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Srīnāthā Rāghavan's post on fb is enlightening to read. He hits the nail on its head. Siddha Heartbeat is proud to share more gems of his.
I am a peace loving man,
I don't enter into lofty debates,
Hell bent on discussing the Truth,
Let it be it yours, mine or anyone elses,
It doesn't matter to me anymore,
What you believe or don't.
I prefer not to break anyone's bubble,
For I have realised after committing many mistakes,
That all one may have is their own version of Truth,
And to break it prematurely into pieces,
Can cause more harm than good,
As their only rope of hope will be cut asunder,
Plunging them into a valley of grief,
Which will be the end of it.  
Sri Ramakrishna once took Swami Vivekananda to task,
To have "infested" the mind of another Disciple with Vedanta,
Whereas his natural inclination was towards Devotion,
Which would have been the best and the shortest route,
For Him to have attained the Highest.

That's why I often say, "Don't break someone's bubble, without knowing how much pain they have endured to make it; so it can give them a (albeit false) sense of security from the outside world?"

Don't forcibly bring someone into light, when they have lived in darkness most of their life.
So what if it doesn't suit you,
Just keep quiet or walk away from the scene,
Instead of trying to play the Messiah of Truth.

Opinion is not necessarily the Truth and Truth is not an Opinion.

So here's a piece of advice, "Just because you have a sharp sword (Tongue/Mind/Intellect), you don't use it against everyone, just to test it's sharpness."

Peace out.
Another gem.
The presence of a real Guru,
Will make you egoless and humble,
But if it simply puffs your pride,
Then you along with your Guru,
Is of no use to each other.

The Firefly thinks itself,
To be the source of Light in the darkness,
Till the Sun appears in the Sky above,
Putting to rest the Truth,
By silently making it clear,
Who is who.

The same with Disciple and Guru,
In the presence of the Guru,
One gets eclipsed by the other's light,
If not then the Ego of the Disciple,
Shall get puffed forever.

A true Guru will bring out the worst in you,
Before transforming all the muck into luck,
He/She will ridicule and humiliate you,
Till you are convinced finally that you're nothing,
But a mere Firefly, wanting to be the Sun.

Ah! Is not the job of an Alchemist,
To transform base metal into Gold?
So it is with the real Guru,
Who is the Alchemist of the Spirit.
Sri who is based in Mumbai, introduces himself as Story Teller, Healer, Therapist at Soulfully Yours
and as follows, in his blog at
I am a seeker who explores the mysteries of life and beyond. I am a recluse who enjoys freedom, responsibly. Words are my dearest friends. Through words, I try to express my silence; and in silence I find my ultimate expression. I am not set to change anyone, but myself. It is my singular journey inward and you are welcome to take a sneak peek. In Peace!


I had written to Srīnāthā Rāghavan some years back suggesting that he compile his postings on fb into a book. He is really good in bringing out great wisdom, and also relevant and much needed criticism and beatings in a very subtle way. We seem to think alike, Sri, thats why I love to read all your postings.

While waiting eagerly for his book to come out (Are you coming out with it Sri?), I could not help but pick some of his best messages for Siddha Heartbeat (and for me to go back and read it again and again serving me as a reminder too). I hope you don't mind Sri? (Sri has given permission in the past to post his writings in Siddha Heartbeat)

Now to his post.

This one is an advice to disciples not to over sensationalize the Guru, making them Godly. 
I'm kinda averse to these spiritual societies and spiritual groups, which revolves around larger than life personalities, ultimately transforming them into some living Godhead and the rest into herd mentalities.
Despite my ardent pleas to not include me in this Spiritual Guru's Fan club Whatsapp group, someone I know went ahead and added me. Within a few hours, my phone was flooded with so many "Divine" messages, that I began to feel totally undivine about it.
So without much consternation, I silently exited the group, but to my utter dismay, the Administrator, who I don't even know, along with a few others began to message me personally, demanding an explanation as to why I quit the group. The height of it was when one said, "Please come back, as you are missing out on the Enlightenment that only our Guru can give?"
I'm a least argumentative and non-intrusive person, who won't really break anyone's bubble (mine included), but when people unnecessary pull me into such spiritual propaganda, where all they do is discuss miracles and super powers of their living Godlike Guru, forcing the new comers to unwittingly accept their views or give them veiled threats, then I have a sure shot problem and I will unhesitatingly voice out my views.
God! What's wrong with the educated, why do they want others to forcibly accept and comply with their spiritual views, why can't we have different views and yet remain at peace with each other. Sure your Guru must be a Superman, but I'm a fan of the Bat. Can't we leave it at that?
People fail to realize that one Guru doesn't fit all. He sure must be a god for millions, but please excuse me and my half baked views, I ain't worship no god in the form of no man. 
Peace out.
P.S ~ Please don't add me into any fan groups, especially of the living gods and goddesses. I'm much happy without any of them, more so I'm happy being with imperfect and faltering humans, than the ever perfect ones. Also this rant is not against any person in particular, just my honest views.
I can relate to the above message very well. I only have to thank Tavayogi for giving me a "beating" the very same day he arrived at my home for the very first time. Leaving my home after his visit, I was on cloud nine, so full of joy at having a Gnani grace my home and take a morsel of food, well he hit me hard. He said straight to my face that he was not a Samy but an Asamy, that he had nothing hidden within his saffron colored robes, and that I was living in Maya or Illusion. Although initially I was hurt, confused and angry, today after 13 years, I understand the deeper meanings of each and every statement he made which were very rare too.

Another post on asking us to be just grateful, which I share and do it often.
Over the years, some habits & patterns that you consciously develop, turns into a life style. As a young man, I had the opportunity of meeting the ever young Dada J.P Vaswani on a few occasions. He was and still remains (aged 99) the most unbiased and most approachable Spiritual Teacher. I remember asking one question to him, "Dada, what's the most simplest way to lead a God Centric life?"

Dada was silent for a while, looking at the Questioner with eyes filled with compassion and later with a smile on his face said, "By learning to be grateful to all of Creation, you can be connected to the Creator at all times?"
Bang! It hit me hard, no big talk, no sermons, no personal experiences, no nonsense...just a simple practical suggestion to a straight forward question. Since then I am trying my level best to put that one suggestion to use and have failed many times. But now when I see that I am unconsciously saying a mental, "Thank you" to the bed, to the fan, to the clothes, to the food, to the body, to the mind, to everything and everyone, that help me live, I feel deeply indebted to that most humble human being, who once sowed the seed of gratitude in me. 
Ah! Now I realise that Gratitude is a Bhava (Emotion) which has to flow naturally and seldom can be forced. Yet like a seed it'll take a hell lot of time to sprout, but when it does, it will be like a gentle breeze filling your heart with peace.
Truly as someone said - A mere "Thank you!" becomes the greatest prayer, if uttered with a heart full of gratitude. 
Another masterpiece, on the needlessness of gaining Siddhis in this era of science and technology, an opinion that I share too.
A great Spiritual Adept and Master (Name withheld) once happened to meet Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa on the banks of the Ganges. After the initial pleasantries, the old Adept told Sri Thakur, "Let me show you something remarkable?"
Telling so, he entered the flowing waters of the Ganges only to walk over it, without drowning. Sri Thakur seeing this one perform the stunt, danced and clapped like a child.

