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If Bala Chandran Gunasekaran is working with the youths to bring them together to serve through his Thondu Seivom, Sri Krishna is working with the kids to inculcate noble values and compassion in them. 

Sri Krishna arranged for a full day event for the kids today at his home, which began with lessons in Yoga, an annadhanam and ending with prayers to Erai.

He is also providing food for school students through an ongoing program over 57 days.

Recently both these noble souls came together to feed the inmates at a home.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Has the good Lord visited your home? Ramalinga Adigal in 100 verses describes this moment where Erai came to his place of residence in the dead of night, walking till his Holy sole were red and sore and passed him something in his hands. Adigal does not reveal what he received.

Follow this wonderful moment in Adigal's words composed as the "Arutprakaasa Maalai from his Thiruarutpa at and

I wanted to know who came and gave him what to Adigal for years? Finally I came to know who it was and what was given to Adigal. I was extremely happy for the revelation.

Tavayogi too had a visitor come in the early hours of the morning just days before Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja at the old Kallar Ashram. A sadhu stood at his door as he opened it that morning to go to the washroom. He had a package in his hands. He passed it to him, asking Tavayogi to worship it. Tavayogi invited him to have a sit while he began to prepare tea for the visitor. When he came out of the kitchen with the tea in his hands, the stranger was no where to be seen. He searched the premises and realized that the sadhu had made his way to his door through a gate that was locked for the night.  

Many years later the sadhu appeared again and passed him another Rudraksha to be worshiped.

Supramania Swami too had his Guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar knock the door to his village home at 11pm in the night and hand him his photo. His Guru had already gone into samadhi.

Many are the miracles that Agathiyar has shown to believers. As Agathiyar says, man needs something to take place first before he believes; but the Siddhas say believe and it shall happen. 

Supramaniya Aiyar, who came to be known as Abhirami Pattar later, while sitting in meditation is asked to clear the temple grounds for the exclusive visit of the King to the temple. When the King's soldiers forcefully try to remove him, the King arrives. The King intervenes and questions him asking Pattar the Tithi for the day. Pattar still in meditation replies that it was a full moon. Everyone is taken aback as it was a new moon. When Pattar comes out of his deep meditation and realizes what had taken place he confronts the Goddess and prepares himself to be sacrificed in a fire, unless she appears. The moon does appear and Pattar is grateful for the miracle that Mother Goddess had performed for all to see.


I was driving Tavayogi, who had an invitation from Siva Sri AP Muthukumara Sivachariyar, to Bukit Rotan to view the Sakthi temple ( ) which was under construction then and to identify if there was the presence of Siddhas at the temple grounds.

As we drove along, I played several songs from the Thiruarutpa by Ramalinga Adigal in the car. Tavayogi was listening intently and finally told me that just by listening to these songs one can attain Jnana. Then he went on to sing the "Aaniponnambala Kaatchi". It went "Anipon Ambalathey Kanda Thiru Kaatchi Yellam... Arputha Kaatchi Yadi... Amma".

Literally, the verses describe a journey that Adigal took on the physical and mystical planes. He describes coming upon a Hill, and a Path opening up to it. "As I walked on the Path, there was a Platform. I climbed the Platform. There was a Room. As I approached the Room, there was a 7 tier Hall above it. I cannot bring myself to narrate what I saw in these 7 tiers. In one tier, the silver Pearl transformed into Blue Sapphire (Neelam), in another tier, the Blue Sapphire became Coral (Pavalam). In another tier, the Emerald (Maragatham) became Ruby (Maanikkam). Yet in another tier, it became a Pearl, and back to Coral in another tier. Then on another tier the gems became Gold. All these gems became Spadigams in yet another tier. Above this 7 tiers there was a staff. Climbing the staff, what can I say of that which I saw. There were thousands of Sakthis everywhere, who came to enticed me but I remained undeterred and strong due to the Divine Grace. Due to his Grace I saw the Jewel of the Crown. I saw a Peak atop the Crown, above this there was 1008 Temples. As I entered through the Arch at the Temple without hesitation, within the Entrance there stood both Sakthis and Saktas in millions. They began to question who was this trespasser, as I moved on. At another Entrance there stood Five, the others showed the Way, yet to another Doorway. As I entered, a male and a female showed me to yet another Doorway. At the Doorway my Mother the Goddess Anandha Valli stood to welcome me. I saw her and submitted to her Grace, and partook the Divine Nectar. With her grace I saw my father's Abode. I stepped into his Abode. Who could possibly understand the Gift I was showered by my father Lord Nadarajah."

From "Makers of Indian Literature - Ramalingar" by S Vanmikanathan published by Sahitya Akademi, the author describes the finale very beautifully.
"At that sacred door, stood Aanandhavalli, my Mother, I beheld the Mother, Her grace I received, and ambrosia I partook of. By Her grace which held me up, I saw the presence of Natarajar; 
O mother, I saw the presence of Natarajar! The boon I received on going into His presence, God knows it, O mother, God knows it!"
The Presence Ramalingar saw in the Hall was Natarajar, the Godhead, the Brahman. He who knew the boon, which Ramalingar received, was God in time. God who becomes and dis-becomes.
Adigal's journey reminds us of the mystical doors that give way to the abode of the Gods and Goddesses in the Purana films. Buddha too was wooed by Mara with all kinds of distractions. About this journey, Tavayogi told me it was an inner journey. He told me it was a journey through the Chakras and stopped at that.

We soon realized the truth in Tavayogi's words, that these songs of anubhuti or personal spiritual experiences of saints do trigger a similar effect on us, bringing us to experience all that they went through. Traveling on this path, adopting these renditions of their anubhutis and singing them, we too sense and visualize the sensations and visions that took place in them and that which they saw, respectively.

More from S Vanmikanathan's translation of "Aani-p-ponnambalaththe kanda kaatchikal."
It is the aani-p-ponnambalaththe kanda kaatchikal, the visions I saw on the magnificent golden hall, the 109th decad of the VI th Book. He sings in 32 stanzas of jubilant verse,all of which end with the refrain: 

The sights I saw in the Hall of Prime Gold are wonderful sights, O mother, wonderful sights are they!

He goes on to describe in detail the sights he saw. I omit the repetitions and refrains and give, in his own words of course, the details of the sights which met his eyes. The refrains are evidence of the irrepressible joy bubbling in his heart.

