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Watch the 5.05th minute.

Watch the 0.46th and 0.59th minute.

If earlier Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam had been used extensively in publications and billboards as seen at, he has now been pushed to the heights of fame in the above videos.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I have been trying to comprehend and understand Ramalinga Adigal's works, the THIRUARUTPA for some time now. While reading through the compositions of Ramalinga Adigal, the THIRUARUTPA, I came across his Thiru Unthiyaar (திரு உந்தியார்), Kaliththaazisai (கலித்தாழிசை), where he expounds the qualities of a Siddha  and proudly announces that he too had progress steadily to become one.

இரவு விடிந்தது இணையடி வாய்த்த 
Iravu vidinthathu inaiyadi vaayththa 
பரவி மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
paravi makizntheen yendru unthiipara 
பாலமுது உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
paalamuthu unden yendru unthiipara. 

பொழுது விடிந்தது பொற்பதம் வாய்த்த 
Pozuthu vidinthathu porpatham vaayththa 
தொழுது மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
thozuthu makizntheen yendru unthiipara 
தூயவன் ஆனேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
thuuyavan aaneen yendru unthiipara. 

தூக்கம் தொலைந்தது சூரியன் தோன்றினன் 
Thuukkam tholainthathu suuriyan thoonrinan 
ஏக்கம் தவிர்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
yehkkam thavirntheen yendru unthiipara 
இன்னமுது உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
innamuthu unden yendru unthiipara. 

துன்பம் தவிர்ந்தது தூக்கம் தொலைந்தது 
Thunbam thavirnthathu thuukkam tholainthathu 
இன்பம் கிடைத்ததென்று உந்தீபற 
inbam kidaiththathendru unthiipara 
எண்ணம் பலித்ததென்று உந்தீபற. 
yennam paliththathendru unthiipara. 

ஞானம் உதித்தது நாதம் ஒலித்தது 
Gnanam uthiththathu naatham oliththathu 
தீனந் தவிர்ந்ததென்று உந்தீபற 
thiinan thavirnthathendru unthiipara 
சிற்சபை கண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
sirsabai kanden yendru unthiipara. 

திரையற்று விட்டது செஞ்சுடர் தோன்றிற்று 
Thiraiyathru vittathu senjsudar thoonrithru 
பரை ஒளி ஓங்கிற்றென்று உந்தீபற 
paraioli oongkithrendru unthiipara 
பலித்தது பூசையென்று உந்தீபற. 
paliththathu poosai yendru unthiipara. 

உள்ளிருள் நீங்கிற்று என் உள்ளொளி ஓங்கிற்றுத் 
Ullirul niingkithru yen ulloli oongkithruth 
தெள்ளமுது உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
thellamuthu unden yenru unthiipara 
தித்திக்க உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
thiththikka unden yenru unthiipara. 

எந்தையைக் கண்டேன் இடரெலாம் நீங்கினேன் 
Yenthaiyaik kanden idarelaam niingkineen 
சிந்தை மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
sinthai makizntheen yendru unthiipara 
சித்திகள் பெற்றேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
siththikal pethreen yendru unthiipara. 

தந்தையைக் கண்டேன் நான் சாகா வரம் பெற்றேன் 
Thanthaiyaik kanden naan saagaa varam pethreen 
சிந்தை களித்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
sinthai kaliththeen yendru unthiipara 
சித்தெலாம் வல்லேன் என்று உந்தீபற. 
siththelaam valleen yendru unthiipara. 

முத்தியைப் பெற்றேன் அம் முத்தியினால் ஞான 
Muththiyaip pethreen am muththiyinaal gnana 
சித்தியை உற்றேன் என்று உந்தீபற 
siththiyai uthreen yendru unthiipara 
சித்தனும் ஆனேன் என்று உந்தீபற.


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Here is the tentative schedule of broadcast of the Siddahr Pooja from Agathiyar Vanam, Malaysia.

