Tuesday, 28 March 2017


It was 2002. I sat in awe and amazement listening to Agathiyar speak through Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar from a reading of the olai suvadi or nadi. How could somebody who lived in the past tell about us? How is this possible I thought?

In 2005 as Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and I took a morning walk through his neighbourhood at Kallar Ashram, he turned to me and told me that Agathiyar had come the night before and asked him what he was going to give me? I turned my gaze to him in disbelief. Did Agathiyar appear to him in person? Was that possible?

As we walked through the shrubs and bushes towards Uthiyur hills in Kangayam, Tavayogi told me the Siddhas were welcoming us and were showering flowers on us. I looked towards the sky trying to get a glimpse of the Siddhas whom he had just mentioned. I saw only a bright blue sky.

As I closely followed behind Tavayogi on the jungle track leading to Shenbagadevi falls and Kutralam caves, he told me the Siddhas were all around us, ushering us. Again I looked around me in in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Siddhas. All I saw was nature staring back at us.

Back at Kallar Ashram, Tavayogi mentioned that Agathiyar had given him darshan in the hills of Kallar. I could remain quiet no more. I built up sufficient courage to ask him how they actually came and appeared to him? He replied, "In the Jhoti form".

Supramania Swami who left an opening for a window, strategically placed in his kudil so that he could constantly watch Annamalaiyar, the holy hill Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, to my surprise had closed it with a gunny sack on my next visit. When I questioned him, he replied that he could not bring himself to see the hill as it was fiery! But I only saw a rock hill!

Then Agathiyar began to show his presence in Agasthiyampalli and Kutraleshwarar temple where he opened his eyes in the granite statues of his. Even then fearing that I would stay to investigate further, whether the miracle did take place or my eyes were deceiving me, Tavayogi hastened me out of the temple and on to our next destination.

Many years later in 2013, Agathiyar opened his eyes at AVM too. It was this sensational picture taken by my daughter that captured the attention and curiosity of devotees of Agathiyar.

Soon Agathiyar at AVM made his way to fame appearing on book covers, leaflets, and billboards and in the social medias and videos.

Soon Agathiyar began to show his presence to many devotees at AVM too. I shared their joy each time they came over or talked over the phone on their experiences. Agathiyar revealed how he came to his devotees. These ranged from speaking through his nadi; through dreams; in their thoughts; as a savior in times of danger; as a companion on their journey; through prasad and his objects of worship; by performing miracles; in the form of a guru; and as Jhoti.

Agathiyar told Surendaran Selvaratnam that he entered his home through a pair of pathugai or holy sandals gifted by AVM. Similarly he told the Rajah family that he came into their homes in the form of the vasikol, holy sandals and rudraksha. The Siddhas came in the form of a nadi too to another dear devotee of Agathiyar.

The Siddhas stood by their devotees in times of their need. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran was saved from a road mishap where Agathiyar cushioned his fall; Balachander Aiya too was saved from a similar road mishap by Agathiyar while in India; Bala Chandran Gunasekaran was saved from a near fall when he slipped while hiking up to Pothigai peak. Pulasthiyar who accompanied him extended his hand and held onto him; Surendaran Selvaratnam was blessed to be accompanied by Korakar to the Pothigai peak. 

At Kallar Ashram Agathiyar and the 18 Siddhas appeared in the midst of the Yagam or the sacrificial fire as dark clouds started to gather rather suddenly over the Ashram grounds. The Siddhas showered flowers on the devotees gathered to celebrate the annual Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja.

The Siddhas arise in the homes of devotees too to shower them with blessings during their home puja.

Listen to Agathiyar and Bhogar reveal how the Siddhas appear to their devotees and shower their blessings.

Read more about these miracles and the darshan or appearance of Siddhas at

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Walking along with Agathiyar, I picked up little lessons and messages for living a fruitful life. These messages also came through the experiences of people I knew.

We were getting ready to marry off our daughter last year. We were considering several factors before deciding when to hold our daughter's marriage. That is when "Aiya" passes us the message to expedite their marriage. When I went to get dates for the engagement and wedding of my daughter last year, I told the gurukkal or priest that I had not seen the marriage horoscope for both my daughter and son-in-law, and I do not intend too as they liked each other. I only came to see him to fix these dates. 

He immediately told me three things.

1. If they liked each other, there is no need to see porutham or compatibility of the bride and groom. The utmost important porutham is that of mana porutham or compatibility of the heart. Since they liked each other it was settled, he added.

2. If they liked each other, it is because of their past bandham or relationship in the past birth that has brought them together in this birth too as husband and wife. This is a result of past karmas.