He says:

There appeared a mountain of effulgence
and on that was a street.
I went along that street
and in its center there was a platform.
I climbed on to that platform
and on that platform there was a hall.
When I approached the hall,
on top of that hall I saw a seven-storeyed tower.
What shall I say of the wonders
that were on the seven storeys?
On top of the seven storeys
there was a golden pillar.
When I beheld the pillar and climbed on it,
what shall I say of the novelties I saw !
It is not within my capacity to describe
what met me as I climbed on.
At the several stages,
Sakthi-s, in thousands and thousands, came,
They came and tried to bewitch me,
but, that I may not be bewitched,
I gained a power of grace.
By that power I climbed up that pillar
and spied the jewelled crest.
On top of the crest there stood a dome, that I saw.
On top of that dome there was a temple
of one thousand and eight carat gold.
On seeing the temple,
I went unhesitatingly inside the portal
in the tower.
At the portal in the tower,
there were Sakthis-s and Saakthaa-s in crores.
Their hues were white, red, and scarlet.
There, all of them asked, “Who is this man?”,
but I went past them. 
I went past them,
and there, at a sacred doorway,
were five persons.
With them showing me the way,
I went to a jeweled doorway farther up.
At that doorway, which I remember well,
there stood two, a man and a woman.
With them pointing it out to me,
I be held with love welling up in me
the private sacred entrance
(which leads to the sacred presence of Lord Civan).
At that sacred door,
stood Aanandhavalli, my Mother.
I beheld the Mother, Her grace I received,
and ambrosia I partook of.
By Her Grace which held me up,
I saw the presence of Natarajar,
O mother, I saw the presence of Natarajar!
The boon I received
on going into His presence,
God knows it,
O mother, God knows it.
In the Hall of prime gold,
the sights I saw ,
wonderful sights they are,
O mother, wonderful sights they are. 

    Tuesday, 29 August 2017


    This blog is not about a particular Guru or God. It is the telling of the many stories, adventures and experiences by and about devotees, seekers, aspirants and souls journeying back to the Kingdom of God. During this journey we have met many gurus too whose stories we carried. 

    Many have written in to express their gratitude for the postings on this blog. These kind words serve as a tonic for me to write further. 
    • Felt as though it was written for me
    • The above messages of gratitude and thank you from ..... group ayah. Your writings are opening up many hearts and minds. So happy to see this.
    • Shan ayah I have shared the write up on my ...... group too. I was hoping you would write something of this. I am learning so many answers to my own spiritual questions. Thank you ayah. Agasthiyar is answering all of us thru you.
    • I share all the AVM blog updates with the group too. They love it. Its very well written ayah. You are touching many souls with these amazing messages.
    • I have shared your article in other Agasthiyar groups. Many sending gratitude on the article. This article is perfect for the soul ayah.
    • Amazing..and thanks a lot sir for translations.
    • Very informative. 
    • Thanks for guiding thorough great articles ayya.
    • Ayya, you just answered my doubts. Thank you. 
    • Such a beautifully articulated post! Thank you, Sir! 
    • Amazing I really enjoy reading it.
    • Wonderful thoughts Uncle Shan. Couldn't agree more with your opinion.
    • Dear Shan aiya, my humble salutations. "The Path chooses You" WOW. What an amazing piece. Love it. Such a profound conclusion. I was carried away to light headedness by the truth of your words.
    • The work you have been doing Shan aiya is truly inspiring. I have begun some work on a very small scale and have started writing about it from an awareness and emotional wellness perspective.Will share these with you asap.
    • I was reading your piece on Mystic India and something struck a chord. I have been preoccupied lately with thoughts about the person who approached me unexpectedly at the ashram in Dec 2015. He said "the most important thing for you to remember is that we r all one". There were other cryptic messages too. I cannot forget his energy. ..Your piece takes me back there.
    • Good morning Shan aiya. Have planned some time this morning to catch up and read through all your experiences last month in India. I am so amazed and uplifted. It feels like reading fairy tales with miracles. Not done yet....can't stop reading.
    • "Let's motivate each other, let's wipe the tears from others eyes, lets bring inspiration to those close to us, let's share the good n ignore the bad. Let's change ourselves n the immediate surrounding through positive thoughts n good deeds. Believe me u will find delight in it. Make it happen daily n u shall be in a state of bliss forever. Let's walk the talk AVM." Yes..absolutely. I take a bow. I could not agree more. We need to hear that, everybody around the world needs to hear that,  especially at this time.  Its the only way to stay grounded and connected to our purpose.
    • Uncle. Thanks for the article.. it's such an eye-opener. life is beautiful the way it is when we live in the moment and in the now.
    • No uncle.. in the path of Murugan n Agastiyar.. there are no big and small. We are all souls and we are all the same. Your sevai is nothing inferior.. we are all serving God in the way he wants us to.. we are the same.. and that's what is keeping us together. the strong string tying us all together. neega illai endral.. namaku Agastiyar Appa kitte adaikalam kidayathe. Your house is a temple housing Agastiyar and your service to Appa is great.
    • Sir, my husband and I went to Kallar ashram after finishing both our pariharams. We stayed with Guruji and Mathaji for 3 days. On Monday, on Guru Poornima day, we did Annadanam and Go Danam (naatu maadu) after the Guru Pooja and Homam. Sir, we are ever grateful to you. Without you it would not have been possible to have the grace of our Karunamayi Mahamuni. You are instrumental in our helping us in our spiritual journey. 
    • Thank you so much Shanmugam sir. Your  writings are wonderful. They dispel ignorance of people like me.
    I have come to realize that these posts are akin to therapeutic storytelling. (Therapeutic storytelling is the act of telling one's story in an attempt to better understand oneself or one's situation. Often times, these stories affect the audience in a therapeutic sense as well, helping them to view situations similar to their own through a different lens.-

    I am glad too that I have finally served my guru well by adhering and fulfilling their request. Tavayogi had asked me to speak about Agathiyar when I came under his tutelage many years ago. I turned down saying that I was not well equipped with the knowledge of the Siddhas. He then "fixed" me up when he introduced to all gathered at the opening of a branch of his Agathiyar Gnana Peedham in Banting and told them that I shall speak on the Siddhas. I was taken by surprise. I said a few words about Tavayogi and was wondering what else to say, when a thought came to me to sing instead, hence escaping from having to speak. I invited all gathered to join me in chanting the Arutperunjhoti Mantra. That saved my day. 

    I am still not equipped with knowledge of the Siddhas. I began to share whatever little authentic information I had about them through these posts. I gathered all the hymns on the Siddhas that I could lay my hands and published them online. I loved to share the many stories told by devotees who stopped over at AVM. That is how the number of posts increased day by day. I was in an advantage when I had willing candidates from the AVM family who gave me interviews and related their experiences on video. These I posted at

    If we are trapped at the bottom of a large pit and there are many who have come to our aid, letting down ropes and ladders and stretching their arms out to help us get to the surface, we can only hold on to one form of aid, be it the rope, ladder or arm at any on time to reach the top or bring us to safety. Similarly we chose to take the hand of Agathiyar to bring us to an enlightened state, to his state.

    Erai has given us a birth that is considered rare by the saints, to carry out his purpose but we have ended up doing our own thing. Let us revert now to do something within our means, in service for him and let him take care of our needs. Agathiyar today sits in our homes, looking over us, guiding us through the Nadi, and bringing selected devotees of his together to do his task.

    Sitting aside Agathiyar, and both my gurus, Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram, and watching the devotees and seekers come with a myriad of intentions and asking, has been enlightening in a way. Listening to the solutions and advises given to them has been enlightening. Giving us numerous task to perform while on this journey, brought us many experiences that has been enlightening too.

    Many had their desires and wishes fulfilled. But several have yet to see a promising end to their problems. We are praying for them too believing that all would be well in due time. But as the affected party, it is only understandable that they want solutions fast as their problems have been dragging on and on for quite some time now. 