SCHEDULE (all times are Malaysian Standard Times +8 hours ahead of Greenwich)

1 January 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 6.00 pm
4 January 2015 Sunday Pornami Pooja @ 6.00 pm
8 January 2015 Thursday Agathiyar Jayanthi & Guru Pooja @ 10.00 am
15 January 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
20 January 2015 Tuesday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
22 January 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
29 January 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

3 February 2015 Tuesday Pornami Pooja & Thaipusam @ 10.30 am
5 February 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
12 February 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
17 February 2015 Tuesday Maha Sivarathri @ 6.00 pm, 9.00pm, 12.00 midnight, 3.00 am, & 6.00 am
18 February 2015 Wednesday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
19 February 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
26 February 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

5 March 2015 Thursday Masi Magam Pornami @ 7.00 pm
12 March 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
19 March 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
20 March 2015 Friday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
26 March 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

2 April 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
4 April 2015 Saturday Panguni Uthiram Pornami Pooja @ 6.00 pm
9 April 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
16 April 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
17 April 2015 Friday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
23 April 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
30 April 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

3 May 2015 Sunday Chitra Pornami Pooja @ 10.30 am
14 May 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
17 May 2015 Sunday Amavasai Pooja @ 6.00 pm
21 May 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
28 May 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

2 June 2015 Tuesday Vaikasi Visagam Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm
4 June 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
11 June 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
16 June 2015 Tuesday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
18 June 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
25 June 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

1 July 2015 Wednesday Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm
2 July 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
9 July 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
15 July 2015 Wednesday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
16 July 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
23 July 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
30 July 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
31 July 2015 Friday Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm

6 August 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
13 August 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
14 August 2015 Friday Adi Mavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
20 August 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
27 August 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
28 August 2015 Friday Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm

3 September 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
10 September 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
12 September 2015 Saturday Amavasai Pooja @ 6.00 pm
17 September 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
24 September 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
27 September 2015 Sunday Pornami Pooja @ 6.00 pm

1 October 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
8 October 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
12 October 2015 Monday Mahalaya Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
15 October 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
22 October 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
27 October 2015 Tuesday Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm
29 October 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

5 November 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
11 November 2015 Wednesday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
12 November 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
19 November 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
25 November 2015 Wednesday Pornami Pooja @ 7.00 pm
26 November 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

3 December 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
10 December 2015 Thursday Amavasai Pooja @ 7.00 pm
17 December 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
24 December 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
25 December 2015 Friday Pornami Pooja @ 6.00 pm
31 December 2015 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm


The year 2014 is coming to a close. It has been a memorable year for us at Agathiyar Vanam and Siddha Heartbeat. We have had a few new devotees drop by at Agathiyar Vanam. We have had many viewers drop in on Siddha Heartbeat too. For all those who encouraged us on, Siddha Heartbeat takes this moment to say a BIG thank you.

The year saw Jnana Jyothiamma make a brief visit to Agathiyar Vanam again.

At the Siva Subramaniar Temple at Kampong Kepayang, Ipoh
At Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Mrithiga Brindavanam in Ipoh
At Mouna Guru Siddhar Samadhi at Batu Caves
The year saw the start of live streaming of pooja or prayers conducted at Agathiyar Vanam too. Although we had transmitted the prayers to Jnana Jyothiamma through Skype earlier, Stalin mooted the idea to go public. Stalin has been promoting the blog and the transmission too. A BIG thank you to Stalin too. 

Siddha Heartbeat also thanks all contributors to this blog through their stories, photos, and videos. Siddha Heartbeat thanks Jnana Jyothiamma, Balachandran Gunasekaran and Suren Selvaratnam for sharing their Nadi revelations too.

Agathiyar Vanam and Siddha Heartbeat thank all those who visited Kallar ashram and contributed to the upkeep of the ashram by way of cash and kind. We thank them on behalf of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar.


Painting courtesy of Saravanan Palanisamy & Siththan Arul
Jnana Jyothiamma wanted to have a Nadi reading for some time now. She remembers vividly her very first Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar ashram in 2011, although the transcript of her Nadi that Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar wrote down, went missing mysteriously. Her wish eventually came true when she was summoned for a reading recently. On October 15, 2014 she surprises me with news of her sudden reading of the Jeeva Nadi. On October 13th she was blessed with an amazing five hour Jeeva Nadi reading, with Nadi Nool Aasan Selvam and subsequently another two readings on November 18th. 
Dear Shan,

I had a five and a half hour non stop Jeeva Nadi ( 3 bundles ) reading yesterday .. with 15 mins gap in between ... where Agathiyan and Vallalar were in full force and form.

