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Velayutham Karthikeyan Aiya has been posting in his blog SITHTHAN ARUL at http://siththanarul.blogspot.com revelations and happenings linked to people who came in search of the Jeeva Nadi in possession of the Jeeva Nadi Guru from Chennai. I understand the Jeeva Nadi Guru had written these episodes in a magazine and later compiled the revelations in a series of five books entitled NADI SOLLUM KATHAI, published by with Aranthangi Shankar. These revelations have been made into a television series titled AGATHIYAR ARUL VAKU that is yet to be aired in India. The Jeeva Nadi Guru was gifted to have in his possession Agathiyar’s and Bhogar’s Jeeva Nadi, where the words appear in gold only when the seeker sits before the Jeeva Nadi Guru for a reading. Otherwise, it is just a blank sheet of palm leaf.

Below is a translation of Karthikeyan Aiya's post on the origin of the Jeeva Nadi:
“The Nadi has been written by Siddhas for us to know about our past, the present and the future. Many have corrected their lifestyle after listening to the explanations, heeding the instructions and carrying out atonement. Many more had regained their health and peace of mind.”
“The Siddhas are those who knew the past, present and the future. They were gnosis. The Siddhas were similar to a company’s secretary. The Siddhas were God’s messengers. When those who had prayed to God and had yet to receive God’s blessings, approached the Siddhas instead, they immediately received God’s blessings.”
Karthiyen Aiya’s blog entry brings us back to time immemorial where the Siddhas, being compassionate and kind, put forward to the Almighty who they prefer to call Erai their wishes for humanity. The Siddhas had wished that whoever seeks out the Siddhas for solutions to their problems and surrenders to the Siddhas, they shall be pardoned for their past deeds, however bad and evil they may be, and shall not be put through the trial and tribulations and made to face the consequences but instead be saved. Erai granted the Siddhas their wish. 

The next instant the Siddhas wrote down; the reasons for each individual’s sufferings; listed out solutions and remedies; and showed ways and means to overcome or end the seekers problems, sins, diseases, illnesses and sufferings. They wrote them in Tamil prose on dried palm leaves. This writings came to be known as the Nadi. 

Karthikeyan Aiya adds that one has to seek out the Siddhas to solve his problems.

Reading Karthikeyan Aiya’s blog that carried stories of individuals who had seeked out the Jeeva Nadi Guru and the Jeeva Nadi in his possession for answers to their problems, dilemma and sufferings was both enlightening and revealing. I learnt much about Agathiyar and the Siddhas, and the workings of the Siddhas and the Nadi through these amazing revelations.

I was so captivated by these postings that I wanted to translate them for the benefit of non-Tamil speaking readers. I had translated some of the most interesting events and the Siddhas messages from Karthikeyan Aiya’s blog and included them in FIRE OF DEVOTION available at http://www.scribd.com/doc/150519434/Fire-of-Devotion-Revised-Updated

To date Karthikeyan Aiya has posted 134 episodes in the lives of individuals who came seeking Agathiyar’s Jeeva Nadi. I have managed to translate 22 of them. I have included these episodes after receiving Karthikeyan Aiya’s reply through email permitting me to carry the translation of his postings for the benefits of the non-Tamils. Since my email to him, the GnanaBoomi.com Team has started to translate these revelations and posted them in English at http://www.Gnanaboomi.com/the-grace-of-siddha-episode-1

I do not think it is necessary for me to continue translating these episodes since the GnanaBoomi.com Team has taken up this task to enlighten the non-Tamil speaking community about the wonders and the workings of the Siddhas in the lives of devotees and non-devotees too.

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigalar of the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham at Kallar too has a Jeeva Nadi in his possession. 

Karthigeyan Aiya has graciously posted news about Tavayogi's ashram and the Mystical Rudraksham at Kallar in his previous post on Thursday, 2 May 2013 சித்தன் அருள் - மிகப் பெரிய ஏக முக ருத்ராக்ஷம்!

Karthigeyan Aiya has posted news about the Jeeva Nadi also in the possession of Tavayogi yesterday. For those who would like to consult this Jeeva Nadi, you are requested to make an appointment to have your Naadi read in advance. Tavayogi reads the Jeeva Naadi only on Saturdays. Tavayogi only reads for a limited number of devotees who are determined and chosen by Agathiyar. (Tavayogi has since then been given permission to read the Jeeva Nadi twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Tavayogi can be reached at 98420 27383 and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar at 98425 50987.

The address of Tavayogi's ashram is:
Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, 
2/464, Agathiyar Nagar,
Kallar - 641 305, 

The ashram is on the 9th km of the Ooty-Methupalaiyam trunk road, close to the Kallar railway station. The landmark on this route would be the Thuripaalam, a suspension bridge built in 1984 to replace the washed out wooden bridge and the girder rail bridge. The ashram is accessible by public transport.

Here's one of my earlier postings on Facebook on Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL.

Shanmugam Avadaiyappa
May 20, 2012

I came across this very interesting blog on Agathiyar and the Nadi revelations. It is both informative and amazing to read the revelations from the Jeeva Nadi by one Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai whose works were published in 5 volumes entitled NADI SOLLUM KATHAI. It is amazingly to learn and realize the workings of the Siddhas and the Nadi.

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham in Kallar, Kovai too has a Jeeva Nadi in his possession. He reads it to the public every Saturday. (and Wednesdays too) Please contact Tavayogi at 919842027383 or his aid and disciple Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar at 919842550987.

Nadi Guru T.Ramesh @ Sidharthan of the Sri Agathiyar Sugar Nadi Jhotida Nilaiyam, Kumbakonam who was introduced to me by Tavayogi while in Malaysia in 2005, has been servicing clients in Malaysia for years. Nadi Guru T.Ramesh has read the Nadi for Tavayogi and Rengaraja Desiga Swamigal of the Sri Agathiyar Sanmarga Sangam in Thuraiyur. He reads the 16 and more Kaandams based on the thumb print of individuals. Nadi Guru T.Ramesh comes highly recommended by Tavayogi. I personally have seen my nadi 44 times with Nadi Guru T.Ramesh. Please contact Nadi Guru T.Ramesh at 0163570527 or 0169665039.

சித்தன் அருள்!

சித்தன் அருளால் நடந்த திருவிளையாடல்கள் இந்த தொகுப்பு! நமக்கு நிறையவே உண்மைகளையும், கர்ம பலன்களையும், அற நெறியையும்,வாழும் முறையையும் உணர்த்தும் வகுப்பு!

