Wednesday, 28 June 2017


My late father used to run a theater in India back in those days. My uncle used to bring in films from India and screen them in local theatres. As a youngster I used to frequent the Tamil cinema, reading up on it and advising others whether the movie was worth watching. The cheapest ticket cost 35 cents then and I would be seated in the front row for every show. Soon the desire to become a director grew in me. I began to learn about movie making from books. But good sense then made me drop the idea of taking up art as a career and directing as a profession. Instead I landed myself in engineering.

But my desire to make movies was soon fulfilled. When I brought my spiritual ventures and experiences to the web and blog, I began to make videos. Agathiyar and Tavayogi became the stars of my movies. Tavayogi too had produced two movies before he became a turavi. 

After a day of hard labour, our forefathers turned to the silver screen to wind down, relax and fantasize for some three hours before they went back to the reality of the world. The cinema has given many uplifting movies, stories and songs over the years. At the end of the movie truth will triumph over false; good will prevail over evil, bringing to the audience moral statements to be followed. It brought devotion and the philosophy behind it, visually, to the audience. Siddha Heartbeat takes a break from the usual posts, and brings you into the world of cinema, a wonderful medium to bring messages to the masses.

The film industry brought many ithihasa, puranas, scriptures and teachings to the masses through the cinema. It was a noble act of educating common folk, bringing the age old philosophies, in visual form that even the unschooled could comprehend and understand and bring it into their daily lives.

Besides movies based entirely on these scriptures, they made social movies that carried these values and thoughts. These wonderful teachings were carried in the songs which were part of these movies.

Muthukumar Swamy, who had worked closely with the late poet Amarar Kannadhasan, posted the following videos in conjunction with and in appreciation of the poet laureate of Tamil Nadu, to coincide with the birthday of Kannadhasan on 24 June on fb.

Esai Kavi Ramanan who as a teen, came to meet Kannadasan, speaks passionately of him and how down to earth he was in a series of videos.

Just as Agathiyar said, "உனக்கு வழி காட்டும் புனிதநூல் உன்னால் மட்டுமே எழுதப்பட முடியும். அது உன்னுடைய அனுபவங்களைக் கொண்டுதான் எழுதப்பட வேண்டும்", or "Unakku vazhi kaathum punitha nool unnaal matthume yezhutappada mudiyum. Athu unnudaiya anupavangalai konduthaan yezhuthappada vendum", - "You have to write your own guidebook for your journey, based on your experiences", Kannadhasan exemplified his sayings.

He translated his life into words that took the form of songs in the movies. He gave us many amazing songs that gave hope and strength to face life. 

Taking inspiration from our peers in the music industry, AVM today is proud to have several singers who come together in prayers. Jegan, Srimathi Vinthamaray, Balamurugan, the Rajah-Malathy children and my own.

Jegan or Jay.S, who writes his own lyrics has had some albums to his credit and was in the limelight some time back. Srimathi Vinthamaray used to sing soul stirring numbers from the Thiruarutpa during our bhajans. Balamurugan grew up singing Thevaram and other devotional songs in his estate temple. The Rajah-Malathy children were trained in singing the Thevaram. My daughters have had a short stint learning Sangeetham and do dish out some nice numbers. Dr Jana composed BGM for AVM videos. We have Hari, a cinematographer and director in the making. Many others in the AVM family were mooted to join in rendering wonderful hymns and songs. AVM is blessed to have all these talents gather and sing the grace of Agathiyar and Erai.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


When Tavayogi told me that Agathiyar had come the night of my arrival at Kallar the very first time and asked what he was giving me, I was skeptical. I remained quiet. When he took me on a pilgrimage to Siddha caves and temples, he would point out that the Siddhas came as an aroma and a particular scent; that they came as the wind and the breeze. I would just stare into the sky not comprehending what he was telling me. You only belief if you saw, right?

But when Agathiyar opened his left eye as he had promised in my Nadi, in his very aged and worn out granite statue of his at Agasthiyampalli, I stepped into a realm of Siddhas where anything was possible. He then surprised me by opening both his eyes in another granite statue of his at the Kutraleswarar temple. In both occasions Tavayogi hushed me and led me out in a jiffy, never giving me a moment to explore the miracle further or investigate it.