3. Finally he said, go ahead with the marriage and leave the rest to God.

His words came to me as if Agathiyar was directly addressing me. The gurukkal himself looks like Agathiyar. I thanked him for clearing all the apprehension and fear we had, and giving us the strength and motivation to move ahead. 

Later I came to know the truth in this statement when many of us at AVM began to share their nadi readings. Agathiyar in these readings had pointed out and to some others given detailed revelation of their past relationships. My wife and I were life partners in a previous birth serving Agathiyar at the Kutraleshwarar temple with fruits that we sold at Papanasam. My daughter too was there with us. Ba and S too had been husband and wife, with Ba being a priests serving Agathiyar at the Adi Kumbeswarar temple in Kumbakonam; R and M were a married couple who served Agathiyar daily with milk from the cows and goats that they grazed in the vicinity while Agathiyar meditated in the caves of Kutralam. B & R had a relationship in the past, where B was a warrior and a devotee of Agathiyar; so did S and T; K and D were life partners in Erode, having actually ferried Agathiyar and later Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar across Kaveri River to the Nattadreswar Temple. Very interesting indeed. 

Agathiyar too had said never break up lovers. Many of the AVM family were brought together again in this birth by Agathiyar himself. There was a couple who each went in for a nadi reading as friends but came out as lifemates brought together by Agathiyar.

Soon we got started on the wedding preparations. We were blessed to have all of AVM family turn out at the wedding and dinner reception, besides family and friends. The greatest blessings were the surprise attendance of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar of Kallar Ashram and with them the appearance of all the Siddhas to bless the newly wed and all whom had gathered.

Saturday, 25 March 2017


When I came to know about the Nadi and the Siddhas and their path or Margam at the age of 43, I asked Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal why did I not know it sooner but only came to know about it late in life. He answered rather blunt and in the face, "Be grateful for at least you have come to it (the path) now".

I was warded for the very first time in the government hospital at the age of 54. The irony is that this "fortress" was brought down by a very tiny aedes mosquito. I succumbed to dengue. I then realized how fragile we were. I was grateful that I had not fallen terribly ill to warrant hospitalization until then. My mother was hospitalized two years ago. It was her very first time at a ripe old age of 88. My father-in-law was admitted recently at 80 years of age. It was his very first stay at the hospital.

When you are either 54, 80 or 88 years of age and you succumb to an illness that warrants hospitalization for the very first time in your entire life, be grateful. Be grateful that you have had a serious enough illness to warrant an admission in the wards only at the age of 54, 80 or 88 and not sooner. Be grateful for the illness free days you had enjoyed all these years before this admission. Be grateful if you come out of it. Regard the present as a bonus and an extension of time.

When my mother-in-law was having depression, we prayed for her quick recovery. When my daughter broke her tibia and fibula bones in an accident we prayed that her bones should heal and mend fast. When my younger daughter came down with dengue too, we prayed that her platelet levels should rise fast and return to normal. When my mother was treated for a low GFR or glomerular filtration rate, we prayed that her kidneys should regain normalcy. When my wife was admitted for surgery we prayed that she should recover fast. When my father-in-law was admitted for excess phlegm in lungs, we prayed that he should recover too. When members of AVM family and their dear ones were ill or underwent extreme duress and pain, we prayed for them too.

When my brother-in-law complained of stomach pain and was operated on, he went into coma and passed away. Our prayers that he should recover was not fulfilled. 

Then the question arises why God saves some and not the others? 

This question I had was answered when Sri Krishna narrated an event in their family circle. A relative was bedridden after an illness for close to 5 years. Sri Krishna who was into the Nadi, and organised tours specifically to appease the karma of many, seeked the Nadi and did all the parikaram or atonements for the sick relative. During this course of parikaram and period Agathiyar stressed that the sick should never give up but remain strong. But sadly his sick relative died. His family and friends came down on Sri Krishna venting their anger at Agathiyar on Sri Krishna, for not saving the soul. They questioned the Nadi and the many parikarams that was in vain and ended useless, futile and pointless. They threw hurtful words at him and walked away in disgust.

There is never a Nadi for a dead man. But in this case Agathiyar called Sri Krishna for a reading. He asked Sri Krishna what he was supposed to do? Sri Krishna and his family wanted the sick relative to survive but the relative had given up on life, asking and praying that God should take him away! Agathiyar reminded them that that was the reason he had asked the sick to remain strong. Besides the prayers, the parikaram done and the help from the Siddhas towards changing one's fate, the sick person concerned should remain strong in spirit. 

Maybe my brother-in-law too had given up.

Now we do pray for the sick while asking the sick to be strong; but we leave the results to Agathiyar and God. If someone passes away even after all the medical attention given and the prayers done for his recovery end futile, let him/her go. Death is not the end. The soul has another journey to take on. Let them go for they have exhausted their karma for this birth. They will be back with another load of karma to unload.

