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Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar explain the Siddha Path in the following videos.

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When Agathiyar came to Agathiyar Vanam in the form of a bronze statue on 2.1.2010, he had asked to perform libation or abhisegam for him. He also instructed us to chant his name. He asked that all who came seeking him, were to light a lamp and put forward their wishes or requests. Agathiyar promised to look into it.
Agathiyar arrives on the shores of Malaysia on the eve of his Jayanthi & Guru Puja celebrations. The celebrations in Malaysia coincided with the Maha Pirapanja Yagam conducted at Kallar Ashram.

We did as instructed in the Nadi reading. We never questioned him further.

After 4 years Agathiyar has revealed the reason why he asked all devotees to light up the lamp in his presence. This revelation has come through Agathiyar's Jeeva Nadi reading for a friend of Velayudham Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan had posted this information in his latest post dated Thursday, 27 March 2014.

சித்தன் அருள் - 168 - விளகேற்றுவது, துறவு வாழ்க்கை, சித்தன் ஆக ஆசி!

யாருக்காக எண்ணி விளக்கேற்றினாலும் சரி, உலகத்துக்கு நினைத்து விளகேற்றினாலும் சரி, தனக்காக விளகேற்றினாலும் சரி, அந்த விளக்கு எரிய எரிய, அவன் குடும்பம் மட்டுமல்ல, அவன் யாரை எல்லாம் நோக்கி கேட்கிறானோ, யாருக்கெல்லாம் நல்லதொரு வாழ்க்கை வரவேண்டும் என்று அன்றாடம் மனதில் நினைக்கிறானோ, அவை எல்லாம் உடன் நடக்கும்.

The translation goes as follows:

For whoever should light a lamp, be it for oneself or another, as the wick burns brighter and brighter, for whosoever he should pray for, all that was wished for shall materialize, including those of his immediate family.

Such a beautiful and compassionate thought of our Father who is forever seeking ways to reduce our pain and suffering and bringing us to his Siddha path. Amazing.

Agathiyar goes on to reveal about the nature of karma and assures all karma is reduced once we seek out the Siddhas and Munivar.

எடுத்துவந்த கர்மங்களை நல்லபடியாக இருக்கவேண்டும் என்பது அகத்தியனுக்கு ஆசை. வாழ்க்கை என்பது முன் ஜென்ம கர்மவினை என்பது போல, கர்மாவை கழிக்க வேண்டும். பாவ கர்மா, புண்ணிய கர்மா என்று ரெண்டுவகை உண்டடா! பாவகர்மா இவர்களுக்கு இருந்தாலும், எப்போழுதுக்கு எப்பொழுது சித்தனையும், முனிவர்களையும் நாடி வந்த போதெல்லாம், அந்த பாப கர்மாக்கள் குறைந்து விட்டது.

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Stalin sent me a link on fb some 3 hours ago. I just opened the link a moment ago. To my surprise he had sent us something that we were searching for.
a few seconds ago
Dear Stalin, we have been listening to this song on our local radio station the past 2 days. We were shaken up. Already as it is this tune Brahma muraari suraarchita lingam is earth shattering. Now with this lines (lyrics) set to this tune really brought tears to our eyes automatically. We are wondering who wrote this lines. In this moment of sadness where we lost 239 innocent souls, this song comes to console the families who have lost their love ones.

My wife had heard this song aired by a local station. When I reached home from work, she was talking about it. Then as Surendaran was garlanding Agathiyar, the station aired the song again. We all sat in silence listening to it. The lyrics etched its way into our system. The tune automatically brought tears. And she has a soul stirring voice.

Oh God. It is all so obvious. We see it happen everyday. Yet we chose not to see it. Thinking that we shall live forever. This song hopefully will remove the veils of ignorance in us.


Here are two beautiful works of Ramalinga Adigal and Manikavasagar respectively.