Nadi Guru Ganesan of Tanjavur who has a Jeeva Nadi too, conveys Agathiyar's revelations as to why the Nadi reading does not seem right for some seekers. Watch the video recording from Shashikant Oaks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCENLrMcT7Q


The Aasi Kaandam of Agathiyar is not located from the imprint of the seeker’s thumbprint as in locating the Kaanda Nadi, but is a revelation by Agathiyar, to those sincere seekers who adhere to the instructions stipulated in the Kaanda Nadi. 

I came to know much about life and how to live it in a fruitful manner from the Nadi, a medium through which the Siddhas communicate to their believers, followers and disciples. The Nadi reading made known the possibilities in spiritual realization that was open and available for me. The choice was also given to me, whether to pursue in the direction laid out in those Nadi readings; as for instance when I decided to see Tavayogi the night of the reading as instructed in the Nadi, and found to my amazement that the reading was erased mysteriously and was replaced with another with new contents added; or I could turn a deaf ear and go my way. The second reading revealed much more. 

Further revelations are made if one sincerely and faithfully follows the instructions  to the very word. Once the atonement for one’s sins is performed, a new leaf starts. The Siddhas start to guide us. If we surrender unto them, they take hold of us and lead us according to their vision and mission and henceforth starts a new chapter in our lifes. 

In September of 2006, Nadi Guru Ramesh asked me to come in for a Nadi reading. As Nadi Guru Ramesh took some time to make a transcribe of the Nadi into a notebook (he takes a transcribe now before reading it to me, since the event where the audio of the first reading by him had been erased mysteriously), as I kept watching Agathiyar’s and Ramalinga Adigal’s portraits in his room, I was overcome emotionally and started to weep. Nadi Guru Ramesh immediately stopped for a moment and read out the line that he had just transcribed. To my amazement, Agathiyar narrates that moment of emotional outburst of mine in the Nadi! I cried further as Nadi Guru Ramesh started reading the full text of the Nadi. 

During another instance of reading the Nadi, Agathiyar at the very start of the reading mentioned that he was happy that I had garlanded him! I was astonished to hear this since I had just garlanded his bronze statue placed at the Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields a moment ago before arriving at Nadi Guru Ramesh’s home! Now I was convinced even further that the Aasi Kaandam was being written in real time. It is truly amazing. 

During another reading, Agathiyar advised me to manage my anger. After the reading, as my family and I approached our car, I find that someone had double-parked his car beside mine, obstructing me from driving away. It was a Sunday. It was midday. The sun was directly overhead. The heat was unbearable. The streets were practically deserted. I was questioning myself why the owner of the car chose to park adjacent to my car when he had ample vacant parking lots available. My family had a good laugh that day at the expense of me. They were watching the sky to see if the Siddhas had fitted CCTV’s and were monitoring every move of mine. Agathiyar was monitoring me, watching my thoughts and me, seeing if I would lose my cool! 

Not only did Agathiyar have a reading for me each time I went for a reading, but also he was so gracious to invite other Siddhas to bless this soul. Therefore, it was that I had readings from Siddha Bhogar, Sugabrahmar, Bhrigu Munivar, Kagabujandar, Pathanjali, and Tirumoolar. I still wonder what I had done to deserve these Siddha’s blessings. 

To date I have seen the Aasi Nadi forty-five times for myself, and once for my elder daughter. I had to go back for a re-reading of the first reading from the Aasi Kaandam when the recording on audio tape was erased mysteriously. The forty-fourth reading had revelations for my wife. 

The latest reading on 15 February 2013 was a joint reading for both my wife and me. This I presume will be the last Nadi reading for me since Agathiyar has questioned the need for a reading for me.


When clients of Dr. Krishnan told me that his predictions based on the astrological charts came true, I was puzzled why none of the Dr’s predictions for me materialized. Not that it bothered me, but I was curious as to know why a reading by a well renowned astrologer like Dr. Krishnan did not go well with me. 

So one fine day I asked the Dr., not referring to me though, if at all there was a possibility that whatever he predicted would not materialize. He answered, “Yes, there is a possibility it won’t materialize if you have a curse.” 

“And how would we know if someone had cursed us?” I asked. “Could you tell me if I am cursed, from reading my charts?” I continued. 

Dr. Krishnan explained to me that it was not possible to know if a curse had befallen someone from reading the astrological charts and that the only way to find out was through consulting the Nadi. 

That was the first time I heard about the Nadi and the Siddhas. That was in 1996. Dr. Krishnan had made it known to me of the existence of the Nadi and that I could learn if someone had cursed me by locating a Nadi reader and have my leaf read. 

However, back at that time neither did I give much serious thought to the Nadi nor did I know of any Nadi reader in Malaysia. I had no intention to go and seek the Nadi in India then either. Eventually I forgot about the Nadi.

When my friend Muralitharan Saminathan talked about his experience reading the Nadi (in 2000) to me in 2002, I recalled Dr Krishnan’s words. 

It was interesting and amazing to know that the Siddhas could predict what was to happen in the future through writings in the Nadi, a few hundreds of years back. They could also tell one’s past, I was told. 

Muralitharan arranged for me to have a reading at Shivabalan’s house. The Siddhas revealed my past life and my past Karma through the Nadi. I was asked to perform atonements or parikaramat temples for the past Karma, and asked to make a pilgrimage to India. I did as told. 

After that, there was no turning back. 

Annette Merle Cleveland, who was interviewed by Discovery Channel, [1] on the Nadi, wrote in her blog, NADI ASTROLOGY THE SECRETS OF LIFE REVEALED, [2]

“Now, there are many who may ask, “Why is there a need for these leaves and this system in the first place?” Well, the Siddhas stated that by the time man evolved himself to these modern times, his mind would have become so clouded by the things of this world that he would have forgotten his true spiritual nature. Consequently, this astrological system was created to bring people to a memory and realization of their true, divine nature.” 
“The Siddhas also said, “That from the chaos of the modern times a yearning would rise within the heart of man to seek beyond the supposed limitations of this world.” Thus, this system of truth was written by eighteen Siddhas for each individual soul and shows the entire role of the soul from the beginning of time.” 
“Thus, whoever is destined to look into the leaves will find their way to a Nadi reader of their own accord. The very word Nadi in Tamil means, destined to come on own accord.” 
“Thus, the enlightened Siddhas were instrumental in chronicling spiritual information onto these palm leaves for the benefit of humankind. Therefore, Nadi astrology is a means to show us where we went wrong in respect of our duties, why we are experiencing the difficulties that we are having and offers a solution as to how to resolve these problems.” 
“Furthermore, these ancient beings also set out to reveal a method by which each soul could discover the existence of God in this diverse universe. They knew that a divine power existed, which was an infinite form of energy that existed in all creation. Consequently, they set about putting into place the prescribed paths of Karma and devotion so that all human beings could have a guiding light to realize their true spiritual natures.” 
The path I was to take was revealed to me through the reading of the Nadi. 

