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Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar of the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham or popularly known as Kallar ashram shares with Surendaran Selvaratnam from Malaysia, the concept and updates on the progress of the upcoming new Ashram being built some 2 kilometers away from the present one.

The Kallar ashram has been in existence since the past 12 years, where upadesam or discourses, spiritual practices, annadhanam or providing food and other related services have been carried out.

The new Kallar ashram is located on a 2 acre site, much larger and more conducive to carry out the numerous ashram activities. The new site will be more convenient and will be easily accessible to the public compared with the existing ashram. It is easily located, adjacent to the Satchidananda Jothi Niketan International School (SJN), a fully residential, CBSE co-ed school.

The mountains that flank the edge of the ashram premises is a continuation of the Kallar hills, an auspicious mountain range as revealed by Agathiyar in Agathiyar 12,000 and his Jeeva Nadi reading at Siddhar Arutkudil, Tanjore. Lord Muruga speaks about himself, Kallar Ashram, Agathiyar, the 7kg Rudraksham, the Jeeva Nadi and Tavayogi in the Gnana Skanda Nadi at

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The 6 feet tall Agathiyar statue, Thava Murugan in meditative pose, and the mystical 1 1/2 feet tall rudraksham that is worshiped as a Shivalingam, will grace the new temple cum ashram complex once completed. Besides that a 3 feet tall statue of Lord Muruga and the 18 Siddhas will be installed. Agathiyar, Muruga and the Agathiyalingam will be housed in the center of the Agathiyar Dyana Mandapam, while the 18 Siddhas will be placed in the outer fringes of the circular Dyana Mandapam. This Dyana Mandapam, comprising 2,000 square feet, will be able to accommodate about 100 to 120 devotees at any single time.

Those who are wondering how they can be of some help or serve Agathiyar and the Siddhas, could start by contributing in cash or kind, or assist in supplying materials towards the building of the temple/ ashram complex. Alternatively they could take up the cost of installing the 18 statues of the Siddhas, 8 numbers already having been taken up by Malaysians. The cost of each statue is estimated at Rs75,000. 

This ashram is expected to be completed in 3 months time, just in time to celebrate the annual Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja on 29 December 2015.

For a start 4 units of accommodation or kudil covering some 2,000 square feet, is being built enabling Tavayogi and Mataji to stay and supervise the construction of the remaining temple complex. The basement is currently in progress. Each room will be 20 feet x 17 feet.

A bore is in place to provide drinking water. A high rise water tank will have to be built followed by lavatories. A garden will spruce up the entire temple/ ashram complex.

An annadhana kudam or dining hall that could accommodate about 500 people, will also be constructed. 

Another half acre has been allocated for the massive annual Yagam that is conducted in conjunction with the Guru Puja.

An electric fence estimated at Rs1,000,000 will be erected to ward off and keep out wild elephants and other wild animals that frequent this locality.

An existing Shiva shrine will be maintained and up kept by the ashram management. This shrine is located under a 1,000 year Arasan tree or Ficus religiosa or sacred fig. A Sandhanam tree or Pterocarpus santalinus (Red Sanders) and Veppam tree or neem co-exist beside.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


The Avani Avittam Pournami Puja was held at AVM on 29 August 2015 beginning with lighting the sacrificial fire or homam, followed by libation to Agathiyar or abhisegam and finally AVM members got together to recite Siddha hymns and sing bhajans. 

On the eve of the Puja Agathiyar summoned me for a reading. Expecting a Aasi Nadi reading as usual, I was surprised that Nadi Guru T.Ramesh told me it was a Jeeva Nadi reading. 






Photos courtesy of Dyalen Muniandi and Bala Chandran Gunasekaran. 

Friday, 28 August 2015


Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar has mentioned on many occasions how the wishes of devotees who came to Kallar ashram had been fulfilled. 

Agathiyar has fulfilled our wishes too. Agathiyar also asks that we pray. He extols the power of prayers in the following Nadi revelation on 12.7.2010.

