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In the introduction to Lama Kunga Rimpoche and Brian Cutillo’s translation of MIRACULOUS JOURNEY - Further Stories and Songs of Milarepa, Lotsawa,1986, Vivian Sinder and Brian Cutillo write,
Mila's interactions established karmic connections with all sorts of people, enabling him to plant seeds for spiritual development in ways not always immediately comprehensible. The word karma means action. It refers to the operation of cause and effect in the mind; the complex network of past actions which conditions current perceptions and concepts, resulting in the habitual structuring of self and world. Any action, physical or mental, has repercussions within the realm of personal experience; each moment influences the next. Because the relationship between action and experience rules samsara, liberation is not attained by ignoring cause and effect. Instead, by working with it to create conditions conducive to spiritual growth, one creates a solid ground for the ultimate leap to freedom.
Milarepa spoke to simple folk about the need to make use of this precious human existence for spiritual advancement and not to ignore karma.

Similarly Agathiyar says one needs sufficient merits to be born as a human and speaks about the extent of karma from minutest to the most obvious. Agathiyar goes to show how minute and intricate the actions of karma are. For instance he explains the amount of karma that we keep on creating daily, right from picking a tender leaf or a flower bud to the most severe atrocities that humans do. 

A man has to take hundreds of thousands of birth several times just to realize and understand the existence, importance and intricacies of karma. Just as one can stay in the neighbourhood or vicinity of a temple, pass by the temple each day, numerous times but would not consider entering the temple to offer his prayers, similarly Agathiyar says for one just to have the thought of considering the outcome of karma in all his actions, he has to take on many births. My travel agent who arranged for me to go to India both times in 2003 and 2005, has been taking tourist from Malaysia to Vaitheeswaram to have their Nadi read but he had yet to read his Nadi. He never felt the urge or neccessity to consult the Nadi until a few years back.

Seeing a person is seeing karma in effect. Seeing a person is seeing his karma baggage. Mans thoughts is closely associated and driven by his karma. The subsequent actions that arise, result due to the planetary movements, that create an avenue, the space and time for him to reap what he has sowed. Ones karma creates incidents and situations which brings forth experiences to the person concern. These experiences then start to shape his thinking and opinion. If we closely follow, we realize its a cycle. Man has a choice to put an end to this cycle of birth by taking initiatives to exhaust his present and past karma and becoming aware not to create new ones.

Ones previous good karma and the amount of austerities or tavam put in in the past lives decides and determines the state of spiritual life and circle into which and where one would take birth respectively. If one prepares for the next birth by doing good, right here and now, a conducive environment is created for him to further advance spiritually in the next.

On the contrary, Agathiyar cautions us against doing or engaging in bad deeds as a chain of bad deeds eventually transforms itself as a disease. But the most compassionate Siddha has a solution for us. Visiting temples related to these diseases helps ease, bring relief or contain the disease. 

Bad deeds also create ignorance in one that makes it difficult for him to distinguish between the truth and false but rather go after things, working hard to a stage of self-exhaustion, and stressing himself out, all for the sake of things that neither last long nor are permanent. Instead Agathiyar says if at all there is a need to be stressful one should be stressed out that he has not yet achieved oneness with Erai or the Lord.

Agathiyar reveals the secret of rebirth. While the Devas and the more superior atma or souls take birth voluntarily, most man take birth as a result of curses, sins and karma that needs to be exhausted. Man with his sense of differentiating between the good and the bad, can initiate good deeds and do charity and service to humanity, thus eradicating all of his karma in a single birth. Animals are not capable of doing so, hence have to be born again and again as animals to exhaust all their karma. The atma that has taken on a form of an animal, for it to regain the human form, it will takes millions of kalpas. An animal birth is taken to exclusively cleanse itself of karma. It does not add further karma. It lives as long as it has karma to be exhausted. Once its karma is exhausted it dies. Eventually after many births it takes a birth as a human where it can think for itself. That’s the reason the human birth is considered superior and rare.

Agathiyar reveals further that by just being an animal, its karma is not automatically eradicated. Man through his actions of trapping it, capturing it, and torturing it helps remove its karma by taking it upon himself. But be aware whatever little merits that man has is passed on or transferred to the animal. At times, if karma permits, the animal purposely takes on the torture and pain to expedite their evolvement from an animal to back to a higher being.

Karma comes around and around weakening one. The only way out is to seek God, be devoted and perform charity. Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar of Ongkarakudil has brought together a massive following of devotees who are committed in doing charity by way of feeding hundreds each day. This is a good start. Surendaran Selvaratnam visits both Kallar ashram and Ongkarakudil. I shall post photos that he had taken during his short visit to these places recently, once he passes them to me over this weekend.