When the Water Walking Master came back to the shore, Sri Ramakrishna went into Samadhi and muttered inaudibly, "Why have you wasted so much time and effort, when you could have paid the boatman a few Annas and he would have steered you to the other shore?"
Sri Thakur then implored the other Master, with tears in his eyes, "Please promise me to drop all this magic show and be sincere towards the Ultimate goal?"
Ah! That's real spiritual beauty and grandeur. That gentleness of speech and spirit is what is sorely missed in todays freak shows.
Yet another gem follows. 
Nope! Nothing you do will ever make you realise the Ultimate,
Be it crores of Japa or even the most severe of penances,
Maybe a few out of the world experiences you might get,
That's it!
But nothing, absolutely nothing will get you to Her,
Except if She decides to come to you and reveal Herself,
Then even if you do nothing forever, it won't matter,
To Her or Yourself!Ah! It's sheer grace alone that redeems, nothing else; and to earn that grace you have to become absolutely graceless enough to demand it constantly like a hopeless idiot.
I am beginning to see this take place. Very true. "It is grace alone that redeems."

On the real Guru,
She was not an ordinary child,
For She had all the qualities of the Divine,
Fully and naturally manifested in Her even at birth,
She radiated a love so supreme that Creation itself, became her playmates.
She never cried when She came out of the womb like any other children at birth,
In fact She was smiling like a little Angel who had found Heaven here,
Years later too She seldom cried but always had a blissful smile on Her face.
She would often stare away into Eternity, forgetting everything,
Once when asked, "What do you see Ma?"
She answered blissfully, "I am seeing everything through the eyes of everyone?"
Ah! What an indescribable state She was in, no one knew,
As it was too much for them to even understand the truth,
Those close to Her would later say, "When we were around Her, we would forget everything else, for She helped us to remember our own Divinity?"
That's the real Guru, who doesn't proclaim His/Her own Divinity, but brings out yours silently.
"That's the real Guru, who doesn't proclaim His/Her own Divinity, but brings out yours silently." Absolutely true. A true Guru will make you one at par with him or higher. He does not aspect you to spend your whole life serving him, but instead set you off on your own journey, giving you the tools to survive the wilderness. Tavayogi did the same, showing me the path and stepping aside. 

Yet another beauty.
To think,
I'm doing,
I'm waking,
I'm worshipping,
I'm this,
I'm that,
All is a sense of self-deception.
She is doing what She wants you to do,
Giving you a false sense of Doership,
Be it good, bad or ugly, whatever it is you do,
It is She who is silently playing you,
When you get to realize this truth,
All you will do is cry & laugh at the same time,
Thinking how foolish you were to believe in yourself.
Ah! Real Sadhana is to let go the sense of Doership,
And allow Her to work through you.
Bravo Sri! I am finally beginning to realise this too, that the divine does deceive us too, for pulling a veil across our understanding is one of its five doings too. 

And finally,
I'm just a Story Teller,
Weaving stories out of nothing,
When you read them & feel something,
That's when all the stories I tell,
Will acquire meaning.
Stories are a part of you and me,
The only thing is,
There has to be somebody to listen to it,
Else it'll be like the story of a tree which fell in a far away forest,
But there was no one to listen to the sound of its falling,
So tell me did it make a sound or didn't?
It sure did Sri, LOUD & CLEAR!

Thank you very much for these divine messages. Please keep writing and please let me share them too.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


There is life all around us. But we hardly realize it. We are so engrossed in living our daily life to the maximum. We are so concerned about our troubles that we miss to see nature bloom and shine all around us. If we could make nature work in favor of us, it can assists us to attain all our goals. Nature then becomes our savior. We need to respect her first and learn to work with her in unison. Dyalen who went ahead of his group that was returning back from the hike up to Pothigai peak, came across a fallen tree that blocked his path. As there was no way he could take a detour, he stood transfixed figuring what to do next. To his surprise the tree trunk slowly gave way to him and the rests of the entourage who had by this time joined him, by sinking further into the ground, enabling them to cross over it without any difficulty! A rare case of a miracle taking place encountered by our own boys indeed.

The Siddhas knew the secret in tapping nature and making it work for them and in their favor. They were adapts in this field. It is said that the plants and branches would bend down to Agathiyar and relate their nature and tendencies in healing the world and its people. Annie Besant in her book "The Laws of the Higher Life", the Theosophical Publishing House, 1903, says nature is conquered by obedience. 

We share this world with a myriad number of lives right from the microscopic to the most vast. All the rest does not intrude into our lives but we are very much dependent on them. Remove them and the face of the world changes. Besant mentions that the laws of nature that provides the right conditions and a relative sequence of happenings, submits to knowledge hence ends up serving us, aiding us and uplifting us. When knowledge replaces ignorance the prapanjam will come to our aid said Agathiyar. This is not bookish knowledge. This knowledge is attainable from the Siddhas. This knowledge is given to us when we qualify for their grace. Their Thiruvarul grants this Gnanam. To be eligible to receive this knowledge we need to be humble. 

In a Nadi revelation Agathiyar reveals the extent of humbleness in his student Bhogar. When once Agathiyar asked Bhogar if he knew Mother Goddess, Bhogar replied he did not know. When asked if he knew Lord Vishnu, he replied he did not know too. When Agathiyar asked if he knew Lord Muruga, again Bhogar to everyone's surprised answered "no". How could one who was behind the making and installation of Lord Muruga's statue at Palani not know him? When asked if he knew about the herbs, he replied in the negative, when he had seeked, collected and done extensive research on numerous herbs. Bhogar had replied that he did not know to all the questions put forward by Agathiyar. This surprised all those gathered. Finally when asked what he knew, Bhogar answered that he only knew the Holy Feet of his Guru, Agathiyar.

Similarly in KR Sivakanthan's book on Poondi Mahaan, "Siddhargalin Taththuvamum Yoga Neri Muraigalum", there is a prayer as follows,

ஞானம் வேண்டேன் நல்வேதம் வேண்டேன்
சூரியக்கலை வேண்டேன் சந்திரக்கலை வேண்டேன்
சுழிமுனை வேண்டேன் அட்டமா சித்தி வேண்டேன்
ஆறு ஆதாரம் வேண்டேன் அதற்கு மேலும் வேண்டேன்

நின் பாதார விந்தம் வேண்டும் நின் கருணை வேண்டும்
நின் பாதார விந்தம் மறவா மனம் வேண்டும்
பூண்டி ஈசா சரணம் சரணம் சரணம்

I do not seek knowledge, I do not seek the Vedas,
I do not seek to know the art of breath control,
I do not seek the eight Siddhis,
I do not seek to know the chakras, and more,

I seek your Holy Feet, I seek your Grace,
I seek a heart that never forgets your Holy Feet,
Poondi Esa, I take refuge in you.

This is the approach we need to take. We need to serve the Guru. We need to gain their trust. We need to prove our worth. And more then anything else we need to be patient. The wise have always been reminding us to adopt tolerance and be patient in all situations. Many a times Agathiyar has asked of us to be patient and obedient. It was to buy time so that we would gain maturity in due time from further day to day experiences and eventually would come to understand the play of god and accept everything in good faith.

When this divine knowledge dawns on us, we become one with them. 

Monday, 28 May 2018


Annie Besant in "Avataras", The Theosophical Publishing House, 2002, describes the meaning of an Avatar as follows: tr meaning passing over; ava meaning descent. 

What brings forth an Avatar? The un-manifest takes the manifested form when righteousness is at its lowest ebb and evil reigns in the world. The needs of the world or cosmic necessities and the needs of its inhabitants propels the divine to descend.

If the Avatars come for a common purpose usually for the upliftment of souls collectively or to release these souls from the shackles of tyranny and cruelty, heavenly beings or angels accompany individual souls in their journey, caring, educating and bringing greater awareness to them. Heavenly beings or angels accompany these souls to help awaken them, rejoicing on seeing progress in the soul, encouraging, motivating, and reminding them that they were not alone. These spiritual beings are prepared to do their part too in gods plan. They help reconnect us to our spiritual self whose memories we have lost. They are akin to the Siddhas. Just as Agathiyar said he had orchestrated all my experiences, Betty says our guardian angels do the same. They come along with us creating opportunities for us to learn and progress spiritually.