You know all through Agathiyan has been consistently repeating that I do not need a Nadi reading. But deep within me, I felt, I wanted to hear from him ... one last time, certain matters that is within me. So I prayed to him everyday to grant my wish. For a very long time, I had been praying to daddy (Agathiyar) that I wanted to ascertain the following from him. I wanted to know what all I was seeing, hearing, witnessing and the happenings are all real .. and not just a figment of my imagination. Something is telling me somethings always .. so many things .. can I act according to that voice? Is it my imagination? Or my possessiveness and deep obsession with Agathiyan, that ... may be my thoughts and happenings are all wrong ... I wanted to know these from daddy (Agathiyan). As these may require lengthy explanation, I prayed to daddy to give me a Nadi reading and clear my heart.
Suddenly Selvam called me on Monday and asked me if I could make it over to his place on Tuesday as Agathiyan wants to talk to me ....  and further added that although my health was not good enough to travel, but told him (Selvam) to tell me not to worry as he (Agathiyan) would take care and that my personal presence was necessary.

So I went to his place. Selvam greeted me and will tell you in a nutshell ... on his table I saw three bundles. He said ... one jeeva nadi ... he had separated into three bundles ... each to be read at a particular hora ... and showed me a bundle which was a little small in length but a thick one and pointing that to me .. Ayya had asked him to read that at 1pm sharp .... surya hora.

The first lengthy one was started ... daddy came after worshiping Lord Shiva ... and he told me ... first sentence .... "Amma, I am Agathiyan talking to you. I heard your sincere prayers. I was waiting for the right day and time. I also have many things to tell you."

Selvam started reading to me the first bundle, wherein Agathiyan tells me all about my parents and their ancestors birth, the reason for me being born to them and about my husband. He mentioned in detail about all my siblings ... their names and where they all are stationed currently and my relationship .... and why I am the way I am. That was for almost an hour and a half.

He then stopped for 15 minutes and both of us some water to drink ... by that time it was 1 pm, and he took out that specific bundle what Agathiyan had asked him to read during Surya Hora.

In this, Agathiyan answered all my questions, what I had been harboring in my mind for a long time.

Next month, I have to do a massive ritual for Agathiyan and the 18 Siddhas ... he specially mentioned ... "For me (Agathiyan) and the 18 Siddhas".. (dad did not say 17 Siddhas and myself ... lot to understand from this Shan).

For this simultaneous instructions in my reading was given to Selvam too, that, he should conduct it in my presence in the same room where this Nadi reading is being read and dad mentioned the date too, when it should be conducted and specifically told me that "Lord Murugan, Lord Shivan, all the 18 Siddhas and I (Agathiyan) will be present there .... this a very major and an important one for you amma."

Sodasa Siddhar Pooja is Sushmna Pooja.

The 18 Siddhas are to be Invoked through their Respective Chuvadis (as mentioned by Agathiyan) .. and through Agathiyan

That is the reason why the Libation is done for Agathiyan and Shakthi, before the start of the Sodasa Pooja ... as Agathiyan's and Shakhti's grace are required before the start of Sodasa Siddhar Pooja.

This is an very important aspect to note ........ It is that not that 16 items are required for libation to Agathiyan ... (only a few items are required) ....... but 16 items mentioned by Agathiyan are required for the invocation of the 18 Siddhas.

This Sodasa Siddha Pooja should be concluded by Vallai Pooja.

Agathiyan says ... This is the manner how Sodasa Siddhar Pooja are performed by the Siddhas.

It is basically a ritual done by the Siddhas.

Shan ... a compassion of a father that has no bounds and no boundaries.

So this is just 30% what I able to tell you. May be later, I may get permission to reveal the remaining.

Now, the third bundle ... it is completely about my son.

Dad (Agathiyan) had given the Siddha pooja date for me as December 25th 2014.