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Watching Vairamuthu's introductory verse "Ayiram thaan kavi sonnen, azhaazhaga poi sonnen, pethavale un perume, otthavari sollalaiye, kathallam magan paattu, kagithathil avan yezhuttu, urellaam magan pechu, un kirthi yezhutalaiye", from his rendition of a poem, a tribute to his mother and all mothers, made me realize that I had never spoken about my parents albeit a small introduction in one of my earlier books. Then I remember Jnana Jyothiamma remind me that Siddha Heartbeat was to only carry stories on the Siddhas and must stand apart from other blogs; definitely no family stuffs and other mundane things. I suppose I could bend the rules just this once to talk about my parents, as a show of gratitude too.

My late fathers home in Kilsevalpatti, Sivagangai-Karaikudi

My father was from India. He had travelled from his homeland seeking wealth and riches as they were traditionally bankers or chettiars. He serviced businessmen in Rangoon, Burma, Singapore, and finally settled in Ipoh and later in Taiping, Malaysia. He took my mother's hand and brought up a family of seven. 

When the Japanese invaded Malaya, the firing shots from the enemy airplane missed his head by inches just as he stepped out from a bank, clutching on to two bundles of money. He hit the sand and laid still, wondering if he was still alive or dead. He was spared that day. He realized then at that moment that all the riches could not save him from death, if death chose to come. He began giving away his wealth to the needy and whoever came along. His property too was given away. He gave away his brand new Morris Minor to his nephew. 

On one of his many regular trips back to India, he landed at an ashram and served a guru for some time. One fine day the guru called him aside and told him he had responsibilities towards his family and sent him back home. My father came back to Malaysia and continued his charitable endeavours. 

My father was a man of few words, but stood by them. He was a man of dignity, integrity, pleasant and kind. 

On the day he passed away, he went and sat in a corner, took up the padmasana pose and left the body. It was a beautiful death. He had no illness. He did not suffer. I suppose it was blissful.

My mother with Agathiyar
My mother too is a gem of a person. She still prays for all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her prayers that I should let go of my anger reached Agathiyar for Agathiyar in the Nadi gave me a long lecture on anger and its adverse effects and asked me to manage my anger.

The mothers prayers is always heard. 

My brother wrote about Mum's Secret Formula for Happiness when he was with the New Strait Times some years back. Read it at

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Agathiyar has come to help us. When the Jeeva Nadi Guru requested that Agathiyar simplify the writings that appeared in the Nadi, preferably to be in present day Tamil, so that both he and the listeners could comprehend, Agathiyar was saddened that he had to bring down his standards but the most compassionate guru agreed to do so for the sake of his subjects. 

When a Malaysian approached the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai for a reading, the subject had difficulty in understanding the readings from the Nadi and the clarifications giving by the guru. To the guru's surprise Agathiyar asked him to hand over the Nadi to the subject. One peering into the Jeeva Nadi the subject realized that words appeared in the Malay language, a language he was well versed with and familiar. He read what Agathiyar had to convey to him by himself and understood.

Tavayogi out of the blues told me over the phone recently that my family, friends and I were blessed for Agathiyar to be residing at Agathiyar Vanam while he had to traverse the length and breadth of India seeking him. Agathiyar too had mentioned several places that I had to visit in my Pothu Kaandam, Shanti Parikara Kaandam, and Gnana Kaandam and perform atonements. This I did in the year 2003. Later in the Aasi Nadi he invited me over again to more places where the Siddhas had traveled. This I accomplished in 2005 with Tavayogi leading the way. Again on returning to my homeland Agathiyar mentioned several more places that I ought to visit. That's when I told Agathiyar I do not wish to come over, as I was satisfied with all the sights, miracles and blessings he had shown. I told him instead, that if at all he wished to show me a thing or two, let that take place, here, in my prayer room at Agathiyar Vanam. Agathiyar did not bring up the subject again. Only when in September/ October of 2013 did he ask me to visit my guru Tavayogi and pay my respects to him. I left immediately with my family, and I am happy I did. 

Tavayogi does not have a following, never encouraged one, but has set up and inaugurated numerous temples, peedhams or institutions honoring Agathiyar and the Siddhas, both in India and Malaysia. He showed us the path and left us to walk it, experiment, and discover. He was always there to catch us if we should trip and fall. He was always there to redirect us if we should deviate in our ways. There was no conditions laid; no rules; he gave us all the space and freedom to engage in all things of our likings, but only requested that we had the thought of Agathiyar at each moment.

Agathiyar too remodeled the path to suit current trends and times and made it easy for seekers to adopt the path. He weaved a routine, spiritual practice and teaching taking into consideration the seeker's life style, ability, cultural upbringing, financial standing, his career - all tailored to suite the candidate. Agathiyar had always this words to say to them - Be Patient.

When my nephew found it difficult to perform prayers daily as requested, Agathiyar gave him an option to participate once a month in any prayer done on Pornami or Full moon. When the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai had erked Agathiyar for some reason, Agathiyar withdrew appearing in the Nadi as a reading. The guru regretted and asked for forgiveness. Agathiyar submitted after some time asking him to chant a divine mantra a certain number of times. As the guru felt the figure mentioned was unattainable and an impossible feat, again he pleaded to Agathiyar to shower his grace and lessen 'the punishment' . Agathiyar asked him to chant a lesser number of times. Even this was not feasible to the Nadi Guru. He begged of Agathiyar to lessen the number of chants. Agathiyar pleased him eventually. 

