Monday, 15 January 2018


It all started when the producer of a recording company went to seek direction from Agathiyar in the Jeeva Nadi at Kallar Ashram in August of last year. Agathiyar asked her to start on a project and told her that she had his blessings. She called Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) to collaborate on the venture. That is how we began moving towards making an album for Agathiyar. AVM in turn roped in Agathiyar Universal Mission (AUM), Thondu Seivom (TS) and Amudha Surabhi (AS) on this venture. 

The audio CD launch is slated to take place on 28 January 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. Come along and be inspired by the many miracles that Agathiyar has performed since we began this venture. Listen to how Agathiyar moved the producer to begin this project; how he finished a missing piece of a music track for the music director; how he convinced the flutist to give more of himself towards this album beyond all our expectations; how he brought a violinist, who incidentally turned out to be a colleague's daughter, to play several pieces on the violin; and how he brought together the AVM, AUM, and TS family to contribute their talents in the making and towards the launching of this album. 

Make a date with us and Agathiyar. Be part of this wonderful event. We at AVM and the rests are all excited about it. Please do share this news.

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