Friday, 23 December 2016


As we drove into our hotel Amirtham Inn at Palani, we could not help but notice people staying in makeshift tents pitched on a vacant ground next to the hotel. On further inquiring from them, we were told that they were Nadodi or nomads from other places trying to sell their wares at Palani. 

AVM family immediately agreed to organize an annadhanam to feed them. On our way up to Palani, we realized that there was more than what the eye met. The nomads were grouped in three large groups along the way.

Back from our prayers at Palani, we stopped to enquire if a local restaurant could pack parcels of food for them. One restaurant agreed to prepare 70 pieces of dosa each wrapped in individual aluminium foils, to help retain heat and freshness. We placed them in three boxes and began distributing in these three locations.

It was very fulfilling to serve the poor after having the Lord's darshan too.

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