When Agathiyar came over to our shores in the form of a bronze statue, he had asked to chant his mantra 100,000 times besides performing other rituals that he strictly stipulated and I had to adhere too. I was figuring how I was to achieve that figure. I timed myself for ten minutes. If I was to chant non stop it would take me six days, which was not something feasible. If I chant during the day (4am to 10pm) taking time to sleep at night, it would take me ten days to complete 100,000. Again this was not feasible. Thats when Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar was making her rounds in Malaysia, preaching the Siddha path. I consulted her. She told me to gather the family and friends and get all of them to chant together, rather than I chant alone. We did just that. But after an exhausting two hours of chanting Agathiyar's moola mantra, we only managed to put in a mere 45,000. We gave up. Our throats were parched and dry. Some even lost their voices. 

Some days later Agathiyar called me for a Nadi reading. To my surprise  he accepted our prayers. Then I realized the numbers were not important but its rather whether we take the initiative to do as he says that matters.

When a Punjabi lady came for a Nadi reading with Nadi Guru Ramesh, she was instructed to feed the monkeys and the birds.  She headed for Batu Caves. But there was no monkey to be seen that day. She fed the birds and left the food that she brought for the monkeys behind. Later she went again for a reading, feeling guilty that she could not carry out Agathiyar's directive. But the most compassionate father told her he had accepted her atonement.


Sri Raghavan posted on fb the following:
Wherever the Master went, a huge crowd followed, causing much inconvenience to the locals. The Master taking notice of this once thundered, "You fools! Follow my path and not me!"
~ There was wisdom, even in the anger of the Master.
A true master would not want devotees worshiping him but instead uphold the path shown to him. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal scolded me for falling at his feet. He wanted me to only submit to Agathiyar and no one else. His only mantra was the name of Agathiyar. He also asked us to recite the names of the other Siddhas. Agathiyar says a disciple need not live like the guru but instead should uphold the principles taught to him. 

Tavayogi trained us well. The very day he visited my home, I had a bashing from him. He killed my joy of having a saint in my home for the very first time, all for a reason, I understand now. When my family and I ended up advising devotees who came to Agathiyar Vanam, which in turn brought inconveniences to us, he bashed me again saying, "Why do you want to interfere. Show them to Agathiyar".

Tavayogi also showed us humbleness and down to earth compassion and love in many situations. He loved my children very much, always having the younger girl sit beside him. When he changed his mind and asked that we cross the Kallar river to the other bank, he went for both his sandals and mine. When I was struggling to carry the heavy sack of vegetables purchased at the Methupalaiyam market, he practically snatched the burden from my hands and heaved the sack over his shoulder and back and strode off like a magnificent warrior.

When we had both washed our clothes at the waters of Agasthiyar Falls, we laid them to dry on the boulders before we climbed the steps up to Kalyana Theertam. Upon returning, his cloths, a mere piece of linen called kaavi were dry but not my pants and shirts. I packed them back into a plastic bag and we headed for Courtallam caves to spent the night. After the overnight stay, as we headed back downhill, he snatched my bag of dirty linen and started off on the hike down the hill. 

He left his family to become a monk, a choice he made voluntarily, but not without taking care of the family first. He passed on his business to his wife and children so that they could sustain themselves.

Whatever contributions and donations that came from charitable persons and from charges for the Jeeva Nadi readings, were channeled to upgrade and maintain the Ashram; to feed devotees who frequent his Ashram for the Jeeva Nadi reading and Pornami prayers; and to provide stationery and school uniforms to the native children or Aadhi Vaasi who have come to settle around his Ashram.

At the end of our visit to Kallar Ashram in October of 2013, he honored my family and me with Agathiyar's patharatchai or footwear and these words, " I had a worry whether the seed I had sowed in Malaysia will see the light; today that worry has left me".

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Abhisegam @ Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia


Srimathi Nalini Rajalingam from Chennai met Bala Chandran Gunasekaran, Surendaren Selvaratnam and Dyalen Muniandi at Kallar during the Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja and Sarva Dosa Nivarana Maha Yagam recently. The trio invited Srimathi Nalini's family to accompany them to get Othiappar's blessings at Othimalai. They set out on a memorable pilgrimage to Othimalai and back. View photos from their journey at

Srimathi Nalini had earlier visited the Kallar Ashram.When asked whether she liked the place she replied, "I started crying when I was there, could not understand myself"

