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I was always questioning myself as to why my late father came over to the then Malaya to settle? My father was born in Tamilnadu in a village called Kilsevalpatti bordering Sivagangai-Karaikudi. It is near Pillaiyarpatti and Kundrakudi. He had carried out his money-lending business in Burma, Ceylon, Singapore before finally settling in Malaya.

Agathiyar answered this question recently in the Jeeva Nadi read by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal while he was in Malaysia. Although I had seen the Kaanda Nadi once and amazingly the Aasi Kaandam some 52 times, I had not had the opportunity to see the Jeeva Nadi till then. When we learnt that our own guru Tavayogi had been blessed with the Jeeva Nadi and had begun reading it for the public at Kallar Ashram we were delighted and overjoyed. AVM family members who visited Kallar Ashram were blessed to have a reading too. Many traveled to India to have their Nadi read by Tavayogi.

Seeing and reading the Jeeva Nadi would be a beautiful thing we thought, but fearing that Tavayogi, as usual, would remark, "Why do you need a Nadi reading?", we hesitated to see the Nadi. But when we were informed that Tavayogi had brought the divine Nadi along with him to Malaysia, we were excited and were mooted to see it, since it was in our home ground, in our soil.

Now then what should we ask? We understood that the seeker needed to prepare questions ahead for Agathiyar to address. I had pretty nothing much to ask for Agathiyar has provided us well. My wife had always wanted to know why she came to the Siddha path? She had never seen the Kaanda Nadi before like everyone else, where it involved leaving an impression of their thumb print and having to answer a barrel of questions before finally picking out the relevent Nadi, with information that closely pertains to them, as theirs. She was instead blessed to have her Aasi Kaandam revealed by Agathiyar to me when I went for a reading, thinking that the reading as usual was for me.

So when Tavayogi was in town with the divine Jeeva Nadi, she asked if she should see it. We then agreed that we need to seek Agathiyar's blessings and advice too on our daughter's choice of study that she was undertaking. We requested for an appointment through Bala Chandran of AVM and stood in line to have our reading. Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar and Bala Chandran drew up and scheduled the appointments for these readings.

As my wife, daughter and I stepped into the prayer room of the Balachanders' in Bangsar, Agathiyar exposes us saying that we had come under the pretext of seeing the Nadi for our daughter, whereas in actual fact we wanted to hear him speak. Later Tavayogi, Mataji and my family had a good laugh recalling what Agathiyar had mentioned and realized that we could not hide anything from him. 

Agathiyar addressed my wife's question as to the relationship between her and Agathiyar. We had all been living as a family in the past in Kuttralam. My wife and I sold fruits in the vicinity of the Kuttraleshwarar temple. We used to offer Agathiyar the fruits before we started to sell our wares for the day. Our little daughter then two years of age would feed Agathiyar (statue) with these fruits. We lived in poverty then. Since we served him back then, although much in a very simple piety way, through offering these fruits that were picked from the surrounding hills - the most compassionate father decided then and there to provide us a better life in the next birth. Hence we all took birth in Malaysia where we enjoy a comfortable life. Agathiyar coins or terms this country as "Boga Naadu." Now I understand why my father moved to Malaya.

Another couple who frequented AVM too had taken birth in Kuttralam in the past. They had tendered to their herd of cattle and goat near Shenbaga Dewi Temple and had served Agathiyar in his cave. Agathiyar decided then that they should have a better life too and they took birth in Malaysia and were united back as husband and wife with three wonderful kids.

Similarly another devotee of Agathiyar from AVM had a similar reading. She was born in Erode. She had offered flowers to Agathiyar and as a result, she too was born in the Boga Naadu.

Imagine if a single flower placed at his feet or a single fruit offered to him with love could bring the compassionate father to offer paradise on earth, what total surrender to him would do?