Selvam had explained beautifully the Siddha pooja ... and how we gonna conduct it ..... I appreciated him a lot and blessed him.

Sunday, 28 December 2014


After coming to the fold of Agathiyar and the Siddhas, Bala Chandran Gunasekaran and his friends wanted to give back to the society for all the blessings that they have gained. They started a volunteer group Thondu Seivom recently. This group in a small way, has successful carried out three projects to date. The very first aid was to a student to help pay for her tuition and others needs. The student's father who was the only sole bread winner came down with a stroke that immobilized him. Thondu Seivom went to the aid of a child who needed monetary aid to pay for the operation and hospital bills. They contributed a small sum to an establishment Kumbhamuni Sanmarga Sangam, Seremban too to carry out its annual activities. The establishment honored them on stage for their contribution. They helped out in the Towards A Caring 1Malaysia Welfare Program too. 

Photos courtesy of Vinayagamurthi A Subramaniam.

Photo courtesy of Keshap Suria
Photo courtesy of Keshap Suria

Friday, 26 December 2014


I first came to know about Ramalinga Adigal in the 1990's by listening to his songs on an audio tape handed over to me by my colleague. Another colleague had given him the cassette. I loved it the moment I heard those songs. It was Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA. Then the search began. I searched the net, bookstores and frequented ashrams and peedhams wanting to know more about the saint. I was 'hungry' for information on Ramalinga Adigal. 

I purchased the complete volume of Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA, two large volumes painstakingly compiled by Ooran Adigal for the Samarasa Sanmarga Aaraichi Nilaiyam in Vadalur. Initially I did not understand and hence did not know the value of  the saints works but later it dawn on me that what I had in my hands was a treasure house. 

When Ooran Adigal was in Malaysia to jointly officiate the 1st World Conference on Siddha Principles with Tavayogi Thangarasn Adigal, I had the privilege to attend to Ooran Adigal and Dr. T.N. Ganapathy among others. I managed to get his autograph on my copy of the THIRUARUTPA.

The saint brings us from ignorance to enlightenment step by step through these songs that emerged from the heart and soul. The saint penned down his experiences for progeny to learn, cherish and share. 

In the beginning he begs the Lord to show some clemency. He begs of the Lord to 'open the door'. He ends his prayers with the phrase 'Sivane Kathavai Thire.' 

After enlightenment he burst in joy asking to announce to the world his achievements by the grace of the Lord. He ends his prayers with the phrase 'Uttothu Sange.'

Read further a digitized version of Ooran Adigal's publication of this gem that has been handed over to us at

I have picked up severals gems among the others and compiled and made them available at


Sri Raghavan posted the following beautiful verse on Yagna on fb 

When uncontrolled, it's a destroyer of worlds,
The ancients knew how to manipulate space,
Using Fire as their soul's most sacred face,
Adding into it various herbs and sacred materials, 
They managed to create a powerful magnetic field,
Keeping away subtle influences from affecting their psyche,
Igniting a fire creates a powerful shift in the atmosphere,
That is why, we light earthen lamps in the household,
Inviting the subtle forces of nature into your presence,
Creating an influx of energies, capable of aiding life,
There is much mystery in the flames of fire,
One that has failed to see the light of modern day,
Revive these ancient mysteries of igniting fire,
And you'll see a magical world, unfold right in front of your eyes.

We had some lovely children come over with their parents to join us in prayer at Agathiyar Vanam yesterday. This was their third time around. These were amazing children. Pass them any material and they could read/sing it. They sang their hearts out during the puja. The puja was streamed live at

I remember when my family and I were at Kallar ashram in October of 2013, Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal after initiating the puja gave way to us to continue singing the hymns to the Siddhas. He did the same the next day too. It was indeed an honor for us to sing at the Sri Agathiyar Sri Tava Murugar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil at Kallar.

I am happy for my two daughters and these children too for they have started out early. I came to the Siddha Margam late when I was 43 years of age. When I asked Tavayogi in 2005 why I did not 'discover' this margam earlier, he answered, "Be grateful son, at least you had the opportunity, at this age."

