Wednesday, 31 January 2018


The Guru Puja for Agathiyar was held yesterday at the Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. This prayers and fest was held for the 11th year beginning with a Yagam, followed by Abhisegam for Agathiyar and recitation of songs of praise to Erai and the Siddhas. This event that was organised by Thiru Bakta from the Agathiyar Arul Nyana Sabai (Sri Agatthiyar Annual Pooja Commitee) was graced by Thavathiru Kumara Sivakaathu Swamigal from the Sri Agathiyar Ashram in Anuvaavi, Kovai and Sri Valay Sittar of the Pertubuhan Kerohanian Sri Agastiar Nyaana Peedam Malaysia. AVM and AUM members came together to extend help and support.

Both Naadi Astrologer Swamy AA Ambaldosan @ Tharani Balan and Siva Shanker read out the blessings of Pathanjali through two separate readings during the event. An annadhanam was given at noon to all devotees to quench their thirst and feed their hunger.

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