She shared her journey to Papanasam last Sunday. In her own words,
We had been to Pabanasam last Sunday. Had a nice dharshan of Pavanasaswamy and Ulgammai. Then had been to Agathiyar falls, had a shower. Then been to Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma Ashram. It was closed. We sat there for some time and then to Kalyana theertham. Was very very happy to sit with Agathiyar Ayyan and Ulobamudra Amma. We were there for sometime. I bought a vasthram and one food parcel, thinking that to give to any sadhu. We were in search of a sadhu but could not find one. At last, at Kalyana Theertham the food parcel was taken by monkeys over there and the "vasthram agathiyar ku en kaiyal satri vazhi patten".
In Jeeva Naadi (read at Kallar) Agathiyar ayya asked me to visit Pabanasam, then Agathiyar aruvi, Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma ashram and his moolasthanam at Kalyana Theertham. Next he asked me to visit Coutralam. He asked me to come to Senbagadevi aruvi. "Senbagadevi aruvi karai oram nan irukken en kugai undu en vaasi kol undu adhai un sirasil thottu vanagu".
We stayed at a lodge in Tenkasi. The next day is the climax. Next day, we started from Tenkasi and went to Coutralam. It was just 4 kms from where we stayed. We never had been there. Husband and I along with our two kids started around 9 am. We walked for around 1/2 kilometer ... there was no place to move ahead. The gate kind of thing was closed. We were waiting there for sometime and one person came from the other side. He told that we could not go like this because the route is closed. We need to get permission from Forest department. Again we came back the same way, went to the forest office and got the permission to enter the forest. Our driver also accompanied us. When we were on the way, all 3 of us do not know where Agathiyar kugai is. We walked for almost 2 kms suddenly my husband met one of his Yoga Friend whom he meets after 12 years. We asked that Ayya whether he knows where Agathiar Kugai is. That Ayya told that Agathiyar kugai is closed now and nobody can go there.
I told that I got the Nadi reading like this, so Agathiar will definitely call me to his place. Then that Ayya told that a Baba is there, he is guiding a group of people for some pooja, "Let us ask his help". We all agreed and I sat in the same place with my two kids. My husband went along with that Ayya to meet that Baba. He came after 10 - 15 mins. He said that Baba is waiting at nearby place there are moving to some place for a pooja and has accepted to take us along with him. We all went and met that Baba. We got his blessings. He said that he is going to do some special pooja that day, suddenly 3 people in his group could not come and that we 3 had joined.
After that from that place, we went in a jeep for around 17kms in that mountain. You will not believe it is such a forest and mountain I have never seen. Nobody can enter that place because it is a private property of somebody. We reached a Kugai where it was told that all Sidhar Perumakkal are still in meditation. One vaasi kol was there. We all prayed and again walked for around 3 -4 kms and reached Agathiar Padam. There Baba performed abhishegam, pooja and archanai for Agathiyar Ayya. It was around 2.00 pm. We all had the pooja prasadham. Suddenly I started feeling unwell. Baba told me that Agathiyar has showered his blessings on all of us. Then he gave me a lemon to hold in my hand. The moment I got it, I felt refreshed.
From Agathiyar padam we went to a place where Agathiyar did meditation. Again there was a vasikkol. "Innum 3 vaasikkol ange sedhukka pattu irundhadhu". We did abishegam poojai archanai over there too. "Ange irundha ellarum andha vaasi koolai engal sirasil thottu vananginom".
We all started around 4.45 pm and came to the place where the jeep was there around 5.30 pm and came to the land around 6 pm. Our train to Chennai was at 6.45 pm.
A truly amazing journey and encounter it has been for Srimathi Nalini Rajalingam's family.

Surendaren Selvaratnam is at Pothigai peak currently. Suren left for Kallar on 13th February 2015 and had a Jeeva Nadi reading the next day. Agathiyar called him over to Pothigai peak.

I happened to see a post on fb by Palaniappan Annamalai. Palaniappan had reservations for 15 to go to Pothigai peak and extended an invitation to interested devotees.

பொதிகைமலை செல்ல விருப்பமுள்ளவர்கள் [சிவராத்திரியன்று] என்னை தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும். 15 நபருக்கு அனுமதியுள்ளது. பழனியப்பன் 9842136007

Since Suren will be in India during Shivarathri I thought he could make use of this rare opportunity to go to Pothigai peak. Suren contacted him and Palaniappan immediately accepted him. Having read in Agathiyar's Nadi revelation where he had stated that he was not in favour of the masses moving up to Sathuragiri unless they were invited or had a calling to go to Sathuragiri, Suren asked Palaniappan to hold till he read the Jeeva Nadi. He wanted to go to Pothigai peak with Agathiyar's blessings. 

Agathiyar in the Jeeva Nadi reading called him over, telling him that he would personally give him a helping hand to climb and overcome the treacherous and slippery boulders. Agathiyar added that Korakar would accompany them, giving Suren the confidence to hike up to Pothigai peak.