For those nearing death, let go too of all the desires for wealth; let go of all grudges and pain; forgive yourself for all the wrong doings and forgive others too. Only then would the soul leave this body without a struggle and peacefully. Thank God for all the good received throughout your life. Pray that he should continue to care for all those whom you are leaving behind, just as he had cared for you. Be grateful for this life and what it had offered to you.  

Be grateful for this life and what it had offered to you!

If your once lucrative business was going down after many years of success; be grateful for the days that you made money.

Be grateful for the job you hold for there are many without one.

Be grateful for the food on your dining table for there are many who go by without food.

Be grateful for having an opportunity to study; while many never had.

Cherish the good memories you had and be grateful for those fine and sunny days.

If you have hands and feet, eyes and ears, be grateful. If you are able to eat be grateful. 

It only takes a walk into the hospital to realize how blessed we are.

It only takes a walk through the squatters and slums, to realize how fortunate we are.

Be grateful for all that you had. Your mantra and the only one should be, "Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!"

Show your gratefulness by giving back to the less unfortunate. The rich might not need any assistance from you; but the poor would certainly appreciate any help from you.

Reach out to the poor in your neighbourhood; workplace; or school. Reach out and provide aid to the childrens home and old folks home that is nearby. They are all God's children. Reach out to God by reaching out to these children. 

Friday, 24 March 2017


Srimathi Rakhi Chaturvedi continues her wonderful story about how she came to the Siddhas. Read her earlier story at http://agathiyarvanam.blogspot.my/2017/03/a-devotees-story.html

She continues,
Siddhas Grace
After getting a glimpse of the ways siddhas take care of all the sincere seekers, I got married in December 2010. Then what began was probably a cooling off period for me. The sadhanas I was involved in advised by Shivanand ji before my marriage was reduced drastically. I was settling to the new place and environment. I was missing the urge to involve myself with same intensity in my spiritual practices as before.
In 2012, I was blessed with a baby girl ... she became my full time commitment. Once my daughter turned 3, restlessness in me increased. And I even felt my inner self saying... now get back to work… I felt I was looking for something in particular but did not know exactly what…..
In Aug 2015, in a sudden program arranged by my husband we went to the abode of Ma Vaishnav Devi in Jammu and Kashmir and Golden temple in Amritsar …Ma Vaishnav Devi and the siddhas and gurus in Amritsar touched some spiritual cords in us.

Golden temple or Shri Harmandir Sahib was founded by a Sikh guru Guru Ram Das. The place which was filled with so much peace and divinity… people from various castes, creed and religion were there doing selfless service in the beautifully maintained Abode of God. Over 1 lakh people visit the shrine daily for worship and partake jointly in the community kitchen and meal (langar) regardless of any distinctions. God’s name and Gurbani Kirtan was continuously playing for all to merge into the divine kirtan or chanting. The place filled with selfless service, divine sankirtan and Annadaanam .. must be the place most dear to all the siddhas… who are all one I thought and one can easily feel their presence.
In spite of a huge rush due to long weekend … where people were not allowed to even stand barring a few seconds in the main shrine where is installed the Adi Granth, the holy scripture of Sikhism (which they consider as living guru). We, myself, husband and daughter were allowed by siddhas grace to sit in a corner for more than 5 minutes to submit our prayers….. immense peace dawned on me.
I prayed for guidance from the gurus and siddhas … and after returning from our trip I came across Siddha Heartbeat within less than a week ... oh.. this is exactly what I was looking for… and there was more to come…
The first day when I came across Siddha Heartbeat I could not sleep that night properly… the magical articles and wonderful books of Shanmugam ji had an overpowering effect on me… I could not control my urge to visit the site again and again and I can say for sure…. Fire of Devotion is one of my favorite books. 
I felt sorry for myself for … being unaware of the treasures Shanmugam ji has shared so selflessly to the world … I also felt sorry for how I could have forgotten Agasthya Mahamuni, our compassionate father who had already entered my life in 2009 in the form of a nadi reading… restlessness in me increased even more till I picked up my phone and called Tavayogi ji in Kallar. Peace dawned on me by just talking to him …. I introduced myself to him and he asked “When are you coming to my place daughter”. I had no plans except the desire to go there. I said "Swami ji just bless me to be worthy to be there". "I bless you and just keep praying to Agashtya" was his reply. 
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. Photo courtesy of  Monika Sanjiv Malhotra