When Vimalan and Suresh of Thiruvannamalai whom I met at Kallar Ashram in 2005 invited me over to their hometown, I called them the moment I reached Supramania Swami's kudil. They came over immediately. They volunteered to bring Swami and me to the temple later that evening. After visiting Annamalaiyar, they brought us to a run down Shiva temple nearby that apparently was "discovered", cleaned and was maintained by a young man who happened to come by. They asked him to narrate to me what had taken place at the temple. It seems one day a man came along as he was alone at the temple. After some exchange of words, the stranger took the lad by the hand and led him to the inner sanctum of Lord Shiva. The stranger placed his finger into a small crack in the wall behind the Shivalinga, and apparently entered the hole. What remained of him was his hand holding on to the lad. The lad panicked and pulled his hand away in fear! The stranger identified himself as Esaki before entering the portal.

When I returned to Malaysia, Agathiyar spoke about his miracles and told me many more will happen in my homeground.

I began to believe that anything was possible.

When a veterinarian doctor from Ooty who frequented Kallar Ashram, visited the home of a couple who worshipped Agathiyar, and was invited to enter the prayer room, upon opening the door he witnessed Agathiyar get up immediately from a sleeping position, tie his hair lock before disappearing. The doctor shared with me this story when he was accompanying Tavayogi in Malaysia. 

Many years later in 2013, Jnana Jhothiamma tells me an almost similar story one that she witnessed at AVM. It was also during her visit that Agathiyar opened his eyes in our very own bronze statue at AVM and created a spectacle. Later a long time devotee of Agathiyar was directed in the Nadi to print and distribute this particular photo of AVM Agathiyar.

The mother of a devotee of Agathiyar usually stayed alone as her son works long hours in a hotel. Her company during these moments seems to be Agathiyar. She used to tell her son that Agathiyar would massaged her aching feet. Recently she had a fall in their home. As she called out for Agathiyar, he appeared, questioned her why she was not more careful and lifted her up, bringing her a few steps to his painting hanging in the hall before disappearing into it. 

Welcome to the world of possibilities, the realm of the Siddhas. Have an open mind and be prepared for all possibilities. Anything is possible in the world of the Siddhas. 

In Service to Agathiyar 3


Sri Krishna who initiated and has carried out his street feeding or langar program "Pothigai Meals on Wheels" for over a year now went to the streets at noon yesterday to distribute food parcels and drinks. Surprisingly the moment Shanga stopped his car, although unmarked and with tinted windows,  the homeless spotted us and made their way towards us, reaching out for the food parcels and clothings. Their was a broad smile of appreciation and gratitude on their faces as they received these handouts made possible with contribution from samaritans. With a hearty appetite, they immediately digged into the food, eating with eager pleasure. Although it was fulfilling to see these sight and having served fellow beings in hunger, but there was a sadness to it too, in seeing their fate and how life has dealt a cruel blow to them. With a sense of helplessness we returned to our normal lives and our family, with gratitude and thanks at having a roof over our heads, having clothing to wear, and food on our table.

A day earlier Bala Chandran's family cooked and served the inmates of a home, a noble gesture that they have been carrying out for the past year now. Although bringing food to the inmates of homes gives joy to the donors, there is a sadness in our hearts at seeing their fate and life come to an end at an old folks home. There is no cheer in their lives instead we see an emptiness in their eyes and a sense of being lost. They while away their time, sitting idle till their last days. 

When my wife was admitted in the wards recently, and was wheeled in, a seventy year old occupied the bed next to hers. The old lady who was senile, was operated on her leg. She was from an old folks home. After dumping her at the hospital, no relatives of hers or anyone from the home came to look her up. It was a sad thing. My wife tended to her for a while till she was whisked away after she began to lose consciousness. She never came back.

Serving the poor, the needy and the handicapped, makes us realize how gifted we are. We tend to appreciate life more. We begin to drop complaining about the numerous small inconveniences that we tend to look as a huge problem to us.

Visiting an hospital makes us realize how gifted we are. We tend to appreciate the good health and good fate, showered on us.