    Why do some see results immediately while others don't? I am equally at lost at times when after I tell them to pray hard, consoling them that Agathiyar shall take care of their problems, and they too sincerely carry out their prayers but there is no solution in sight. What we have is only Agathiyar's words to hold on to, that whoever lights a light and states their problems, he shall look into it. They too live with the hope and belief that Agathiyar will take care of all things. Along the way he has made us stronger no doubt by giving us the strength to face these problems. To a devotee he says that in event you have to jump into the river, do it. He assures her that he would reduce the strength of the river current so that she would be save.

    I believe we have a better understanding now of the reason as to why we are here, and the intricacies of life. I believe we have the right understanding and knowledge, acquired to face these situations and to help others too sail through. 

    Agathiyar has shown us much along the way, beginning with showing us our past karma and a way out, showing us our mission, showing us the path, showing us the guru, showing us the teachings, and I believe one day showing himself. That day is the day our journey would end.

    As a way to show our gratitude, to those who came seeking a solution to their lives problems, we in turn, showed them the Nadi, a revelation of the souls journey. We took them under our wings, where they associated with AVM and many of its charitable programs. We showed them the prayers we conducted, and encouraged them to continue doing it in their homes. We showed them our Gurus in the hope that they to would find solace, guidance and salvation. 

    This is the least we can do I believe. My wish is to see every home become another AVM where Agathiyar resides.

    Monday, 28 August 2017


    I was going through the Nadi readings of mine when I decided to merge all 53 readings. It came up to 10 hours of discourse by Agathiyar. If others had been blessed to stay at the feet of their gurus in physical form, and listen to them speak, I am blessed to have Agathiyar speak to me through the medium of Nadi. And so have all of us at AVM.

    Going through these amazing medium of communication between the divine and the mortals, I realized that all that Agathiyar spoke about had materialized todate. Some of the events that he mentioned were changed by him for reasons only known to him. Those events that did not take place was solely because of my decision in not wanting to go along with it. I understood we always had a choice in all things. 

    If you had seen the Tamil movie 12B several years back you would understand this. The story revolves around a young man who misses the bus one day. A sequence of events follows accordingly. The director then takes us through another story that runs parallel where he manages to board the bus and another chain of events takes place. Here we are shown two possibilities. Similarly in life we have so many possibilities out there waiting to happen.

    It is a matter of choice, karma and destiny all tied together and weaved to form the fabric of life. Some are colorful with lots of color, colorful events thrown in as bonuses while in others life it is in shades of grey and dullness, with sorrow and pain accompanying.

    Our choices are usually based on our past experiences. For a child he would look towards an elder to help him/ her decide hence shifting the responsibility and karma to the elders. Have no regret for how your life is moving on now, for it was your choice all along the way, driven by karma, the silent hand.

    It is said that we as souls decided to take birth in a nation and a family and to certain parents so that we could accomplish what we came for in the best possible way. We bring along other souls as company in the form of a spouse, siblings, friends, and colleagues etc to help accomplish our agenda on the face of the earth. The divine might want to have a hand in molding us too and he comes as a master, guru or saint. The whole blueprint is laid out and all plots and sub plots and details gone through and discussed thoroughly among these souls. And with the consent of all, we begin our journey to the physical plane to give shape and form and work out this divine play.

    It is also said that all discoveries are made in this plane of souls before the idea even strikes us on the physical plane. 

    Then we took a certain gender, color, and built depending on our past karma. Then again language and the mother tongue and later religion was introduced to us. We grow up learning many things in life experiencing them and falling back on these experiences later in helping us make wise decisions.

    Then I begin to have a question too. If the reason we are born is because of the past karmas and if we are here to work out these karmas, now when and how did this cycle start? Where was I before my very first birth on this physical plane and what karma did I do then to deserve a birth in the very first place?

    Isaignani Illaiyaraja wrote and composed a song where he questions if he had a desire sprout in him while living in Sathya Loka that led to him taking a birth in this world?

    Watching the old movies based on Puranas, we are shown that desires and wants; and curses and its replications warrant a birth on the physical plane, where even the Gods take a human birth to either fulfill their desires or seek reprieve for their wrongdoings.

    I am watching my grandchild grow. She breaks into a smile often and within seconds it turns into a cry. My mother would tell us that Lord Brahma was revealing and running through her life story and showing the events and happenings she would face when she grows up. When the happy moments are related, she laughs; she cries when she is told of sad happenings. This phenomena is noticeable in children of all races throughout the world. So I have a question. In what language does Lord Brahma speak to them? Language is introduced by the parents only later as he/ she learns to pick it up, listening to them. Since I do not have answers to these questions, I am asking my grandchild to share this Brahma Ragasiyam or Brahma's Secret with me before the secret door at the crown of her head through which these messages we are told comes in, is closed.

    We are told that our life story will be aired to us again once we depart this physical body. We will once again watch for ourselves the extend of damage or good we have done during the birth, one that is very rare to come by according to the saints. This time, we are told, Chitragupta who keeps track of all our worldly accounts, will run through the events with us. The next world and birth, we are told, will depend and be determined from this review of our life.  

    Lately a friend asked me what happens to the Atma or soul on our death and where does it go to? I told her I do not know. In fact I have yet to answer a question thrown to me several years ago by a colleague. He had asked me where does the soul reside? He threw the question most likely to shut me up since I spoke so much on spiritualism then till I must have bored him. I did shut up after that. While many masters and pundits have tried to indicate the spot where the soul resides, Agathiyar says we cannot allocate nor point our finger to any particular place where the soul resides.

    Then there is the question as to when the soul comes into this being to stay and take on the experiences? Many have tried to answer these pertinent questions but it is still all a mystery for there is no definitive answers.

    I soon began to understand, the key word here is experience. We are here for an experience. While some say we are here to evolve spiritually or to continue on a journey of spiritual discovery from where we left, a journey that ended abruptly in the last birth; others say that it is the spirit that is having a worldly experience.

    I understood from Isaikavi Ramanan Aiya's talks that we had fallen from grace in spiritualism. We were all once living with the wise where tapas or austerities was the way of life. This was the age of the wise Rishis who had access to the Gods, and their Worlds and all their mystical knowledge. The Holy Scriptures were tapped into and given to us by the Rishis through their tapas. I remember my mother tell me that the Gods once walked this earth. When they left, they made brief visitations to a selected few homes. The household animals who could sense and see their movements would disclose these visitations to their owners, hence their ability to speak to humans was withdrawn.

    Next the Vedas were given to us as references and guides for us. Later Yoga and its means were given to keep us hale, healthy and be in touch with the Gods. Coming to this age, as we could not comply with the high standards required of us in pursuing the way of Yoga, we were then given the easiest means to keep abreast with God, that is worship in the temples.

    Now we have started our journey tracing the path back to the kingdom of God, rediscovering the magnificence and majesty of a past civilization, stopping to admire in amazement and awe the lost kingdom of our forefathers and the high standard of virtues and practices upheld during that time, from whence we had slipped and fell. It is indeed God's leela or Divine game play; and for us a game of snake and ladder.