Thiruarutpa SixthThirumurai by agathiyanproductions

I had purchased the above edition in two volumes, the first till fifth Thirumurai in Volume 1 and the sixth Thirumurai in Volume 2. When Ooran Adigal who published this edition for the Samarasa Sanmarga Aaraichi Nilaiyam, was invited to co-officiate the opening of the First World Conference of Siddha Philosophy in Malaysia with Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to take care of their needs. I took this rare opportunity to have him autograph my copy of the THIRUARUTPA.

Listen to Ooran Adigal and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal go on air just minutes before the start of the three day event (the First World Conference of Siddha Philosophy) below.

A local daily's coverage on the First World Conference of Siddha Philosophy
Ooran Adigal's autograph
Ooran Adigal has done a great job compiling this edition, which has been arranged chronologically, tracing the spiritual development of Ramalinga Adigal progressively.

If the AGAVAL is the cream of Ramalinga Adigal's work, similarly the SIVAPURANAM is the cream of Manikavasagar's works. 


It seems nothing is lost in the digital and electronic media. I had some time back lost much data, (data that I had presumed lost after it was corrupted and I had even reformatted the hard disk), only to retrieve them successfully to a certain extent. Through Kannan Kumaraweh, a colleague, I was told that I could still hope to retrieve the presumably lost data using one of several software made available free of charge on the net. It did the trick. I got back a major portion of my audios, videos and photos, and articles.

So out of curiosity to know if any of my earlier websites where still intact even after I had removed or terminated those accounts, I searched the net for indianheartbeat. I was surprised to see some remnants of the past resurface. I realized that nothing is lost forever.

Thinking that indianheartbeat was lost forever, I was further surprised to come across a blog started by my daughter way back in 2012.

Similarly I understand that all our actions are recorded in the akash or the vast expanse and if required can be tapped into by saintly beings. I believe that’s how the siddhas reveal so many things to mankind of the past, present and even the future.

Supramania Swami too used to say that nothing is lost, including all the tavam or all efforts to achieve self-realization. He says all our efforts shall continue from where we left, even after the atma or soul left the mortal body, and continuing into the next birth.

After reading his posts, I messaged Velayudham Karthikeyan, the administrator of SITHTHAN ARUL, that although it was a sad situation indeed, that was prevailing in certain temples, it was a consolation to hear Agathiyar mention in the Jeeva Nadi of his friend, the Jeeva Nadi Guru, that the Lord still does appear before his sincere devotees at these temples.

Karthikeyan most graciously replied that, that was true and that the Lord comes in the form that one worships him, and blesses him, thus strengthening their faith and belief.

"உண்மை. அங்கு இறைவன் நாம் வழிபடும் ரூபத்தில் வந்து அமர்ந்து, நம்மை ஆசிர்வதிக்கிறார். நம் நம்பிக்கையை அவர் நிறைவேற்றுகிறார்."

Although the state of affairs in these temples are in a sad state, there is still relief and salvation for sincere devotees as the Lord creates the space for them where they are given darshan without fail nor interruption. This we saw in the case of Karthikeyan's friend who was called over to Tiruchendur by Agathiyar. While there, the space was created for the Nadi Guru to pray in peace; where the temple staff moves away, allowing him to have a full view of the Lord; have the Lord to himself for some precious moments; where all the noise and rattle stops and finally calm prevails. Amazing.

Similarly the Lord creates this much yearned for moments and space in the life's of other devotees too.

Surendaran Selvaratnam who returned to Malaysia after a short stint in Kenya dropped by and garlanded Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam just moments ago. We were just going over these shortcomings, disappointments, irritations, and finally having to stomach all these negativeness while on pilgrimage (I too had met some equally disappointing moments as I made my rounds to these temples on my maiden pilgrimage to India, as mentioned at and,) when my wife reminded me of the good moments too that we had had at these very temples too, and true to Karthikeyan's words, God did come there.

Just moments before we boarded the plane back to Malaysia, my family and I made our way to the Rockfort Uchi Pilaiyaar Temple in Trichy. After paying our respects at the Manikka Vinayagar Temple at the base of the temple, we purchased entrance tickets and started the climb up a flight of steps. The locals seem to be at ease, knowing their way pretty well, in fact running up these steps with speed. We reached the Thayumanavar Temple, located midway, surrendered the tickets to a temple staff and stepped into what I would term a 'maze'. We were disorientated as to which way to go, what with renovations in progress. As we did not know where to go from there, we kept pacing up and down the same corridors.