Let us not complain. Accept life. Cherish every moment. Love those around us. Lead an honest life. Keep good company. Look out for opportunities to help others. Be grateful. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Agathiyar had encouraged me to continue to write this blog, in the Aasi Nadi readings before. Then he mentioned the same to Surendaran Selvaratnam of AVM when he was in Chennai for a reading. When I spoke to Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar of Kallar Ashram over the phone this morning, she surprised me by sharing a portion of a Nadi reading for an individual yesterday, the reason being that my name had been mentioned in it. Agathiyar had told the individual of his presence and that of the 18 Siddhas at Kallar Ashram. He was delighted in me spreading his fame and that of Kallar Ashram and asked the individual to do the same.

Tears immediately collected in my eyes, on hearing these words. I could only say a big thank you, to the most compassionate father for acknowledging my very small contribution. I am wondering if I deserve mention in another's Nadi reading?

Whenever I decide to wind up and call it a day, Agathiyar comes along asking me to continue. He brought me to his path; he kept me doing rituals, encouraging my family and me all the while and emphasizing that it was for the good of all of prapanjam;  he asked that I stream the puja live, which was appreciated by many; and he asked me to blog, which was well received by friends and other readers. What else can a man ask? 

While he has specified to me what I should do, similarly he has instructed every soul at AVM with specific task and their contributions towards society. They have all taken to fulfilling Agathiyar's commands. He has given AVM family and me an opportunity too, as Mataji rightfully told me this morning, to serve him. I thank all those who helped us start this amazing journey, and kept us going.

Many AVM family members wrote their feelings about Agathiyar and posted them in our groups and social medias. 
அறியாத பயணம் தொடர்ந்தோம்
நெறிகள் தெளிந்த வழிகள் கண்டோம்
வலிகள் யாவும் கடந்தோம்
உகந்தா முடிவாய் ஆசி பெற்றோம்
பூக்களாய் குவிந்தோம்
மாலைகளாய் கோர்க பட்டோம்
நறுமணமாய் வீச கண்டோம்
அகத்தியர் பாதம் சேர்ந்தோம்
பிறந்த பிறப்பை அறியேனோ
போகும் பாதை அறியேனோ
இறக்கும் நொடி அறியேனோ
ஐயனே நீர் இருப்பதை அறிவேனே
சூலும் உறவுகள் அறியேனோ
பகைவன் யாரேன அறியேனோ
பொய்யும் மெய்யும் அறியேனோ
இறைவா உம் செயல் அறிவேனே
ஒளி தரும் பகலவன் அறியேனோ
இருள் தரும் சந்திரன் அறியேனோ
கர்மாவின் விளைவுகள் அறியேனோ
அழகான உமது வாக்கு அறிவேனே
அய்யனே உம்மை தொழுதேனே
மனம் நெகிழ்ந்து போகின்றேனே
மௌன நிலை நிற்கின்றேனே
மலராய் பாதம் சேர ஏங்குகிறேனே
எம்மை படைத்து
எம்மை அசைத்து
எம்மை இசைத்து
எம்மை உடைத்து
எம்மை உருப்பெயர்த்து
எம்மை புதிதாய் வடிவமைத்து
எம்மை திரியாக்கி
எம்மை நெய்யாக்கி
எம்மை சுடராக்கி
எம்மை தீ பிலம்பாக்கி
எம்மை ஜோதியாக்கி
எம்மை எம்மிடமே தந்த
எம் அகத்தியருக்கு
கோடி வணக்கங்கள்
பவளமாய் ஜோலிக்கும் மெனியாய்
சரீத்த கறுங் கூந்தல் சடையாய்
மெய்யாய் உதிக்கும் ஜோதியினிலே
உம் தரிசனம் யாம் கண்டேன் ஐயா 
ஒன்றாய் உதித்து
இரண்டாய் உருப்பெயர்த்து
முப்பெரும் நாதனாகி
நால்வரால் போற்றிட்டு
ஐ கணங்கள் காப்பவராய்
கண்டேன் ஐயா 
மனம் ஒன்றிடதான் கீர்த்தனைகளை மொழிந்தேன்
உம்மோடு தோற்றிடவே பாதம் பற்றினேன்
உம்மை அறியவே எம்மை அறிந்து கொண்டேன்
எண்ணிடும் வேலையிலே நிகழ்த்திட கண்டேன்
என்னை உன்னையாக்க வல்லானிடம்!
அதைவிடுத்து எதையெதையோ வேண்டித் திரிகிறேன்!
புன்சிரிப்போடு அதையும் அருளி என்னை ரசிக்கிறாய்!
என்னே உன் கருணையப்பா! சிவயநம!
அகத்தீசா ...
உன் நாமம்
யாம் பெறுகின்ற
பிறவிப் பயனும்
அவ்வருளின்றியே யான் ஒன்றும் காணேனே
அவ்வருள் கிட்டிட என் செய்வேன் யானென்று
மரந்தாவும் கவியை போல் அங்கும் இங்கும் தேடித் தேடி
நொந்ததுதான் உண்மையப்பா வீணடித்தேன் நேரந்தன்னை!
பொய்யான வேடமிட்டு மெய்பொருள் கண்டதுபோல்
ஜாலம் செய் பாவிதன்னை நம்பியும் கெட்டேனே
பலராமன் ஆசியோடு கண்டுகொண்டேன் மௌன குரு
ஜெகந்நாதர் அருளோடு சந்தித்தேன் ஷண்முகனை!
ஷன்முகனும் காட்டினார் சித்தர்களின் பூசை தன்னை
மகத்தான பூசையப்பா அருள்தரும் பூசை என்றார்
காண்பித்தார் எந்தனுக்கு சித்தர்களின் அருளும் தான்
கார்த்திகேயன் உறவு கொண்டு செய்தேன் யான் சேவையதை!
சேவையதை தொடர எண்ணி (அக்னி) லிங்கமும் சேர்ந்து கொள்ள
பிறவி பிணி நீ அறுக்க உதவுமென்றார் இந்த சேவை
என்னருள் பெற்றவர்கள் வந்துனக்கு உதவிடுவார்
வாக்கிட்டார் சுவடி வழி பொதிகை வாழ் கும்ப முனி!