    When the late Hanumathdasan Aiya voiced out that it was rather difficult to read and comprehend Agathiyar's writings in the Jeeva Nadi in his possession due to the language used and spoken by Agathiyar, he asked that Agathiyar relay it in the language used in present times. Agathiyar, although voiced concern that Hanumathdasan Aiya was asking him to bring his standard down, but out of compassion for the present generation agreed to come down to the level of understanding of the layman, giving him the revelation in his colloquial language. Hanumathdasan Aiya reveals in his collection of stories based on the Nadi and published as "Nadi Sollum Kathaigal", that Agathiyar continued to appear in the Jeeva Nadi in simple spoken Tamil of the day, after that request was put to him. In another episode, Hanumathdasan Aiya mentions that Agathiyar made an exception when he asked him to pass the Nadi to the seeker, a Malaysian Tamil who came for a reading. The reading appeared in the Malay language which the Malaysian read and understood for himself!

    Although I understand Agathiyar telling us to refrain from questioning the source (Rishimulam Nadhimulam), but as Supramanya Bharathi confronted Goddess Shiva Sakthi, that it was she who gave him the sharp intellect to question and investigate everything, hence we cannot be blamed for delving into and seeking answers to these mysteries, wonders and miracles in life.

    Sunday, 27 August 2017


    Two great souls got together to serve the poor and unfortunate at the Pusat Jagaan Syurga Warga Emas, Semenyih. It was the monthly feeding programme carried out by Bala Chandran Gunasekaran's family where AUM's Pothigai Meals on Wheels initiator Sri Krishna joined in to serve the mentally and physically challenged inmates at this home.


    Friday, 25 August 2017


    An Annadhanam program was carried out today in conjunction with Vinayagar Chaturthi at a school SJK (T) Semenyih. AVM family members found time to serve the children.



    I had turned vegetarian overnight for no reason at all. Similarly I began to worship Agathiyar and the Siddhas immediately when asked to do so by Agathiyar through the Nadi. Traveling on the path of the Siddhas, I soon realized that if I was to be questioned about my worship of Agathiyar, I would not have any knowledge if asked about the very entity that I was worshiping, his origin, and his story.

    The question that I feared most did crop up when a cousin who came to know I was in the worship of Agathiyar, brought up a couple of episodes from Agathiyar's life that he had knowledge about, asking me for confirmation. I replied to him that I had no idea and was not an authority on it, but I told him that I pretty much knew he was with us, guiding us and caring for us. I had felt his presence often and he had worked out miracles in our lives. That was all I knew about him. It did not matter if I did not know about his origin and his story as I knew he was there for me in my hour of need. That put a stop to that conversation that day.

    Surendaran Selvaratnam and I discussed this matter and he agreed to ask the Siddha himself for answers to his origin the next time he went for a Nadi reading. Agathiyar answered his query beginning of this year. In the last post I had shared Agathiyar's brief revelation in the Nadi about himself. The re-post of the translation from Tamil is as follows.
    Agathiyar in his very first mortal birth, had the vision of Kailash at a very young age of 10. After the vision he took up extreme tapas (tavam) including breath control. With the holy feet of the Sadguru forever in his thought, he reached a state of Nirmala at Kailash. Upon receiving theecha from Lord Kailai Shiva, he was blessed to be born a Siddha. It was a mystical birth. Agathiyar adds that it was not necessary to dwell into the source and the details (Rishimulam Nadhimulam).
    Born as a Siddha now and moving in the jungles, sustaining only on fruits, his thoughts fixed on Erai, having no attachment to the good or bad, he soon had the vision and grace of Goddess Vana Kali. Continuing with his seeking and search for realization, and upon accomplishment through further severe tavam, Lord Kailai Shiva shows him his vision in Pothigai. Merging with Erai, Agathiyar stayed on at Pothigai upon Lord Kailai Shiva's directive. While here he came to know about the medicinal benefits of various herbs and plants. Agathiyar received the names of Kudamuni, Kumbamuni and other names from Lord Kailai Shiva.
    Going without food and remaining in silence, staying in the state of Vasi, adhering to the eight limbs of Asthanga Yoga and performing extreme tapas, for the rest of the Yuga, gaining the Siddhi to travel through air,  yet Lord Kailai Shiva told Agathiyar that there was something that he had failed to accomplish and do. When Agathiyar asked for further clarification, Lord Kailai Shiva laugh and looked him straight into his eyes, "Although you are an embodiment of Jnana, and those who hold on to your feet shall never face any disappointments, Gurumuni you do not have a companion as I do."
    Agathiyar was taken aback. He came to know that the Lord intended to get him engaged to the very representation of Mother Kaveri, and Kaberan's daughter, Lobamutrai. Hence in this Kali Yuga, his energy that was of Shiv Sakthi came to stay at Kalyana Theertam with the intention of blessing all those who came seeking him and stood before him and Lobha Ma, seeing them as a personification of Shiv Sakthi.
    Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar in his book, "POTRINAL UNATHU VINAI AGALUM APPA", explains further, the process through which Agathiyar attained the highest state, that of becoming one with Erai. This state was granted to Agathiyar by his Guru Supramaniar (Lord Muruga). I shall run through a translation of his writing, originally in Tamil, briefly.
    All the knowledge to attain the state was made available to Agathiyar by Supramaniar because Agathiyar had provided the space, shelter and all comforts for Supramaniar to carry on with his penances (tapas) and austerities (tavam) in a past birth. Agathiyar was 60 years of age then when Supramaniar attained the body of Light through his tapas, thanks to Agathiyar looking after all of Supramaniar's needs. Supramaniar promised Agathiyar that they shall meet in a subsequent birth and that he shall return the favor.

    In the succeeding birth Agathiyar traveled in vain in search of his ideal guru. He eventually met Supramaniar at Kodaikanal, where Supramaniar made him recall the past and as promised in return for all his services in the past birth, blessed Agathiyar and taught him secrets of attaining the state of Erai.
    Agathiyar mentions that he learnt the Siddha way from Supramaniar. Supramaniar granted Agathiyar the body of Light or Jhothi Nilai in the following birth as appreciation of Agathiyar's service rendered to him and helping Supramaniar himself achieve his desire in attaining the Jhothi Nilai.
    Agathiyar began with performing puja to Supramaniar. By way of devotion to Supramaniar he began to realize that he had had the greatest gift that was the human birth, which comes by very rarely. Through Supramaniar he came to know himself and the divinity that resided in the physical body. He understood the very Nature that brought him forth and resided within him. With Supramaniar's guidance and blessings, Agathiyar relished the ambrosia or nectar that came about through his tapas. This removed the seven veils to reveal the Jhothi in him, hence attaining the body of Light. With this came Bliss, Siddhis, and the state of Deathless-ness. Agathiyar attained the five tanmai of Erai namely Creation, Sustenance, Destruction, Veiling and Showering Grace. 