There is a reason why we are here now this instant. We are here now for our individual spiritual development and also collectively contribute to the well being and awakening of others. Gods will shape our purpose says Betty. It is not entirely necessary for us to know our purpose in its entirety. Just working on the task given to us from moment to moment is sufficient in justifying and fulfilling gods wish. Even the best laid plan of ours is considered meager with gods plan. 

Betty says that she could connect with the divine and naturally be in touch with her spirit through prayer and moments of stillness. Gratitude helps appreciate the abundance that god has given and brings about love. Soon we move on from self centered-ness to envelop all. As God gives us only that much that we can handle, so as the spirit becomes stronger he gives us greater challenges. The spirit becomes stronger as a result of these challenges gaining Atma Balam. The people we need are sent to us at the right time for the right purpose. Like minded fellowship comes about, again strengthening the spirit. The power of prayers is felt by all in the congregation or assembly.

Complimenting the Avatars and the guardian angels, the Avesa are perfected men through whom god permeates and manifests bringing greater good to society and the world. The difference between them is that while ego is nil in the former two, a portion of the ego remains in an Avesa. 

Once upon a time I was watching, watching the world go by. As I sat on the road kerb and watched the vehicles go by, I chose to hop onto a vehicle and began to see the sights and experience the ride. Then I dropped off at the next point, and chose to watch again before getting on another vehicle and another, gaining many experiences from these many rides. This is the cycle of birth I understood. And I was getting pretty bored too. 

Today I am back on the streets, watching again as life went by. I boarded a vehicle again but chose to modify it to cater to others too, through right thoughts and with the direction given by the Siddhas. I took the reins this time, stopping to pick up several others and dropping them off at their destinations too. This gave me much joy and satisfaction for I had contributed something while I was behind the wheel. This was a purposeful birth I told myself. I was a bystander till Agathiyar pushed me to the forefront to do his job. We have a choice either to be a passive participant, just looking out for ourselves and leading a mundane self contained life or an active one, helping others in any way and form. Agathiyar brought many realizations to the fore, pushing aside the veil of ignorance. Similarly for the collective good, the divine comes to the aid of the people, pulling back the curtain and drapes, letting in the light of hope, allowing its people to breath freely, freeing them from the shackles of tyranny and misery. 

Betty J Eadie who came back from near death experience reveals the secrets of heaven in her book "The Awakening Heart - My Continuing Journey to Love", a Pocket Star Book, 1996. She says just as we have choices here, we are also given choices in our fathers abode. While some souls respond to gods call, volunteering and choose to listen and accept his will before coming to earth, others receive a calling after they arrive, when their hearts open to god, through intense sufferings or through miracles, and eventually they become vessels of god themselves.

Anita Moorjani too was given an option either to stay or return into her physical body that was ridden with cancer. When she understood the magnificence of her true self, and that her body would heal rapidly if she opted to come back, she survived to tell the tale as did Betty.


Jeffrey Armstrong in his "Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar - Ancient Wisdom for a New World", Atria Books and Beyond Words, 2010, gives us a beautiful explanation to the word Avatar: Ava meaning to descend; tara to heal and restore.  An avatar is born when the divine takes a conscious, intentional and purposeful reason to descent to the earth, taking on a physical body, to fulfill his mission according to the needs of the times, quite unlike a reincarnation that is a result of karma. 

Sherab Chodzin Kohn writes in his book "The Awakened One - A life of the Buddha", Phoenix, London, 1994, the story of Buddha. Having taken countless lives, and having laboured and sacrificed for others in all those births, having practiced great virtues to prepare for buddhahood or enlightenment, he took birth as God in the Realm of Desire. He was teacher and king to thousands of gods. This life went on for thousands of years till the gods gathered around him one day and and told him that it was time for him to take birth on earth and gain enlightenment. He deliberated on it, whether it was the appropriate time, where and to whom he should be born, and finally agreed too that it was the ideal time for him to come down. Bidding farewell to the gods, he went to the Nandhana Groove in the Realm of Desire and mindfully died. The same instant he entered his mother's womb on earth. A Buddha was born.

A sadhu entered Ramaih Pillai's home when he was out. His wife invited the sadhu and served him as was the culture and tradition then. Jeffrey Armstrong writes that visiting guests should be treated with much love, respect and generosity for he or she might be the divine being. Before leaving the sadhu gave her the sacred ash and told her that the son she was to carry will teach the world the art of deathlessness. She conceived that very moment upon being bestowed the sambupaksha shrishti. She soon gave birth to a child who was named Ramalingam. As Swami Saravanananda writes in his "Saint Ramalingam", Ramalingam showed that contrary to common belief that the body had to be discarded to attain godhead, he made it possible to "lead illumined lives by retaining the body simultaneously". Swami wrote, "The divine light has descended from lofty heights into the human form in order to make him immortal."

Jeffrey Armstrong writes that when the yogi "gone bad" named Ravana appeared unstoppable, due to the immense grace he had accumulated out of his severe austerities, god then had a reason to descend as Sri Rama. 

Sri Krishna came later for another purpose. And so it has been that each time there is an imbalance and a dire need for correction an Avatar appears. 

Friday, 25 May 2018


The young soul in Neale Donald Walsch's childrens parable "The Little Soul and the Sun", adapted from his book one of three,"Conversations with God", wanted to experience the act of forgiveness and decided to come down to earth for that experience. The stage was hence set for the drama to take place where another soul he knew volunteered to come along and betray him so that the young soul could forgive him and see his wish of pardoning another fulfilled.

Annie Besant and Bhagavan Das in their "Sanatana Dharma" wrote "The Upadhis are only brought into existence to serve the purpose of the Jivatman moved by desire to taste these worlds. The wish to experience is said to lead the Atman to form organs for receiving and transmitting to himself the experience. His wish lies at the root of each and matter obeys his impulse and obediently moulds itself into a form suitable for the exercise of the life function. The jivatman is a conscious being and that consciousness seeking external experience fashions sense and sense organs for contact with the outer worlds." 

How wonderful. We create the situation and the scenario allowing all our desires to take shape. What we are going through is what we had asked for. We had asked for these experience and hence are enacting the role and taking on the experiences.

Dr Janardena Thangamoney wanting to sacrifice his life in serving the sick, has led several Medical Camps for AVM and PTC, joined a team of medical doctors some time back to bring cheer and good health to the natives of interior Sabah. Siddha Heartbeat carried his services at  

On returning back to Peninsular Malaysia, Dr Jana messaged me, "I came back from Sabah yesterday.. it was a very soul fulfilling trip for me." He wrote about their living condition, "Villagers depend on water tanks from rain water. They don't have proper sanitary system." His teammates among others was Dr Ganesh and Dr Ng. They did manage to do an additional test, Ultrasound Heart Scan besides conducting the regular checkup and test. He continued, "For a simple ultrasound scan, the villagers have to travel 6 hours by road...Upon Muruga and Agastiyar's grace, managed to bring the scan machine to the villagers. Providing them this service, It was blissful!"

The dear doctors who teamed up to serve the Sabahans were mentioned in the English daily New Straits Times, the Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily and the Malay daily Berita Harian yesterday. Thumbs up to the doctor and his team.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Compassion or "sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others" is a state of extreme sensitivity to others tears. To reach this state is a far cry for many. The heart has to open up for this state to happen. Then he sheds tears for others misfortune. He begins to find ways to eradicate their sufferings. Nature then comes to his aid. Nature makes him co-creator. Nature pays obeisance to him. Nature reveals her secrets. Everything becomes an open book. He is one with "the will of nature and the plan of god" as Rohit Mehta describes in his The Creative Silence, from the Theosophical Publishing House. This is the state of a Siddha.