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Yuvarani shared Agathiyar's sayings in our group, one of which carried a very profound and deep meaning.

உனக்கு வழி காட்டும் புனிதநூல் உன்னால் மட்டுமே எழுதப்பட முடியும்.
அது உன்னுடைய அனுபவங்களைக் கொண்டுதான் எழுதப்பட வேண்டும்.

Unakku vazhi kaathum punitha nool unnaal matthume yezhutappada mudiyum. 
Athu unnudaiya anupavangalai konduthaan yezhuthappada vendum.

You have to write your own guidebook for your journey, based on your experiences. 

Generally a guide, in this case a book, is used to either start a journey, a process, or a procedure. We tend to take up a spiritual book, or a spiritually evolved person as a guide and follow its/his teachings. Here Agathiyar says that that book, that is to be your guide, has to be written by you, and only you.

As we walk this life, the experiences gained from our encounters, will be the guide for our journey. This is how we evolve spiritually from being an ordinary man with all the flaws and shortcomings to becoming divine in nature, with godlike qualities.

With experience as a teacher, we determine our destiny. We then walk the walk and talk the talk.

It is said that once a devotee is consumed by the love of Erai or his Guru, he begins to express the bliss outwardly, churning out melodies, songs, poems. The songs become an expression of his state of ecstasy, bliss and joy. Saints having reached these exalted states of bliss have left behind extensive renderings, songs and literature for progeny.

Ramalinga Adigal of recent times documented his spiritual experiences, in the form of songs too, published as the Thiruarutpa. Similarly the Siddhas have been documenting their observations and findings since the 15th Yuga.

P Karthigayan has written a well researched and comprehensive compendium of the Siddhas, "History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu", published by Notion Press, Chennai, 2016.

He traces the lives of the Siddhas from the "Pre-Mythic Dark Ages" to the present, revealing many interesting facts about them. 

0. The "Pre-Mythic Dark Ages" as he calls it is the period before the beginning of Kretha Yuga itself. 

We are supposedly in the last leg of 18 yugas, the Kali Yuga, with each yuga coming to an end as a result of a deluge or severe flood. The author says that with the coming of the Siddhas, documentation and records began to be kept of events. His findings based on Siddha literature affirms that these records appeared beginning from the 15th yuga. 

1. Kretha Yuga

The Siddha cult was in its infant stage then with supposedly 40,000 Siddhas during this era.