When Suren called me from Kallar to inform me of his reading and Agathiyar giving him the green light to go to Pothigai peak, I was happy for him. I mentioned to him that he was not going to Pothigai peak for himself but was representing his family, friends and all devotees of Agathiyar. The late Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai too was told by Agathiyar that the benefits of pilgrimages undertaken  by individuals will befall their families and loved ones to a certain extent. When I was geared up to leave on my pilgrimage to Kallar, Palani, Vedharanyam and other places indicated by Agathiyar in my Nadi reading, Supramania Swami too said the same thing to me, "Raja, nee intha payanam unakkaaga seirathu ille. Yenakkaaga seigire", meaning I was undertaking the pilgrimage not for myself but for him too. Although I loved to have both my gurus accompany me on that pilgrimage, but due to Supramania Swami's failing health I had to leave him behind at Thiruvannamalai. The long journey would have taken a toll on him. He most graciously told me that, "Yennaal un payanam pathiga padakudaathu Raja, nee poi vaa", meaning he did not want to cause any inconveniences or hindrances to my journey. 

I shall update readers of Siddha Heartbeat the moment Suren returns with more news, videos and photos.

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On this night (Mahashivaratri), the northern hemisphere of the planet is positioned in such a way that there is a natural upsurge of energy in a human being. This is a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s spiritual peak. It is to make use of this, that in this tradition, we establish a certain festival which is night-long. One of the fundamentals of this night-long festival is to ensure that to allow this natural upsurge of energies to find their way you remain with your spine vertical. You stay awake.
After many millennia in meditation, one day he (Shiva) became absolutely still. That day is Mahashivarathri. All movement in him stopped and he became utterly still, so ascetics see Mahashivarathri as the night of stillness.
By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev,
Stalin has painstakingly prepared numerous posters announcing the prayers or pujas conducted at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia. I would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks to him for taking much time in composing, editing and posting these posters.

Bala Chandran too has digitally composed many posters. My thanks to Bala too.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I am blessed. My family is blessed. My friends are blessed. All those who come to know Agathiyar are blessed. This I realized after coming to Agathiyar. Agathiyar officially invited me to his marga or path through a Kaanda Nadi reading in 2002. 

The Kaanda Nadi is written by Siddhas, Agathiyar being one of the foremost Siddhas. A Siddha has written that the mention of Agathiyar’s name itself is sufficient, for all the other Siddhas shall turn round to grant their blessings too. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal adds that the Siddhas are pleased and will want to know who is the atma or soul who has uttered Agathiyar’s name. Tavayogi mentions too that it is not easy to come to Agathiyar’s fold.

Similarly I am surprised how difficult it is for some to become a vegetarian, for they have to battle itself out with themselves and others around them. On the contrary when Tavayogi asked my wife to make a decision, on the spot, to become a vegetarian if she wanted to be initiated, she readily agreed. I had become a vegetarian some 17 years ago, for no particular reason - a decision made overnight.

It is said that the Siddhas wait patiently for a potential candidate to come by. Sometimes they seek out the candidate and coax him to come into their fold. A story is told by Dharmalinga Swamigal of a Siddha who approached a potential disciple. When asked to follow him, the disciple who was caught in maya or illusion that the world is real, asked to postpone saying that his parents want to see him married. The Siddha left. After some time, the Siddha came for him again. Again the disciple asked for postponement sighting the reason that his parents want to see their grandchild. After many years the Siddha approaches him again yet, only to be told that he needs to get his child married off. The Siddha decides he has to break his disciple's illusion, asked him for a young tender coconut to quench his thirst. The disciple volunteers to climb the coconut tree to get him a fruit. Midway the Siddha yells at him to stop. He asked his disciple whether he was holding on to the tree or the tree was holding on to him. Just as Pattinathar’s illusion was shattered when his son left him a broken needle and a note saying “Even a needle with a broken ear would not accompany you to your grave”, immediately the disciple’s illusion was shattered and the disciple followed his guru. 

Once someone has stepped forward to want to know about Siddhas, the Siddhas will start to lead them on. At the very start, the aspirant is shown his past through the Nadi reading so that he understands why he has taken the present birth. Tavayogi says for advanced souls they get to see their own past during meditation. Tavayogi recalls that he had met and receive initiation from Agathiyar in the past birth.

The past is revealed and appropriate measures or atonements (parikaram) is given to correct, lessen or completely eradicate his past faults. One who has parikaram mentioned in his Nadi reading ought to be grateful for he has been given a chance to undo his wrongs. Understand that there had been cases where the seeker had been provided no parikaram or escape route but to have to go through all the sufferings or in the worst scenario, refused a reading.

The ever compassionate Siddhas show us an escape route, a way out of our sufferings. They make us understand that all our sufferings is a result of our past actions. Tavayogi says that just as what we are undergoing is a result of the past, what we do in the present will determine our future. So they caution us on our thoughts, deeds and actions.

Agathiyar mentions that one has to borne his past seven years of karma in the present birth. It is also said that the past karma of the parents and forefathers too are borne by the child, agreed by both parties even before conception of the child. Betty J. Eadie, author of "Embraced By The Light" says that we should not fret and complain as we had agreed to take on this role and all that comes its way even before our birth, at the level of the atma or soul. On taking birth we tend to forget this deal that we had made.

Neale Donald Walsch in his series "Conversations with God" and "The Little Soul and the Earth" mentions the same, that we have worked out all things at the level of the soul and wait for it to take shape and happen or act it out on the physical plane - earth.