That is when we heard someone clap. Turning around we were met by a small sized old man in dhoti and white shirt. He waved his hand as if telling us that that was not the way. He only made noises. Apparently he was dumb. He waved us to follow him and immediately rushed ahead of us, turning around very often to check that we were following him. We had to practically run to keep pace with him. He pointed out at all the statues, himself touching them, and expecting us to do the same. He showed us sannadhis where he pointed to us to worship. At one juncture, he suddenly stopped and knelt down on the floor. He asked us to follow suite. What do you know. There was a small opening where a sannadhi was visible below that floor, that he wanted us to see. Amazing architecture.

Eventually we came back to the very spot where we had met him and he led us further to the Goddess sannadhi, indicating to us by sign language Ambal's mukutthi or nose ring. He waited on us as we prayed. Then he stayed behind while he motioned us up a flight of stairs. Upon arriving there we were greeted by Lord Shiva in the form of a lingam. Coming down the same flight of steps, he was waiting for us. He lead us back to the entrance and by flapping his hands he indicated the way to Uchi Pillaiyaar's temple. Who was this kind soul who came at the hour of our need? I went up to him and hugged him. Amazing. We were wondering who this savior was who had guided us out of this 'maze'. Amazing.

This incident reminded me of my lone journey to India in 2003 to perform atonement or parikaram at the various temples in India. Making my way to the Utamar temple in Trichy, I asked Deva to check out with the local priests as to how to go about doing my parikaram there. I had to hand over three sets of clothing and foodstuffs to three priests as directed by Agathiyar. Deva returned shortly with a priest and we make our way to the Tiruvanaikaaval temple nearby. The priest advised me to complete my parikaram at Tiruvanaikaaval first as the temple was to be closed for the afternoon, and come back to Utamar temple later in the evening.

On arrival at Tiruvanaikkaval, he rushed us, picking up garlands and other stuffs for rituals, and packets of food too. He asked a caretaker of the temple to tag along with a large bunch of huge keys that was used to open doors that were closed. Lord Vinayagar's sannadhi was closed. He had the priest open up the sannadhi and perform the arati. He did the same at Lord Murugan's sannadhi too. At the main sannadhi for Lord Shiva, he called over an elderly priest,who was taking time off among many others, telling him that he was the one to conduct the prayers. We were lead next to Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivaligam. It was pitch dark in this inner chamber. The elderly priest sank his hand into the pool of water, displacing the water, indicating that the lingam was surrounded by water.

Next, the priest from Utamar temple practically pulled the older priest to Lord Dhakshanamurthy's sannadhi and again asked him to perform the puja. As the old priest stepped before me and blessed me I bursts into tears. I fell at his feet. I must have spent some moments in that position before I picked myself up. As I rose up, to my surprise, I noticed Deva, the priest from Utamar temple, and the caretaker had all followed suite and were prostrating before the old priest. I cried and cried that day. The caretaker came alongside and tried to comfort me, but the priest from Utamar temple ask that he let me be. "Let him cry", I remember him say.

After I had cried to my hearts content, I gathered myself, becoming more composed, we made our way to feed the animals. We stood at the hind of a black cow, while arati was shown to her. We fed her. We moved on to the temple elephant and fed her too. Finally we passed the remaining packets of food to the poor before leaving the temple.

I went without even a single thought of what to do and how to go about performing the atonement at this temple. But it all happened so fast and so swiftly, all beyond my expectations. I left the temple with a feeling of utmost satisfaction. We intended to send the priest back to the Utamar temple, but he wanted to be dropped elsewhere as he said he had errands to run. We drop him off at the place he chose. I passed him, one of the donation that I had to make to three priests at Utamar temple according to the Nadi. He happily accepted it. As Deva and I started on our next leg of the pilgrimage to Turaiyur, I chanced to glance back at him. What do you know. I had dropped him at Anjaneyar's temple! Amazing.