பூசையின் பலன்

நிகண்டு நாடியில் இருந்து அகத்திய மா முனிவர் அருளிய ஆசி சுக்கமம் 12.7.2010

உண்மையும் உத்தமமும் நிறைந்த பூசை
நிறைந்த இன்பம் தந்திடுமே  மகத்துவப் பூசை
நிதானமானதொரு  அற்புத பூசை 
அறமுடனே அகிலம்  காக்கும் பூசை 
அருளான  மாந்தரோடு செய்வாய் நன்றாய்

நன்றன புண்ணியங்கள் காக்கும் பூசை 
நற்கதியும் பலர் அடைய செய்யும் பூசை 
எண்ணாத சக்தி எல்லாம் தந்திடும் பூசை  
எகாந்த  நிலை அடைய வைக்கும் பூசை   

வையகத்தின் மாந்தரின் அகத்தின் ஜோதி 
வலமாக்கும் முழுமதி பூசை அப்பா 
ஐயத்தை நீக்கிடும் பூசைதானே 
ஆண்டவனை அடைய செய்யும் வழியும் இதுவே 

வழி வகுக்கும் சேய்க்கும் மாந்தற்கும் தான் 
வளத்திற்கும் அருளுக்கும் பொருளுக்கும் 
அழியாத மார்கத்தில் இருந்த வண்ணம் 
அகிலத்தில்  நிலை பெற்று வாழ் வழிக்கும் பூசை 

பூசையால் புண்ணியங்கள் கிட்டும்  பூசை 
பூர்வமும்  போக்கிடும் பூசை அப்பா 
இசையுடனே குடும்பவளம் தந்திடும் பூசை 
எவை எல்லாம் வேண்டினும் தந்திடும் பூசை 

தந்திடுமே தர்மம் தவ சிந்தை 
தரித்திரியம் போக்கும் பூசை யாகும் 
அந்தமும் ஆதியும் இல்லா 
அகிலமதில் உயர்வு தரும் பூசை அப்பா 

அப்பனே ஆண்டவனே உருகும் பூசை 
அறிவிழந்தோன் அறிவாளி ஆக்கும் பூசை 
ஒப்பில்லா மகத்துவம் கொண்ட பூசை 
உயர்வோடு  நீ எடுத்து செய்வாய் அப்பா

ஒப்பில்லா மாற்றங்கள் மகத்துவமும்
உயர் நிலை பூசையாலே இருக்குதப்பா 

Listen to Agathiyar's revelation of the benefits of performing/ conduction prayers or puja (pusai) as read out by Nadi Guru Ramesh.

Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) will hold a prayer or kuthu prathanai at its premises tomorrow between 10.30am and 1.00pm (Malaysian time) seeking the blessings of Agathiyar and the Siddhas. Watch live streaming of the Siddhar Puja, the lighting of the sacrificial fire (homam), libation (abhisegam) and prayers (puja) for Agathiyar & the Siddhas at

See for a complete schedule of dates & times of Puja at AVM. Posters by Stalin.


In all my Nadi readings, Agathiyar has been stressing on the need and importance of prayers. On 19.4.2011, Agathiyar surprised me further by revealing his Moola Mantra in the Nadappu Aasi Nigandu Nadi. This was my 40th Nadi reading. Agathiyar asked that this mantra be made known to all. Agathiyar lists out the benefits gained by chanting this mantra. Here is the translation of the portion of the Nadi related to this revelation.
For the purpose of gaining joy in the family and mankind on the whole,
I reveal a magnificent moola mantra of mine,
to be chanted daily,
Mankind will gain if chanted,
All shall gain good health and all other gains,
Victory without hurdles shall one meet,
Miracles and joy will come your way,
Thus I reveal,
Aum Srim Aum Sarguru Patamay
Saaba Paaba Vimosanam
Rowga Ahungaara Durvimosanam
Sarva Deva Sagala Siddha Oli Rupam
Sarguruway Om Agasthiya Kirantha Kartaaya Nama
ஓம் ஸ்ரீம் ஓம்
சற்குரு பதமே
சாப பாவ விமோசனம்
ரோக அகங்கார துர்விமோசனம்
சர்வ தேவ சகல சித்த ஓளி ரூபம்
சற்குருவே ஓம் அகஸ்திய
கிரந்த கர்தாய நம
By chanting thus and conducting prayers,
All shall gain Bliss (Yegantha Nilai),
By chanting this mantra,
Joy (Anandha Jyothi) shall rise in all and
Grace (Arul Jhothi) shall be seen and felt.