We have come with a baggage of karma, that we have to unload, unfold, lay out and sort, and pay-off or settle before eventually leaving empty handed. Agathiyar says that is the goal of taking birth. That should be our goal. 

After having taken the necessary actions to remedy our past karma, the Siddhas advise us further through their Aasi Kaandam or Jeeva Nadi. I had fulfil my atonements as mentioned in the Nadi both at home and in India. Returning from India Agathiyar blessed me with his first Aasi nadi and I had the privilege to read another 48 Aasi Nadi to date.

My children have had their Nadi read too. My wife was gifted with a reading too out of the conventional way of having to provide a print of the left thumb. Instead Agathiyar had a reading for her without the need for a print.

My friends have had an equal share of experiences with the Nadi and the Siddhas. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran was so captivated with the Nadi that he later brought more than 200 seekers for a reading and has many others waiting for an appointment. Both Bala and Surendaran Selvaratnam have had numerous readings too, including having read the Jeeva Nadi in possession of Tavayogi at Kallar. They have been closely guided by Agathiyar and the Siddhas through these readings.

Tavayogi initially was guided by the Nadi and has since been gifted with a Jeeva Nadi of his own. Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar has had numerous readings that are published daily. Jnana Jhotiamma has had the privilege too to read her Nadi at Kallar. She is still guided by the Nadi.

It has been a beautiful journey indeed, one that I shall cherish forever.

Monday, 9 February 2015


Poster courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran 

I was introduced to the Siddhas through the Nadi reading traced through my right thumbprint. Never did I expect that the Siddhas would bless me with numerous Aasi readings later. My Nadi reading stands at 50 to date, read on 21 September 2014. My children had a reading each too, located through an imprint of their left thumb. But Agathiyar made an exception in my wife's case, where my wife was 'gifted' a reading too, without the necessity to provide the thumbprint.

I am glad I heeded Agathiyar’s words asking me to come to his path. Along the way Agathiyar introduced me to my very first guru, Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai. Later I was introduced to Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. Tavayogi reminded me it was not enough that I came to the path but also bring my family along. Tavayogi initiated my wife the same day he met her.

As I searched for material on the Siddhas, I realized there was not much information. I began to compile hymns of praise to the Siddhas and I uploaded it to Scribd. I have in my hands additional hymns on Agathiyar and the Siddhas having come across these in various mediums. I shall need to update my book AGATHIYAR PUSAI - THE COMPLETE BOOK OF PRAISE TO AGATHIYAR soon. 

I am focused only on my blog Siddha Heartbeat and YouTube and have actually neglected updating the rests of the webpages and sites. Many kind souls have written in appreciating the blog postings.

My family and I, with some great friends, have been conducting puja or prayers at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia. I am blessed to have a family that shares the same faith and belief. Agathiyar has also introduced me to many of his disciples.

With Agathiyar's arrival in the form of a bronze statue, we started performing Homam or lighting the sacrificial fire, and conducting abhisegam or libation too. Lately I have started streaming live the Siddha Puja conducted, mooted by Stalin. This live telecast has been appreciated by many too.

It has been a beautiful journey one lazed with mystery, mysticism, astonishment and amazement. Agathiyar has shown many miracles directly and also indirectly through others.

What surprised us most was Agathiyar's change of heart. Agathiyar who ask to come over to my home in the form of a statue, on transit to the Sri Jegathguru Raghavendra Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh, changed his mind and decided to stay at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia.

Agathiyar has come to stay put in our lives. We are blessed.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Surendaran Selvaratnam and Mr & Mrs Balachander participated in Agathiyar's Puja held at the Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple after joining us in prayer at Agathiyar Vanam in Malaysia recently. Suren shares some photos taken at the Puja.


Aditya Hrudayam

Friday, 6 February 2015


I had carried the following post on Wednesday, 7 August 2013, THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN HINDU SPIRITUALISM - The Wife as a Tapa Sakhi
In the book on Kavyakantha Vasistha Ganapati Muni entitled NAYANA, A BIOGRAPHY OF KAVYAKANTHA VASISTHA GANAPATI MUNI [1] (from the original Telugu texts by Gunturu Lakshmikantam), Dr G Krishna says Ganapati Muni had described his wife as a Tapa Sakhi, meaning comrade in Tapas just as Arundhati was the Tapa Sakhi of Vasistha and so were the wives of many of the rishis.
“They never considered their wives as hindrances to Tapas.”
Ganapati Muni advised that women should not be barred from any spiritual or religious chores when it was prevalent at that time that women were not considered fit to worship Agni, study the Vedas and recite Vedic Mantra and were denied the benefits of upayana. Ganapati Muni himself used to initiate women into Mantra japa. Many were the women who were initiated into Gayathri Vidhya, which was considered exclusive to men.
Visalakshi, wife of Ganapati Muni took to the worship of Agni whenever Ganapati Muni was out of station.
“Visalakshi paid equal attention to house-keeping and Mantra upasana. Ganapati did not share the belief that a woman was the source of sin and Maya. The study of scriptures had convinced him that the ancient rishis had practiced austerity and attained self-realization without giving up family life and responsibilities. Women were not treated as objects of pleasure by our ancient rishis. They were as qualified as men to discharge spiritual responsibilities. The ancient rishis by their exemplary behavior became spiritual preceptors to their wives and helped to establish a well ordered society.”
M. Govindan in BABAJI AND THE 18 SIDDHA KRIYAYOGA TRADITION, Kriya Yoga Publications, Quebec, Canada, 1991, (M.Govindan, 1991)says,
“The Siddhas never called for seclusion of oneself. On the contrary, Siddhas have asked us not to neglect our families and responsibilities but to attend to worlds, the material and spiritual.”
As M. Govindan says, “They challenge us not to turn our backs on the world in our quests for spiritual enlightenment.”