Agathiyar told me that all those who come in search of the Nadi, have the blessings of the Siddhas. The Siddhas give instructions through the Nadi. It is a means of communication between the Siddha and the disciple. The Nadi in a way was a Guru - a guide too. 

The Nadi for me has been: a guide to fulfill a mission; has advice from the Siddhas who have tread the path; reveals the past Karma and narrates ways to reduce and remove them; forewarns against creating more Karma; has been a good tool for motivation and is a means of communications from the Siddhas. 

The Nadi helps reveal the reason and purpose in taking birth and one’s mission. The Nadi reading made known the possibilities in spiritual realization that was open and available. The choice was also given, whether to pursue in the direction laid out in those Nadi readings, or to turn a deaf ear and go the other way. 

For instance when I decided to see Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal the night of the reading as instructed by Agathiyar in the Nadi, the reading was erased mysteriously and replaced with another reading, and a new path was shown - the path of my Guru Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. 

In short, reading the Nadi, meeting Supramania Swami and the appearance of Tavayogi in my life changed my fate. 

“Divine grace is a manifestation of the cosmic freewill in operation. It can alter the course of events in a mysterious manner through its own unknown laws, which are superior to all natural laws, and can modify the latter by interaction. It is the most powerful force in the universe. It descends and acts, only when it is invoked by total self-surrender. It acts from within, because God resides in the heart of all beings. Its whisper can be heard only in a mind purified by self-surrender and prayer.” 

The Nadi or predictions written by the Siddhas: addresses the sufferings that one goes through; the reasons for these sufferings; relates these sufferings to ones karma; delivers the means to overcome or lessen its effects; and finally talks about turning over a new leaf. 

To seek the Nadi is itself the start of good times to come for not everyone: knows about the existence of the Nadi; is keen in seeing it; makes the journey or effort in seeing it; and is brought to a genuine reader. 

To successfully retrieve the relevant Nadi pertaining to one is an exhausting affair where the seeker and the Nadi reader sit through hours and leaf through numerous Nadi trying to locate the right and matching description on oneself. 

Inscriptions of an individual’s lives are etched out in a tiny strip of dried palm leaf and the Nadi reader is trained to decipher these codes and relate its message to the seeker. He reads out the Nadi in the Tamil language. 

The seeker acknowledges the right Nadi based on the revelations and the Nadi reader does not compel the seeker to accept any Nadi as his. If the events predicted in the reading does not happen or come true then it is the fault of the seeker who has carelessly picked the Nadi and not that of the reader or the Siddhas. Therefore, care and attentiveness together with patience on the part of both the seeker and the reader is of utmost importance in selecting one’s Nadi. 

This well organized and systematic documentation of one’s life’s happenings; from the past including the past life; that of the present; and the predictions for the future, is mind boggling and a mystery. How could someone have access to our past; monitor our every thought, speech and movement in the present moment; and predict where we would be heading in the future? However, it had been done and is available in our midst as the infamous Nadi. 

I should say the Nadi reading in itself is a spiritual moment, the moment of unfolding of one’s past, present and the future. Intimate secrets close to our hearts are revealed. The first veil out of many more is removed during a reading - an exposure and stripping of one’s false facial mask that one had adorned all this while. At the end of the reading, we realize that every move of ours is being watched and recorded and we have to answer for all our decisions and actions. 

To know that there is atonement or parikaram is itself a blessing for through the chapter known as the Parikaara Kaandam the Siddhas show us an escape route to lessen the hold of karma on us. There have been cases where there is no Parikaara Kaandam available for the seeker and he is required to go through hell without any remedies for his pain and sufferings. In the worst scenario, the seeker is refused a reading for reasons only known to the Siddhas.

Agathiyar always reminds me never belittle the Nadi readings for it is sacred. 

[1] Watch Annette Merle Cleveland’s interview at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQnCaU_vPwg&list=UUpANxNFSq4ERsOkhq5o_frQ

I reproduce the following revelation by Agathiyar, posted by Siddhargal Ulagin Muthal Vingnanigal's (SUMV) on Facebook, on who shall receive the Siddhas works. SUMV translates Agathiyar's song as follows: Only those keen on Wisdom or Gnana Margam shall receive through the grace of the Guru and understand the works of these Siddhas.

சித்தர்கள் உலகின் முதல் விஞ்ஞானிகள்
சித்தர் நூல்கள் யாருக்கு கிடைக்கும்..?
அகத்தியர் அருளிய பரிபாஷைத்திரட்டு நூலில் இருந்து ....
அருளினதோர் ஐநூறும் யாருக்கென்றால்

அகங்கடந்த மெய்ஞானியருள் பெற்றோர்க்குக்
குரு முகமாய்க் கொடுப்பதெல்லாம் மற்றோர் கையில்
கொடுத்தவர்க்கும் பெற்றவர்க்கும் சாபம் எனக்கூறிப்
பெருமையுள்ள சித்தர்தமை வணங்கிப் போற்றிப்
பிரமன் தன் உத்தரவு தன்னால் இந்நூல்
கருவறிய ஞானி கட்கே வெளியிட்டேனால்
கையடக்கமாக வைத்துக்கொண்டு தேறே !

கெதியறியாப் பாவிகட்கு இந்நூல் கிட்டாது
கிருபையுள்ள ஞானிகட்கே எய்தும் எய்தும்
பதியறிய நன்மௌன யோகி கட்கே
பரிசுத்த நூலிது தான் பதனம் பண்ணும்
விதி இல்லை என்றெண்ணாதே நூலைத்தேடு
விண்டு மிண்டு பேசாதே வேண்டாம் வேண்டாம்
நிதி பெறுவார் உபசாரம் நீக்கிப் போடு
நினைவு கொண்டு சூத்திரத்தின் நிலையைப்பாரே!

ஞானமார்க்கம் நாட்டமுள்ளவர்கள் மட்டும் குரு முகமாய் அறிந்து கொள்வதற்காக சித்தர்கள் பாடியுள்ளார்கள் என்ற தகவல் அகத்தியர் பாடல்களில் இருந்து கிடைக்கிறது..