When I asked Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar to bless me when I was in Ongarakudil in 2003, he replied, "Coming here (Ongarakudil) itself was a blessing."

Many have come to Agathiyar Vanam only to move on with their lives. Only a handful devotees picked up the teachings of the Siddhas and continue the prayers in their own homes. To these few devotees  Agathiyar and the Siddhas keep showering their blessings as seen in the following videos.

Agathiyar looking his best. Photos courtesy of Suren Selvaratnam


We continue our discovery of more amazing true stories of those who came in search of Lord Murugan and his Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi in the possession of one Skandar Upasagar.

The ways of the Siddhas might be difficult initially but over time all benefits will come our way. All the Siddhas want from us in return is our pure devotion.

A 80 year old man wanted very much to go to Kailas. It was his lifelong desire. He had the means for it and his health was in good shape. Yet surprisingly he could never make the journey. Now consulting the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi, the words of Lord Murugan came in a stream. 

நாட்டத்தை நடுவில் வைத்து
Naathatthai naduvil vaithu
நம் நம் நம் எனச் சொல்லி
Nam nam nam yena solli
ஓட்டத்தை ஒடுக்கி வைத்து
Othatthai odukki vaitthu
ஓம் ஓம் ஓம் எனச் சொல்லி
Aum Aum Aum yena solli
ஆட்டத்தை அடுக்கி வைத்து
Aathathai adukki vaitthu
அம் அம் அம் என்று சொல்லி
Am Am Am yendru solli
கூட்டத்தை ஒதுக்கி வைத்து
Kutthatthai othukki vaitthu
கூடாத கூட்டு கூடிடாமல்
koodaatha koothu koodidaamal
கூடினால் முடியாத கூட்டை
koodinaal mudiyaatha kootthai
ஊட்டமுடன் உழைக்க வைத்து
utthamudan ulaikka vaitthu
தேகத்தை மறைக்க வைத்து
Thegatthai maraikke vaitthu
தேடுதல் ஓங்கி நிற்க
Theduthal onggi nirkka
அம் உம் மம் என ஆகி
Am Um Mam yena aagi
ஒடுக்கமானால் அடக்கமாகும்
Odukkamaanaal Adakkamaagum
கைலை தெரியுமே
Kailai theriyume

Upon hearing Lord Muruga answer his prayers, the senior man shouted out the lords name and cried aloud. The Skandar Upasagar was astonished at the reading and was wondering if he was capable to give an explanation for this reading.

The man began to speak after some time. He said this Nadi was truly a genuine Nadi. "It is Lord Murugan who is speaking. We should not take it lightly. The Lord has revealed the very mantra that I had been chanting all this years, in this reading. I don't know how that is possible. A secret that is known only to highly evolved spiritual souls is revealed in a mere second by Lord Murugan", he went on continuously explaining the extent of the revelation. He held on to the Upasagar’s hands and blessed him by applying the sacred ash on his forehead before leaving. The Upasagar could only understand 50% of what was said by the elderly gentleman. 

A lad wanted to start his own business. Lord Murugan warned him not to start one at that moment in time as he would end up will problems and difficulties. "Wait a year before engaging in any form of business", advised the Lord. The lord told him Summa Eru, meaning just remain doing nothing.

The lad was not happy with the reading especially when he was asked not to indulge in any activity for a year. He went ahead and began to accept project papers from students and did a writeup for them for a fee. It was a joint venture and he had deposited a huge sum into the business. He had good response and the money started to pour in immediately. He ridiculed the Nadi reading that warned him of taking up any ventures for a year. Very soon he could not deliver the projects on time. He had to return the students money. Some clients became rowdy and smashed up his equipments bringing massive losses. He was dragged to the courts. Finally he had to close shop and ended up in huge debts. He came back for a reading. Although it would be of no use to read for someone who would not listen to a word said, Lord Murugan out of compassion had a reading for him. Lord Murugan asked him to become a wage earner and all shall be well. 