    Supramaniar granted Agathiyar the title Gurumuni and Kumbamuni and sent him off to spread the Siddha way extensively all over the globe, bringing many into his fold. All the Siddhas soon looked upon Agathiyar as their Guru.
    Dr. Mandayam Kumar from the Siddha Medical Research Institute in Bangalore,
    ... gives a short narrative about Sage Agastya at the beginning of Kali era, since when our present civilization has its origin. Sage Agastya is stated to have been born nearly 5000 years prior to the commencement of Kali Yuga, at a place in Gujarat, as the son of Bhargava and Indumathi who followed the traditional Pasupatha cult which was widely prevalent at that time", at
    In another article of his, SIDDHA AGASTHYA – FOREMOST OF THE SIDDHAS, passed on to me by Nadi Nool Aasan T.Ramesh many years back, Dr. Mandayam gives more details. I have given a summary of it as follows.
    The Dr mentions that it was possible to find out details about Agathiyar during the course of literary research on the Siddha medical sciences in a Tamil manuscript written on palm leaves about 3,000 years ago. The text attributed to Lord Muruga is titled PRAPANCHA KAANDAM and according to the Dr runs into several volumes. Agathiyar narrated the contents while Pulastyar recorded it.
    The Dr. reveals for the first time the parental heritage of Agathiyar. Agathiyar was said to have been born about 4573 years prior to the commencement of Kali Yuga at a place in Gujarat, in the early hours of Tuesday, 14 February 7673 BC. Belonging to the early Aryan race, his father Bhargava was well learned while his mother Indumathi was from Punjab. They were both devotees of the Pasupatha order of Rishabha Muni. Agathiyar had his early education in Gujarat. 
    As his thirst for knowledge in particular on philosophy, Yoga, medicine, and astronomy was immense, he traveled all over Kashmir, Tibet, China, Nepal, and Kailas in Manchuria. (Mount Kailas was deemed to be in Manchuria those days). He became a disciple of Nandi and Dhanvantri. 
    He then traveled towards the south to Cambodia and Malaya (present day Malaysia). In Cambodia, he established the very first of his many educational institutions for the propagation of philosophy and science. After establishing a similar institution and hospital in Malaya, he crossed the sea to the continent of Kumari Kandam (during Agathiyar’s time, Kumari Kandam occupied a vast area extending from the present day Sri Lanka to the Antarctic. Ravana, a great devotee of Lord Shiva, ruled this continent). 
    King Ravana gave away a portion of his kingdom to Agathiyar to establish more institutions. The foremost of these institutions in this region was known as Arunodaya Giri or Meozone. Here Agathiyar practiced Yoga and taught it to his large following of disciples. 
    Agathiyar then went back north to Malaya where he was betrothed to the king’s daughter. He then ruled the kingdom of Vijayapuri. He returned to Kumari Kandam where he met Lord Murugan in the form of Supramaniar at Trikona Malai (present day Trincomali). At the hill station called Kadari Kama or Kadhirgama, Lord Murugan imparted spiritual knowledge to Agathiyar. 
    Dr. Mandayam Kumar says Agathiyar could see impending calamities take place in the future during his meditation. As a result, he moved to the North Pole considering it to be a save place. This period of his move to the arctic was said to coincide with the end of the Dwapara Yuga placed at about 6580 BC. Just as he had seen of an impending calamity and had decided to move north, a tremendous explosion in the planet mars sends a piece of debris towards earth. This impact caused a great deluge on the earth. Significant portions of Kumari Kandam submerged into the Indian Ocean. Continental drift then resulted in the present day arrangement of this region. After the great flood Kailas was no more but instead the Himalayan mountain range had emerged in north India. 
    Amidst all this geographical changes, says the Dr, Agathiyar went seeking for a place that would not be affected by future calamities. He located a mountain range in south India. This is the present day Courtalam. This spot is said to be the safest place and free from any future catastrophes. Here Agathiyar met Lord Shiva and Uma in the form of Dhakshinamurthi and Shenbaga Devi. The spot where the meeting took place between Dhakshinamurthi, Shenbaga Devi, Lord Murugan, and Agathiyar was Mahadeva Giri. This meeting also signified the commencement of Kali Yuga. Other Siddhas then started coming to Mahadeva Giri. Lord Dhakshinamurthi revived the knowledge of the Vedas and instructed these Siddhas to propagate this knowledge at the appropriate manner and time for the benefit of humanity. The imparting of this knowledge was said to have taken place on the 21st day of the Tamil month of Kartigai, during the eleventh year, Eswara Samvatsara, of Kali Yuga. Agathiyar gave much importance to this day. All his dating was reckoned from this day. 
    The Siddhas recorded their knowledge on palm leaves after extensive discussions held in Alagan Kulam and presented them to Lord Dhakshinamurthi for his perusal. This included the 64 kinds of learning, 18 Puranas, 96 tatvas, and 48 branches of scientific knowledge. The entire literature in Tamil came to be called SIDDHAVEDA. It was then translated into the four existing languages of that period which was Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew, and Chinese. Agathiyar on the instruction of Lord Murugan originated the Tamil language. 
    Bhogar from China (Agathiyar in the Jeeva Nadi revelation to Hanumathdasan of Chennai says Bhogar was from Mongolia), Thaeraiyar from Malaya, Yugimuni from Kerala, Pulipani from Kantha Malai, Pulastyar, and Kapiyar all served Agathiyar. A conference of Siddhas called Siddhar Sabai was held during the 53rd year, Siddharti Samvatsara, of Kali Yuga at Courtalam. An institution known as Siddhar Gnana Koodam was inaugurated by Lord Murugan and was headed by Agathiyar. Pulastyar and Kapiyar headed the literary section while Pulipani in research. Thaeraiyar who was into surgery headed a medical research centre established at Thorana Malai. Yugimuni who was into herbal medicines headed an ayurvedic hospital at Paradesi Kundai. Bhogar who was in charge of all scientific researches established an alchemy research centre at Tiruparankundram. Pambatti was heading a team researching venom at Marudamalai. After having established these institutions Agathiyar again started on an extensive mission of propagating the wealth of knowledge gained by these Siddhas in Tibet, Manchuria, Egypt, Palestine, Rome, America, Africa, Malaya and the Arab world. 
    After satisfactorily completing their mission of propagating the said teachings the Siddhas went into samadhi merging themselves into the cosmos. Supramaniar went into samadhi in Thorana Malai, Bhogar in Palani, Thaeraiyar, Pulipani and Yugimuni in Kantha Malai and Agathiyar himself choose to come back to Courtalam. He chose a spot called Dhashina Meru in the Pothigai hills. This spot is also the abode of Dhakshinamurthi.
    Pa. Kamalakannan in CITTAR URUVIL SHIVAPERUMAN, Vanathi Pathippakam, 2007 (Kamalakannan, 2007), says Agathiyar married Yasomadhi from Cambodia. Among his children who ruled the land, Yasovarma became a famous ruler.

    P. Karthigayan in his HISTORY OF MEDICAL AND SPIRITUAL SCIENCES OF SIDDHAS OF TAMIL NADU, quotes Bhogar as having mentioned that Agathiyar was from a family of farmers. This little known fact was mentioned by Agathiyar in the Nadi reading for AVM lately. 