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal told me that I have to bring my family too into their (the Siddhas) fold. My family and I started by conducting prayers which included singing the praise of the Siddhas. Later when Agathiyar came to our home in the form of a bronze statue my family and I performed the bathing ritual or Abhisegam according to Agathiyar’s wishes. Then Tavayogi instructs us to carry out the Homam. Later he conducts the Homam in our home where we learn to fine-tune the procedures. Since then my family and I have been conducting these rituals on Pornami, Amavasai and every Thursday. We also conduct them on auspicious days including Shivarathri, Navarathri, Vinayagar Chathurthi and on Agathiyar’s Jayanthi and Guru Pujai.

Agathiyar is full of praise for my wife and children who do all the preparation in view of these prayers. The very action of performing service to Agathiyar brings merits in multifold. We are blessed indeed to be given an opportunity to serve Agathiyar!

[1] Kavyakantha Sri Ganapati Sastri, a Vedic scholar of repute in his age with a deep knowledge of the Srutis, Sastras, Tantras, Yoga, and Agama systems, came to visit Ramana in 1907. After receiving instructions from him, he proclaimed him as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana was known by this name from then on. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
I came to the Siddha path after seeing the Nadi in 2002. Agathiyar in the Nadi asked me to come to his path.  I took heed of his words. With the initiation into singing the praises of the Siddhas and performing prayers from my first Nadi Guru Sentilkumar and with the painting of Agathiyar given to me by Sivabalan, I started my journey on this new, mysterious and mystical path. I seeked out several associations associated with Agathiyar and the Siddhas in Malaysia with the intention to know more about the Siddhas. 

After performing my atonement or parikaram in Malaysia, I traveled to India in 2003 to fulfill the rests. On the last leg of my pilgrimage I met my first guru Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai and his family. I did not mention about Agathiyar, the Siddhas nor the Nadi reading but he spoke of several matters that were mentioned by Agathiyar in my Nadi reading.

Later in 2005 I met my second and current guru Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigalar of Kallar in Malaysia. When I told him that I was asked to come to the Siddha path by Agathiyar in the Nadi reading, Tavayogi told me I had come to the right place and arranged to initiate me the same evening with others. 

He had asked that I bring my family to his talk later that evening. I did as told. He took an immediate liking for my two kids and told me that it was not sufficient that I come into the path or Marga but also bring the family along. Just before the initiation he offered to initiate my wife too. His only condition was that she became a vegetarian. She immediately and spontaneously accepted and was initiated together with eight others. 

Before the initiation my wife and children were in the dark as to what I was doing behind closed doors in my prayer room, although I had spoken about the Siddhas and the Nadi with whatever little knowledge I had then.

When Tavayogi took my family into his fold, they supported me in all my ventures on the Siddha path. I realized I was blessed that they stayed with me rather then go their own way in worship. 

Tavayogi came over to my home on my invitation. He suddenly, out of the blues, suggested we conduct a prayer which he then did. On another visit to Malaysia he came and conducted a homam or lighting of the sacrificial fire and abhisegam or libation of Agathiyar in the form of a bronze statue at my home in 2010.

My wife took her new found job seriously and got about cleaning the home a day before the prayers and preparing for the prayers that was held on Guru Naal or Thursdays, Pornami or full moon, Amavasai or new moon and on other auspicious and festive days. I just took the stage and sang the praises of the Siddhas. After the prayers she washed up all the items. She enjoyed serving Agathiyar and the Siddhas. She looked forward to these days and was always reminding me least I should forget.

I had numerous Nadi readings with Nadi Guru Ramesh. Along the way I seeked Agathiyar's advise on the study that my elder daughter should pursue in college. She had her very first Kaanda Nadi read then, having given her imprint of her left thumb.

Later I requested a Kaanda Nadi reading for my second daughter too, giving an imprint of her left thumb too. I had made an appointment with Ramesh to have my wife's Nadi read too. But unfortunately due to some mis-communication on both our parts (Ramesh and me), my wife and I arrived only to be told that the time slot allocated to us was taken up by someone else. We never seeked another appointment. 

