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Thursday, 28 December 2017


Towards the end of February, 2015 I stumbled upon a blog, quite by accident, or so I thought. I subsequently learnt that there are no coincidences or chance experiences, as we often perceive them to be. The photos of the Agathiyar Gnana Peedam in Kallar caught my eye and from that very first visual, I experienced a physical energy vibration under my skin, which flowed through my body. This was accompanied with a spinning sensation at the top of my head (crown chakra). It felt strange at first.
For the days that followed I frequented the site with increased curiosity. Again, I followed the links and arrived at the ashram in Kallar. I viewed the prayers and visually absorbed the statues and the inside of the temple with piqued interest.

Each time I indulged myself with these visits the vibrations I experienced became more intense. I remember little else other than the distinct knowing that I had to go there. 
The above is a pretty interesting and well written account of a seeker who stumbled on the path of the Siddhas. Read further about her travels into the mysterious and mystical realm of the Siddhas at

Her writing was to be the beginning of a travel journal on the exciting journey of the Kugens. As she aspired and wished for she made her way to Kallar Ashram with her husband eventually. 

Moving back to her very first mail to me on May 28, 2015,
My salutations to you. My name is KP. I hail from the southern most tip of Africa, namely South Africa. I am a frequent visitor on your blog and I thank you profusely for being the instrument which led me to Agathiyar. Your writing is truly magnetic and the manner in which you selflessly share the personal experiences of your journey and your knowledge to educate us tiny atoms is sincerely admirable. The wise Agathiyar has certainly chosen an exceptional soul to impart the work of the siddhars. 
The purpose of my email is to humbly seek your permission to share my story with you, on a private platform (perhaps on this email address), and given that you are so far traveled on your journey with the divine one, any insights or thoughts you may have, I would be most grateful to receive. I have been documenting some of my experiences of late, in the form of a manuscript, like a story particularly for my kids because I want them to understand how rare and amazing these experiences are and for myself, so I can read it over and over to feed my soul. My story is extraordinary, having said that, I believe every person fortunate enough to experience Agathiyar, would have an extraordinary story. 
Again, I must thank you for being instrumental in guiding me towards this path. I am aware that you have played this role in the lives of many and you may see this as part of the work during your journey. For me however, you will stand out as a flag, one that signalled the path ahead for a major life change, one I am immensely grateful for. I refer here not just to finding your blog and the connection to Kallar, but largely to the education I have gleaned from your writings.
Reading her writing on her discovery of this path, I asked to share it to all on Siddha Heartbeat. She obliged.
Since finding the path in February, I have read many personal experiences shared by Agathiyar devotees and I longed to have an experience of my own. If sharing my experience with others all over the world results in them finding Agathiyar and the siddhas; we can all return to him (Agathiyar) in our next birth.
Returning to Johannesburg from Kallar with a heavy heart she prayed, in her own words, 
After returning home, in my prayers I asked Agathiyar why he had put me on a continent so far away from him and the people who knew him. It felt disconnected, distanced and lonely.
Soon afterwards the swami emailed details of the person I needed to contact to assist me with finding the books. (My dear father in the reading asked me to read books by Yogi Ramiah. A kind swami we met in Arunachala mentioned he would help me find the books in South Africa.)
I called the lovely lady and arranged to meet with her. I arrived at her place of work and was swept off my feet. The room was identical to the waiting room at the ashram in Kallar. Babaji, many siddhas, swamis and Agathiyar graced the walls of the room. The place looked like an ashram. She offered me her personal copy of a Yogi Ramiah book and went on to tell me about the yoga she teaches in that very room. It was not just yoga, she was a kriya yoga teacher. I knew exactly what was happening, there was no question about it. I knew I had to bring the yoga in at some point but it was arranged for me, my kriya yoga teacher was chosen. She amazingly was initiated by Yogi Ramiah himself.
I had been doing the yoga for a few weeks now. My dear yoga teacher invited me to a satsang which took yesterday. This was held at the yoga studio. I did not know what to expect. Again I was beyond surprise. Her guru from out of town was present, together with other devotees. I was to find out that they were devotees of the siddhas, they not only knew of Agathiyar but they had prepared to perform a homa for Agathiya and the other siddhas yesterday. I had been invited to a sacred prayer for the saints in my very town. I am still astonished. I was introduced to the warm and friendly guru who, unbelievably was initiated by Yogi Ramiah and Babaji. Needless to say I no longer feel disconnected, distanced and lonely. I was shown and taken directly to the place and people I am to walk with. 
The Kugens walked a step further in bringing cheer and happiness to the elderly and those in homes.

Their wish to participate in feeding the homeless in Malaysia will come to be fulfilled when they join Sri Krishna and his Pothigai Meals on Wheels team tomorrow noon.

The Kugens arrived in Malaysia two days ago and visited the Batu Caves where they released caged birds and fed them and also the fishes. They then visited AVM and spent some time with AVM Agathiyar. This morning they witnessed puja for Eco City Agathiyar and will join us in puja at AVM later in the evening.

Monday, 25 December 2017


After a session of reciting Kunangkudi Masthan's "Agathiyar Sadhagam" at AUM Illam on 24 December 2017, Sri Krishna and his team headed for the Eco City Agathiyar temple to clean up Agathiyar's murthy and his sannadhi.

At AUM Illam

At Eco City Agathiyar Temple

Even the kids got into it, cleaning the temple grounds.