Dr C Srinivasan in his exposition of the THIRUVAACHAKAM OF SAINT MAANICKAVAACHAGAR, wrote on the need of prayers as ordained by Saint Maanickavaachagar.
He prayed to Him with pious devotion for his grace. He wept and he melted for His mercy to extricate Him from the miserable cycle of birth and death wiping out the inseparable bonds of illusion, karma and ego.
This he did through his outpouring of 51 poems, that Dr C.Srinivasan describes as, “rapturous songs and emotional melodies”. The Dr continues, “Complete surrender has been echoed in his fervent appeals and mellifluous compositions”. He lists out the reasons to pray too.
Surrendering himself completely he may pray to Him to redeem him from all the bonds and the perpetual disease of birth and death. As the saint prays, one may pray to Him to save him from the vagaries of his mind and senses which are after sensual pleasures. He may pray to Him to bestow upon him His mercy and grace. He may pray to him to show him the right path to reach Him. He may pray to Him to bestow upon him eternal Bliss.
And he finally list the best prayer,
The best prayer is to pray to Him out of sheer love without asking for even His Bliss. This prayer of loving piety to Him shall place him in everlasting supreme and transcendent Bliss for ever and ever after.
Dr C.Srinivasan goes on to describe the transcendent experiences of Saint Maanickavaachagar that came about after constant remembrance and thought on Erai.
It was only when he prayed that he should be endowed with unintermitting love for him, he was granted. It was only when he, with that love for Him, thawed and melted, He bestowed his grace on him. 
As and when his body and soul melted and melted He entered his mind and condescended to enshrine in his body and rooted out his bonds of illusion, karma and ego.

When he complained about the wandering of his mind for women and worries about death and birth, He was pleased to entertain his mind with his Light of Grace.

As his graceful effulgence grew up more and more when he wept and yearned and his body, bones and soul melted, He ordained to convert His light in him as sweet Ambrosia. 
The saint has disclosed the secret of his achievement that God showed him His rosy flowery Feet by informing, “Behold these in your body as Ambrosia welling up and welling up in it!”.
Further, He made his heart to thaw and entered it making ambrosia well up in it. He pumped streams of marvelous ambrosia right into all the pores and cavities of my bones. He fabricated for him an ecstasy bubbling celestial body as if with a melting heart out of his corporal body.

Further God – The Supreme Mercy and Supreme Effulgence – condescended to dwell in him and graciously offered him Civan-hood. Thus the saint with the Body of Bliss merged with God in eternal Bliss in everlasting union.

Ramalinga Adigal too mentions in his poems that he saw the results of his prayers. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Saravanan Palanisamy has posted a beautiful piece Sitthar Kaattiya Vazhi on Agathiyar at

சித்தர் காட்டிய வழி
(Sitthar Kaattiya Vazhi)

அவ்வருளின்றியே யான் ஒன்றும் காணேனே 
அவ்வருள் கிட்டிட என்  செய்வேன் யானென்று 
மரந்தாவும் கவியை போல் அங்கும் இங்கும் தேடித் தேடி
நொந்ததுதான் உண்மையப்பா வீணடித்தேன் நேரந்தன்னை!

Avvarulindriyeh yaan ondrum kaanehneh
Avvarul kittida yen seiven yaanendru
Maranthaavum kaviyai pol anggum inggum thedi thedi
Nonthathuthaan unmaiyappaa veenaditthen neranthannai!

