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Destination 3 - Arulmigu Thayumana Swamy Temple, Trichy

As we headed for Utchpillaiyar and Thayumana Swamy temple, Sankar left us at a distance and we continued on foot. Both Saha and Malar reached out to the public for Madi Pitchai and after depositing the money in the temple undiyal or donation box at the Manika Vinayagar temple at the base of Rock Fort, we began climbing the flight of steps. Bala brought us to Sri Agathiyar and Lobhama who were residing adjacent to Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi's Sannadhi. Bala had accidently came upon their sannadhi in his last visit. 

On the way up the flight of stairs I chanced to meet the “Mouna Siddhar” who came to our aid when we were lost, going round in circles, coming to the same spot at Thayumana Swamy temple. He showed my family and I the proper way to circumambulate and pray at the various sannadhi. He recognized me too, after three years! and we held each other in our arms, both of us equally overjoyed on seeing each other. I introduced him to the children. He did not speak then; neither did he speak now. It was all done and understood with face and hand gestures. We followed the ritual as he had taught me earlier and headed up another flight of steps to pay our respects to Lord Vinayagar. 

Destination 4 - Arulmigu Kasi Vishwanathar Temple, Thirupattoor

There was a temple procession going on as we entered Kasi Vishwanathar Temple. We joined in the procession. It was a small temple but crowded. Soon we settled to begin chanting the Siddhar Potri in the presence of Vyakrapadhar Brindavanam. One of the temple priest open the glass chamber to the Brindavanam and placed a garland on Vyakrapadhar's samadhi as we chanted. We lighted ghee lamps on the advice of the lady attending the sole shop outside the temple carrying temple items. She asked us to bring the water from the adjacent pond and sprinkle it in our homes for good ambience and vibration. Dyalen and Sugu fetched the water in the dark. As we bought some biscuits and fed the dogs around the temple, the eatery owner introduced himself telling us that he too had served in Malaysia. He told us many stories regarding the temple. We bid farewell to him and on his advice, rushed to the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple apparently closeby. 

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Photo Courtesy of
Vyakrapadhar Brindavanam. Photo Courtesy of
Destination 5 - Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Thirupattoor

A large granite murthy of Lord Vishnu was place outdoors under the open sky without any enclosure and roofing. After the darshan of Lord Varadaraja Perumal we were greeted by a couple from the temple who told us that they too had been to Malaysia recently. We fed the numerous "Bhairavar" at the temple grounds before leaving.

Destination 6 - Arulmigu Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattoor

We rushed to the next temple, Brahmapureeswarar Temple all within safe distance, praying that we could make it on time. It is said that Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva as Brahmapureeswarar here. We had an enchanting darshan of Lord Brahma clad in yellow turmeric. As Sage Patanjali is worshipped here too, we began singing the Siddhar Potri when a priest hurried us asking us to come over to Goddess sannadhi and get her darshan before closure time. Here we recognized the temple priest having seen him in numerous interviews uploaded on YouTube. After mentioning that we had seen him on YouTube, he excitedly spoke to us sharing with us a unique meditation technique on a prayer. I could feel the palm of both my hands energized immediately repeating his prayer. We thanked him and bid farewell to him leaving for Kumbakonam as night fell over Thirupattoor.

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