Attaining this state we are cautioned about the appearance of spiritual pride. It is said that one can and do slip and fall even as he stands at the gates to gods kingdom. Indeed the one who takes the stage looks down on the rest as of inadequate knowledge and substance. The spiritual pride takes the stage. Elsewhere a true messenger of god would drop by when you least expected with a simple message that would shake your whole understanding and perception of life and move on as quietly as he came. An episode from Mahakavi Bharathi's life will attest to this. 

Bharathi who chances upon one Kulla Swami while in Pondicherry, gives chase as the Swami dashes off. He finally catches up with him in a torn down and abandoned house. Bharathi seeks upadesam. The Swami points him to the remaining portion of the wall and the sun and then turns to show him his reflection and that of the sun in the well. "That is my upadesa for you", saying thus he leaves immediately. 

பக்கத்து வீடிடிந்து சுவர்கள் வீழ்ந்த
பாழ்மனையொன் றிருந்ததங்கே
பரம யோகி ஒக்கத்தன் அருள்வழியால் என்னை நோக்கி
ஒரு குட்டிச் சுவர் காட்டிப் பரிதி காட்டி
அக்கணமே கிணற்றுளதன் விம்பங் காட்டி
"அறிதிகொலோ !" எனக் கேட்டான்
"அறிந்தேன்" என்றேன்
மிக்கமகிழ் கொண்டவனும் சென்றான்
யானும் வேதாந்த மரத்திலொரு வேரைக் கண்டேன்.

தேசிகன் கை காட்டி யெனக்குறைத்த செய்தி
செந்தமிழில் உலகத்தார்க் குணர்த்து கின்றேன்
"வாசியை நீ கும்பகத்தால் வலியக் கட்டி
மண்போலே சுவர்போலே வாழ்தல் வேண்டும்
தேசுடைய பரிதியுருக் கிணற்றினுள்ளே
தெரிவதுபோல் உனக்குள்ளே சிவனைக் காண்பாய்
பேசுவதில் பயனில்லை அனுபவத்தால்
பேரின்பம் எய்துவதே ஞானம்" என்றான்.

Stop all talk and begin to experience Vaasi, was the message to Bharathi.

As I am writing this post Srīnāthā Rāghavan posted a wonderful piece of advice regarding the pride that unknowingly takes hold of many a spiritual man.
"How to keep one's Ego under check?" was the question.
The suggestion, "Nishkaama Seva (Selfless Service), Dharma (Performing one's duty unattachedly) and Daana (Charity out of Compassion)."
While I used to be a regular at the Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Khar, Mumbai, I would prefer to spend most of my time in the Library, reading old and rare books. Many years I spent such, when one day the old Librarian Monk, who was a Friend and Mentor by then, came up to me casually and said, "Expanding the Intellect is just one side of the coin, you also have to deepen your Heart as well?"

When asked how to do so He said, "Go and serve the ill and afflicted in the nearby Hospital?" 
Taking his suggestion to be a command from the Master Himself, I quit reading books (I had read more than enough by then) and immersed myself in serving the sick. That was the most precious spiritual guidance I have ever received in my life and thankfully acted upon it as well.
For nearly two years, 2-3 times a week, I got the opportunity to serve the sick and the dying, helping me to come out as a better "attuned" person. 
Spiritual Attunement is nothing but how well you can connect with the other's pain and afflictions and what you can do willingly and proactively to ease it. 
Knowledge and Wealth, has the ability to swell our Ego, but when complimented with Seva, it will become a great blessing for the whole world.
And as I pen these words, a devotee from Visakhapatnam messaged me that she too has joined the ranks of Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM), Amudha Surabhi (AS), Thondu Seivom (TS), Pothihai Tharma Chakkram (PTC), Thedal Ulla Thenikalai (TUT) and many family members in Malaysia, India and South Africa who have taken up the noble task of serving annadhanam to the hungry and unfortunate and carrying out other seva.
Aiya, with the grace of Appa and inspired by all of you in Malaysia, our family is serving food to the homeless each month. I cook a very basic humble meal of steamed rice and a nutritious mixed vegetable curry that comprises of 5 vegetables, moong dal (protein), any one green like spinach. My husband and I drive around and serve food to 20+ homeless people. The joy of cooking and serving is immense. A humble reminder of how blessed we are. Thank you, Aiya, for helping me along my spiritual journey with your wise words that you so articulately put across on the blog. Gratitude! Muruga Saranam!

Monday, 21 May 2018


I did not have any yearning to know god. Yet the most compassionate came to me. I had no desire to become a renunciate. He told me it was not necessary. Nothing was my effort or doing. He moved things. So who was moving the strings? That is Agathiyar.

I did not come to this path after a search. I did not come to this path after searching the nooks and corners. I did not come to this path after knocking on doors of ashrams. 

I did not go seeking gurus. I did not enroll in ashrams. I did not enroll online courses. I did not have no yearning to know the truth. 

I did not take up any course. I did not take up any practices. 

But yet he came to me. He came in the form of a Nadi reading. He came in the form of various mantras. He came in the form of pictures that adorned my altar. He came in the form of a journey. He came in the form of a bronze statue. He came in the form of rituals. He came in the form of the family and friends. 

Bringing me to know of the existence of the Nadi, the sacred written oracles that reveal the past, explain the present and predict the future, he introduces me to karma something that I was not aware, but that had influenced my life till that very moment of revelation and will cause an impact in the years to come and lives to come. 

He showed me a way to offset the karma. He sent me on a pilgrimage of temples to perform prayers. He asked to perform homa. He asked to do charity. The karma score was settled. 

As we embarked on performing the puja, doing it continuously, he came into our homes. He became guardian. He became guide. He governed us. He watched over us. He took us in his arms. He moved in with us, both in our homes and hearts.

He began to shower his grace. He planned and executed our lives. He brought many wonderful souls to our home to do his task. He showered his grace on all. He guided all. He moved into their homes and hearts as well. 

He brought tremendous transformation to our lives, from a sedentary life to bringing us to perform rituals and charity. While these transformations were external in nature, he began working on us internally too. Subtle transformations began to take place internally too. 

Our puja at AVM was always on time and took two hours that included performing the homa, abhisegam and alangaaram while time allocated for bhajan and lighting of lamps depended on the number of attendees respectively. Soon I began to shorten the puja from two hours to only an hour taking cue from the divine. Now an intuition says that even that I will have to drop. 

I cannot imagine all that has taken place this far. Much has been done. Much has been said. Something in me tells me it is time to go within, to abstain from activity, to remain quiet, to listen, to watch. After taking me through an outer transformation I suppose he is leading me into an inner transformation.

Now I prefer to just be in his presence, sitting with him, spending time with him. But I need to stop these continuous chatter that goes on in my mind; only when this chatter stops can I hear him speak. I am looking towards the day when I can stop my inner chat and instead have a chat and a conversation with the divine. If earlier he spoke through a medium the Nadi, I look forward to the day he speaks directly to me. The day my thoughts settle, my speech ends, my look goes within, and the breath settles, is the day Dhakshanamurthy, the Mauna guru begins to speak. But this will be in silence. 

When I told Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal I wished I could see Agathiyar and Ramalinga Adigal, rather than seeking this, he pointed me to a better option, one that was lasting and permanent. He told me to seek what the saints before us have asked for - to merge at the feet of the Lord.