We visited Kallar in August 2016 and me and my husband were swept away by the hospitality given to us by Swami ji and all the volunteers in the ashram. We have never experienced the kind of magical peace in a place so charged with divinity and at the same time nature around seemed to be painted by some divine artist. After staying one day and one night in the ashram we left with a very heavy heart... and tears in my eyes. Swami ji told me "I have taken you as my daughter and you all must attend the function in December". The smile of Swami ji is enough to melt our hearts and open new portals for us to move forward in the Siddha Marg. After leaving the ashram I kept silent for some time.. for I did not want to break the peace my whole being was experiencing.
Present day Kallar Ashram. Photo courtesy of Mahin

We offered our prayers to Agashtya Mahamuni … to be able to make it to function. The compassionate master arranged everything for us. In spite of some hassles we made it to the function. Shanmugam ji had become an instrument in our lives... to be able to reconnect with the siddhas. The kind of influence Shanmugam ji, his writings and his army of angels at Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) are doing to lives of uncountable people can never be expressed in words…. for their magic can only be felt with tender hearts.
It was a dream came true.. meeting Shanmugam ji in Kallar to whom we will always be indebted to and it was heart touching to see the entire team of AVM doing seva in the ashram. We felt equally wonderful meeting Sanjiv ji and his family and various other devotees gather to celebrate the function. Shanmugam ji also introduced us to Manoj ji and Vivek ji talking to whom for the available two hours was like peeping into the lives of extraordinary beings … the experiences they shared seemed far above the reach of an average human. It was another life altering moment for us. 
Before leaving for Dehradun we had an appointment through someone, for a jeeva nadi reading in Erode near Coimbatore. But again the siddhas guided us through Manoj ji and Vivek ji and they asked to immediately cancel our appointment in Erode for certain reasons. Manoj ji assured that he will arrange a good reading for us in Chennai. We followed their advice. Though we had some apprehensions as generally getting jeeva nadi appointments is not easy and that too… on the day of our choice i.e. 25.12.16, as we had an early morning flight from Chennai on 26th. Selvam ji the nadi reader was out of Chennai to his hometown after the cyclone “Vardah” and his phone was not reachable. With Mahamuni’s grace, Selvam ji was back in Chennai and finally we got an appointment on 25th. But Selvam ji was not having a translator that day. By now all my apprehensions were vanished as I felt that since the siddhas are guiding and helping us quite visibly they will help us with the translator. Again our angel Manoj ji called up on his own and asked if we needed a translator. We said "Yes". And one Atmajhoti ji came over all the way from the holy land of Tiruvannamalai. We all met in time and the reading was conducted for us. Bhrigu Maharishi blessed us with a darshan of shank, chakra and kamal in the jeeva nadi.. was this just a coincidence that we were just returning from our trip to Navtirupati? We were spellbound.
I know that my journey had just began and I am like a small ant in front of extraordinary souls whom I came across in the last 2 years. But I know that Mahamuni loves us all……. for it was His grace which allowed the entry of these extraordinary souls into my life…..

Now I pause and think if I had never come across Siddha Heartbeat my life would have been totally different.
Thank you very much Srimathi Rakhi Chaturvedi for sharing your experiences on Siddha Heartbeat.

1008 Nei Theebam Yetrum Vizhaa & Annathaanam

1008 Nei Theebam Yetrum Vizha 2017 & Annadhaanam

Date : 02/04/2017 
Day : Sunday 
Time : 7.30am
Tithi : Shasti
Venue : Batu Caves Murugan Temple (Cave Temple)

Dear family, please join us to light 1008 ghee lamps and sing the praise of Lord Muruga & the Siddhas, followed with an Annadhaanam.

We shall light a lamp at Lord Vinayagar's Sannathi, Mouna guru's Sannathi and finally 1008 lamps inside the cave.

We shall distribute 500 food parcels. We shall also feed the birds, fishes & monkeys.

This event is conducted on the directive from Agathiyar. Its objective is to help reduce the occurrence of natural calamities. The venue and tithi is also specified by Agathiyar.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


I stepped in onto the Siddha Marga in 2002, amidst the many misconceptions on the teachings of the Siddhas, that prevailed during the time. I refused to accept the negative outlook that people had of the Siddha path, but moved on, on my own, seeking new frontiers with Agathiyar to guide. My hunger to know about the Siddhas, led me to search all the local bookstores for anything and everything on the Siddhas.

A year later I met Supramania Swami. His message to me was simple. Besides the mantra upadesa he gave me, he ask to light an oil lamp and never let the flame die. He ignited the flame of devotion in me. Three years later I met Tavayogi and a year later, he asked me to start conducting the homam or lighting the sacrificial fire in my home. He nurtured the flame in me. Initially I was doing the rituals, something I wasn't keen about, just to comply to his directives; but Agathiyar the all knowing Sadguru, later explained to me that I was doing it not for myself and the family alone but for the well being and good of this world (ulaga semam). Only then I realized the magnanimity and extent of the task given to me. I did it with sincerity from then on. Later Agathiyar added that the act of conducting the homam would aid in overcoming one's karma.