பொய்யான வேடமிட்டு மெய்பொருள் கண்டதுபோல் 
ஜாலம் செய் பாவிதன்னை நம்பியும் கெட்டேனே
பலராமன் ஆசியோடு கண்டுகொண்டேன்  மௌன குரு
ஜெகந்நாதர் அருளோடு சந்தித்தேன் ஷண்முகனை!

Poyyaana vedamittu meiporul kandathupol
Jaalam sei paavithannai nambiyum ketteneh
Balaraaman aasiyodu kandukonden mouna guru
Jeganaathar aruloadu santhitthen Shanmuganai!

ஷன்முகனும் காட்டினார் சித்தர்களின் பூசை தன்னை
மகத்தான பூசையப்பா அருள்தரும் பூசை என்றார் 
காண்பித்தார் எந்தனுக்கு சித்தர்களின் அருளும் தான் 
கார்த்திகேயன் உறவு கொண்டு செய்தேன் யான் சேவையதை!

Shanmuganum kaattinaar sitthargalin poosai thannai
Magatthaana poosaiyappa arultharum poosaiyendraar
Kaanpitthaar yenthanukku sitthargalin arulun thaan
Kaarthigeyan uravu kondu seithen yaan sevaiyathai

சேவையதை தொடர எண்ணி (அக்னி) லிங்கமும் சேர்ந்து கொள்ள
பிறவி பிணி நீ அறுக்க உதவுமென்றார் இந்த சேவை
என்னருள் பெற்றவர்கள் வந்துனக்கு உதவிடுவார்
வாக்கிட்டார் சுவடி வழி பொதிகை வாழ் கும்ப முனி!

Sevaiyathai thodara yenni (agni) Lingamum sernthu kolla
Piravi pini nee arukka uthavumendraar intha sevai
Yennarul petravargal vanthunakku uthaviduvaar
Vaakittaar suvadi vazhi Pothigai vaazh Kumba Muni!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015



Kandasamy Gurukal, the high priest at the Arulmigu Ananda Valli Ambigai Sametha Agatheeswarar Temple at Panchesti sent in these photos of Agathiyar and Bhairavar through WhatsApp yesterday. A prayer was conducted to commemorate 10 years of installation of the small temple for Agathiyar and Bhairavar.

Lord Bhairavar

Agathiyar with Lobha Ma 

Agathiyar reveals in the Jeeva Nadi about this temple. 

When the Jeeva Nadi Guru, one day, requested Agathiyar to reveal about any of the numerous temples associated with him (Agathiyar), Agathiyar immediately chose to speak about his temple at Panchesti.

At one time in the past, when Agathiyar was in deep meditation, an Arakan (Asura) with his family fell at his feet. Surprised to find an Asura at his feet, Agathiyar through his wisdom eye, comes to know about him. He was Sukethu. Although born as an Asura, he was honest. He had to take birth as an Arakan due to his past karma. He used to worship Lord Shiva all the time. As a result the other Asuras gave him a lot of problems and disturbed his family and him. Agathiyar wanted very much to save Sukethu and his family and gave it much thought. 

Agathiyar realized that conducting a yagam or lighting the sacrificial fire was the only way to remove his Dosa and confer on him the state of Mukthi. Agathiyar decided to conduct 5 kinds of yagam, namely : Deva yagam, Brahma yagam, Bhoota yagam, Pithur yagam, Maanuda yagam. 

Agathiyar also knew that the rest of the Asuras will not allow this yagam to be carried out. While figuring a way out, Agathiyar receives a pleasant visit from Goddess Umaiyaal. 

Goddess Umaiyaal told Agathiyar that she had heard about Agathiyar's yagam from Lord Shiva but had not had the opportunity to witness one. She asked that Agathiyar allow her to witness this yagam.