Thirugnaanasambandhar, merged with his bride and the members of the marriage party in the Effulgence that is Civan, in Nalloor; Maanikkavaachakar merged in the Mystery of mysteries, in Thillai; Sundaramoorthi Swaamikal ascended to heaven on the white elephant; Thirunaavukkarasar merged in Civan in Thiruppukaloor merging in the effulgence that is the Godhead; and so too did our Ramalinga Adigal says G.Vanmikanathan in his Pathway to God Trod by Saint Ramalingar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay. 

I understood fully Tavayogi's statement later in India when I was blessed to spend some time in his company. I saw that each time he was alone, be it at his Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, in the caves, the Siddha samadhis, or temples, he used to weep to the Lord asking the Lord to take him with Him, to merge at His feet. When I had a telephone conversation with him recently, he lamented that the Lord was holding him back. Ramalinga Adigal's prayer had became Tavayogi's prayer too.

இன்று வருமோ நாளைக்கே வருமோ
அல்லது மற்றென்று வருமோ
அறியேன் எங்கோவே
துன்று மல வெம்மாயை அற்று
வெளிக்குள் வெளி கடந்து
சும்மா இருக்கும் சுகம் 

Its transliteration,

"Indru varumoh? naalaike varumoh?,
allathu matru yendru varumo?
ariyen yen kove,
tundru mala vem maayai attru
vezhikul vezhi kadanthu
summa irukkum sugam." 

Tavayogi seeked the space where there is only the bliss of non-participation (summa eruppathu). 

That was the message to Arunagiri too by Lord Murugan, "Summa eru Sol Are."

Tayumanavar too was asked to remain so by his guru Mauna Guru, "Be silent. Rest in peace. Keep quiet (Summa Eru). Have faith. You will reach the supreme state of Bliss".

Saint Nakkirar too prayed to Lord Vinayagar to create that space where the disciple could merge with the guru, 

மோனா ஞான முழுதும் அளித்து
சிற்பரிப் பூரண சிவத்தைக் காண
நற்சிவ நிட்கள நாட்டமுந் தந்து
குருவுஞ் சீடனுங் கூடிக் கலந்து
இருவரும் ஒரு தனியிடந் தனிற் சேர்ந்து
தானந்தமாகித் தற்பர வெளியில்
ஆனந்த போத அறிவைக் கலந்து
மனத்தே நீயே நானாய்
நானே நீயாய்க்
காயா புரியைக் கனவெனவுணா்ந்து
எல்லாமுன் செயலென்ேற உணர
நல்லா உன்னருள் நாட்டந் தருவாய்
காரண குருவே கற்பகத் களிேற
வாரணமுகத்து வள்ளலே போற்றி

Its transliteration,

mona gnana muluthum alitthu
sirparipoorana shivattai kaana
narshiva nitkala naattamum thanthu
guruvum seedanum koodi kalanthu
eruvarum oru tani edam thanil sernthu
thaananthamaagi tarpara veliyil
aanandha bhotha arivai kalanthu
esan enaiyadi erutthi manathay
neeye naanaai naane neeyaai
gaayaa puriyai kanavena unarnthu
yellaam un seyalendray unara
nallaa un arul naatham tharuvaai
kaarana guruve karpaga kalire
vaarana mugatthu vallale potri

Saint Nakkirar's prayer has become my prayer too.

Vanmikanathan has given us a beautiful and much awaited biography cum journal on the life and experiences of Ramalinga Adigal. He traces Ramalinga Adigal's journey and spiritual evolution based on Ooran Adigal's publication of the complete works of Ramalinga Adigal, the THIRUARUTPA. 

Valmikanathan writes on Ooran Adigal's edition,
This edition, unlike all previous editions, has for its basis the chronological order of the composition and delivery of the decads. Such an edition is a most invaluable aid for the kind of book which I am writing. We can follow Raamalinga Swaamikal’s progress not only through year to year of his life but also through the several stages of his spiritual journey in their chronological order. I feel so grateful to Ooran Atikal for his work that if it were permissible to dedicate a book more than once and to more than one person, I would dedicate my book to Ooran Atikal as well. For without his edition, I would never have been able to write this book.
This spiritual evolution on Ramalinga Adigal's part is pretty obvious when one follows his experiences and devotional out-pour, laments, wailing, utterances, plodding, pleading, petitions and revelations as compiled in the form of the THIRUARUTPA.

Vanmikanathan explains, "In Raamalinga Swaamikal’s spiritual experience each of these major stages of spiritual experience are found to be sub-divided into Purgation, Illumination and Union."

Ramalinga Adigal begins with the worship of Lord Murugan. Vanmikanathan writes, "He is initiated by Murukan Himself into the methods of His worship."
Oh Guru Who came into my mind and bestowed the perception that through ritualistic worship of Pathi (God) and similar good rites the creative instrument of understanding called the mind will be rid of impure concepts and stand established in pure contemplation and, thereby, the state of true union with Pathi with result; that, thereupon, buddhi, the power of ratiocination, freed from (the triad of) bonds will merge in the mind, and that, forthwith, the state of absence of incoming and outgoing will be gained in the shape of unwavering real gnosis.
True enough, hence began a beautiful journey on the Purgative Way.
The period between 1823 and 1835, i.e., from the date of birth to the 12th year of our Swaamikal has been classified as the period of Kandhakottam, .. which has as its theme-shrine the temple of Murukan in Kandhakottam which goes today by the name of Kandhaswaami koil. And several other prayers rise up from the depths of our Swaamikal’s heart, prayers which you and I and all the world may adopt as our daily petitions to God, our Light in the darkness of doubt and despair, our Saviour from the six serpents of lust, anger, greed, infatuation, obstinacy and pride, and a seventh serpent, rarely spoken of by others, but given by our Swaamikal a prominent place in the evils that stand in the way of an aspirant for the grace of God, the serpent of killing of living beings. 
All saints and mystics have always been at war with their mind and heart. For these are in love with worldly pleasures and are at cross purposes with the mystics who wish to proceed to the Godhead, the Ground of all being. Raamalinga Swaamikal too has several decads addressed to his heart or mind.
In the second and last lap of the Purgative Way, our Swaamikal goes from Thirutthanikai Hill to Thiruvottriyoor, from Murukan the Son to Civan the Father, from childhood to adolescence and youth.
Ramalinga Adigal begins to yearn for the union with the Lord. "He is eager for the mystic union which is the goal of bridal mysticism." The first lap of his journey on the Purgative Way comes to a close.
From the 41st decad onwards, we see a remarkable change in the spirit which pervades the poems. A note of hope, of cheerfulness, of intimacy, of rejoicing, of exultation replaces the note of despondency and despair which marked the decads so far. In this span of about fifteen years, what was unrelieved misery had become metamorphosed into joy. This is not the effect of the passage of time which dulls the edge of misery, but a genuine change in the outlook on what seemed like misery. This is the result of the affinity - a spiritual rapport between Raamalinga Swaamikal and the Godhead, which has grown stronger and stronger with the years, a rapport that has grown into the relationship of bride and bridegroom.
Our Swaamikal has left the Purgative Way and has entered the Illuminative Way. The emphasis has changed. It is no more on his foibles, failings and faults. The Swaamikal shifts the blame from himself to the Lord Whom he accuses of delaying the bestowal of grace. 
Our Swaamikal celebrates his entry into the Illuminative Way by the one hundred and one stanzas of this decad in praise of the Divine Mother (the Vadivudai Maanikka Maalai)
Our Swaamikal will very soon be leaving the Illuminative Way and will be crossing the threshold of the Unitive Way where God with name and form will disappear and where ultimately the worshiper and the worshiped, the seeker and the sought, the soul and the Godhead, will merge into each other.
In preparation for that day, in eager anticipation of that day, Our Swaamikal gratefully recalls to mind all the pilgrimage centres with temples where Lord Civan abides in name and form, and, in a sense, takes leave of them. This is the significance of Vinnappa Kalivenpaa, our Swaamikal calls on the Lord abiding in 279 pilgrimage centres and makes a petition to Him.
The saints of Tamilnaadu in the past, Maanikkavaachakar and all the 63 saints in the Calendar, all of them made one and the same petition, the petition for freedom from the bonds of death and birth. It is not strange, therefore, that our Swaamikal, who is a scion of the unbroken line of the saints down the ages, makes the same petition.
On this note of heart-rendering cry for the grace of God (Thiruvarul Muraiyeedu), our Swaamikal leaves the Illuminative Way and steps on the threshold of the Unitive Way. While this happens on the spiritual journey towards the Godhead, the mundane sojourn in Madras ends with hem and our Swaamikal sets out in his 35th year to Thillai.