I took his words spoken through the Nadi as the gospel truth. He then called me in for more Nadi readings, setting me on a course that he planned and executed well. But after I came to Supramania Swami and Tavayogi, my two gurus, I became contented and satisfied. Life was complete. I had to turn down further instructions to visit other gurus and places of worship that Agathiyar mentioned in the Nadi. I told him that I had him. I did not need nor want another guru in the physical form. If his intention to call me over to these places was to give me something, I told him he could do that right here in the confines of my home within these four walls. 

Eight years later Agathiyar came into my home in the form of a bronze statue, something that he planned ahead and executed with perfection. Knowing pretty well that I would not want to indulge in any form of external rituals, he struck a deal. The deal was that he would stay over at my home for some time till the construction and inauguration of the Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Miruthiga Brindavanam Kinta in Ipoh was completed. He would then move over there. But Agathiyar chose to stay put at my home. Initially I thought he loved the libation or abhisegam and all the attention we gave him. But he was soon to reveal his purpose in staying back and more.

When I came to this marga there was very little spoken or written about the Siddhas in the public forum. Many gurus and masters chose to keep the marga within themselves and their students. Access to information was rare. Even if there was information, it was scattered over several sites and blogs. I began to compile and write on the Siddhas, something I did initially for my reference, but later decided to share it on social medias, hoping to fill the existing gap.

Over time I was fed with information on the Siddhas through fantastic Nadi revelations and speaking to visiting devotees. Agathiyar brought many wonderful souls to my home and introduced others through social medias and via online correspondence. We shared the same feelings and thoughts about the Siddhas. Agathiyar brought us together in union, hence a wonderful networking of seekers in the path of the Siddhas took shape and form. Many are the miracles that I have heard, read about and came across through them. All these built and strengthened the faith and belief I had of the Siddhas. All these lent a subject matter for my blog, hence helping to sustain it. Many shared their experiences and were willing to let me post it. Many would share too but would add at the end, with a wide grin, asking me not to post it, knowing my over zealous hunger for news related to Agathiyar and eagerness to post them on the blog.

On learning about our prayers to the Siddhas, many devotees of Agathiyar asked to attend and join in, in the prayers too. Some came on their own accord after reading the blog; while others were directed here through the Nadi. Some came out of curiosity only to leave disinterested; yet many stayed behind to learn the Siddha worship and continued conducting it in their own homes.

Soon Agathiyar made my home his place of siesta or afternoon nap. When and if he decided to help his devotees, he would bring them over. All that Agathiyar asked was to light an oil lamp and to put forward to him their sorrows, prayers and desires. He would take care of the rests he assured. We then realized the reason he was here. We began to see for ourselves Agathiyar perform miracles on these devotees. It brought us much delight and joy to hear them say with gratitude that Agathiyar had solved their problems, cured their illness, and fulfilled their wishes.

Initially we did not like strangers calling in on us at odd hours, and staying on till way past midnight. It was a home. I had a family. I had to go to work and the children to school the next day. Hence my wife and I placed our wishes across to him, asking Agathiyar to stop sending them over. We did not want to end becoming shamans. He heard our call. Agathiyar must have realised that we were terribly shaken by the new experiences and were not ready for such a huge responsibility as yet. He stopped bringing devotees over. But it was to be a temporary measure only. It was his wish to see his devotees and do something for them.

As time went by, we too became matured spiritually. Agathiyar told us that I need not go in search of an ashram and that the home itself will become an ashram. I understood that now we shared our home with Agathiyar and that he wanted very much to do some good to his devotees. We had to sacrifice our private time and space but we knew that he would always care for us as a force shield or kavasam. I felt him tell me to step aside and watch as he continued to perform his miracles. When we understood what he was doing, and began to accept that he was only using our residence and premise to carry out his noble work, he resumed bringing in more devotees. 

Soon I had to have a name for my home so as to direct these seekers over. Agathiyar Vanam, the place where the original Kallar Ashram was situated, came to my mind. With an addition of the alphabet M for Malaysia, Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) sounded perfect a name for Agathiyar's home. It would be easily remembered too as it resembled the famous film production studio AVM Studios in Tamilnadu.

Agathiyar revealed many things over the years. But each time he stressed on the need to continue to keep praying to the Siddhas. He listed a long list of benefits derived from prayers; he gave his moola mantra to be recited and shared with all; he counseled me on my anger and taught me anger management; and he blessed me to write, both books and the blog. 

