the physical realm may have brought us to a Guru in search of a solution, but the answer lies in service and charity. Those who grasp it are welcomed .... others fall off the ship moving towards the final destination .... to start all over again. Those who speak ill perhaps do not realize what they have lost and when it will come back.... if it ever does.
The temporariness of the physical body and our possessions that we so dearly cling onto in life become redundant the moment we bid adieu at the cremation ground. We neither come empty handed nor do we leave empty handed. Our karmas come with us and go with us.
That is what the Guru tells us all the time....improve your will follow.
The Guru will guide the way.
Very true.

This is how our Moola Guru Agathiyar has led us all this while, from day one. In very simple terms he told us why we took birth, and gave us a way to end this cycle of birth. As Sanjiv rightly puts it, the way out of this cycle is service and charity. This would open up one's heart. It then builds compassion towards others, while reminding us how gifted we are. With compassion comes devotion (without expecting anything in return). The gates of heaven open up and the grace of the divine comes down on us, bringing the prapanjam or the universe to work in our favor. We at AVM are beginning to see this happen.

See to follow the service and charity administered by Rakesh and friends in India.


Monday, 24 July 2017


  • Sir, we are indebted to you and very very grateful to you. If not for you and your blog, I would never have known about Kallar and Guruji.
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  • My wife and I are coming to visit the Agasthiyar place in Kallar and we would like to have some special pooja and annadhanam for some people. Is it possible to do this? 
  • dear sir, you all are truly blessed and most important you are sharing your blessings with others. inspired from your readings and blessings of siddhas we had visited kallar ashram in aug this year and again planning to come for the grand function with family. 
  • om agatheesaya namah .. my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for your selfless work guiding so many souls. 
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  • Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing to bring the common man close to the Divine Masters, Wishing you & your loved ones many blessings from the Masters.
  • Dear Friend, I was a avid follower of your old scribd site and see that some of your old poems in English (praise of all Siddhas) is not available for viewing anymore. Can you please upload this document? 
  • I love Siddha heart beat blog very much ayya! Aum agatheesaaya namah! 
And numerous others wrote in asking to read the Nadi.
  • I read many of your websites on various Naadi's. I have few queries and doubts about this Naadi astrology.. and want to discuss that with you as you have such a indepth study about this subject and highest blessings of Sage Agasti.
  • Dear Sir, I saw some your books about Sage Agathiyar in and and liked it very much. Could you please guide me to find any place here in Malaysia where i can see the naadi prediction. Also could you please give me the Agathiyar temple address in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you very much !
Many wrote in with a note of thanks and also included links to their businesses or gurus and teachings and faith.

And of course I received a couple of comments from those who are opposed to the positive forces.


When I re-posted by journey to India and my experiences on this blog, after Tavayogi asked me to revive posting and spreading the fame of the Siddhas, amazingly I received lots of support and encouragement besides material, documents, photos, videos and stuffs on the travels of fellow followers on the path. Many brought me relics, holy water, and prasad from the temples and pilgrimage spots they visited. Surendaran Selvaratnam for a change, knowing I was addicted to coffee and tea, used to buy me some, from the numerous countries he visited. We served these to visitors at AVM too. Soon I was slowly sipping the hot and wonderful coffee and tea, as I sat to write. 

The travels of AVM family members amazed me. I would record on video as my wife and I listened intently to the wonderful experiences they shared. Although I never left my home except for those few visits to India, I was provided with vivid stories of amazement and astonishing happenings from the many visitors to AVM.