2. Thretha Yuga

Siddha cult was now at its peak with 800,000 Siddhas active, their teachings written on palm leafs and preserved in caves.

Nandhi's works were published by Agathiyar and those of Paranjothi, Sandeesar, Tirumular, Agathiyar's own works, those of Dhanvantari, and Asvini.

Karthigayan writes that the Thretha Yuga was the golden age of Siddha literature and research, their schools crowded with students. 

The Siddhas through their sangams and monasteries, began to defined sets of values for living. Yagams were initiated to reduce the wrath of nature. 

3. Dwapara Yuga

Further Siddha literatures were presented. 

4. Kali Yuga

The present.

Supramania Swami wrote Gnana Suthiram, a simple guidebook on yoga. Tavayogi wrote Andamum Pindamum, the gist of the book being, what is out there is also within you. He wrote Atma Gnanam later.

Friday, 23 June 2017


When I sat in front of my guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai outside his village home, for a solid five hours without either of us moving from the spot he spoke only about me and my future. It was a revelation of sorts for me bringing me to tears that streamed down both my cheeks with occasional outburst of joy and bliss. He was unperturbed but kept on transmitting the "news", occasionally opening his eyes and closing them later. I sat stupefied and silent, absorbing every single word that came from the parting of his lips. Did he tap from the Akashic Library, in the cosmos and beyond, that delved within the depth of his mind? 

When people came to Yogi Ramsuratkumar, with problems, the yogi who was Supramania Swami's guru, would light a cigarette and appear to be in deep thought. Was he accessing the Akashic records for solutions?

Pundi Mahan or Athru Swami or Thinnai Swami as he was commonly known, would lit up cigarettes in all the fingers of his hand and puff away as people gathered around him for a sacred word or vaakku. Was Pundi Mahan, who was also Supramania Swami's guru, accessing these records for answers?

When my nephew suggested we drop in on Swami Brahmananda Saraswati at his Dhyana Ashram in Kulim, Kedah, I "chanced" to meet a sadhu. My nephew who knew him from an earlier encounter, started a conversation. Throughout the few minutes of conversation that was a monologue, the sadhus gaze was on me and at the same time on my nephew. How was that possible I thought? I felt his look was penetrating through me and beyond. Later when I pointed this out to him, my nephew casually told me that the sadhu was scanning me. I have yet to see someone look at me this way. Was he accessing my Akashic records?

My nephew also told me that the sadhu was known to do astral travel and appeared in several places at the same time. This was revealed by fellow students of his guru. My nephew had met him at the ashram a couple of years before, and had met him again at the Sri Marathandavar Temple, Maran, Pahang. 

When I was growing up in Taiping, a neighbour who had a shrine at his home, would bring a "deity" on someone, offer a goat as sacrifice, and all those gathered would approach him for answers to their problems. This is a very common sight in numerous small shrines, temples and individual's homes, till this day. The deities that came on these individuals would provide solutions to those gathered, on their day to day problems, by way of advice, simple rituals to perform, remedies to carry out, and at times administer these remedies themselves. Occasionally one would get a scolding for misbehaving. As a kid, I used to stand far far away and watch when "they" come on someone, fearing that they would give me a scolding too or worse still, a beating with their whip for misbehaving. 

Later during my working career, I used to see Chinese workers build a small shrine and start a worship, at new construction sites or projects. They would pray: stating their apologies for intruding into "their space"; seeking approval to begin work; and asking for protection from any untoward form of accidents, mishaps or delays. They would then slaughter a goat and have a feast.

When a colleague in Lumut, who assisted to run a temple shared many instances of these deities coming to individuals in trance, I would listen, intrigued by these stories. But I still stayed away, for the same reasons. 

When in Simpang Empat, a deity came upon my brother and spoke in Chinese to Chinese devotees who patronised the Macha Muneeswarar Alayam, I was totally shaken up, wondering how he did that, as my brother never could speak a word of Chinese. This went on for some time until one fine day, "they" told us that they would not come on him anymore.

Although I believed in their existence, I did not delve into the mysteries surrounding these baffling and strange happenings. I kept my distance from them and told them let's not cross paths. They could live in their world and me in mine.