Monday, 29 July 2013


Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal had captured the limelight when Velayutham Karthikeyan Aiya posted a video and news on the mystical 1 1/2 feet Rudraksham weighing approximately 7 kg that was delivered to him by a sadhu one morning just a couple of days before Agathiyar's Jayanthi and Guru Puja celebrations at Kallar through his posting recently on 2 May 2013.

Tavayogi came into the limelight again when Karthikeyan posted news on the Jeeva Naadi in Tavayogi's possession on his blog today 29 July 2013.

Read amazing revelations from Karthikeyan's Blog SITHTHAN ARUL at http://siththanarul.blogspot.com/


Can we realize God? Know the very existence of God? Alternatively, at least His nature ?

Shantideva says study of the scriptures does not bring man to the realization of God. 
“The self is not known through the study of the scriptures, or through the subtlest intellect, or through much learning; but he who longs for him knows him. He makes us dead to our own existence and alive to his own.”
We need the physical body to realize God. Although the believe that the soul/spirit/Atma/jivatma unites with God after death of this body is held by many, saints have proved otherwise. 

Ramalinga Adigal says there is no union with God after death. The union has to happen right now in this body, in this very birth. He had achieved this feat. He had prepared himself; he had purified his thoughts and body. He had performed deeds that drove away ignorance and brought him merits. He had yearned for God with utmost passion and God had to submit to him finally. God came unto him, into his body, into every cell and atom. Then changes started to take place in his body. Eventually he dematerialized into light merging with God. He made it happen right here and as recent as 1874.

God’s grace is of utmost importance on this path to realization. With his, grace (Arul) comes his blessing (Aasi) and his guidance. His grace falls on us only when the ego dies as Shantideva says, “God appears when the ego dies.”

Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the preface to his book, THE LIFE BEYOND PHYSICAL DEATH (Acharya, The Life Beyond Physical Death) writes,
“Life is eternal. Considering “death” - the cessation of functions of physical body, as the end of life is a great delusion. The soul (Atma), which is the beholder of bio-energy in the physical body, is ageless, timeless and indestructible. The fear of “death” ensues from the misconception that with the end of physical existence, the individual loses its identity in totality.”
Let us recall the message of the world’s great upanishadic Siddhas, retold by Swami Satprakashananda in his book MEDITATION - ITS PROCESS, PRACTICE, AND CULMINATION, (Satprakashananda) published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai,
“Death is not your final end.Do not give way to despair.You are not destined to be subject to this play of dualities forever.There is the Supreme Being,The very perfection of existence, Which you can reach in this mortal life and where you can find life beyond death and complete fulfillment of your ideal.Therein is the culmination of your knowledge, Therein is the consummation of your love,Therein is complete rest and therein dwells unruffled peace.There shines the light that never fails,In addition, there abides joy unbounded.How can man reach that?Through this very life, By regulating this mortal life he can reach the immortal.”
The Siddhas having experimented on themselves have proofed that the body of ours need not drop dead at the end of its lifespan. Siddhas are believed to be alive even today. So should not we walk the Path of the Siddhas who knew the secret and had transformed themselves to live forever?


Shantideva says, “The human body is the vehicle for longevity, while the spirit is the vehicle for immortality.” He wrote on the results of yearning for liberation.
“The soul yearns to be free, and through our becoming aware of this we undergo what the mystics call awakening where we then begin to center our life on a high spiritual ideal. A new aspiration is born in the soul, which frees the need of a larger draught of air, a more expansive horizon, and which desires direct contact with the indefinite existence. In order to attain the highest illumination we all have to pass through a spiritual birth. Man as a creature, brought into being out of nothing, certainly is at the mercy of his creator. Man as a spirit, by becoming spiritually conscious he can control his destiny.” 
Swami Muktananda in THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP, published by Syda Foundation, 1985, (Muktananda, The Perfect Relationship, 1985) writes, 
“When the virtues of many lifetimes have accumulated, one is filled with a burning longing to know that, and this great fortune makes one set out in search of a Guru. Through the grace of the Satguru [1], a person comes to know his own self and is transformed.” 
This yearning for liberation which leads one to the master or Guru, who makes him realize and bring him to the understanding that all that is being seen, sensed, heard, touched and felt is not permanent. He then must look for ‘that which is permanent’. He then discovers that that which is permanent is the bliss derived through devotion to God. 

[1] Satguru, or Sadguru, does not merely mean true guru. The term is distinguished from other forms of gurus, such as musical instructors, scriptural teachers, parents, and so on. The satguru is a title given specifically only to an enlightened rishi/sant whose life's purpose is to guide initiated shishya along the spiritual path, the summation of which is the realization of the Self through realization of God, who is omnipresent. A Satguru has some special characteristics that are not found in any other types of Spiritual Guru. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Now since we understand that this birth is a precious gift and to be born a human is a great and very rare gift we must now turn our attention towards making this birth into a meaningful one. 

We have to remember and ponder over the blessedness that we humans have gained for only the human has the chance to become free from the cycle of birth and death and no other organism or living form is given the freedom of choice.

As Shantideva mentioned, we should not fail to make use of this human birth or human form to find ways to break this cycle of birth and death and to achieve liberation. 

We have to appreciate this special gift of birth and take steps to attain liberation in this very birth for we might not get another chance to be born as a human for years to come. 

We could descend into the lower species where it would then not be possible to worship God and attain God realization and enlightenment.

In the book YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR - THE MYSTERY OF BECOMING GOD by Olga Ammann published by Yogi Ramsuratkumar Bhavan, Mauritius, 2008, (Ammann, Yogi Ramsuratkumar - The Mystery of Becoming God, 2008) the author states,
“The meaning and the aim of existence must be the search for the divine. One that enables the individual to take the supreme decision of his or her life: to leave all behind and go in search of God.”
In Hans-Ulrich Rieker’s translation and commentary of the HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA OF SVATMARAMA, The Aquarian Press 1992, (Rieker, Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama, 1992) B K S Iyengar writes,
“….the real goal of a yogi is to become a Siddha. A Siddha, a person in possession of Siddhis, has developed powers that can readily be called supernatural. There are eight Siddhis, the highest of which is nirvana, the great liberation. The Siddhis are signposts on his way to the final goal, liberation.”
In QUIET MIND, FEARLESS HEART - THE TAOIST PATH THROUGH STRESS & SPIRITUALITY, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2005, Brian Luke Seaward quotes Teilhard De Chardin (Seaward B. L., 2005),
“We are not humans having a spiritual experience. Instead, we are spirits having a human experience. …..earthly existence is enshrouded in many veils of illusion. It is a brave soul on a noble adventure who attempts to lift these veils. .... If you recognize that you are indeed a spirit on a human path, then every situation that you encounter will be a learning experience. This is how consciousness evolves. The drive that inspires the human journey is a desire to have this view of life - a clearer understanding of life’s mystery and role or purpose in it.”