Agathiyar explains to Goddess Umaiyaal that all this while he had been conducting yagam for the Devas and his disciples to remove their Dosa. Now he is about to carry out a Panja yagam, for the very first time, for the sake of Sukethu and his family. Agathiyar gives Goddess Umaiyaal the privilege to choose the spot where this yagam shall be held. Agathiyar requests that Goddess Umaiyaal should ensure no harm comes from the Asuras during the duration of the yagam. Agathiyar also requests that Lord Shiva should take form and appear in the yagam. 

Agathiyar also told Goddess Umaiyaal that on completion of the Panja yagam he will continue with the Sathru Samhaara yagam on Lord Murugan's instruction and supervision. "The Sathru Samhaara yagam too will be conducted for the very first time", added Agathiyar. "This yagam would help lessen the troubles of man who has to face jealousy, objection, and torture." 

Goddess Umaiyaal blessed Agathiyar and named the place where these yagams were to be conducted by Agathiyar to be known as Panchesthi. Agathiyar on his part told Goddess Umaiyaal that from that day forth she will be known as Anandhavalli Thaayaar.

Just as foreseen, the Asuras came to cause trouble and stop Agathiyar's yagam, but Goddess Umaiyaal destroyed them all. Agathiyar victoriously completed the Panja yagam and the Sathru Samhaara yagam. Sukethu and his family members attained release from their curse.

Photo courtesy of Sailal Hiralalji Jedhiya
Agathiyar reveals an amazing happening during a Yagam at Sathuragiri too. Agathiyar instructs the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai that a Yagam be conducted in Sathuragiri under his (Agathiyar) supervision. Agathiyar indicates the day and time and the materials to be placed in the fire pit. Agathiyar also handpicks certain individuals for the task. 

To ensure their safe journey to and fro from Sathuragiri, Agathiyar arranges for Sattaimuni and Ramadevar to accompany these devotees. 

Agathiyar was himself surprised to find Lord Brahma appear to initiate the Fire ritual with the famous sloga SUKLAM BARATARAM of Lord Vinayagar. 

Besides Brahma, Agathiyar says, the Yagam was graced by Lord Vinayagar, Lord Murugan and the Devas and all the 18 Siddhas. 

Agathiyar reveals another surprise. Lord Shiva had appeared in his Vishwarupa form in the early morning hours. Agathiyar reminds us that Sathuragiri was the place where Lord Shiva had taken that majestic form to destroy the Arakkar through the means of his third eye. This episode happened some 4,000 years ago at Sathuragiri. Hence from that moment on these Arakkar did not move into Sathuragiri again. Agathiyar adds that these Arakkar are present in all the hills. These Arakkar will try their level best to distract and divert the attention of aspirants and those on the spiritual path. But Agathiyar says let it be, the Arakkar are carrying out their job. He says their nuisance at Sathuragiri ended 3247 years ago, after a particular Yagam conducted some 3247 years ago at Sathuragiri by Kagabujandar.

After that particular Yagam conducted some 3247 years ago at Sathuragiri by Kagabujandar, Agathiyar too conducted the same Yagam some 1857 years ago. All the Munis, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu participated. 

727 years ago when a similar Yagam was conducted, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu did not participate. The Siddhas conducted the Yagam. All the Devas and Asuras were present. 

Agathiyar reveals to the Jeeva Nadi Guru that after all these years this rare Yagam was now been conducted by them at Sathuragiri, under the governance and supervision of Agathiyar.

The ever compassionate Agathiyar, called these devotees over to Sathuragiri for the sole purpose of removing their Karma (Dosa) gathered over the past three births, and wrongs done knowingly or unknowingly in recent times. Those who have gained Agnidevan's blessings are rid of ill effects (Thetthu) and no sins (Pavam) shall befall them for the next 12 years.

For those devotees who appreciated this Yagam, Agathiyar promised to gift them by indicating the Taila Kinaru or Oil Well, where just a drop of that oil smeared on the body shall gift the person to live 400 years.