What I learnt about the Siddhas I shared with those who came by AVM. I began blogging too after I realised that the several websites I had earlier, had their limitations. I abandoned them for Siddha Heartbeat. The positive reviews and comments I received from AVM family, devotees of Agathiyar and readers of the blog, made me change my mind several times about closing shop and calling it a day. Even if I do not travel, Agathiyar provides for a topic and the relevant message, daily through the many members at AVM. In the last Nadi reading for Surendran Selvaratnam, Agathiyar has a word for me too. He asked to continue writing. I suppose he is pleased with the postings.

Soon I realized that I had been tasked a noble work in sending out the messages of Agathiyar to his devotees around the globe. I was surprised to read that this blog and its contents had a high standing in the eyes of its readers. Many devotees visited Kallar Ashram after reading the blog, I was told. A young teenager from North India wrote in to share her joy on hearing Agathiyar speak to her through the Nadi. This young girl was a constant reader of the blog and had many questions. Agathiyar in her reading told her to read the blog and that she would find the answers in it. Jnana Jyothiamma too recollected some days back, how she had dropped in on my first website indianheartbeat and was subsequently "pulled" to Kallar Ashram back in 2011. Slowly I am beginning to realize the magnanimity and extent of the task given to me. I now do it with more responsibility. Before and after each post I pray that what is written has to be the truth and ask Agathiyar to forewarn me if there was any wrong statements or false information in my writings.

This blog is a journal of my spiritual journey. It might not be comparable to all the wonderful books and blogs already available. But it gives great satisfaction to serve and talk about Agathiyar and his miracles. Many thinking that I have a Nadi ask to see it. I do not have any Nadi and am not a Nadi reader. Some do post a comment, at times critical about the subject matter, defining their views and opinions. To them, although it might sound rude and arrogant, I would say start your own blog rather than comment on others writings. But to many out there who have written in and said that they have benefited from these writings and sharings, I would like to say a BIG thank you and appreciate your encouraging words.

I am not here to influence anyone in any way. When devotees came to Bhagawan Ramanar they would request him to guide them, show them a way. Bhagawan would ask, what they were doing currently. If they answered that they were praying and frequented temples, he would ask them to continue doing that. If they told him that they were engaged in helping and doing service to others, he would ask them to continue doing that. If they answered that they were doing some form of yogic practices, he would ask them to continue doing that. If they told him that they were into meditating, he would ask them to continue doing that. Never did he once switch them to another path. Similarly I too respect all paths; all doctrines; and all practises and all forms of devotion. I believe everything has a place and a use in this wonderful world of ours. As Agathiyar says, "I am in the cosmos and the cosmos is in me", I began to understand that he is everything. And as he says "Let it be", (Irunthutthu Pogathum) to wrong perceptions, views, opinions, and stories; and practices and teachings; I began to understand that it has to take place. Eventually it will all resolve itself.

From day one Dr Krishnan, astrologer and Siddha practitioner, had asked that I pray for prayers brought good in multifold, he used to say. He started me with Agathiyar's moola mantra and prepared a yantra to go along with it. Agathiyar and all the other Siddhas in the 55 readings that I have had to date and through the numerous readings for other AVM family members had stressed the need and explained the benefits gained in prayers. People who come to Tavayogi seeking a solution to their problems, are started on prayers and worship of the Siddhas.

A realization dawned on me, only quite recently, on which I shall post separately and later, and since then I too have been advocating that all begin performing prayers in their own homes too. As a catalyst and a starter kit, I brought AVM Agathiyar over to ten homes of AVM family members and other devotees of Agathiyar, where their family members sat together to perform the homam and abhisegam to Agathiyar, by themselves, accompanied by singing of the praises of the Siddhas by AVM family. It would be a good start for them I thought to be blessed by Tavayogi and Mataji who were in Malaysia then.

AVM family took to the noble act of feeding the poor, the homeless, those in shelters and charitable homes, and those on the streets as envisioned by Agathiyar. Bala Chandran Gunasekaran took this noble act further to his home and got his family geared up to contribute, cook and feed the needy in their locality. These acts of kindness became contagious and spread like wildfire, the desire to serve fellow humans who were left out from the mainstream of society and neglected by society. Surendaran Selvaratnam and Shanga joined forces with Sri Krishna of AUM to carry out this noble act through the Pothigai Meals on Wheels program. Agathiyar acknowledged and blessed all for these wonderful deeds and encouraged them to continue.

The greatest acknowledgment was when NS Shaan mentioned to me that the one thing he loved and liked about AVM was that we were doers and not planners. We put into execution every single good thought that came our way rather than brood over it for days, calling for a discussion and planning to execute it. The reason we could do everything immediately is that we have a wonderful team in the form of Thondu Seivom members, Amudha Surabhi donors and of course AVM family, who backed us in all our undertakings and programs.