I went in search of an astrologer to chart my second daughter’s future but instead took him as my Guru. He revealed, not my daughters future but my future instead, neither looking into my palm nor my charts nor with any other aid. The words of revelation mystically came out from him as he sat upright in the Padmasana pose on his deerskin, which was spread on the cold cement floor of his humble home in a village known as Nachananthal, eight kilometers away from the town of Tiruvannamalai.

I had come to the end of my pilgrimage to India in 2003. I undertook this pilgrimage on the instructions of the Agathiyar through the Nadi reading. I was to perform atonements for my past Karmas by way of visiting certain temples and submitting my offerings to the deities, the Brahmins, the devotees, the poor and the animals too. 

I was told in the Nadi that I would meet my Guru in an unexpected way and in an unexpected place soon. He would guide me with further instructions for spiritual advancement. When I did not meet the said guru on my last leg of the pilgrimage, I consoled myself it may be another moment, and another place; it might even take place back in Malaysia. 

Just prior to leaving for India my wife reminded me that we had not charted our daughter’s future and asked that I seek an astrologer in India. When I had completed my worship and girivalam of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai and would be leaving for Chennai the next day, I asked Deivanthiran, my appointed chauffeur who was from Chennai, if he knew any astrologer. He told me he had an uncle in a village eight kilometers from Tiruvannamalai and that, he was an astrologer. I was driven over to Nachananthal to meet Supramania Swami.

As I alighted from the white Ambassador and walked into the walled compound, an elderly man who I presumed was the swami approached us from a shed to the left of the entrance. Deivanthiran introduced me as a tourist from Malaysia and told the Swami my intention of coming over and to have my daughter’s astrological chart drawn up. The Swami did not say a word but instead led us to his altar in the prayer room. He lighted camphor and prayed. Then he asked Deivanthiran to place his deerskin outside the home and his son Ramajayam to bring out the Almanac or Panjangam.

We sat outside the house. I prepared myself to listen to the astrological revelation of my daughter’s future. However, what the Swami did was to talk about my future and me!

The first thing he mentioned was, “Now that you have arrived in Tiruvannamalai, all is over for you.” I did not ask what he meant by that. He mentioned this a couple of times. I reckoned he meant that I came back ‘home’ - to the shadows of my Lord after having strayed away for several births and forty-six years of this lifetime.

As I sat there together with this total stranger who was revealing about me, I could not help it but listened in awe. I was spellbound. Supramania Swami revealed new happenings that were about to take place in my life. He could tell a number of intimate things about the life and mission I was to face. I listened attentively. I did not question him. As he was narrating all this happenings to be, I could not help but break down. I cried like a child. I cried for the blessings I had received from God until that very moment. I realized how much God loved me then. Swami made me realize the blessings that I have had. As I wept Supramania Swami added that I would be coming back.

Swami surprised me further when he mentioned that I would build a temple in India and it would be at Tiruvannamalai; and set up a Peedham and that I will have a place there too. I cried aloud again. Agathiyar had told me in the Nadi reading that I would have to assists financially in the construction of temples after which I would have to build one for him. My confusion as to where I should build the temple had been cleared when Supramania Swami told me it was to be in Tiruvannamalai. However, how did he know? I had not mentioned the Nadi to him. Neither did I talk about the contents of the Nadi to Deivanthiran.

Then Swami spoke about himself. He mentioned that he had been going around Arunachala (Girivalam) on full moon days, for the past thirty years now, but could not do it the night before due to ill health. If he had walked the girivalam path, we might have crossed path. Nevertheless, even though he did not go on girivalam that night, I was brought to him. I realized that seeing him over an astrological chart was only a reason to be with him. He was waiting for me.

When Deivanthiran did mention to Swami that it took me nine hours compared to three hours for others to go around Arunachala hill on girivalam, Swami replied, “Of course it would take that long for he had been stopping over at all the places of worship and ashrams. How did he know I had stopped over at each and every shrine? (I was told there were almost 300)

He mentioned his masters or gurus. He had five of them. Among them was his own father, Jayaraman Pillai. The others were Pundi Mahan (Atru Swami) of Tiruvanamalai, Sathanandha Swami of Salem (author of KANDHAR GURU KAVASAM), Kollimalai Swami and Yogi Ramsuratkumar (Visiri Swami).

Yogi Ramsuratkumar had placed Swami under ‘house arrest’ once. Swami was directed to meditate at the Yogi’s residence for five days. Initially the Yogi had asked him to stay at his (Yogi’s) place but later decided that Swami should be with his family. Why the sudden change of mind on the part of the Yogi?

Swami revealed the greatness of his guru through a miracle that took place after the Yogi had gone into samadhi. The Yogi had appeared at Swami’s doorsteps in his village home of Nachananthal at 11 pm one day to deliver a painting of him (the Yogi) and disappeared into the darkness and out of sight.

Swami pointed out the degree of respect and faith a student should have on the master or guru by narrating the story of Guhai Nama Shivaya and his disciple Guru Namashivaya. When his Guru (Guhai Nama Shivaya) asked that Guru Namashivaya dispose of his vomit in a place out of bounds of human, the dedicated disciple Guru Namashivaya drinks the vomit of his Guru.That is a true guru bakti or undivided and true devotion to the guru.

I was blessed to receive Guru Upadesam in the form of a Mantra Diksha that beautiful day on my very first visit to India. Swami asked that I chant the Mantra for half an hour each day. “Just as a silversmith polishes his wares we too shall slowly work on IT till we achieve IT,” Swami reminded me. Swami asked me to get a mat made of Tharpai grass for use as a seat during meditation.