On his way to Thillai, he visits various celebrated shrines of Lord Civan, such as Pullizukkuveloor, present day Vaitheeswarankoil, Thiruvaaroor, Thirukkannamangai, Pazhamalai, present day Viruddhachalam, Thiruvathikai Veerttanam, Thiruvannamalai and arrives at Karunkuzhi, a village about three miles from Vadaloor where he will remain for the next nine years of his life. 
Already our Swaamikal has begun to experience the early fruits of the union with the Godhead. He describes one of them in 100 stanzas of the second decad of the Fifth Book. All the stanzas describe in growing amazement only one item of experience. Lord Civan walked on His holy rosy delicate feet all the way and, seeking the door of the house where our Swaamikal was staying, opened the door, hailed him and placed in his hands something accompanied by loving and reassuring words. While all the 100 stanzas describe the same incident, the description of the feet and the expressions of amazement and gratefulness vary from stanza to stanza. Nowhere, however, in any of the one hundred stanzas is there any clue to show us what was the object which the Lord placed in our Swaamikal’s hands. Whatever it was, the incident made such a great impact on the mind of our Swaamikal that he sang no less than one hundred stanzas to record that incident. 
too was puzzled just as Vanmikanathan was, trying to figure out what the Lord had delivered to Ramalinga Adigal, each night. But I came to know that he received two laddu, a sweet to us, but metaphorically it meant Gnana.
For the first time in his life, our Swaamikal declares that he is freed from misery. Secondly, he states that he has received a great boon. Thirdly, he, declares that he has reached a great state of grace. 
But with his entry on to the Unitive Way proper, he has lifted his foot from the mire of worldly life and has set both feet firmly and untraceable on the highway which is the Unitive Way, the royal road to union with the Godhead.
With the 24th decad of the Sixth Book (with which ends our Swaamikal’s journey on the First Stage of the Unitive Way) cease all self-accusations, self-denigration, weeping and wailing. Even petitions cease. The later decads are sheer paeans of praise of the Lord.
In the last song (Thiruchchitrambala Theivamani Maalai) we see the budding of the concept of Arut-Perum-Jothi, the Great Effulgence of Grace, for the first time in our Swaamikal’s spiritual life. It is true that this phrase occurs here only with reference to the sun and the moon. Nevertheless, this is the first gleam of the concept of the rare great effulgence which will burst forth in a paean of praise of 1596 lines when our Swaamikal steps on to the last lap of the journey on the Unitive Way.
Our Swaamikal is now ready for the highest of all possible acts of grace, the crowning glory of the long years of thavam. The conferment of the Effulgence of Grace. 
The Lord, out of His munificent grace, bestowed on our Swaamikal the very power by which He Himself exercised sovereignty over all the worlds. That power is the Great Effulgence of Grace.
Two important claims are made by our Swaamikal in this decad. He claims that God conferred on him the power to raise the dead. Saint Thirugnaanasambandhar, Saint Thirunaavukkarasar and Saint Sundarar, all three of them have raised the dead not merely from their graves but from their very ashes. Moreover, they raised such dead not immediately after death but after the lapse of quite a long time, and in one cue several years.
The other is, "... is that of being given by the Lord the power to exercise the five functions of creation, sustenance, destruction, concealing, and bestowing mukthi." 
This state is achieved not by one's efforts but by the grace of the Lord who speaks, first verbally then silently. 

Saturday, 19 May 2018


During one of his numerous visits to Malaysia, Tavayogi asked me to talk about the Siddhas. But how could I talk about them when I knew nothing about them? I could not comprehend the songs that Siddhas had delivered. They made no sense to me. After digesting all the Siddha literature, Tavayogi wrote several books with the intent to simplify the works of the Siddhas. Even those I could not understand fully. Then again that was bookish knowledge. I needed real experience. And so rather than talk about the Siddhas, Tavayogi took me along and we embarked on a journey of discovery into the realm of the Siddhas. Tavayogi who spent much time in the research of the Siddhas, brought me to the Saraswathi Mahal where is housed all the old scriptures of the Siddhas. He showed me the Siddhas, first appearing as scent, then as the breeze, as the clouds too, and as rain showers. It was all new and mesmerizing to me. But although that was mind boggling and unbelievable, I wanted concrete proof of the existence of the Siddhas. I wanted them to appear like you and me. I wanted to see them with my naked eyes.

I told Tavayogi I had two desires - to see Agathiyar and Ramalinga Adigal in person. My desires were justified. If someone was to ask me a question, "Since you have been worshiping Agathiyar all these years please tell me something about him", I would just fumble. I have to sincerely tell them that I do not know a single thing about him. I have no idea how he looks like: is he fair or dark?, fat or slim?, short or tall?, young or old? If I was to say something about him it would only be what I had read in the books, seen in the movies and talk shows. If someone was to ask me further, "How come you are worshiping someone you don't know, someone you haven't seen?", what or how am I to answer?

As I was hesitant to speak about the Siddhas, since my knowledge of them was shallow, I thought I would write about my own journey to India instead. I expanded my articles on my maiden pilgrimage to India in 2003, that I had wrote on my website indian heartbeat, started in 1996, which is now defunct. Soon I switched to writing this blog keeping up with the trend. Then I ventured to write my thoughts and publish them online as pdf files, available on the side bar/ blog roll of this blog. Agathiyar too in a timely gesture, encouraged me to write further. What could I write then if not for the experience that I had while traveling this path. And so I began to share these experience with all through this blog and and the many digital books I wrote.

I refrained from writing about Agathiyar; who he was; what he looked like; what took place in his life; etc because there was already is so much material about him, replicated and reproduced in almost all the websites and blog and videos. In a speech Tavayogi had mentioned that the pundits have spoken about 37 Agathiyar having existed over time.