    P. Karthigayan writes that Agathiyar "gave rise to 48 generations." Agathiyar in his search for knowledge approached many people from various communities, finally picked up the yogic way and excelled in it.  On achieving the inner glow he took on the name Agathiyar. P. Karthigayan says as Siddhas specialized in a particular field that suited them, Agathiyar had many mentors including (Lord) Siva and (Lord) Kumaran and an equal number of disciples. P. Karthigayan lists out an extensive list of Agathiyar's contribution towards the community and humanity, hence receiving the famed title Guru Muni or great mentor. P. Karthigayan dates Agathiyar's achievements accordingly as pre- and post Sanga period, whence the establishment of the Sangam or literary academia too place. If during his pre-Sanga days he was into yogic practices, after the establishment of the Sanga: he established more Sangams and monasteries, pioneered and promoted the Tamil script and Tamil grammar, collected and compiled the works of the Siddhas and published them, streamlined the Siva faith, and spread the Siddha Marga, and exposed the false teachings, in total bringing a Renaissance. In his post Sanga years he concentrated on medicine and science. His greatest achievement was his ability to live for 4 aeons, at the time of mention in writing by Bhogar, and still lives among us in present times. 

    M. Govindan in BABAJI AND THE 18 SIDDHA KRIYAYOGA TRADITION, Kriya Yoga Publications, Quebec, Canada, 1991, details Agathiyar's journey as starting at Agastya Ashram near Nasik (Pancavati in ancient times), marriage to Lobhamudra, king Vidarbha’s daughter (mentioned in the Mahabharata), and meeting up with Rama. Then his pilgrimage takes him south where he has a residence at Malakuta near Badami (ancient Vatapi Puram or Dakshina Kasi). Then he comes to Pothigai hills. He moves on to the Indonesian islands, Borneo, and takes up residence in Maha Malaya hill in Malaya Dvipa. He enters Siam (present day Thailand) and Cambodia where he marries Yasomadhi. They beget a young prince named Yasovarma. He is reported to be living until the present day at Courtalam.

    Pon. Govindaswamy in his book, SIRSABAIYUM PORSABAIYUM, Bharath Book Bureau, 1985, mentions that Agathiyar took birth as Valluvar and gave us the TIRUKURAL besides other texts. He mentions that Agathiyar took birth as Ramalinga Adigal in the 19th century and gave us the TIRUARUTPA. 

    When Tavayogi told me Agathiyar came the night of my arrival at Kallar Ashram I listened on. When he told me that Agathiyar had appeared before him, at the Kallar hills behind his Ashram, I finally questioned him in what form and shape he appeared to him. Tavayogi replied that he came in the form of light. Then as we stepped out of the Nattadreeswar Temple in the centre of the River Kaveri at Kangayapalaiyam, Erode, after we witnessed the puja while Tavayogi sat in meditation, he turned to me and said that (Lord) Shiva and Agathiyar were one.

    When Bhrigu Muni told me to go back to my brother-in-law's house after my unexpected Nadi reading in Ipoh, where the Muni mentioned that Sri Raghavendra will bless me, true to his words Sri Raghavendra came on him and told me that he and Agathiyar were one.

    When I dressed up the bronze idol of Agathiyar in white and placed a garland made from Durva grass or arugampul and sang songs in praise of Lord Vinayagar, Agathiyar in a Nadi reading said he was overjoyed and had accepted the puja. Seeing him as Lord Vinayagar was the right concept and line of thought. He said he would appear in whatever form that the devotees would want to see.

    When the south had raised after all the Gods and Goddesses, Devas and Devis, Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, and many more deities and divinities had gathered at Kailash to witness Lord Shiva's marriage to Goddess Parvathi, Agathiyar was sent away to the south to bring about a balance. Pon. Govindaswamy in his book, VALLALARUM BRAMAGNANA SANGAMUM, Bharath Book Bureau, calls this event where the earth tilted as a Mystical Occult Event. This event is mentioned by Tirumular in his Tirumanthiram.

    From this event, I understood that Agathiyar is equivalent to "all the Gods and Goddesses, Devas and Devis, Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, and many more deities and divinities put together" for simple logic would tell us that to balance a weighing scale you need to place an equal amount of weight, equal to the commodity purchased, on the other end.

    Agathiyar tells us in the Nadi that he is in the prapanjam and that the prapanjam is in him. Just pause and take a moment to ponder on his statement, and you shall understand the magnanimity of Agathiyar.

    Just as when we go for a Nadi reading, Agathiyar speaks about an episode from our past, or from a particular past birth, from the many we have taken, it seems to me that all these revelations, although varied and seemingly contradicting each other, are from several periods in his life or from different births taken.

    It is no wonder that at the onset itself Agathiyar tells us that usually they do not dwell into the origin and source of their birth, brushing it aside as unimportant to us. True, but its often the curiosity in us and the thirst to know, that prompts us for answers to life's mysteries. Like I answered my cousin earlier, I still have no idea whats going on, but it is of no importance to me. I know he is with us, guiding us and caring for us. We feel his presence often and he has worked out miracles in our lives. That is sufficient for now. Aum Agatheesaya Namaha.

    Thursday, 24 August 2017


    It is only when you walk the walk that you realize how people have manipulated the path for their own agenda. Originally there would be a path walked by the master. Later, devotees would have lost the path momentarily only to join back on the original track later, missing some views and experiences meantime. Later devotees, would stray away and discover another path that would still bring them to their masters abode eventually. 

    Walking the Siddha path I realized how deviated the following was then, to the extend that it brought fear in others to walk along or hop onto the wagon. They stayed away for reasons that did not make sense either: marriages was not allowed, the path splits families, the followers had weird beliefs and practices etc. These were the reasons told to me when I took my first step into the mystical and mysterious world of the Siddhas. The negative perceptions of past devotees, fence sitters and people from the outside did much damage and created a phobia, hence discouraging the public from coming to the path.

    On the contrary Siddha path is nothing like what I was told. It is only when you yourself take a ride in the buggy or roller coaster that you would know what the ride is like. Not that I can say that I fully understand the Siddhas, but some things have been demystified and the mystery revealed to a certain extent, sufficient for us to live a meaningful life in this world, performing our daily chores and carrying out our responsibilities, towards the family and the society.

    I for one learnt that on the contrary, the Siddhas encourage devotees to marry and fulfill their responsibilities diligently. My very first guru Supramania Swami was a married man. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was a married man. When he turned 50, Agathiyar selecting him for a bigger purpose, made him come out of the family way and serve the general public, guiding them to the path of the Siddhas.

    When I met  him for the very first time, he invited me to bring along my family for his talk later in the evening. He told me it was not sufficient that I came to the path, but had to bring the family too. I was blessed that my wife and children were receptive and willing to follow the path as I did.

    When my colleague Muralitharan was waiting to have his Nadi reading with Nadi Nool Aasan T.Ramesh, he picked up a chat with a girl also waiting to see her Nadi. She told him that her male friend was inside the room having his reading told. She then stop for a brief moment and became excited, pointing out to Murali that she could hear her name mentioned from the conversation that was audible outside, from behind the closed doors. Soon her friend came out and she went in. Now Agathiyar mentioned the male friend's name in her Nadi. They came as friends but left as a couple match-made by Agathiyar.