Now as I write this post I recall the lyrics from Nakirar's VINAYAGAR THIRU AGAVAL that would appropriately sum up my meeting Supramania Swami. Nakirar sings the following verse,

mona gnana muluthum alitthu
sirparipoorana shivattai kaana
narshiva nitkala naattamum thanthu
guruvum seedanum koodi kalanthu
eruvarum oru tani edam thanil sernthu
thaananthamaagi tarpara veliyil
aanandha pootha arivai kalanthu
esan enaiyadi erutthi manathay
neeye naanaai naane neeyaai
gaayaa puriyai kanavena unarnthu
yellaam un seyalendray unara
nallaa un arul naatham tharuvaai
kaarana guruve karpaga kalire
vaarana mugatthu vallale potri

மோனா ஞான முழுதும் அளித்து
சிற்பரிப் பூரண சிவத்தைக் காண
நற்சிவ நிட்கள நாட்டமுந் தந்து
குருவுஞ் சீடனுங் கூடிக் கலந்து
இருவரும் ஒரு தனியிடந் தனிற் சேர்ந்து
தானந்தமாகித் தற்பர வெளியில்
ஆனந்த போத அறிவைக் கலந்து 
மனத்தே நீயே நானாய் 
நானே நீயாய்க் 
காயா புரியைக் கனவெனவுணா்ந்து 
எல்லாமுன் செயலென்ேற உணர 
நல்லா உன்னருள் நாட்டந் தருவாய் 
காரண குருவே கற்பகத் களிேற 
வாரணமுகத்து வள்ளலே போற்றி

“Take Him back with you”, Swami said, referring to Arunachala, as he stood hands together in prayer for me, as I bid him farewell. I had spent five blissful hours with him on that blissful day.

Supramania Swami had cherished a wish. He wanted to build a temple. When my nephew Thayalan Arumugam paid a visit to Supramania Swami on my requests, Swami had mentioned that he wanted to build a temple for Lord Murugan in his village Nachananthal. Later during my correspondence through letters with Swami, he told me he wanted to build the temple in Tiruvannamalai. Swami scouted for a piece of land near his guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s Ashram while I gathered the funds required for the purchase of the land and costs of construction of the temple.

Swami was delirious when he announced to me over the phone that the land was purchased and that work on the temple could start soon. Swami together with his family used to monitor the works by day and return to the village at night. I suggested that Swami build an accommodation for himself and move into it while working on the temple. Therefore, Swami put up a 11 feet by 30 feet kudil on the piece of land while work was going on, on the temple.

One day, when Swami was alone in his kudil, a stranger appeared at the cross road in front of Swami’s kudil and called him over. He asked Swami why he (Swami) who was on the path of Wisdom (Gnana) was now stepping back onto the path of Devotion (Bakti). His question made Swami realize that this was no ordinary man. Swami realized there was a message conveyed to him and immediately decided to stop further construction of the temple.

Supramania Swami was born on 17 July 1943 on Kritigai Natchathiram, a Monday in the Tirutani Murugan temple grounds. His mother was taking a kavadi when she had labor pains and delivered Supramanian. Supramanian’s grandfather Thuraisamy Pillai was a Vaisnavite from Aadi Peedham, Ladavaram near Tiruvannamalai. His grandfather was an accountant (Kanaku Pillai) at Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarer temple. Supramanian’s father Jayaram Pillai was teaching in Reddi Kuppam, Anaikoyil. Supramanian’s uncles were teachers too.

Supramanian’s father who worshipped Vengadasalapathy gave him an initiation or teecha on Lord Murugan.

Supramanian used to follow his father to the woods to chop down the kalli trees. That is when the sap of the tree blinded him. A partially blind Supramanian made his way to Madras (Chennai) hoping to receive treatment at the government hospital. A police officer realizing that Swami was blind and seeing him struggle alone on the streets of Madras called for an ambulance that took him to the hospital. There the local Indian doctors certified that he had to be operated on to remove his eyes. There was no other way to it; any delay would otherwise lead to the poison eventually reaching his brain. One of the doctors however sent for an American doctor to get a second opinion. The American doctor said he could save Supramanian’s eyesight and he subsequently performed six operations on Supramanian. The politician MU Karunanidhi who was undergoing treatment for his illness at the hospital took up the cost of operating on Supramanian.

Later Supramanian moved to Thiruchendur where he made a livelihood selling flowers and garlands to support his mother and himself. He used to pull the temple chariot for seven consecutive years wearing sandals with nails on them. He put on the garb resembling Lord Murugan and took part in plays or dramas held at the temple grounds on festival days.

Supramanian was married at the age of 31. That's when he changed. Supramanian started performing miracles. Attired in a banana tree bark, he would grab a handful of sand, which turned to sacred ash (Vibhuti), Kumkum, or Panjamirtham accordingly. This he gave to people, who were then cured of their ailments.

During this period he indicated to the locals the site of a vel that was buried by a Siddha in the hills of Tiruvanamalai. He spent seventeen years atop Tiruvanamalai hill.

Ramana Maharishi says, “Just as a man who is drunk is not conscious whether his upper cloth is on his body or has slipped away from it, the jnani is hardly conscious of his body, and it makes no difference to him whether the body remains or has dropped off.”. Supramanian who was in a similar state of mind, went about performing miracles and curing folks.

Supramanian had no memory of what transpired during that period. He only heard about his antics after miraculously gaining his memory back through consuming food prepared by one mysterious stranger woman. Although he became a normal person after consuming the miracle food, his ability or sitti of changing sand and earth to vibhuti prasadham continued for some time and stopped on its own after he had his second daughter.

I recount below the last conversations I had with Supramania Swami over the phone before his samadhi.

I could not get through to Supramania Swami for some time now. That evening there was someone trying to call me on my phone numerous times. However, each time I answered the line went dead or disengaged. I then thought if it could be Swami trying to get through to me. When I called his phone, he answered. Finally, I managed to get in touch with him after a long absence. “I have not forgotten you,” he said. “How can I forget you; you have given me a place to stay, referring to the kudil that we had collectively built for him. He blessed me. Then he said, “I am seeing the Jhoti. At times, it stays on for half an hour. My time is nearing. Ask Ramesh (referring to the Nadi Guru I used to frequent) to see when my day will come so that I can send you word and you can be present.” I cried like a child.

He told me he wanted to start a fast of silence (Mauna Virutham) and would survive only on fruits and milk beginning on 31 January 2007 for a forty-eight day period. The day he chose to start the fast would be the eve of the day that Ramalinga Adigal became one with the light Arutperunjhoti.