My friend Asokhan too was aided by Anjaneyar when he lost his way while on pilgrimage to Sabarimalai. Read about this miracle at and

The Lord created the space for Asokhan to climb the famed 18 steps at Sabarimalai escorted by Anjanayer and his mother Anjalai! It was festive season and you can imagine the crowd, right? But surprisingly as they made the way up the steps there was no other devotee! As they took the first step, the very steps turned to gold. The Devas and Devis or Angels stood on hand to welcome them on both sides of the path, showering flowers on their path. Asokhan was flanked by Anjanayar and Anjalai as they gracefully made the climb up the steps. Anjanayar then pointed to the skies and showed Asokhan the Jyothi Darisanam or Makara Jyothi. (Makara Jyothi is a star which is worshiped by pilgrims in huge numbers at Sabarimala Temple in Kerala on Makara Sankranti on 14 January every year. However many devout Hindus claim that Makara Jyothi is the celestial lighting which takes place on Makara Sankranthi day and they believe that Lord Ayyappan asserts himself as Makara Jyothi to bless his devotees. Source - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

After Anjaneyar and Anjalai left, and Asokhan had met up with his lost troupe, he makes the climb again up the 18 steps only to be squashed by the massive crowd! Amazing.

The Lord created the space whereby I could carry out my atonement or parikaram in peace and to my satisfaction at the famed Thillai Nadaraja Temple in Chidambaram. When I was bugged by several priests to pay to see the mysterious Chidambara Ragasiyam and to part with my wrist watch, I was saddened. But stashed away in a nook or corner of this temple was a sannadhi for Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivalingam where a young priest conducted the puja without any demands. The Lord created the space whereby I could carry out my atonement or parikaram in peace and to my satisfaction. Amazing.

The Lord created the space again at the Ekambareshwarar temple in Kanchipuram. With a private ritual taking place right at the main sannadhi of Lord Shiva, I simply walked away in disgust, not able to take in the noise and fair. I thought I would not be able to conduct atonement then. But further down the corridors of this famed temple, a young priest invites me into the chamber of Lord Nataraja, standing huge and majestic. He started to sing the praise of the Lord as he showed the arati. I broke down, overcome by emotions running high, thinking of the blessed moment. I had the Lord all to myself! I think I stepped into another world or plane at that moment. Amazing.

When Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and I stepped out of the car at Agasthiyampalli, a priest who was seated with a couple of people at the base of the rajagopuram or tower hurried towards us. He ushered us straight to Agathiyar's sannadhi. He showed the arati. As Tavayogi took his seat and started singing his usual prayer to Agathiyar, the priest, to our surprise, interrupted him. He told us to circumambulate the temple grounds and pray at Lord Shiva's sannadhi first. We did as he instructed. He was waiting for us at Lord Shiva's sannadhi. He showed the arati and took us to the open. He pointed to a spot on the ground and told us that that was the exact spot where Agathiyar had placed his thumb and pressed the ground to stabilize the world that had weighted down in the north due to all the Gods, Devas and Devis, Rishis, Munis and Siddhas presence in the Himalayas to witness Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi's wedding. He left us in a hurry saying he had to rush to another temple. Amazing.

The Lord creates the space at Karuvurar's sannadhi at Breehadeshwarar Temple in Tanjore. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and I arrived in Tanjore at noon. As the temples are closed for the afternoon, Tavayogi spreads his shawl in the shade of the huge and majestic Nandhi at Breehadeshwarar Temple. I start to scout around. As I approached Karuvavrar's sannadhi the caretaker cum priest who was cleaning the oil lamps got up to show the arati. I prayed for awhile and then left to snap more photos. When I returned to Tavayogi he invited me to share his shawl. We both slept in the open under that afternoon sky.