Upon successfully conducting the Yagam and returning home Agathiyar mentions in the Jeeva Nadi that Siddha Ramadevar and Sattaimuni accompanied the entourage of 50 people to Sathuragiri on his command. Agathiyar mentions that Bhogar and Sattaimuni too had apart to play. Sattaimuni had hugged and ushered the devotees personally, the very moment they arrived at Sathuragiri unaware to these devotees. Agathiyar reveals that Bhogar came running asking if he could assist in the Yagam. Agathiyar asked that Bhogar bless all those who came at the instruction of Agathiyar to Sathuragiri with a good life. Agathiyar reminds us that they were fortunate and it was an honor that a Siddha was on hand to greet and lead them and cared for their safety. These were events not visible to the public, adds Agathiyar.

Agathiyar most graciously reveals that he shall conduct another Yagam witnessed by Lord Brahma for those who were invited but missed out, in the near future. 

Source: Translated from Velayudham Karthikeyan's Siththan Arul. Photos courtesy of Kandasamy Gurukal. Paintings courtesy of Saravanan Palanisamy and Sitthan Arul.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Kalaichelvan and his wife who are in India currently, handed out food parcels or annadhanam and garlanded Supramania Swami's samadhi in Thiruvannamalai this morning.

Supramania Swami

Supramania Swami's samadhi
Annadhanam at Thiruvannamalai

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Bala Chandran Gunasekaran and Dyalen Muniandy just returned to Malaysia after climbing Pothigai Peak. Meanwhile Uva and Master Arunan continue their pilgrimage in India. Surendaran Selvaratnam too returned early this morning.

Friday, 21 August 2015


He comes around when we least expect. He surprises us with a statement, or an act of compassion. He leaves the scene. He is a Siddha. He is Agathiyar. He is my ideal guru. 

He came into my life through a nadi reading. He told me why I had taken this birth, for that matter, why all of us take rebirths. He said it was because of karma. He revealed all the karma I had accumulated. He showed me a way to resolve them too. 

When I took heed of his advice, he came into my life permanently, guiding my family and me further through more nadi readings. He brought worship, devotion and rituals into my life. These have now become part and parcel of me. He brought my family into it too. 

He sent deserving children of his over to his abode, Agathiyar Vanam. He greeted them with love and showered them with grace. All he expected in return was to have him in our thoughts, sing his praise, chant the names of the Siddhas, and occasionally light a lamp.

He brought me to two wonderful gurus, Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. Along the way he asked me to meet Dharmalinga Swamigal, Kundrakudi Adigal, and Rengaraja Desigar. He asked that I go over to Pothigai Peak, Chidambaram, Yercaud, and Kollimalai too. I told him I was not meeting no one. I told him I was going no where. I was not being arrogant. I told him my search had stopped since I had him! He did not bring up these subject again.

He taught me through the nadi. He taught me through my two gurus whom I observed and learnt some lessons. Supramania Swami left all his merits behind, gained from 40 years of performing austerities or tavam. It was a lesson for me to do so too. Tavayogi came hard on me on several occasions. They were lessons for me again, however bitter it was. On the contrary, Agathiyar most gently reminded me about my anger, and advised that I drop them. Again they were lessons for me.

He came to my daughter's aid, healing her broken leg. He came to my younger daughter's aid, with Thirumoolar, saving her from Dengue. He stood by my wife, as promise, when she had to undergo a medical procedure. He cushioned me when I collapsed several times due to the Dengue fever too. explains the noun ideal as:

1.a conception of something in its perfection.
2.a standard of perfection or excellence.
3.a person or thing conceived as embodying such a conception or conforming to such a standard, and taken as a model for imitation. ultimate object or aim of endeavor, especially one of high or noble character.

That is Agathiyar. I am indebted to him. The least I could do is to share his greatness through writing. Hence this blog. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Saravanan Palanisamy has been illustrating for Sitthan Arul, a blog that carries amazing stories on the Siddhas. 

Saravanan has patiently visualized the many episodes narrated by the blog administrator to produce these magnificent drawings that accompany the stories. 

Siddha Heartbeat congratulates Saravanan for his beautiful art and contribution and thanks the administrator of Sitthan Arul for providing Saravanan an avenue to showcase his talent.