I called Swami's number on 3 February 2007. Surprisingly Swami answered his phone. When I apologized for calling him and making him break his fast, he replied, “No harm done. I shall talk to you.” He told me he had started the fast on wheat porridge, chapatti, and milk since the last full moon day, 1 February 2007 and would end his fast on Pangguni Utiram day – a fast that would now last 60 days. He did not speak to anyone, only writing out on paper if required. But he made an exception for me. I realize now as I pen this words that that is the grace of the guru.

He told me I am letting loose of my senses. He asks me to meditate and be focused. He asks that I gather some funds from my nephew Thayalan and his father Arumugam so that he could feed a thousand devotees when his fast ends on 1 April 2007.

Supramania Swami went into samadhi at 10.20 am, on Wednesday, 7 February 2007, four days after I spoke to him, at his kudil in Tiruvannamalai. He was 65. When I was with him in 2005, he mentioned that his lifespan was only 65. Ramajayam tells me he found Swami’s diary after his samadhi. Strangely, Swami had written the exact date and time of his departure. This entry was dated 23 May 2005. He had also written down on how to attend to his body once he passes away.

Although he did not have a following, mysteriously a swamiji to whom Ramajayam served as a driver then in Tiruvannamalai sent twenty of his followers or sadhus from his movement to take care of Swami’s last rites.

Supramania Swami was laid to rest the same day within eight hours of his passing away as requested by him (Swami). When I was with him in 2005, he had indicated the spot where he was to be buried at his kudil to me. That was his wish. I was saddened that he was laid to rest elsewhere. But it happens to be that although he had mentioned that he was to be laid to rest at the kudil, the Lord and his messengers decided to provide a better place of rest for their deserving disciple. Agathiyar, on 10 February 2007, told me in my Nadi reading that Swami had gone into Samadhi at the right moment; he had been laid at the right spot and that his samadhi shall gain fame.

On 24 July 2007, Agathiyar again mentions Supramania Swami telling me that he was the first guru I went searching for and that he was a true guru. Agathiyar asked that I chant Swami’s name and miracles shall take place in my home. True to his word, Supramania Swami appears in my home in Malaysia after going into samadhi. Just as his guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar appeared and chanted with us after going into samadhi, Supramania Swami too showed his presence at my home after his samadhi. This miracle took place at my home, just as Agathiyar had said. Although we could not see him, the signs that Supramania Swami appeared in my home were there.

The day was 17 September 2007. It had been some time now that Supramania Swami went into samadhi. As I sat with my wife in the living room of our home that day after prayer, there was a distinct smell of tobacco in the room. We had just completed our daily prayers for the evening. The smell of jasmine, sandalwood or sandanam, sacred ash or vibhuti, frankincense and other fragrances always lingers in my home during prayers. However, on that day, peculiarly there was the strong aroma of tobacco in the air. The thought of Supramania Swami immediately came to my mind. Was Swami at my home in Malaysia?

For some reason Supramania Swami came to my mind. Was he at my home, I asked myself? It was usual to find the aroma of fragrance, or sacred ash (vibhuti) or incense sticks (uthupathi) lingering in the air, at this hour but not tobacco.

Almost immediately, my hand phone rang but stopped immediately. On picking up the phone there was a miss call from an earlier number that belonged to Supramania Swami! Nevertheless, I knew that number was no more in use. Swami had taken up another number that was now used by his son after Swami’s samadhi.

I had to be assured that Swami did actually materialize in my home. I called up Swami’s number a few days later. A man answered. He asked me who I was and to whom I wanted to talk to. I introduced myself and I asked if he had called me a couple of days before. However, he answered that he had not made any calls to Malaysia. Then I asked if Supramania Swami was around. He answered that he did not know of any Supramania Swami. I enquired his location. He mentions it was Coimbatore. Then I ask if Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal was there. The reply was no and he did not know Tavayogi either.

Several days later, I called my nephew Thayalan and explained what had transpired. Upon ending my call, I realized there was a miss call while I was on the phone with Thayalan. Again to my amazement, the same number appeared. Not satisfied, I called Swami’s son, Ramajayam. He confirms that the number his father used had been terminated. Later Agathiyar reveals in the Nadi that the miracle did take place indeed. Supramania Swami had come that day!

I have come to realize that God works in mysterious ways. When I arrived in India Deivanthiran, who came to fetch me at the airport at Chennai told me that he had taken over the task of chauffeuring me around since Raji who was assigned to me earlier came down with a high fever. Was that a coincidence or was it the work of fate or God's mysterious doing that Raji should suddenly take ill? Was it a coincidence or was it the work of fate or God's wish that Deivanthiran should take me to meet Supramania Swami?

I am forever grateful and indebted to Supramania Swami who opened my eyes to devotion (Bakti) towards God and Guru by his exemplary lifestyle.

Supramania Swami's Samadhi on the girivalam path at Tiruvanamalai. Photo courtesy of Suren, Malaysia.
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Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal before becoming a mendicant or turavi, used to be a well-known orator often chairing the many talk shows or pattimandrams that was popular with the public. The talent he had as a proficient and convincing speaker was put to use and maximized now since he takes the stage again but this time to preach and popularize the path of the Siddhas or Siddhar Margam.

T.K Thangarajan as he was known formally was a successful businessperson managing his cotton industry in Tiruppur in Coimbatore. He was into politics and movies too. 

He became a disciple of Chitramuthu Adigal and came to be known as Thaaiveedu Thangarasan. He was a devout follower of Agathiyar and the Siddhas. 

Tavayogi had seen the worst of times when his business collapsed as a result of politics in India at that period of time; he had to hit the streets with his family; he became blind overnight, and was on the verge of committing suicide when he formed a determined resolve to belief in Agathiyar and let Agathiyar rule his life as he (Agathiyar) pleases. 

He regained his sight; his life picked up and he regained his lost treasures only to leave them all behind voluntarily this time. He handed over the responsibility of managing the company to his son and family and walked out of all the luxuries he had been accumulating. 

His travels through India brought him to the hills of Uthiyore, Kolli, Sathuragiri, and Pothigai amongst other sites of Siddhas. Tavayogi seeked out Agathiyar Vanam on the instruction of Agathiyar and finally located it on the 9th km of the Ooty-Mettupalayam trunk route at Kallar. Tavayogi settled at Agathiyar Vanam, Kallar, He started an ashram that he named after his guru, the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil.

The Aaru Aathaara Peedham at Kallar
In 2004, Tavayogi accompanied an Indian citizen working in Malaysia, to Malaysia only to be left stranded alone on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Tavayogi contacted the only reference he had in Malaysia, Soundarajan. Soundarajan took him in. Tavayogi found his way to Lord Perumal’s temple in Puchong where he gave his first talk in Malaysia, as instructed by Agathiyar.