    Similarly many AVM family members were brought together in matrimony for the reason that they had been together in the past births. Those of us, seniors at AVM, when we went for a Nadi reading were told that we and our spouses were married in earlier births too.

    Agathiyar warns parents that it is wrong for them to separate two souls who liked each other. My daughter and son-in-law met at the collage and continued being friends. After 8 years when they each had settled in a job, we made arrangements to marry them off. Although it was customary to compare each others horoscope for compatibility, but since they had liked each other, we had to forego that tradition. When I approached the priest at our neighborhood temple,  I mentioned to him that, as they have known each other, we were not there to compare our children's horoscope but to only have him look into the almanac, and propose the suitable timings to have the engagement and wedding. He immediately told me three things: that if they liked each other, there was no need to see the horoscope, adding that the most important compatibility was that their hearts had come together in love for each other (mana poruttam);  there was a reason that they are getting together in matrimony, and that was because of their past lives and karma that determines this sacred engagement; and finally he told us to go ahead and leave all the rest to Erai. His encouraging words brought relief and joy to us.

    My family was blessed to have Tavayogi and Mataji attend my daughter's marriage in July of last year. As he was about to leave the premises after the wedding ceremony, Tavayogi whispered to me that all the Siddhas were there to bless all, showering flower petals during the wedding. I was very thankful for I knew it was possible by Tavayogi to bring the Siddhas down to witness and grace the solemn ceremony where two souls join in matrimony.

    When the newly weds sat in front of Tavayogi for a Jeeva Nadi reading several days later, Agathiyar revealed the same, what Tavayogi had said much earlier. Agathiyar mentioned that all the Siddhas were assembled at the wedding hall, showering flowers and blessing them. He said that it was a very rare happening and reminded them that they were pretty much blessed to have the Siddhas drop in at their wedding.

    We are told that the Gods and Goddesses too married and had spouses and these marriage ceremonies are reenacted in the temples annually. We are told that the Siddhas too lived with their spouses.

    When AVM posed a question asking as to the origin of Agathiyar, in a Nadi reading, he reminded us that it was not their nature to reveal their origin or parentage. But the most compassionate father went on to explain very very briefly his past. What came as a welcome surprise to us was when he touched on his marriage with Lobhamutrai ma, that took place upon Lord Shiva's wish to see Agathiyar with a companion, like him.

    Agathiyar in his very first mortal birth, had the vision of Kailash at a very young age of 10. After the vision he took up extreme tapas (tavam) including breath control. With the holy feet of the Sadguru forever in his thought, he reached a state of Nirmala at Kailash. Upon receiving theecha from Lord Kailai Shiva, he was blessed to be born a Siddha. It was a mystical birth. Agathiyar adds that it was not necessary to dwell into the source and the details (Rishimulam Nadhimulam).

    Born as a Siddha now and moving in the jungles, sustaining only on fruits, his thoughts fixed on Erai, having no attachment to the good or bad, he soon had the vision and grace of Goddess Vana Kali. Continuing with his seeking and search for realization, and upon accomplishment through further severe tavam, Lord Kailai Shiva shows him his vision in Pothigai. Merging with Erai, Agathiyar stayed on at Pothigai upon Lord Kailai Shiva's directive. While here he came to know about the medicinal benefits of various herbs and plants. Agathiyar received the names of Kudamuni, Kumbamuni and other names from Lord Kailai Shiva.

    Going without food and remaining in silence, staying in the state of Vasi, adhering to the eight limbs of Asthanga Yoga and performing extreme tapas, for the rest of the Yuga, gaining the Siddhi to travel through air,  yet Lord Kailai Shiva told Agathiyar that there was something that he had failed to accomplish and do. When Agathiyar asked for further clarification, Lord Kailai Shiva laugh and looked him straight into his eyes, "Although you are an embodiment of Jnana, and those who hold on to your feet shall never face any disappointments, Gurumuni you do not have a companion as I do."

    Agathiyar was taken aback. He came to know that the Lord intended to get him engaged to the very representation of Mother Kaveri, and Kaberan's daughter, Lobamutrai. Hence in this Kali Yuga, his energy that was of Shiv Sakthi came to stay at Kalyana Theertam with the intention of blessing all those who came seeking him and stood before him and Lobha Ma, seeing them as a personification of Shiv Sakthi.

    Agathiyar, in another Nadi reading, goes on to mention that his form in the granite statue at Agasthiyampalli was not a depiction of the state of yoga or jnana but that of a state of joy in him (Agathiyar) on having seen and had the vision and darshan of Lord Shiv and Sakthi Ma in their marriage attire after their marriage in Kailash. Hence so are the replicas of Agasthiyampalli Agathiyar at AVM and Eco City Agathiyar temple. We are blessed indeed to have Agathiyar in our midst in Malaysia, blessing all his devotees with good health, wealth, progeny and prosperity. 

    Thavathiru Muthukumar Swamigal

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017


    If earlier Roshan Sekhon contributed towards the cost of purchasing 5 pairs of glasses for the inmates and staffs of an old folks home, AVM through Amudha Surabhi (AS) donated the cost for 3 pairs of eye glasses for 3 students in Semenyih too. This small contribution brought cheer and a clearer vision to these deserving children. 


    An Agathiyar's devotee from Chennai and a follower of Siddha Heartbeat for the past three years, shares her Nadi experience with us with a note and hope that "there may be few others who might get positive energy through this experience."
    Agathiar dad has guided many fortunate people. I am blessed to receive Agathiar Mahamuni’s blessing. The following incident happened in my life after I got a reading from Agathiar Sithar through Tavayogi Thangarasan ayya. 
    When I arrived at Kallar I was facing a tough situation. I had completed my B.Tech degree and had worked in a company for few years. I had resigned my job due to dissatisfaction in job and health issues. Being puzzled I spent time preparing for government exams and entrances for one year. But I did not clear any of them and was worried as of what I should do next in life regarding my career. I was in need of guidance.
    I was lucky enough to get a nadi reading through Tavayogi ayya and Mataji amma at that time. Agathiar dad was very compassionate to show a way. He advised me to study in the same branch of the engineering field in which I did B Tech. I was confused since I did not have any idea of doing higher studies. I had asked Tavayogi ayya whether I can look for a job in my field or should study alone. Tavayogi ayya pointed out that Mahamuni has shown the way in your field. You can opt to study or seek job in your field. 
    The entrance application for the most of the renowned colleges also had been closed for that academic year by that time. So I decided to seek for job. With my experience it was difficult to get job with a break in career. I was still trying with hopes that I will get a way. For more than four months I was seeking for job with not even a single shortlist or call for interview. I slowly started losing hope. That is when I heard from my friends that the entrance exam applications for some colleges are going to be open by the month end. By that time I changed my mind and decided to pursue higher studies in the college where I did my B. Tech. Degree.