Considering that those in the AVM Whatsapp group, residing in cities like New Delhi, Chennai and Singapore, could not participate in our programs due to the physical distance that kept us apart and feeling that they were always left out, I suggested that they start a group in their own locality, district or state and serve their community too. They took up the idea. Some others were mooted to start on their own too. It is wonderful to see all of them moving towards a common goal - service to Erai and our fellowmen. 


When a devotee of Agathiyar out of curiosity dropped in at her sister's home to watch a cleansing and parikara puja conducted by an Achariyar, she was put at unease when the Achariyar shifted his attention to her and began questioning her about her relationship with her boyfriend, who was also a devotee of Agathiyar. He kept asking if they both had a problem. He began to fish information from her and ended up saying things that were disturbing, instiling fear in her.  He asked her to check with an astrologer to see if their horoscope matched and to determine if they were both compatible.  He wanted to see both their astrological charts too to make a comparison and gave her a grace period of three days to hand it over to him. Her family out of fear pushed her for it. She retaliated saying that Agathiyar had brought them together in the first place and hence there was no need for a comparison of their natal charts. Not willing to listen, eventually he began to terrorize her asking repeatedly if she knew who he was. Finally giving in to distress, she asked if it was Agathiyar? He laughed and nodded his head it seems, though he did not admit to be Agathiyar vocally. Confused and troubled she brought this matter to my attention. I doubted him for several reasons. Why would the all knowing father want their charts for comparison? Agathiyar has all our astrological charts at his fingertips! He knows the past, present and future! If at all it was Agathiyar, why did he, who had brought them together in the first place, want to disrupt or sabotage their plans for marriage?

There are many who have taken up an easy way of making an earning, albeit of taxation, going to homes doing pujas and rituals, something we are ignorant of, for a payment. They begin to add on rituals as in add-ons in fast food centres by using the fear factor, realizing that we are ignorant of many things. While some use our ignorance to their advantage others prey into the depths of our minds and make suggestions forcing us to comply out of fear.

When I moved house I did my own house warming prayers without engaging a purohit. Today after 23 years Agathiyar himself has come to reside in my home.

The reason they could take us for a ride is because we leave it to others to make important decisions in our life's. I have never regreted any decision I made because I knew it was the best decision and option at that moment and period in time, having carefully taken into consideration all the factors on hand. Having made a decision I left it to Erai to bless my plan and actions. When we have Erai on our side, he decides thereon whether to fulfill, modify, change or totally reject our request. As Sanjiv Malhotra says, "He takes care of us in a manner we are not even aware of. As he sees what we do not".

friend who was in the religious way offered to initiate me into meditation some time back. I told him let my guru do it. When he saw me perform the homam he commented that I should place a kodam or water vessel otherwise it would not be complete. I told him let my guru tell me to do so. 

I realized that everybody wants to be a guru. Everybody wants to give another a technique; a mantra; a teecha; or an upadesa without realizing the implications on the recipient later on.

I received a mail from a sadhak in north India who had put in much time and practise in all the techniques taught to him by several masters. He had several belts to his credit but eventually ended up suffering from energy blockages. Sadly none of his masters could help him. After 8 years he was still in pain.

Another family man had his energy chakras blocked purposely by his guru out of envy. The wive begged his master to bring him out of his misery; and to release him, but he never lifted a finger. Finally Agathiyar helped this family. Today it brings joy and happiness to see them leading a normal life. 

Another young man complained of energy surges in his body. I asked him to go back to his master for a solution. Sadly his master had turned cuckoo, he said.

Just as in the spiritual field, a master in martial arts, besides being an exponent in his field, should also know the art of treating injuries inflicted as a result of the training and fights. Only then is it a complete art form and science. It would be ridiculous to only teach the techniques and in event of an injury like a broken bone direct him or send them to the hospital to be cast in plaster. 

The first lesson of a good guru is that he must be/have been a good student in the first place. 

The seekers too are to be blamed as in their eagerness to harness the mystical energies go seeking every tom dick and harry for a teecha, and end up not beginning on it or only to drop the practises midway or discontinue it after some time. A teecha is not something that is collected and showcased or pinned on the chest like the honorary titles and awards received. I was surprised to learn of a Swami of an establishment who does just that. Not that he pins them on his chest but they list the teechas after their names, advertising it.

When someone told my guru Supramania Swami that he has had taken several teecha from saintly men, Swami replied that he did not put it into practise and commented what was the use of taking teechas if it was not put into practise? 