At precisely 4.00 pm people began to move in droves towards the main sanctum of Lord Shiva equally huge and majestic. But Tavayogi chose to go over to Karuvurar's sannadhi. Now if he had wanted to pray at Karuvurar's, why did he wait till 4.00 pm when the temple of Karuvurar is never shut? I was puzzled. When we approached Karuvurar the same priest got up to show the arati. Just then there was a large crowd sitting around the sannadhi, chatting aloud. They had taken refuge from the scorching sun. When Tavayogi sat down to meditate the priest immediately asked the crowd to leave giving Tavayogi an opportunity to meditate in peace. Amazing.

After the encounter at Thayumanavar Temple where my family and I were shown around by a mysterious man, we came across a temple staff about to lock up a chamber. As we stood in front of him and had a peek inside the chamber, he asked if we wanted to step in. We nodded our heads and were given an opportunity to pray at yet another Shiva sannadhi. As we came out, he asked if we had noticed the numerous miniature Shivalingams on the face of that single majestic Shivalingam that we just saw. Non of us saw it. He allowed us to revisit the chamber. True enough on close examination we noticed that the large Shivalingam was anointed with numerous tiny Shivalingams. As we came out of the chamber the man told us that this was the Sahasralingam (The name Sahasralinga means thousand-lingas in Sanskrit. Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Amazing.

There is still consolation for us. Nothing is lost yet. The Gods do come to our aid.

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SIDDARGAL VIZHA சித்தர்கள் விழா

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal has extended and invitation to all devotees to participate in the SIDDARGAL VIZHA.

My Dear Daughter/Son,

Chithrai month in Tamil Calendar is consider as Siddargal

In this connection Siddargal Vizha (function) சித்தர்கள்  விழா will be celebrated at Sree Agathiar Gnana Peedam, Kallar on Chitra Pournami (Full Moon Day) i.e.15.04.2014. 

A special pooja will be conducted for Siddargal. 

All are invited to attend pooja and get the blessings of Siddhas.

Sree Agathiar Gnana Peedam, 
2/464-E, Agathiar Nagar,
Kallaru, Thooripalam,
Mettupalayam, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile:9842027383 , 9842550987

Click here for location of the ashram,76.8846845,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3ba8eb973ebb6a69:0x2d2712bb26572dd8

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Gnana Jyothi Amma commented
"Seems to me like a Dream of the Distant past...At Subramani Swamy's home, HIS Kudil, meeting HIS family ...and the Massive Annadhanam ..that was done...We had Collectively DONE THE JOB AND FULFILLED YOUR GURUJI'S WISH..
AN Extraordinary Event....Shiva Shiva.."
Supramania Swami had requested that a massive annadhanam or feeding be done upon he completing his sixty day tavam. But just days after starting his tavam, Supramania Swami went into samadhi. Just days before his samadhi, Swami told me he had seen the Jyothi. He also told me one would have to leave behind all his tavam or benefits gained from performing austerities and ascetic practices before he left this mortal frame. He was so compassionate as to pass me his forty years of austerities. He did not take the punyam or its benefits with him just as he had told me. That is the greatness of my Guru, Supramania Swami.

Many a moment I used to wonder what did I do to deserve this extreme kindness and compassion on his part.

I met Supramania Swami on the pretext of wanting to know about my second daughter's astrological chart and her future. Instead he told me about my future. His nephew Deva happened to be the appointed driver during my maiden pilgrimage to India. Deva told me on the onset upon receiving me at the airport at Meenambakkam that he had replaced one Raji, who was to chauffeur me around. Raji had fallen ill all off a sudden.

When I had covered all the temples that I had to perform parikaaram or atonement by way of conducting prayers at certain selected temples and doing charity to others, I found that I had much time on my hands and to myself. That is when I invited Deva to take me to an astrologer. Just as I left Malaysia for India, my wife asked me, if it was possible to have my daughter's astrological chart written in India. Deva surprised me saying that his uncle was an astrologer and he was living only eight kilometers away from my hotel in Tiruvannamalai.

That is how I came to Swami. As I sat in front of him he was talking about me, without looking into my charts, my hand nor any other means.