But coming into the path of the Siddhas, made me cross paths with them again. Soon I too was a witness to many strange and bizarre happenings at AVM. Some deities who are known to be forceful and aggressive, and carried a fearful stigma, surprisingly took on a subdued, and calm nature in the presence of Agathiyar. They entered a state of bliss. This was indeed an eye opener to me. I realized that they could indeed change their nature when in the presence of Agathiyar.

When devotees of Agathiyar stood before these deities, "they" identified these devotees as followers of Agathiyar and only spoke about Agathiyar to them. They spoke highly of Agathiyar and his achievements. When the norm was to offer intoxicating drinks and meat to "them", surprisingly when devotees of Agathiyar stood before them, they would instead ask for a non intoxicating drink and a meatless offering. I realized that they could indeed change their nature according to the thoughts, belief and faith of those who stood before them. 

Once a man who deceived the public by going into trances could not bring himself into a trance and bring that particular form of energy and spirit, when a devotee of Agathiyar stood amongst those gathered. He became agitated and announced that there was a newcomer among their midst and set out to find him and requested him to stay away.  

One worships Karupanasamy, one aspect of the energy, and other deities before embarking on a journey into the jungles and woods where the Siddhas roamed. I came to know about Karupanasamy and "Amma" through a devotee who had come to Agathiyar. She was told by "them" that she would be handed over to Agathiyar and they stepped aside promising that they would watch over her. 

It has been a very interesting journey indeed, a journey of learning, accepting and acknowledging that all things, seen or unseen, visible or invisible, understood or otherwise, exist in Erai's creation. I was soon made to realize that everything exists and had its purpose in Erai's creation. To sum it all up, when Agathiyar said that he was prapanjam and that the prapanjam was in him, it includes everything, good or evil, sane or insane, known or unknown. Just take what is required for your journey with you and move on, ready to even leave that behind when the need arises - no attachment to anything at all. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Civilisation has been in existence for a very long time now, coming a long way, where societies gradually progressed towards an advanced stage of development and organization. Man has been through every aspect of life, making discoveries along the way and formulating and documenting his findings. Why are we rediscovering it from scratch then? Where is all this knowledge and database hidden or stashed? With whom is this knowledge available?

If the Siddhas can tell an individual's past, surely they could also tell of all the civilisations in existence since time immemorial, their lifestyles, their advancements and discoveries and every other single thing about them. 

How is it that the Siddhas could predict the future too? Does this mean that the future is already out there somewhere waiting to happen, and take shape? If that is true, what we are doing here right now, is to re-live or give life to what has been determined, right? When is all this role-playing game or lilas going to end then? Where is free will then? What are our chances of changing what is to happen? 

With whom is the key to unlock the mysteries in life, the mysteries that our ancient fathers had fathomed, so that we can gather the knowledge and live life accordingly?

Is all these knowledge, documentation, records and memories stored as Akashic records? Is there a library or archive, physical or subtle, somewhere out there where all these are stored? 

Agathiyar has mentioned numerous times in many Nadi revelations that chosen ones and selected individuals would attain a gift, that of "Othaamal Unarum" or when translated would mean attain knowledge without any form of formal learning.

Satguru Yogaswami had told his student and disciple Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami to look within for the knowledge, "The book is within you. Turn over the leaves and study." Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami found the answers and knowledge and more; all that he was seeking in an Akashic Library, from books placed in the "inner ether of his mind." When the past great masters want to relate or deliver a message, an opening or a portal appears where the selected one who has been given the siddhi or gift, has then access to these messages. 

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami describes his gift of seeing these writings similar to the credits scrolling at the end of a television program, the language though alien, but decoded and deciphered by some superconscious intelligence. His "Lemurian Scrolls - Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins", brings insight into these mysteries. He brings to us many revelations from the Akashic Library, including the souls journey to earth, and answers to questions on how humans lived at the end of the Dvapara Yuga.

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami describes how the questions were put forward by his disciples and how the corresponding answers appeared in pages of gigantic books immediately. Questions and prayers put in writing by his disciples and offered into the Yagna or fire puja, turns up at the Akashic Library, intact, and is answered too. Petitions and the thoughts of the heads of esoteric groups and organizations are listened to by "the inner plane divine helpers" and solutions given when the heads are "brought" to the library at night, where they have access to these information which they then will relay to the affected party on "returning".

If Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami could tap into these records from where he was, there are others who journeyed to distant places and planes and received revelations of the earth and its inhabitants. Betty J. Eadie, was one who had an amazing afterlife experience. She came back to reveal much and wrote that "when the heavens scrolled back", she "saw the earth and its billions of people on it." She saw how the angels stood by to assist each and every individual irrespective of their status. The only ingredient needed was "faith." (Betty J. Eadie's "Embraced By The Light")

This revelation reminds me of the countless moments in the Nadi where Agathiyar had specifically asked devotees including AVM to come together to put forward a prayer for the good of Mother Earth and its inhabitants; a prayer that would go a long way in subduing Mother Nature from leasing her anger and terror. If these were prayers for the welfare of the prapanjam and all in it, there were special occasions where Agathiyar had instructed to hold Kuttu Prathanai or joint prayers for the well being or recovery of an individual too. There is no doubt that prayers are looked into and answered!

In September of last year, I had the privilege to meet Dr Amir Farid Isahak at the wedding of Master Yuvaraj's sister. It was a pleasant moment where the good Dr exchanged some of his experiences on seeking the Nadi, and shared several messages from Agathiyar. See also

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, Thavathiru Muthukumar Swamy, the late Hanumathdasan Aiya, Thiru Rejith Kumar, Babu Aiya, Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh, Selvam and several other genuine Nadi readers, possibly many more, known and unknown to the public, are blessed, with a similar gift and its tools with which they have begun to serve mankind and humanity, delivering the profound messages from the masters. 

Just as Tavayogi was sent on a mission to propagate and spread awareness of the Siddha Margam in Malaysia by his guru Chitramuthu Adigal and Agathiyar in 2004, Rejith Kumar from India too is on a mission, directed by Lord Muruga. His mission had brought him to Malaysia where Sri Balachander Aiya of AVM had the opportunity to meet him at the Batu Caves on 29 July 2016. Sri Balachander Aiya and Rejith spent some time in expounding the magnificence of Lord Muruga, Batu Caves and the samadhi of Mauna Siddhar, besides spending some time in meditation. 

Balachander Aiya with Rejith (left)

I came across a beautiful write-up on Rejith and how he came to Lord Muruga and his many travels across the world on explicit instructions of the Lord at It was interesting reading and an amazing one too.

Thavathiru Muthukumar Swamigal, who reads the Jeeva Nadha Brahma Suvadi, too was directed to Batu Caves and stopped over at AVM during his recent visit.

The late Amarar T.K. Ramaswamy (alias Hanumathdasan Aiya) was a pioneer in reading Agathiyar's Jeeva Nadi that he had in his possession for some forty years till he passed away on 26.10.2010. His amazing compilation of the Nadi readings, "Nadi Sollum Kathaigal" opened up an entirely new frontier in understanding karma and its workings.

Babu Aiya who reads a unique form of the Nadi, surprised us when he revealed that he had been to Malaysia offering this service some thirteen years now. Many AVM family members went for a reading when Sri Krishna hosted Babu Aiya at his home.

Master Uva with Babu Aiya (left)

Closer to home I was privileged to have Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh, and Selvam reveal the sacred words of Agathiyar and the Siddhas to me and my family and AVM family members. 

It gives us great hope to learn that Agathiyar, the Siddhas, and these masters promise of a new era, the Siddhar Yugam, that is in the works. Agathiyar has mentioned in the Jeeva Nadi readings that the Siddhas will come down to set things right and that righteousness will prevail again.

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami in his "Lemurian Scrolls - Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins", tapping into the Akashic Library, brings us hope of a better future too.
It is prophesied that sustainable societies will once again emerge when mankind returns to the wise protocols of these earlier times, where spiritual men and women, spiritual principles and spiritual sharing guided both individual and society, where religious leaders were valued and sought after, for the populace knew that if they could be engaged in the social effort, they would lend it a light and wisdom that would not otherwise be available or important.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Thondu Seivom (TS) team went to the streets again last night to distribute pastries, drinks and toiletries to the homeless in and around Kuala Lumpur purchased with contribution from Amudha Surabhi and TS.