When a long time devotee of Agathiyar who knew something about vastu sastra accompanied Tavayogi to my home, immediately upon stepping out of the car he commented that the neem tree in front of my home has to go as it was inauspicious to have it there. He also commented that the direction of my altar was not right. Tavayogi who was a full fledge turavi or monk did not say a word. Later the branch of the neem tree that was said to be inauspicious was used to determine if there was the presence of Siddhas and a samadhi at a magestic temple being built at that time! 

As for the altar, regardless of its placement Agathiyar had come to settle in my home! The placement or the direction of the altar is not important. What is important is the degree of devotion one has and the nano seconds of quality time he spends with his Erai.

A Swamiji from north India asked to come over to AVM through an AVM family member. After he enlightened us on Mother Ganga and the myth and legends surrounding her, her asked to call all and arrange for a puja that he will conduct after his return from Singapore. I left it to Agathiyar to decide, to give his consent or otherwise. On his way out he asked if I was conducting homams. I said yes, every Thursday, full moon and new moon days and other auspicious days too, I added. He then switched to another question. He asked if I was initiated. I said yes, by both my gurus. I knew what he was getting at. He left without saying a word further, since he knew he could not sell his wares. He never came. I was told he goes around performing home pujas and charges a fee for it. I understood that he is in the process of building an ashram and needed funds. 

Bring Agathiyar or any deity you prefer into your hearts. He/she shall then stand by you as a kavasam or force field protecting you.

A devotee of Agathiyar out of curiosity followed a family member into the woods and jungle for a secretive ritual. The person on whom suposedly the spirits came down could not bring them unto him that night even after hours of invocation. Finally getting angry he asked to know if there was a new face among the crowd that had gathered in the still of the night in a clearing deep in the dense forest. The attention of everyone fell on the devotee of Agathiyar. After questioning the devotee, he was told that he was not welcomed, for the sole reason that he worshipped Agathiyar.

The same devotee of Agathiyar has had many experiences with seeking and asking for guidance from the sakthis or beings in the higher realm through genuine mediums. These sakthis address the mundane and immediate needs of the seekers through many ways. But each time a devotee of Agathiyar comes along amazingly the whole conversation shifts to Agathiyar. The sakthis then guide them appropriately in the way of the Siddhas; to the abodes of Siddhas. These are the same sakthis that stand guard at the start of each climb and track leading to the abodes of the Siddhas.

People came to AVM too in desperation hoping for a relief from their illness, sorrow and pain; troubles and misery; and for other reasons too. Initially my wife and I would lend a ear and listen to them pour out their hearts sorrow. Out of excitement and in our eagerness to help we would start directing them to others or advising them to carry out certain remedies.  It was only natural for one to advise another out of concern.  But these good gestures of us landed us in trouble. When I called Tavayogi and narrated the happenings, he had just one thing to say! "Why do you get involve? Send them to Agathiyar! Let them pour their heart out to him!" That came as a blow to me, as usual. He taught me that day to stay aloft and not get involved directly but to show them to Agathiyar. We realized that we had made a grave mistake by taking on others problems and together with it their karma.

Agathiyar had advised a Jnani in the making that she would acquire certain siddhis or powers to heal people in the future. But he cautions her that while healing them she should not have the slightest notion or ego that she was doing the healing but instead let the consciousness come onto her and do the healing. Only then would she not take on their karma. 

Agathiyar has an advise for those in the medical profession too. There could be days and instances where after much effort to revive a patient yet he passes away at their hands. To them Agathiyar says light an oil lamp at the Bhairavar temple, passing on the karma to Erai for extinguision.

There is an urgent need for all to start praying in their individual homes. The reason we all have altars at home is to get us to engage in prayers. Invoke the deities and bring them into your homes and your lives. Once we begin doing the pujas by ourselves, and the deities are with us, there won't be an avenue or opening for someone else to budge or intrude into our homes and our minds. 

As for the gurus they should not make the devotee become dependant on them forever. Rather then conduct pujas on behalf of us, a better option would be to teach us to fish, in this sense teach us to conduct our own puja. As long as we are dependant on others they can take us for a ride. Seek out someone who would teach you a process rather than let him do it and having to call him back when the need arises again. 

And be aware that Agathiyar in his Agathiyar Gnanam has warned us of bogus gurus. Be forewarned that he has mentioned them in the latest Nadi reading for a devotee too.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Bala Chandran Gunasekaran's family got together again for their monthly annadhanam at two homes in their vicinity. 

After serving food at the old folks home, they moved on to a children's home. AVM through its Annadhanam wing, Amudha Surabhi provides monthly groceries for both these homes. 

I admire Bala's commitment to his monthly feeding program, never skipping the event although other matters come up. Similarly his sister's wedding was held yesterday but yet the whole family with the newlyweds came out to carry out this noble service amidst all the outstanding work and chores that is usual during a wedding.