After spending just a mere five splendid and beautiful hours with him, Supramania Swami a devout Shiva Bakta,  passed me a mantra as an initiation. Staying true to his teachings, I would like to pass it on to those who are in need of one. Take it up and chant this lovely mantra. It goes HARA HARA SIVA SIVA SIVA SIVAYA NAMASIVAYA SIVAYA NAMA AUM. There were no secret teachings as far as he was concern. Swami lead the life of a householder. Most of the time he was on his own and alone (except for the company of God and his Gurus).

When he put forth his life long wish to build a temple I immediately offered to help him in his venture, since I too was directed to help build temples by Agathiyar in my very first Nadi reading in 2002.

And so we started towards fulfilling Swami's wish. We purchased a piece of land with donations from family and friends back here in Malaysia. Work below ground level started. I suggested Swami build a kudil or structure to house him at the temple grounds rather then travel daily from his village home. A kudil was put up.

Then the Gods decide to stop him. A stranger turns up at the crossroads to his kudil and questions him why he was taking a step back, to the Bakti Margam. Swami called to tell me the venture was off.

He went into samadhi at his kudil at the very moment he had predetermined and written in his diary, that was found by his son, Ramajayam after he left his mortal frame.

When news of his samadhi reached me I called up Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, asking for his advise, my next course of action. Tavayogi replied nothing be done, and ask that I just pray that his soul shall be placed in an exulted position.

Supramania Swami went into samadhi on 7.2.2007. Over the weekend Nadi Guru Ramesh called me in for a reading. Agathiyar speaks about Supramania Swami going into samadhi and asked that I fulfill my responsibility towards him. I never had the opportunity to go to Tiruvannamalai after his samadhi, but I had friends who carried out these obligations on my behalf to our utmost satisfaction and Swami's too, I believe.

Thank you Thayalan Arumugam of Malaysia, Harsha Vardhan of Bangalore, Surendaran Selvaratnam of Malaysia, Swami's family members including Deva, Dr Ram Subramaniam of Tirunelvi, and Jnana Jyothi Amma for helping me fulfill Agathiyar's directives and Swami's wish.


"What an astonishing thing a book is. It‘s a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you are inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic." 

The above is a beautiful quote by Carl Sagan, sourced from

A gentlemen when introducing Radhanath Swami and his book THE JOURNEY HOME, speaks about the role of a book, at

Indeed when reading a book, one is taken into the inner realms or being of another person, exploring as in the modern day Role Playing Games, the author's mind.

Similarly the Siddhas have never failed to document their findings for the benefit of mankind. Kunangkudi Maasthaan Sahib, among his many other works, has written 100 verses in his AGASTHIYAR SATAKAM, specifically on Agathiyar. In these songs he puts forward his numerous requests to his Guru Agathiyar, seeking enlightenment.

Radhakrishnan R.A.V has uploaded photos of Kunangkudi Maasthaan Sahib's Dargah at

A friend is currently translating works of Agathiyar and Shivavakiyar for the benefit of non-Tamil speaking devotees. She is doing an excellent job at and, respectively.

Ramalinga Adigal too has written more then 6,000 songs, later compiled as the THIRUVARUTPA. The cream of these songs is the AGAVAL.

The Agaval of Ramalinga Adigal

Ramalinga Adigal follows closely the works of Manikavasagar, the TIRUVASAGAM, available at We see similarities in the expression of devotion or bakthi.

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I came across more photos while looking for photos of my grandparents.

My maiden visit to India in 2003, and moments before leaving Supramania Swami (in the shadows with his son Ramajayam). Swami's nephew, Deva, is on the phone.
Supramania Swami poses for me in 2003

Supramania Swami sent me these photos of him later
Supramania Swami at his home at Nachaananthal, 8kms from Tiruvannamalai
Supramania Swami with his family during Sundara Arumugam's visit
Photos courtesy of Sundara Arumugam, Malaysia
Supramania Swami blessing Sundara Arumugam
Supramania Swami in 2005
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal in Malaysia in 2005
Tavayogi at Agasthiyampalli in 2005
The Aaru Aathaara Peedham at Tavayogi's ashram
Tavayogi doing charity with public funds at his ashram
Tavayogi's ashram in the early years
The following photos are of the Mayuranathar Temple in Malaysia.