When a Chinese lady walked in a haste and in desperation while my wife and I were waiting to have a Nadi reading, we gave in to Nadi Guru Ramesh's request to see her off first. She broke down in front of us the moment she stepped into the room. After a while, bringing herself together, she began to narrate the hell that she was undergoing at her office. Agathiyar only requested her that she place a lotus at Lord Shiva's feet for three consecutive Sundays and asked her for a grace period of ten days to work on her case. All of us asked her to immediately go over to the nearby Ramalingeswar Temple in Bangsar and place the lotus the same day. She did exactly as bid. It was a Saturday. What do you know? When I went back to see Ramesh on Monday again, he mentioned that she had called to say all her problems were solved that morning. Imagine the grace of the most compassionate father acting within three days although he had asked for a grace period of ten days and he did not even wait for her to place the flower for three Sundays before acting. Just placing a single lotus at the feet of Lord Shiva, over the weekend, moved Agathiyar to do wonders.

Agathiyar, when he came over to AVM in the form of a bronze statue, requested that devotees who seek him for a solution to their problems light up and place an earthen lamp at his feet and that he would look into their problems. Many did just that and have come back with positive news and informed us of changes that subsequently took place in their lives. It was indeed heartening and promising to hear that their problems too had been taken care of as a result of placing a single lamp with devotion in prayer.

We at AVM although have not seen him; and although Agathiyar has not shown himself in a physical form; shown his face; nor shown us his presence; but we all do see the numerous wonders and miracles that he performs daily in our circle of family, friends and devotees. It is indeed a blessing to know Agathiyar.


Siddha Hearbeat & AVM will resume live streaming of Siddha Puja but on a different platform. Streaming on Ustream earlier posed many problems as it was a free subscription that had many limitations. One of it was that it carried advertisements. The streaming was often interrupted by these loud commercials. When the commercial ends, it takes some buffering to resume transmission and at most times the transmission is lost or disconnected for good. Many a times the transmission drops out too for no reason. At other moments there would be video only and no audio and at other moments vice versa. Thinking that the cause was with the USB 2.0 cables I would replace them only to find that the problem still persisted.

We shall now bring you live the Siddha Puja and Acharya Gurudasan's Kriya Yoga Asana Classes and other related events through YouTube. This can be viewed on Siddha Heartbeat's YouTube Channel at 

The good news is that streaming through YouTube is ad-free, full HD live streaming with adaptive bit rates and DVR. I understand the quality will drop accordingly to the user's fiber capabilities hence enabling one to continuously follow the streaming without extensive buffering, that means YouTube handles and takes care of multiple conversion of bitrates.

While Ustream is a closed system allowing use of their tools only, un-enabling the use of streaming standard software such as Telestream Wirecast, XSplit, or the open-source Open Broadcaster Software, YouTube otherwise enables easy integration with these softwares.

Additionally, YouTube allows us to preview our live stream privately before going on air in public.

Another advantage in streaming through YouTube is that the event is automatically recorded and the video can be viewed on the said YouTube channel once the live streaming ends, while with Ustream I had to have two cameras set up, one to stream live and the other to record and later edit and upload to YouTube. This reminds me of how initially even before I streamed live these prayers, I used to place my laptop in front of Agathiyar and transmit the puja through Skype for Jnana Jyothiamma to watch from the USA. Later, when Valli also from the USA requested to watch the prayers, I had two laptops placed before Agathiyar so that they both could watch.

The recordings of these live streams can be viewed at

And we get all this for free!

Here is the tentative schedule of live streaming of the Siddha Puja from AVM

SCHEDULE (all times are Malaysian Standard Times +8 hours ahead of Greenwich)

29 September 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
30 September 2016 Friday Amavasai @ 7.00 pm

6 October 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
13 October 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
15 October 2016 Saturday Pornami @ 7.00 pm
20 October 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
27 October 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
30 October 2016 Sunday Amavasai @ 7.00 pm

3 November 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
10 November 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
14 November 2016 Monday Pornami @ 7.00 pm
17 November 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
24 November 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
28 November 2016 Monday Amavasai @ 7.00 pm

1 December 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
8 December 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
13 December 2016 Tuesday Pornami @ 7.00 pm
15 December 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
18 December 2016 Sunday Agathiyar Jayanthi & Guru Puja @ 10.30 am
22 December 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm
28 December 2016 Wednesday Amavasai @ 7.00 pm
29 December 2016 Thursday Guru Naal @ 7.00 pm

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