Besides revealing the outcome of readings for those who seek him and the Gnanaskandar Nadi, the Skandar Upasagar speaks about himself and his experiences too. He takes us back to the early years of his worship to Gnanaskandar Moorthy, after officially initiated by his guru, Sakthivel Adigalar. The Upasagar was 16 years old then. Understanding only half of what was told, but nevertheless maintaining chanting of the mantra without failure, he was always in satsang with his guru, heeding his gurus words and advice. "Don’t even think of doing harm to others", was the advice given. "The lord won't like that", the guru told him.

When he lost his pen at the age of eight, he never mentioned it to his guru, although he had never kept a secret from him till then. His guru had taken up austerity or tavam of 48 years, fasting and not sleeping on Fridays. As a result of his tavam, his guru was blessed with the gift of seeing into the past, present and future, since young. Every Friday after the puja was over, the lord speaks through his guru. During the moments when the lord comes onto him, his guru adorns a kavi, ties a turban over his head, wears a rukdrasham, looking very much like a Siddha. He starts to sing loud, while remaining seated all the time, and it comes nonstop. After the session he comes down to his normal state.

As the young disciple (Upasagar) sat beside him that Friday night, after all the devotees had left the guru asked him a question, “Did you find your lost pen?” The young disciple was caught off guard. He replied that it was lost. His guru assured him it will be found. True to the guru's words after a week, although he did not find it, but he received Rs 5 the exact amount needed to buy another pen. and

When the Upasagar was only 18 years of age, a farmer, someone he knew well, came for a reading. Lord Murugan warned the farmer that he would be bitten by a snake. He was asked to light a lamp at Karupana Samy temple situated on the farm. He shall be saved, assured the lord. The man reached into his pocket and took out Rs500 as a contribution or Thakshanai for the reading. A relative of his suddenly stopped him saying the lad (upasagar) did not ask for money and it wasn't necessary to give. They argued about it. They left shortly.

After a month the relative came asking to see the Nadi immediately for the farmer whom she brought the other day. The young Upasagar refused to see the Nadi. The relative begged for pardon and admitted that they were wrong and that the farmer's life was in danger. The relative narrates what had taken place. The farmer went to water his fields in the dark and was bitten by a snake just as revealed in the Nadi. The doctors have given up on him. The relative admitted that neither did they light a lamp and pray to Karupana Samy. Seeing the relative plead, the Upasagar's family coaxed him to read the Nadi. Lord Murugan took them to task saying what they did earlier had offended the Siddhas. The lord  asked if it was so difficult for them to part with the Rs 500, arguing among themselves and finally leaving without contributing. Since they had offended the Siddhas they ended up having to spend five times the amount. Nevertheless, the most compassionate Lord gave them a solution. If emergency treatment was given he would survive. Again, they were asked to pray to Karupana Samy. After a month the man turned up with his family and the relative. He had survived the ordeal but had to spend a hefty amount as told by Lord Murugan. The family honored the Upasagar with cash and gifts. They were devoted the rests of their lives in the service to Lord Gnanaskandar Moorthy.

The Upasagar explains that a contribution or Thakshanai has to come from the heart and has to be genuine. It is given to honor the other and to satisfy one's self. It has to be given with due respects however small the amount. What they did was to dishonor the Nadi by their actions. When they could settle the hefty medical bills why can't they give a small contribution?

The Upasagar says the mystical words that appear in the Gnanaskandar Nadi is not only visible to his eyes but it was also possible for others to see them, provided they were devoted and loving, and had faith and belief. To these people, Lord Murugan himself will asks to show the Nadi to them. Those who come to test and investigate and ridicule and talk ill of the Nadi will never understand the intricacies and mysteries of the Nadi. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014



Art by Saravanan Palanisamy, originally commissioned for Siththan Arul 
In today's post on Siththan Arul, Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya has posted an episode that reminds us to take heed of Agathiyar's words and advice. A very young couple came to the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai for a reading one day. They wanted to marry each other and asked to know they would face any problems. The boy's parents were separated. The girl's father passed away. No one wants to come forward to solemnize the marriage. They wanted Agathiyar's opinion on that matter.

Agathiyar reveals their relationship was link to the past birth. They will face no problems getting married. But Agathiyar requested them to delay the marriage for as long as possible. They were disappointed. The girl asked for how long should they postpone the event. The boy said hastily that they want to get married as soon as possible. It was decided and he only wanted to know if there was any atonement or parikaram for them to follow. 