I was happy to see Kalyanakumar Veerapandiyan posts one of my sketches of Tavayogi on Tavayogi's blog at

I had done a pencil sketch of Tavayogi's portrait when he was in Malaysia and showed it to him. He was mighty pleased. Later I painted the drawing. 

Scavenging through my stuffs looking for my grandparents photos, I came across this sketch and many more of my drawings. These and many more I had digitized and uploaded them in my very first webpage indianheartbeat, but later removed the site.

A water color painting
A pencil sketch of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal
An ink sketch of Lord Murugan
A color pencil drawing of a musician
A color pencil sketch of a dancer
Another dancer sketched in color pencil
Rama in the woods

Art for bulletins
Designs for Greetings Cards 
A sculptor brings his creation to life
Another for a magazine
Magazine art
Artwork for festive season greetings cards

And some of my artwork to the newspapers and their reply, as follows.

Some Super Heroes
The drawing on the lower left is mine, and not the one on the upper right, Daniel Chan apologizes for the mix up in his letter below.
Daniel Chan, editor of the column Comic Communications of the New Straits Times replies my letter

Now my daughter has picked up this hobby. Here are some of her art.

Today she showed us that she had another talent too at

My elder daughter has a blog and she has a place for Agathiyar too at

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Stalin Giri R sent me the following link a few moments go, 

After watching Radhanath Swami's speech I messaged Stalin, thanking him .. and he replied .. such a wonderful reply. Thanks Stalin.

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  • Shanmugam Avadaiyappa
    Shanmugam Avadaiyappa

    Just finished watching the 2nd video. Truly Amazing Journey Stalin. So much he shared. So much I have learnt. Thanks.
  • Stalin Giri R
    Stalin Giri R

    i searched in depth of internet in my way of searching god...for 2 years...finally i stopped searching gods after visiting your holly website and wonderful videos ,by realizing the conclusion god is beyond philosophy ,i realize my path didint finished yet..but i have a big hope and dream to realize god through father agasthiyar...during my path i saw lot of bloggers who are writing about gods...i messaged them..nobody replied are the one who replied my message with kindness...i am thank full to you ,Jothi amma and Balachandran Anna..

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Just as many readers and followers of Velayudham Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL have commented that they could relate and found answers and solutions to their questions and problems or doubts, reading his posts of Agathiyar's revelations from the Jeeva Nadi revealed to the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai, I too received many messages and clarifications reading his blog.

I saw similarities too when reading Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA and was overjoyed. Ramalinga Adigal started his beautiful journey on the spiritual path as a young lad on the streets, spending much of his time worshiping at temples.The soul stirring hymn Kandha Kottam Deiva Mani Malai was composed and rendered by him at Kandha Kottam in Chennai, when he was a mere 9 year old boy. Later he asked his brother that he be given a room for himself where he could pray to Lord Murugan. It is mentioned that the Lord gave darshan to Ramalingam in his room. Later as a young adult he used to visit Thiruothriyur, Tirutani, and Chidambaram. From worship of the form he moved slowly to the formless and to the worship of God in the form of light. Eventually he became light itself.

Ramalinga Adigal
In many of his hymns Ramalinga Adigal regards the Lord as a Siddha. In verses 4895 till 4904, song 107 titled Thiru Unthiyaar, on page 927 of the Complete Poetical Works of Sri Ramalinga Adigal's THIRUARUTPA compiled and chronologically arranged by Ooran Adigal for the Samarasa Sanmarga Aaraichi Nilaiyam, Ramalinga Adigal sings a beautiful hymn at the break of dawn upon attaining the status of a Siddha and many more. He claims that he has become a Siddha, and proudly announces it to the world.