    I was highly stressed since there were only few options left to do higher studies in that academic year. Losing in exams will end up in not only losing a year in my career, but also will be a huge blow to my self- confidence. I should not miss the opportunity given so did hard work leaving the burden to God.
    After a few days I got a dream where Agathiar dad came and blessed telling that your life will change in few months. With hopes I worked and after 2 months wrote the test. 2 months after the exam I got the results and I took the higher studies seat as second candidate for my college. Though I have been put through many hardships Agathiar Mahamuni protected and guided. Now I have completed my Master’s degree and joined as lecturer in a college. Even though I was confused finally his words happened correctly.
    After four years I started earning now again. Mahamuni Agathiar is always there to protect us beyond all our karma only because he is the ever loving and compassionate dad for all those who seek him. He is watching us each moment. Whenever his devotees are worried and frustrated at happenings in their life, he comes in any form to give his divine guidance and strength. All we need is to follow his words, believe and wait patiently. Each time he reminds us that we are inside his protected arms and he is there to take care of every single happening. The real essence of compassion and love can be felt for those who believe and trust him.

    Monday, 21 August 2017


    When I go for my daily morning walks and occasional evening walks, many join me in my neighborhood park. But only a handful interact while many turn to look away, avoiding eye contact. Maybe that is the nature of city dwellers.

    When I went for the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses, I realized all these simple everyday gestures and body language had a meaning to it. I learnt that by becoming aware of ourselves, we could incorporate them in our lives in a positive manner.

    Then we were taught to think out of the box. I was amazed to see that these exercises brought a whole new perspective to the way I saw things till then. 

    The NLP practitioner picked up a credit card and raised it in full view of us, or that is what I thought till then. He then asked each of us to describe the card that he held in his hand. The one sitting straight in front of him said he saw a line. The one to one side of him described in detail the printed words and graphics on the front of the card while the others seated on the other side described the back of the card. Then I realized that the subject was the same but when we see things from where we are, it appears different to each one of us; we see it in a different perspective;from a different angle. All the descriptions given by all of us was absolutely correct although it varied due to where we sat.

    I learnt that day that all opinions are right from the perspective of that person, which is based or derived from his upbringing; the society he lived in; the knowledge that he had about that subject; his personal experiences; that would all go towards tainting or enhancing each person's opinion.

    Then we were given another exercise. We were asked to draw an elephant. Since I was good at drawing I drew a beautiful detailed picture of an elephant that filled the A3 size paper given to us. It was shown to all and I gathered praises from my fellow course-mates and the practitioner. As usual I gave a tug on my collar hearing the appraisals pour in. Then there was one who drew a tiny picture of an elephant that almost disappeared from sight in the white sheet of paper. Another drew his version of the elephant so large that its body partially went beyond the edges of the given sheet. Yet another 's depiction of an elephant turned out to look more like a mouse. It was fun seeing each person's ability to put on paper what they saw or had retained in their memory. 

    Then the practitioner said he will now draw an elephant. He took his marker and placed a dot on a clean sheet of paper. "That is it!", he told us it was done. Now where is the elephant we asked him? He replied that that was his graphic representation of an elephant seen from outer space. And I realized that he was absolutely right.

    Then he gave us a long list of items that we had to carry on our make belief journey by ship to a fake destination. He told us to list according to priority and importance, what would we throw off the ship, if in event the ship was to sink.  I put on my thinking cap and started crunching my brain, deciding which item should go first. At the end of the task each of us presented our list to the class and explained why we chose to dispose them. Finally the teacher came up to us and reprimanded us, as to why we did not figure out to us those items to our advantage and plug the hole in the ship? That came as a blow! We never thought of using the things on hand to our advantage! 

    At the end of the course I came back a changed person, realizing how our outlook has been conditioned by our thinking, the society and other factors. I was trained to see things differently that day.

    So when someone from the audience questioned CN Paramasivam if he could show god right there in the midst of his talk in London, Paramasivam replied that he could and in turn put a question back to the questioner. Paramasivam asked what was god according to his concept and received a favourable answer - that he was omnipresent and omnipotent. Fine. Then he put another question to the questioner, "Where are we now?" "In London", came the reply. Paramasivam questioned him if he could show London to all in the audience there and then. The questioner replied, "How am I to show you London now?" Paramasivam said that he could - on an atlas. But the questioner replied that it was only a pictorial representation of London. Then Paramasivam invited him to take a flight above London city and then he could show him the whole of London. Paramasivam told him that you need to leave London to see London. Similarly Paramasivam asked the questioner to take him to a place where god isn't there so that he could turn back and show him god.

    We do not know whats beyond the blind corner or whats beyond the next ridge. Just as you do not know the extent of damage done by logging unless you take a flight over the forest, you have to be at a different altitude to see the world in full view; you have to step out of the problem to see a solution to it, the reason we have an arbitrator or a third party to settle our disputes; and you have to be unaffected by the situation to provide a just and fair opinion. 

    The Siddhas are able to look around the corner and beyond the cliff as they are watching from a different plane. Watching us they have full view of time and space before them hence are able to give us a long list of possibilities that could take place in the future and at the same time can provide a detailed revelation of every single minute moment in the past. We need to learn to use this predictions wisely, sensibly, and with caution, working towards positive goals that are not selfish in nature but rather those that will bring common good to mankind and nature alike. 

    Life would be pleasant if we learn to take on thing at a time. Thinking about the future might make some apprehensive and fearful. Thinking about the past might create bitterness and anger towards others. If at all there is a need to look towards the future, bring in positive vibes and thoughts. If at all there is a need to think and dwell over the past, think about the good and happy moments that you went through.

    Jiminy Cricket's recipe for living carries much truth.

    Everyone keeps askin'me 
    My recipe for livin' 
    It's simple as the ABC's 
    And hardly seems worth givin' 

    I've tried it out in every way 
    It always sees me through 
    It's made me what I am today 
    That's why I'm tellin' you 

    I'm a happy-go-lucky fellow 
    Ooh, doo, doo, doo 
    Full of fun and fancy-free 
    Doo, doo, doo 
    You can make the whole world seem mellow 
    If you take it in your stride like me 
    Ooh, doo, doo 

    Don't cross a bridge or peek 'round the corner 
    Until you're there 
    Just learn to smile and in a while
    Doo, doo
    You'll find trouble's a bubble of air 

    Get a happy-go-lucky feelin'
    Keep it and I guarantee 
    That you'll find you'll wind up livin' in the sun 
    So right 
    Full of fun and fancy-free 

    Full of fun and fancy-free 
    That's the way I wanna be 
    I don't let my troubles trouble me 

    Now some folks like the heavy stuff 
    With titles five feet wide 
    Not me, I'm always out for fun 
    Doo, doo, doo 
    I like the lighter side, yes, sir 
    La, da, da, dee, la, da, da, dee 
    Don't let my troubles trouble me 

    Don't cross a bridge or peek 'round the corner 
    Until you're there
    Just learn to smile and in a while 
    You'll find trouble's a bubble of air 
    Get a happy-go-lucky feelin'

    ("I'm a happy-go-lucky fellow" from Disney's Fun and Fancy Free written by Ned Washington and Eliot Daniel, performed by Cliff Edwards)