A. Chidambaranar in his "Agathiyar Varalaaru" lists out all these names of Agathiyar and their times.
  1. Pothiyamalai Agathiyar (Kurumuni) 16,000 BC
  2. Muththoor Agathiyar 14,550 BC
  3. Vaataapi Agathiyar 14,058 BC
  4. Lobha Muththirai Agathiyar I 8,000 BC
  5. Maithiraa Varuna Agathiyar 8,000 BC
  6. Maaniya Agathiyar 8,000 BC
  7. Kumbha Agathiyar
  8. Aaveerpu Puththirar Agathiyar
  9. Kandharuvan Puththirar Agathiyar
  10. Agathiyar as one of the Seven Rishis 7,500 BC
  11. Purohitha Agathiyar I 7,500 BC
  12. Agathiyar from Thodiththol Sempiyan's times 6,200 BC
  13. Kudakumalai Agathiyar 6,020 BC
  14. Lobha Muththirai Agathiyar II 6,010 BC
  15. Kosalai Naadu Agathiyar 6,000 BC
  16. Panjavadi Agathiyar 6,000 BC
  17. Paava Naasa (Malaiyamalai) Agathiyar I 6,000 BC
  18. Kunjaragiri Agathiyar I 6,000 BC
  19. Purohitha Agathiyar II 6,000 BC
  20. Kunjaragiri Agathiyar II 3,110 BC
  21. Thuvaraapathi Agathiyar 3,100 BC
  22. Yasomathi Agathiyar 2,000 BC
  23. Purohitha Agathiyar III 1,900 BC
  24. Kaaraitheevu Agathiyar 400 BC
  25. Pothalagiri Agathiyar 274 BC
  26. Thilothamai Agathiyar 100 BC
  27. Paava Naasa (Malaiyamalai) Agathiyar II 2 AD
  28. Paava Naasa (Malaiyamalai) Agathiyar III 5 AD
  29. Purohitha Agathiyar IV 6 AD
  30. Kunjaragiri Agathiyar III 7 AD
  31. Purohitha Agathiyar V 7 AD
  32. Siddha Agathiyar 10 AD
  33. Thevara Agathiyar 11 AD
  34. Agathiyar author of scriptures 13 AD
  35. Agathiyar who converted Vishnu temple to Siva temple 13 AD
  36. Agathiya Pattar 18 AD
  37. Palla Agathiyar 19 AD
Similarly if I only knew of  the six popular forms of Lord Muruga, a friend of mine Jayaseelan, who has indulged in extensive research of Lord Muruga tells me that he has sixteen forms and names.

P Karthigayan has published many amazing references to Lord Muruga in his "History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu."

Muruga is said to have taken on various names as he attained various advancement and states in his life. Originally named Supramaniar, he became Karthigeyan when he excelled in yoga, and on attaining immortality was called Muruga, and as he remained ever youthful he was called Kumaran, andbecoming mentor to Lord Shiva was called Swaninathan.

P Karthigayan refering to Bhogar Saththakaandam 7000, mentions Kumaran as an ancient priest king and a head of a monastery that was active for 123 generations. He was said to be 'active' for 3 yugas.

Garlanded in the Kadamba flowers to help identify his soldiers, carrying the flag with a cock as the symbol so as to identify his battalion, Kumaran rode on an elephant, to battle with the Avunas who were led by Soorabanman hence saving the Tamils who then held him in high esteem. Initially a warrior he defeated Soorabanman, moved into Shiva's Nandhi monastery observing severe penances and austerities, engaged in yoga and attained deathlessness, becoming mentor to Shiva himself. He was conferred a kingdom Paran Kundram and became god of the Devas.

Supramaniar came to be addressed as Kumaran after he discovered the secret of rejuvenation. In Supramaniar Gnaanam 200, Agathiyar is said to have received teachings on the Siddha path from Kumaran. P Karthigayan quotes Agathiyar from his Perunool Kaviyam 12000 where Agathiyar mentions just like Kanna Piraan (Lord Krishna) he too seeked upadesam from Vadivelan.

I have not indulged in these stories earlier for I did not want to engage in controversies and debate. I wanted access to these information from the man himself, that would be authentic and true. Arunagiri knew Lord Muruga as the god who came and caught him in his arms as he jumped from the temple towers of Arunachala. Arunagiri knew him as the god who gave him a dictate and asked him to go into isolation and solitude. Arunagiri knew him as the God who wrote on his tongue that got him started singing Lord Muruga's praise, estimated 16,000 songs. Arunagiri knew him as the god who appeared to all at Thiruvanamalai when Sambanthan contested and challenged him to make Lord Muruga appear. Arunagiri translated all his experiences into songs. So did Ramalinga Adigal, Pamban Swamigal and many others.

I have sketched most of the deities either on the walls of temples or for the magazines in the past, but I have yet to draw Agathiyar's picture. I told him if I were to draw him it would only be another copy of what I had seen in posters and books. I wanted him to show himself to me so that I could draw his form. But he never showed himself either in person, in a dream or in any other manner till recently.

Something amazing happened some days back. Yes he did come as the candidate who was assigned to play his role in the second music video that is now in the cutting room of Raagawave Production. There he was, looking tall, young and majestic as he alighted from the CR-V he drove. But the moment he alighted from the vehicle we both knew he was not himself. I had always told others that I did not want the Siddhas to appear as insects and bugs as I am told they frequently do during prayers. I wanted them to come in person, in the attire of the kaavi that is dignified and solemn. I had always wanted to see Agathiyar and Ramalinga Adigal but Tavayogi made me seek much higher aspirations. Telling me, appearing to us was something very common to them, he instead told me to ask for that which is rare and withheld for the very few chosen ones. I dropped the desire to see them too.

Then here was he in the kaavi attire with his long tresses rolled up and tied neatly high on his head, giving us a look and a smile that was beyond this world. We gave way to him. He stepped into AVM. He invited us in too by his hand gesture. I handed him the vaasikol and kamandalam for the video shoot. We stepped out of the prayer room as he sat there for a while. He got himself into another vehicle and remained silent, immersed in silence and deep meditation, holding on to the vaasikol and kamandalam for the entire duration of an hour and a half drive to the site of the shoot.

I told myself this was pretty close to what I had desired to see all this while. How often would you have someone dressed like Agathiyar drop by at AVM?

You will have to wait for the music video "Gnana Oliye" from the "Agathiyar Geetham" Audio CD Album to be uploaded on YouTube to agree with me. 

Friday, 18 May 2018


"But in that realm, it seemed as though the outcome of those tests and the report depended on the decision I had yet to make—whether to live or to continue onward into death. If I chose death, the test results would indicate organ failure. If I chose to come back to physical life, they’d show my organs beginning to function again." 

Thank you Arul for the suggestion.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Coming back from a journey experiencing near death Betty J Eadie reveals the secrets and mysteries of life. Betty in her book "Embraced by the Light" describes leaving her body, how she was taken on a tour of another realm, and discovered the mystery and workings of life on earth. As the operation of the laws behind life on earth were explained to her, she seemed to understand these things almost instantaneously. She brings her understanding of the mystery that surrounds our birth, and its purpose that was revealed to her, into the pages of her book.

Neale Donald Walsch who wrote a children's parable adapted from his book one of "Conversations with God", titled "The Little Soul and the Sun", brings the essence and the message of life before birth, to the kids, in simple terms, which serves us equally well too. A story is narrated of a young soul who knew he was light but wanted to experience it. So he is given a choice to pick a desired act that he would like to do, from a list of many, once he is on earth. He chooses the act of forgiving. Another soul immediately steps up to join the soul in fulfilling its wish by being the perpetrator so that the young soul can then forgive him. They both come down to earth to live out their desire. 

Betty understood the earth to be a place where we schooled, adds that whatever we become of here is meaningless unless it has brought benefit to others. In serving others we grow spiritually. If Betty says that we are here to school, Neale says that we are already well equipped with sufficient knowledge and have only to apply it here, giving life a purpose and making it holy.

I found her book interesting for I too came to understand likewise through the Nadi readings. We understood from Agathiyar each of us were brought together again for a purpose. We have been told that we are here for an experience, gaining which we return to god's kingdom. Just as Neale says life needs to have a purpose, Agathiyar has slowly revealed the reasons for taking birth, giving it a purpose too.

As Neale wrote, knowing who we are was not enough; we needed to become "it". This desire triggers a chain of events, a learning process takes place and several experiences are recorded, whereby the soul becomes enriched through this experiences. We, being light in essence, for want of experiencing it, had darkness and all opposites created for us. As all the souls are perfect, many wanted and volunteered to come down to help us gain the experience. Thus we had all known each other earlier. We had planned to be together here. Those who needed a particular experience chose to come early while others remained behind to join later.