இரவு விடிந்தது இணையடி வாய்த்த
பரவி மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற
பாலமுது உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற

பொழுது விடிந்தது பொற்பதம் வாய்த்த
தொழுது மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற
தூயவன் ஆனேன் என்று உந்தீபற

தூக்கம் தொலைந்தது சூரியன் தோன்றினன்
ஏக்கம் தவிர்ந்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற
இன்னமுது உண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற

துன்பம் தவிர்ந்தது தூக்கம் தொலைந்தது
இன்பம் கிடைத்ததென்று உந்தீபற
எண்ணம் பலித்ததென்று உந்தீபற

ஞானம் உதித்தது நாதம் ஒலித்தது
தீனம் தவிர்ந்ததென்று உந்தீபற
சிற்சபை கண்டேன் என்று உந்தீபற

திரையற்று  விட்டது செஞ்சுடர் தோன்றிற்று
பரை ஒளி ஒங்கிற்றென்று உந்தீபற
பலித்தது புசையென்று உந்தீபற

உள்ளிருள் நீங்கிற்று என் உள்ளொளி ஒங்கிற்றுத்
தெள்ளமுது உண்டேன் என்று  உந்தீபற
தித்திக்க உண்டேன் என்று  உந்தீபற

எந்தையைக் கண்டேன் இடரெல்லாம் நீங்கினேன்
சிந்தை மகிழ்ந்தேன் என்று  உந்தீபற
சித்திகள் பெற்றேன் என்று  உந்தீபற

தந்தையைக் கண்டேன் சாகா வரம் பெற்றேன்
சிந்தை களித்தேன் என்று உந்தீபற
சித்தெலாம் வல்லேன் என்று உந்தீபற

முத்தியைப் பெற்றேன் அம் முத்தியினால் ஞான
சித்தியை உற்றேன் என்று உந்தீபற
சித்தனும் ஆனேன் என்று உந்தீபற

Ramalinga Adigal's last message to his devotees before he enters the room at Siddhivalagam at Metthukuppam was to assume the jhoti or light from the Agalvilakku (the light source from a lit earthen lamp) as Eraivan or God. He choose to call Him 'Arutperumjhoti'". Adigal worshipped God in the form of light and became light itself. Ramalinga Adigal showed us the way, in the most simplest manner.

Jnana Jyothi Amma at Siddhivalagam
Agathiyar instructed Tavayogi to have the Aaru Aadhaara Peedham made and placed at his Peedham in Kallar some 15 years back. The Aaru Aathaara Peedham was a seven tiered structure, widest at the bottom and tapering up similar to a pyramid where an Agalvilakku is lighted and place at the topmost level. But devotees could not comprehend the abstract concept of the Siddhas. As people were so fond of images and idol worship, Agathiyar provided for them. In Kallar today, Agathiyar brought in a 6 1/2 feet fiber statue of his and his Guru Thava Murugan, a miniature granite statue of his, and another 3 feet statue of hills in the hills behind Kallar, and most recently the 1 1/2 feet tall one faced Rudraksham weighing 7 kilos, now standing as a Shivalingam. To add luster to His divine presence, now fully present at Kallar, Agathiyar has come as the Jeeva Nadi! One can see the gradual progressive evolution of the Peedham to its present state, made more accessible to the public and the common man.

Aaru Aadhaara Peedham at Kallar Ashram

Tavayogi performing libation or abhisegam to the 6 tier Peedham
The 6 1/2 feet tall Agathiyar at Kallar
Thava Murugar at Kallar
Agathiyar in the hills of Kallar
The Mystical Rudraksham at Kallar

Tavayogi holding up the Rudraksham
Similarly Agathiyar in the very first Nadi reading of mine, told me to worship the Siddhas, worship Him (Agathiyar), Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva. He started me with chanting the Moola Mantra of Ganesha, before the repetition of the Names of the Siddhas (Sidhar Potri). In the process, he came in the physical form, that of an idol. He gifted me his Moola Mantra, brought me to the worship of the Jhoti or light in the physical form as a lighted Agalvilakku, and along the way he included Lord Murugan. Now in the form of a Mantra, he advocates chanting of Lord Murugan's namam that was representative of Oli (Jyothi) or light, bringing me to Oli Vazhipaadu or worship of the Lord in the form of light, Arutperunjhoti. A beautiful journey indeed!