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Nambinal Nambungal - Episode 23 - July 30, 2014

Here is an amazing coverage of Agathiyar's Jeeva Nadha Brahma Suvadi from an episode of the television series Nambinal Nambungal introduced by Arul of ZeeTamil network. It is said that the Suvadi 'speaks' with its owner. This rare Jeeva Suvadi is not available easily to many, one has to go through much 'tests' by Siddhas and obstacles to possess one. Sri Muthukumara Swami of Courtallam is in possession of this Jeeva Nadha Brahma Suvadi. He was gifted with the Suvadi in 1997. The Suvadi is said to answer doubts of the people. 

The story of how this mystical and mysterious Suvadi or Nadi came to be delivered to Muthukumara Swami is an amazing one. Muthukumara Swami lead a normal life like others not the least interested in spiritualism. He was an assistant to the late famed poet laureate Amarar Kannadhasan.

Once he was given an opportunity to document all Shiva temples for a television series with Elango of Madurai, which was to become his first step into spiritualism. While covering a Shiva temple at Shivasalem, there was a delay in the delivery of food to them. Apparently at that temple a Guru Puja was being conducted at that time. Muthukumara Swami sat to partake the temple food when someone approached him and informed him that 'Periya Swami' had called for him. Muthukumara Swami went to see the person who had called for him immediately. The person turned out to be Kaasi Swami of Thirupananthal. Kaasi Swami told him,"The Atma in you is related to the Divine. This Atma in you lived during the times of Agathiyar." He indicated to him that he would find some Olai Suvadi in the earth, where a snakes den or puttru was located, at the confluence of the 5 rivers or Aintharuvi. "It will appear as soil to you but once placed in the hands of a recipient it will take the form of Olai Suvadi", revealed Kaasi Swami.

In 1997 Muthukumara Swami's health deteriorated day by day. He did not get any relief even after seeing several medical practitioners. It was in this circumstances that Agathiyar appeared in his dream for the very first time. Agathiyar instructed him to meditate at the spot of Agathiyar's paadham (imprint of Agathiyar's feet). Agathiyar assured him that many amazing events will take place hereafter.

Agathiyar told him to perform Puja for 48 days. Agathiyar explained that during the first 10 days of prayer, and lighting a lamp, the past karma will vanish. The next 10 days of prayers and lighting the lamp, will remove the present karma. During the remaining days of prayer, a snake will arise and descent. At that moment Agathiyar's patham and Kridham (head gear) will be visible, after which Muthukumara Swami would be conferred with a Siddhi known as Agathiyar Gnanam and Agathiyar's Suvadi. 

Upon recovering from his illness, Muthukumara Swami's devotion to Agathiyar increased. Muthukumara Swami went to the places Agathiyar directed to continue his meditation. His five close friends accompanied him. Finally Agathiyar dictated him to bring along water from the Shenbaga Devi waterfalls, 2 liters of milk, and other stuffs used for libation or abhisegam, to his padham and the puttru, on a full moon. 

On the 48th day, a serpent climbed on his shoulders and back and blocked the light that Muthukumara Swami used to meditate on. Immediately upon blocking the light a parabrahma jyothi appeared in the form of Agathiyar and was visible to his friends and him. Immediately a rain of kunkum fell on them.

Muthukumara Swami picked up the soil from the snake's den and placed it in Supramania's palms. The soil turned to form the Olai Suvadi! There was 45 olai or leaves in that bundle. Muthukumara Swami and his friends had no idea how and for what purposes they were blessed with the Suvadi. They placed it on Agathiyar's padham and performed Puja and used to take it back home. Muthukumara Swami did not have the slightest notion that the Suvadi will be his life in the future, then. 

The next full moon, as usual Muthukumara Swami and his friends came to perform libation to Agathiyar's padham and the snake's den. Again Agathiyar came on Muthukumara Swami and revealed that to know how to use the Suvadi, they needed to go to Thiruvannamalai, beg for food daily for 10 days and consume it.  At Thiruvannamalai a Siddha appeared to him and asked that he go and pray at a place called Sattrusangaara Kottai where his enmity will be removed and told him after that the Suvadi will 'speak'. 

After worshiping at the said temple, Muthukumara Swami brought the Suvadi back to Courtallam and placed it at the Goddess's feet. He pieced his ear in the presence of his family and kin, and wore an earring made in the form of the Pranava Mantra AUM or ஓம் as instructed by the Siddha. Only after that did he realize that what was gifted to him was Agathiyar's gift to him, a treasure known as Jeeva Nadham. Agathiyar dictated to him as to who and when he was to read the Suvadi the very first time. That person happened to be a girl known as Shenbaga Devi. From that day forward Muthukumara Swami devoted his life to Agathiyar and the Suvadi. The very first time the Suvadi 'spoke' he could not comprehend it. After that the Suvadi and Muthukumara Swami became 'companions'. He comprehends all that is said and delivers the message to the public. 