You will not find any form of teaching or practice on these pages as I am not a teacher but a student. When I came into the path there was not much material available on the Siddhas; if at all there was, it was shrouded in mystery and kept under lock and safe and close to the hearts of those on the path. Believe me it was frustrating trying to get my hands on information and knowledge. So I decided that as I learn a thing or two, I shall share it on this blog with fellow seekers and followers. Hence the pages added on and the sharing from colleagues on the path has helped sustain this blog for exactly 4 years now, with 1,390 posts and 1,055,493 views todate. Thank you very much to all readers who have been faithful to this blog. Please continue to write in and share your experiences too. From the numerous mails complimenting Siddha Heartbeat, this blog I believe has reached far and many. We shall work together and walk together on this amazing path - the path of the Siddhas. Lets walk the walk and talk the talk.


When I had a toothache some years back, the dentist told me there was inflammation and pus in my gums right below my tooth. After treating it with an antibiotic and several visits later the pain and problem still persisted. When the pus kept forming and the pain became unbearable, I told the dentist to remove it, although she hesitated telling me it was a good tooth. When I insisted, she extracted the tooth. The pus and pain stopped. 

Similarly I realized that a devotee too, however good, should go, if he is doing damage to the path or marga.

Many arrived at Supramania Swami's home in Nachananthal and later at his kudil in Tiruvannamalai seeking to know their future through astrology; seeking talisman to ward off evil and negative forces; seeking yantras to worship and mantras to chant.

Many arrived at Tavayogi's ashram seeking instant and immediate remedies and cures for their illnesses; seeking solace and solutions for their daily petty problems; seeking to see the Jeeva Nadi for a prediction; and some turning up out of curiosity.

Sadly as both Swami's told me non came seeking the knowledge they had to offer.  

Many having felt disappointed in not receiving what they came for, left Tavayogi. Among them some did damage to his reputation, speaking ill of him. Similarly some devotees who accompanied Tavayogi on his visits to Malaysia, used him for ulterior purposes. But Tavayogi took everything in his stride, often reminding me that if you are serving the public you will have to face all these accusations and bad mouthing.

Soon I learnt how difficult it was to be a public figure, trying to satisfy the public with their myriad of needs and daily wants. The irony was that they came to Agathiyar and Tavayogi seeking material gains forgetting that the Siddhas have transcended these material needs. They should target their questions instead to successful businessmen rather than approach a turavi or mendicant for guidance.

I learnt to be extra wary and cautious of people who turn up at an ashram and bad mouth about the previous ashram they were attached to, condemning the guru and the practices. It would only be a matter of time when they begin to belittle the new establishment. They would have stayed at the ashram, living on food provided through charity from the public, during the duration of their stay. The least they could do in return for the food and shelter they received, is to leave silently if they felt that they did not like it there, and not do damage. I would consider them as ungrateful.

Traveling the Siddha path has exposed me to many masters and aspirants, directly and indirectly. It has been a steep learning curve for me, something Agathiyar wants me to know from the confines of my home. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017


Bala Chandran Gunasekaran too is a noble soul who has brought his immediate family and relatives to carry out feeding the unfortunate in a home each month. The 15th session of feeding was carried out today. 


One has to truly salute Sri and Srimathi Krishna and family for their truly wonderful gesture in helping the unfortunate. Besides taking on an enormous task of cooking meals and feeding underprivileged school students six days a week for some 57 days, on Sundays when we tend to spend time with our family window shopping or outing, they continue to cook and feed the homeless on the streets. With Dr Jana, Shanga and Patrick, he took to the street today in conjunction with Adi Amavasai to feed the hungry.

Sri Krishna with Sri Balachander Aiya carry out libation to Agathiyar at the Eco City Agathiyar temple regularly too, including feeding the devotees at the temple.

Preparation of food to be served begins in Sri Krishna's home. 

Agathiyar at Eco City where prayers are conducted, and followed by serving of food to devotees by Sri Krishna and Sri Balachander Aiya.

Feeding the poor children at the schools, a noble act of charity indeed, with financial aid from AS, TS and other charitable persons.

Feeding the hungry on the streets, another noble act undertaken by Sri Krishna with financial aid from AS and other samaritans through his "Pothigai Meals on Wheels" program.

Watch videos at