Agathiyar adds that we needed to settle some of the past scores or karma too. Atonement and remedies were recommended to either pay back, refund, replace, offset, reduce or satisfy the many atrocities we had done earlier. Even after these revelations, many continue with their lives in the usual manner, without having had any impact made in their lives or without gaining a new understanding or perspective of life. For some they turned over a new leaf after understanding the consequences of their actions and begin to watch their thoughts and actions carefully refraining from hurting others. Only a few handful are diverted from living a mundane life and made to live a life with a higher purpose, often given a mission to accomplish in this lifetime.

Explaining the wrong that I had done in the past births, Agathiyar forgave me. Only after I could let go of the past, I could forgive myself. Only after we could forgive ourselves can we forgive another. Forgiveness starts with the self and extends towards others. Agathiyar consoled me saying that I needed the negative experiences too. It was a learning process. Only then could I appreciate its opposite. The experience and learning gained from the wrongful act serves as a reminder not to engage in it again. They were needed for me to grow spiritually. These undesirable happenings was his doing, orchestrated by him, he adds. Although he did not remove the conditions for these events to take place and exposed me to the resulting dangers, during these crucial moments of trial, Agathiyar stood by me, safeguarding me. 

He then began to give hope and motivation. Hope is necessary for it gives a glimmer of light; a purpose to put some effort in that direction. Effort then moves things and brings the desired changes.

The option is ours to either accept the greater power above us and let go of the world and its many entrapment or to hold on and cherish it. The need to know the creator grows in us and drives one to seek knowledge about him and understand his mysterious workings. 

There is much truth when the saints seek the divine, yearning for them to come within. Once the divine envelopes the body, every cell reverberates and utters the mystic syllable or mantra of the divine. 

Everything is done for the growth of the spirit. When people asked Yogi Ramsuratkumar why India had so many beggars the Yogi simply answered that India needed beggars. Do not despise them. They are placed there for our benefit. They provide us an avenue, allowing us opportunities to serve them. We gain these much needed experiences that builds on compassion in us. If only we could add love as an ingredient in all our dealings we have served and lived well, completing our purpose for taking birth.

Lay aside all the rational, logical thoughts and reasoning that comes in the way preventing us from extending our arms to provide aid and do charity, says Agathiyar. By the simple act of feeding the unfortunate, the act itself trains us to see the spirit that resides in the hungry and the poor. These people could be angels waiting to help us expedite the washing away of our karma. Know that he who comes to us for help or assistance, food or drink, or asking other forms of aid neither with bonds attached nor a deal, could in fact be an angel seeking to help us rid or lessen our baggage of karma. Doing charity elevates us and elevates the other too. Showing kindness brings joy to both. Feeding another brings immense joy to both too. Bring the ecstasy of god into you. Touch all those who come into your lives with love. Be the light for those who live in the dark. Be the eyes to those who have lost their sight. Be the limp for those who have lost it.

If consciousness creates our experiences, collective consciousness creates the environment and the resulting experience for us. Thoughts are powerful indeed. And collective thoughts and prayers do deliver, doing wonders. When we come together and pray for a better world, a good leader arises to fulfill our wishes. When we come together and put forth a righteous desire, consciousness moves accordingly and delivers our wish. Just as for a desired change to happen, we have allowed it, similarly if injustice takes place, we have allowed it to happen too. We have to remind ourselves that it is we who allow a demon or a saint to materialize.

Tavayogi desired to spread the teachings of the Siddhas. The Siddhas then came to his aid, providing the fertile ground, prepared the seekers and aspirants on this path ahead so that he could sow the seed of knowledge in them. The collective yearning of souls seeking the teachings of the Siddhas, bring forth a guru. 

Life is just a process do not get caught up in the process but move on. Everybody is here to bring us an experience be it bitter or sweet. Here then is an opportunity for us to bring out the noble attitudes in us, like giving, sharing, showing kindness, being creative, gentle, patient, helpful, friendly, considerate, forgiving, compassionate, and loving. Just as the young soul seeked to experience a particular value that of forgiving, many opportunities are created every moment of our lives so that we can bring out these values and experience the joy derived thereafter. During the course of cruising through life and what it has to offer, it would be desirable to see even the opponent as an angel, for it could be an angel come down to give us an experience, though bitter, and see how we would handle the situation.

As Neale wrote in his "Conversations with God", learn to heal the hurt of others; quell the anxieties of the fearful; meet the needs of the impoverished; celebrate the magnificence of the accomplished and see the vision of god in all.

Eventually when we are spiritually matured and when we learn to see all things as unreal, an illusion or maya there would be no real suffering or real pain. That was what Agathiyar told me when he brushed aside the physical agony and intense pain that ran through my body, that had crippled me, limiting my movements and affecting my mobility that I went through for 2 1/2 years back then in 2011. When we come to know the impermanence of live and nature we come to a total understanding of all that is going on around us. Nature teaches us the impermanence of things if only we chose to look around. Everything is changing each instant, each moment, and each second. The path is also the destination, evolving and changing moment to moment. It is akin to carrying a mat rolled up and laying it along as we take each step. It is not something laid out in advance for us to walk on. It is we who determine our experiences. It is we who attract the company. Since it is we who asked for it, we are given the tools and company to experience it. Prapanjam comes to our aid and reveals itself, reveals its workings. Realize that the moment is pretty alive and full of joy and discovery. 

We cannot certainly run away from illness but we sure can have the spirit in us heal us besides the medical attention given and the prayers put forward. God would not intervene in our lives unless we sent out a SOS, a prayer or asked him for assistance. This healing begins with bringing the spirit of god within through constant prayers and through service. In a classic case among many, Agathiyar saved a devotee from death by giving him his breath, bringing him out of his coma and does a wonder miracle where new arteries developed avoiding the need for further surgery. All he asked was that devotees gather and pray for the soul, which they did. Prayers and service then serve as a balm to the spirit and body. Agathiyar too mentions that the spirit has to be strengthened; we need to achieve Atma Balam. 

The spirit having gods essence in it and being the medium that communicates with god, takes charge of the mind and body. Having god come unto us, he then fulfills all our righteous desires too. The divine then works through us. He equips and prepares us to do his job. His knowledge pours into us so as to enable us to carry out his will. As an extension of this, we begin to see the light in god; we begin to see the light in us and we begin to see the light in others too. We begin to realize that all paths are precious and important. They are there and serve those who come along. As Betty says, very special people were placed all over the earth in all faiths so that they may touch the lives of others too, we need to join this category. 

There is an intelligence behind everything. This intelligence submits itself to god. Having taken a material body that is constantly in conflict with the spirit, the purpose now is to find a harmony between the two. A strong spirit keeps both the body and mind under its surveillance and control. The spirit in turn is governed by love. If only we could add love as an ingredient in all our dealings we have served and lived well, completing our purpose for taking birth.

Nobody can fathom or understand the play of god. But there is a reason for everything to take place. Acceptance is the key to surfing and sailing through this life. See everything that takes place positively. Each experience bitter or otherwise helps us grow spiritually. The soul that separated itself from its source, in need and in search of experiences, came down to earth. This is something we wanted in the past. While we came to learn new things, we also came to apply what we had learnt earlier. Rather then cry out that we cannot take it any longer in the face of trial and tribulation and extreme test, convert that sorrow into something productive, something useful, that would be of help or use to another. This would be our greatest triumph.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


In conjunction with Sri Konganar Siddhar Jayanthi (06/05/2018) and Sri Bhogar Maharishi Jayanthi (14/05/2018) Thondu Seivom with support from Amudha Surabhi handed buns and drinks together with toiletries to the homeless in Kuala Lumpur city last night.