In this Suvadi there are no permanently etched letters. The letters appear and disappear accordingly to the problems of the person seeking the Suvadi. The Suvadi 'speaks' the future of all those who sit before it. The seekers write down what is being said and related by Muthukumara Swami from the Suvadi, as he does not remember what the Suvadi tells him after reading it. People can visibly see the writings emerge in the Suvadi although only Muthukumara Swami can hear it speak. 

Muthukumara Swamigal says the snakes den was abound in mystic and mystery. Muthukumara Swami performed a feat before ZeeTamils network's Arun. A handful of soil that Muthukumara Swamigal picked up at the snake's den turn to yellow immediately. Muthukumara Swami goes on to add that there was a world inhabited by Siddhas under the snake's den and that there was a massive pond too. Muthukumara Swami continues to perform tapas, and sincerely adheres to the instructions of Agathiyar, fearing otherwise the Suvadi would lose its powers or shakti. 

As the Suvadi was rare and mysterious, some had tried to lay their hands on it. But even if someone tried, they would not be able to hear the Suvadi 'speak'. 

After he was gifted with the Suvadi, Muthukumara Swami brought many changes into his life. He is now fully on the path of the Siddhas. He meditates at the spot where Azhukanni Siddhar had meditated for 5 hours on Panjami days.

Muthukumara Swami sees only 6 people a day on the directives of Agathiyar, although he makes exceptions in the cases of people yearning for a child or wanting to know about their marriage. Besides that he reads the Suvadi for the public at the Shenbaga Devi temple at Courtallam on Full Moon days. 

Muthukumara Swami generally does not read the Suvadi elsewhere in the public. He reveals another interesting and amazing information. If under unforeseen circumstances, it was necessary to reveal about a person, although Muthukumara Swami does not have the Suvadi on him, all he needs is a wall! If that person was Agathiyar's son or a disciple of Agathiyar in the past, the reading appears behind him (the person) on the wall! 

A friend of mine from Slovenia, a little country bordering Italy, told me a similar episode some time back. A friend of his, a Frenchman, was taken to see a Swamiji in Pondicherry by a local Indian. After the formalities were over the Swamiji lead them on a Puja. He drew a Chakra on the ground and placed flowers into the Yantra while chanting hymns. Suddenly a Nadi materialized and rose from the ground and was placed in the palms of the Swamiji. The Swamiji read from the Nadi. Agathiyar had news for the Swamiji, the Frenchman and the Indian! The Swamiji has since passed away. My friend is still seeking if there was someone out there who could conduct a similar feat.


    Every word spoken IN THE Video is THE TRUTH....

    I firmly stress on the above statement made by I am saying this with my "LIVE" Experiences with the GREAT AGASTHYA MAHARISHI at the time of my Jeeva Nadi Reading at Kallar..

    Shan,there is also a video posted by you previously, where I was explaining to Kandhan Gurukal of Panchesti Temple the same thing..

    Jeeva Nadi.....It IS Agathiyan Himself....

    Prostrations and Salutations at the Paadham of our Most Compassionate Father.....Agathiyan.....Aum...

    Amazing. Every word spoken is the truth in this video as Jothi amma said. Thank you for sharing


  3. I received a mail from a friend. "Sir, give me the following contact number, Agathiyar Jeeva Natha Brahma Suvadi - kuttralam," Anyone out there who can help him?

    1. The contact number to reach Sri Muthu kumara swamy is 9443851965. The number is switched off sometimes but one can try till the appointment comes through.

    2. Thank you very much Pekka for the information.

  4. My pleasure.At Coutralam Sri Muthu kumara swamy lives in Kasi major puram. One can check with anyone for address but prior appointment is required. It was an amazing experience of jeeva nadi and Agastya Nathar's love and compassion.

  5. Innaikuthan parthen. Brammippaka irukkirathu. Zeetamil tvkku thanks

  6. His address is :

    S. Muthukumaraswami,
    (Agasthiyar Jeeva Nada Brahma Suvadi Arul Vakku Siddhar),
    4/85 - 4/183, Subramaniaswami Koil Street,
    Kasimajorpuram P.O. ,
    Kutralam - 627 802.
    Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District,
    Tamil Nadu.
    Mob : 09443851965


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