After meeting Appana Nagappan in Kallar, Tavayogi traveled again to Malaysia in 2005 at the invitation of Appana to officiate the opening of his movement the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham at Wisma Keringat in Batu Caves, Malaysia which was affiliated to Tavayogi.

I met Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal for the first time at the premises of the Agathiyar Gnana Peedham  in 2005. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal’s name was mentioned to me four years prior to meeting him. Nadi Guru Senthilkumar handed me a leaflet in 2002 appealing for donations from Thaiveedu Thangarasan towards the building of a temple for Agathiyar in Kallar, Tamilnadu. I had kept that leaflet. When the Tamil language newspapers carried news about the opening of the Agathiyar Nyana Peedham in Malaysia by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal in 2005, I searched for the leaflet that I had stashed away. I took it with me to see Tavayogi. He confirmed the leaflet was his. Tavayogi accepted me as his disciple amongst many others. Thus began another beautiful relationship between a guru and a disciple.

Subsequently Tavayogi invited me over to his ashram at Kallar.

Like my first guru, Supramania Swami of Tiruvanamalai, Tavayogi too waited for me to turn up at his ashram on my second visit to India.

I was shown the live of a Siddha; I was taken on early morning walks; we bath in the nearby stream that had its source in the mineral and herb-rich mountains of Ooty; I was shown how to conduct prayers to the Siddhas; I was given an opportunity to do charity and feed the poor; and was given an initiation; I was blessed to be taken on a pilgrimage by Tavayogi to Siddha samadhis, caves and temples which included Agathiyar’s temple at the Agneepureeswarar temple in Agasthiyampalli, Karuvurar’s temple at the Breehadeshwarar temple in Tanjore, Punakeeswarar’s samadhi at Chennimalai, Kovai, Sivavakiyar’s samadhi inside the temple at Sivanmalai, Kovai, Konganar’s cave at the hills of Uthiyore in Kanganam, Kovai, Agathiyar’s cave in the hills of Courtalam, Ramalinga Adigal’s cave and Dhakshanamurthi’s cave also in the hills of Courtalam, Agathiyar’s temple at Kutraleshwarar temple in Courtalam, Agathiyar’s temple at the Agathiyar’s Fall in the Pothigai hills, and Bhogar’s samadhi at Palani.

Tavayogi did not have me sit in front of him and preach to me; rather I had to observe and learn from him. I was given an opportunity to watch how he lived. I saw the humbleness in him; the kindness in him; and the simplicity with which he lived. He was not stressed out and often asked me to remain so. He must have guessed that I freaked out under stress. He asked me to be very patient when facing difficult times and circumstances. He asked me to be very patient with people too. He reminded me to remain calm in the face of problems and danger. 

He used to sit and entertain all those who came to him. To those who came with problems he did not duel into the problems trying to find ways and suggests means to overcome it but instead asked that they pray to the Siddhas to help clear these problems. He avoided taking on the karma of people. 

Tavayogi was not one who easily parts with the intricate workings of the spiritual world. He preaches the basics of the Siddha path to the masses. He once told me I had to wait 12 years before he would part with this knowledge. His ever-faithful aid and disciple Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar too is waiting patiently for the day when he would reveal this knowledge. 

Back home in Malaysia Tavayogi accompanied me to his Paramaguru Jeganatha Swamigal’s samadhi in Tapah. 

When Tavayogi visited Malaysia later, he taught me Asanas, which Agathiyar tells me in the Nadi, is to be treasured, cherished and put into practice. He showed me how to perform rituals like Abhisegam (ablution of the idol) and lighting the sacrificial light or fire (Homam). Agathiyar often mentions he is extremely happy with the prayers that we conduct at home. 

Shiva Sri Muthu Kumara Sivachariar who was in the midst of building a Sakti temple at Bukit Rotan in Malaysia[1] invited Tavayogi over to the temple grounds to identify if there was a samadhi or at least the presence of Siddhas at the location of the temple he was building. 

Tavayogi invited me to accompany him to Bukit Rotan. Before we left, Tavayogi wanted a branch from the Neem or Veppam tree. Tavayogi specifically searched for a Y shaped branch. He snapped the branch from the tree that I had planted in my home. On arrival at the temple grounds Tavayogi used the branch to locate energy spots. Even as he held the branch firmly in both his hands, he was being dragged from one spot to another until the inner sanctum, that was still under construction, where the branch snapped into two. He tells us the signs were there and that there was a samadhi at that spot. Sivachariar had chosen wisely to place the inner sanctum directly above the samadhi. 

Again, at the requests of Sivachariar, Tavayogi led us to a spot where a shrine will be built for Agathiyar. Tavayogi placed lime paste on the palm of Sivachariar and led him from one spot to another and finally when at a particular spot outside the temple complex, the lime paste that was white became red in color. Tavayogi told Sivachariar to put up the temple for Agathiyar at this spot. 

The Sakti temple has since been completed and the consecration ceremony or Kumbhabhisegam conducted. But Agathiyar is not there for reasons only known to Agathiyar. Agathiyar has other plans I suppose, just as he was not moving to the Sri Raghavendra Mritiga Brindavanam in Ipoh, he did not move to Shivachariyar’s temple for reasons only known to him. 

Tavayogi has helped set up several movements propagating Agathiyar and the Siddha teachings in Malaysia, amongst them, the Agathiyar Gnana Peedham at Wisma Keringat in Batu Caves and the Agathiyar Gnana Kundalini Yoga in Teluk Intan. 

He was the patron for the first and second World Conference of Siddha Philosophy held in Kuala Lumpur and Chennai respectively. 

He is the author of several books among them ANDAMUM PINDAMUM, ATMA GNANAM, ATMA TARISANAM, and ATMA THATHUVAM. 

Tavayogi holds Yoga classes and talks besides conducting prayers for Agathiyar and the Siddhas. 

He helps feed the poor and gives handouts in cash and kind with financial assistance from the public. 

He reads the Jeeva Nadi in his possession every Saturday for devotees who come seeking for advice and solutions to their life's problems. 

Siddha practitioner Dr Ram Subramaniam attends to devotees seeking medical aid at Tavayogi's ashram every Purnima or full moon day. 

Besides the monthly Purnima Puja, Tavayogi with Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar and well wishes conduct the Sarva Dosa Nivaarana Yagam in conjunction with Agathiyar’s Jayanthi and Guru Puja annually.