Agathiyar reveals that they have had intimacy many times even before getting married. There are many reasons why Agathiyar asked to delay this marriage. The child yet to be born has to be healthy. There is no parikaram for this. Agathiyar ended the reading saying that the rest is their choice.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru realized that the boy did not belief in the Nadi and astrology. They left disappointed with the outcome of the reading.

After 1 1/2 years, they came back looking sad. They had gone ahead and married despite Agathiyar asking them to delay the marriage. They cried for forgiveness and admitted that it was a mistake that they did not heed Agathiyar's words back then. Now they were facing the consequences of their actions.

The boy started to narrate what had happened. His family circle did not have off springs. A male child was a rarity within this family. He rushed to get married considering he wanted a child. When the child was born, his father passed away. So did the girl's mother. The newly born male child was born with an increase head circumference or Macrocephaly. He looked horrendous, said the father. They wanted to know if their child would become normal like any other child.

Agathiyar took them to task.

Agathiyar says there are times when he can only reveal indirectly and only caution the subject. The seeker has to understand and take heed. "Why should I show interests in changing your fate? It's not necessary! But when one comes to me, I shall try my level best to show them a way," quipped Agathiyar. "Those who don't believe need not follow Agathiyar's advice. Let things happen as fated. Those who refuse to listen need not come to me!", added Agathiyar. "You are one of those," saying thus Agathiyar apprehended the father.

Agathiyar reveals a secret to them. The boy's father and the girl's mother had a relationship. They both were siblings. That was one of the reason his father never stayed with his mother. His father since young was a womanizer. The girl's mother was a victim too. Since now both of them have passed away Agathiyar chose to reveal.

The girl immediately countered Agathiyar, blaming him for not revealing the secret a year and a half back. She said they would not have got married if they knew. The boy too joined in and quipped, "If we had waited a year would this problem not have arise?"

Agathiyar replies that the past has passed. They have to undergo their karma for some time. Agathiyar added quickly that it was not due to his curse that they are facing these problems. It was fate. He had given the advice then so that they could change their fate. But they refused to listen and understand.

But the most compassionate father did not give up on them. He asked them not to worry. A foreign doctor will operate on their deformed child. The parebts were assured that although the swelling would not subside entirely, the child would not look horrendous. The child shall live. But they would have to wait five to ten years to see the results, added Agathiyar.

After 12 years the couple arrived with a perfectly healthy and intelligent son and they have since then become staunch devotees of Agathiyar.

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The Skandar Upasagar who is blessed to have the Sri Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi reveals yet another hymn that has potential to safeguard all those who chant it. This revelation is carried in the blog

கந்தர் சஷ்டிக் கவசம் அரங்கேறிய ஸ்தலம் சென்னிமலை. சிரகிரி வேலவன் சீக்கிரம் வருக என பாலதேவராய சுவாமிகளால் பாடப் பெற்ற ஸ்தலம். அந்த சென்னிமலையில் முருகப் பெருமான் பின்னாக்கு சித்தர் கோவிலுக்கு அருகில் அதிகாலை வேளையில் மயில் மீது வந்து ஓய்வெடுக்கிறார். அந்த நேரத்தில் எவர் அங்கு அமர்ந்து தியானம் செய்கிறார்களோ அவர் முருகனது தரிசனத்தையே பெற்று வாழ்வில் முன்னேற்றம் அடைகிறார்கள். இதுவும் ஜீவநாடி அருள்வாக்கு.

The famed hymn for Lord Murugan, the Kandhar Sasti Kavasam, was inaugurated at the temple grounds of Chennimalai by its author Baladevarayan Swamigal. It is revealed in the Gnanaskandar Jeeva Nadi that Lord Murugan rides the peacock to the spot where the Siddha Pinnaakeeswarar temple is located and takes a rests each morning. This is Lord Murugan's regime every day. Those who meditate at this spot at this early morning hours will be granted Lord Murugan's darshan and blessing.

At Siddha Pinnaakeeswarar cave
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal at Siddha Pinnaakeeswarar cave