Thursday, 30 January 2014


Vinayagar Agaval composed by Avvai is set to music and rendered beautifully by Pradeep Swaminathan at and Pradeep explains the significance of the Agaval and talks about his musical composition at

Siddha practitioner Dr Bhani once spoke in an assembly of Agathiyar devotees about how a hymn by these saints carry various meanings according to one's temperament and understanding. While in school, he was told by his class teacher, this was a song praising Lord Ganapathy, where we stand in front of Ganapathy Murthy, bring our hands together and offer him a prayer. Later when he was learning Siddha medicine under the tutelage of his Siddha teacher, he was told the intricacies of Siddha medicine were hidden in this song. Moving on later to meet his spiritual teacher Yogi Ramaih, the Yogi told him that this song was full of Gnanam or Wisdom. Imagine one song can reveal so many facets according to the seeker's standing and understanding!

Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar of Ongara Kudil explains the inner meaning of this composition.

Watch some compositions from the movie based on Avvai at

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Mathi Vanan revisited Kalyana Theertam on 25 January 2014.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Lets take a moment to listen to some songs, shall we? at!songs , , and at

While you are at it, you might want to scroll through some hymns to the Siddhas at and at

Follow some speeches made by Tavayogi Thangarasan and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyyar at!speeches and at

Lets visit Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli, Vedaranyam at and the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar at

To those keen to know about the Nadi, here's a beautifully written article at , and at

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Sunday, 26 January 2014


And when I thought I had covered all the miracles that Jnana Jyothi Amma was shown including the one that took place yesterday in yesterdays blog, she called me over the phone just a moment ago to narrate yet another miracle that had taken place today.

She had informed me that she would be leaving for the Siruvapuri Murugan Temple about 10 kilometres from the Arulmigu Ananda Valli Ambigai Sametha Agatheeswarar Thirukovil at Panchesti near Chennai. There was a very large crowd and she was given a seat. As the abhisegam was going on suddenly she felt a gust of wind blow and almost immediately vibhuthi bashbam or the sacred ash showered on her. Her head, her shawl or Topatha, her shoulder and arms were covered in the ash. The devotees on realizing a miracle had taken place crowded around her with the womenfolk touching her arms and shawl and applying the sacred ash to their body.

Amma realized if she stayed any further their might be a stampede, immediately left the premises and had PS Krishnan Iyer, take her to Panchesti.

Once at  the Arulmigu Ananda Valli Ambigai Sametha Agatheeswarar Thirukovil at Panchesti, she headed straight for Agathiyar's temple, grabbed his feet and cried her heart out in gratitude. By this time a crowd had gathered there. Suddenly the crowd cried out too. Only then Amma realized a Jyothi or light was visible on the wall just behind and above Agathiyar. The Jyothi was seen on the wall, glowing and growing bigger, twinkling and flashing between intervals - something like a pulse or heartbeat. Siddha Heartbeat? Truly amazing!

Amma describes that moment of joy and bliss in Agathiyar's presence in her own words,

"I was running towards Him to fall at HIS feet after what happened at Siruvapuri ... without the slightest thought or imagination ... THAT A MUCH HEAVIER THING WAS THERE IN STORE FOR ME."

"Agathiyan ..... Jyothi ..... in full form and force. It looks as if HE was waiting for me .... to BURST IT OUT ... Continuous    lights ... Twinkling .... moving from left to right on the wall .. behind Him ... At times ... increasing in size. It was going on for almost two hours."

"Finally I couldn't stand inside any more .... .it was so so heavy."

"I just wanted to fall at HIS feet and cry my heart out after the Vibuthi spraying incident at Siruvapuri Murugan Temple.When they started chanting HARO HARA ... THAT WAS IT ... I couldn't control myself any more .... I told them ... I NEVER COULD EVEN IMAGINE MY FATHER AGATHIYAN ..... WOULD PLACE ME IN SUCH A POSITION."

"Shan ... this is very very heavy to CONTAIN ... Too too heavy ...."

"In Kalyana Theertham ...we all saw saw the Columns of light through the camera .... BUT NOW... I SAW THE JYOTHI ... MY FATHER AGATHIYAN ...."THROUGH NAKED EYES".

Amazing, truly amazing! The Leela of Agathiyar! The Thiruvilaiyadal of the Siddhas! If earlier Agathiyar had opened his eyes, now he shows a jyothi!

Jnana Jyothi Amma with Kandhan Gurukal at Panchesti sometime last year