On 26 April 2012, Ramesh called me in for a reading. It was my 46th Nadi reading. As usual I sat in his room cum altar while he went over to the adjacent room for the Nadi. He came back with a surprised look on his face. He told me the days reading was for my wife. There was no imprint of her thumb requested, Agathiyar started the reading. It was amazing. Agathiyar was full of praises for my wife. I was extremely happy for her. 

Agathiyar had mention in my second daughter's reading that she was the reason I came to the Siddha path. My daughter had worshiped Agathiyar at Papanasam in her former birth. Now in the reading for my wife Agathiyar mentions that my wife was the reason I was where I am today.

I am indeed gifted and blessed to have my children and wife as part of my family and THE reason I am in this Margam. Agathiyar in numerous readings had mentioned about the importance of prayers and encouraged us to continue. We did as instructed.

I wish to share what Agathiyar said about my wife in the Nadi. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Srimathi Vijayalakshmi Ravichandran has kindly shared her two day trip to Chidambaram and Agasthiyampalli, Vedaranyam. Agasthiyampalli is close to my heart for Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam in Malaysia is a replica of Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli. 
Our first stop en route to Pondycheery was the SaiBaba Temple at Mylapore. Made it just in time for early morning aarthi at 5.30am. From there we reached Pondy, had a light breakfast at Adyar Ananda Bhavan and then walked down to ManakulaVinayakar Temple to have darshan of the Lord. The temple is being renovated and so was in a slight mess but nevertheless darshan was good. 

From there we walked to Mother's Home and Ashram at Pondy. Had a good darshan and meditation at Samadhi. 

Our next stop was Chidambaram and off we went.
This is the kali temple at Chidambaram. All visiting Chidambaram should first step foot at the Kali Temple, offer prayers at her holy feet and then only go to the main Chidambaram temple. Mother Kali here is in both forms, fully ferocious and absolutely at peace. The Mother is fourfaced in her peaceful form and this is the mother we set our eyes on the moment we enter the temple. The ferocious mother is in the corner and she's completely covered in red Kumkum except for her eyes. The preist said that She gets an oil abhhishekam and is always clothed in white saree. Though she looks ferocious, her heart is nothing but compassionate and having darshan of her ensures that all our negativities get destroyed. Lots of devottees since the next day was Thaipusam and Pournami being very auspicious.
We had excellent darshan at Chidambaram Nataraja temple. Had two tumblers of delicious payasam as we entered the shrine. Were blessed to watch the evening abhishekam of Swami who is in form of Spatika lingam. Then the depparadhana. Temple was crowded being auspicious Pournami setting forth. Was told that at night the shrine would be closed and the swami would be covered with rice or Annam. This ritual would go on till next day evening and none would be allowed to see the lord except for the deekshithars who had the right to perform the pujas for the Lord on that day.

From Chidambaram, we drove down to Vedaranyam cruising along long winding roads with greenery on both sides. The weather was pleasant and as we were nearing Vedaranyam suddenly a few spots of rain fell on our car and I did feel that Agastiar was giving His blessings to us. This is Shri Agastiar at Agasthiyampalli, Vedaranyam.
I had taken ghee with me and so I lit a lamp and it was placed behind Agastiar and immediately the whole place lit up with so many reflections and it was truly a magnificent sight. The caretaker had just washed the entire area with water and so it made it impossible to sit anywhere close inside the temple and moreover because of the water it was slippery too. The priest was brought by my son and he performed a small puja and deeparadhani. I had taken some oranges and lotus flowers and badam milk. We offered these to Shri Agastiar.
This is the caretaker Vairakannu. Such a nice man who showed and explained so many things in the temple. Hhe also istructed us on how we should circumbulate the temple and visit the various shrines. He was drawing water from the well and washing the entire place.
The above statement reminds me of how a priest ushered Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and me to Agathiyar's temple upon arrival and similarly told us how we should circumbulate the temple too.

This is the Punnai tree (below) on the left side of the temple as we enter. The old man Vairakannu who was there told me that this tree has both Shiva and Parvathi aspects as the branches on the left side of the tree had thorns while the right side branches had no thorns. I checked them out for myself and found them so. This is the right side branch which had thorns. 

Sage Agastiar made a Shiva linga with His own hands and did puja here for a long time and for water he created a small water body with His dandam and that is the well. Water from the well also has medicinal properties and cures ailments if drunk. I drank to my hearts content and even filled my water bottle to take home. A truly blessed trip on pournami.

Here you can see Vairakannu (below) holding forth a branch that has no thorns. He told me to run my hand through the entire branch to see for myself. He said the leave of this tree have much curative properties. He plucked a few leaves and told us to chew them down.
This is our little Vellai Polla Pillayar sitting ever so quietly under the Punnai tree keeping a watch on all who come to visit Him. There are some growths on the tree and Vairakannu told me that it's Agastiar's face, upper torso and his belly.
Here one can see Agastiar Muni with two of His disciples on either side. 

Another view of Agastiar's temple. On all four sides there are these forms of Shri Agastiar looking down at us with much compassion.