Thursday, 12 July 2018


A search for Agathiyar on the net will bring us to many accounts, much of it repetitive, of a Muni who traveled the globe; ridding the world of evil; and preaching the way of the Siddhas. Much of his life's account is shrouded in myth and mystery till this day. I chose not to dwell in these areas but instead took up his request to come to the worship of the Siddhas and him, beckoning me to come to his path. He dropped the bait and I took the bite.  

I was introduced to the Nadi first and only then to Agathiyar. When I used to frequent Dr Krishnan, an astrologer and a Siddha practitioner, in the nineties he spoke about the Nadi. In 2002 my colleague shared his experience in reading the Nadi with me. Soon I had my very first own Nadi reading, thanks to Muralitharan Samynathan. 

I came to know that a Muni from the past had written accounts of many people including mine, in the form of sacred oracles known as the Nadi or Olai Suvadi. It was an amazing first encounter with the unseen and invisible Muni who spoke through this amazing medium. I was told that my life's past history had been documented and written out on dried palm leaves and was being narrated back to me. The present was read out and the future predicted and told too, all to my amazement. It was simply unbelievable, beyond my imagination and logic. 

I had made my very first acquaintance with the Maha Muni that day. Imagine a Muni of such stature addressing a common man through this mystical medium. That day the divine communicated with me, and we got connected, for life, without my knowing and knowledge. Agathiyar came to redeem me. Agathiyar told me to worship him. I began my journey, seeking out the ways of the Siddhas and the means to their worship. Agathiyar who invited me to India, sent me to Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai in 2003. Later in 2005, Agathiyar sent Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal to Malaysia. Tavayogi invited me to his ashram; took me to the sites of the Siddhas and showed and exposed me to life at an ashram. While Tavayogi lead me on a journey, traveling the path of the Siddhas, Agathiyar showed me numerous miracles all along the way.

Although I have yet to see Agathiyar, I feel his presence these days. I see Agathiyar quite differently these days, and off course nothing like what has been carried about him in the vast literature published out there. From a Muni who is supposedly said to have lived in the past, I have come to realize that he is ever present and is among us. From a Muni who spoke to me through a medium, I have come to realize that he has begun speaking from within. From a Muni who asks that I perform rituals, prayers and other forms of external worship, I have come to realize that he now dwells in my heart. From a Muni who exposed all my past karma and its corresponding effects and spelt out my destiny, I have come to realize that he has changed my fate. From a Muni who scanned through my body and recommended appropriate medical attention whenever the need arised, I have come to realize that he has come to shield, heal and care - 24/7. From a Muni who guided me on living out my mundane daily life and desires, I have come to realize that he has given me a new purpose and a mission in life. From a Muni who sent me two wonderful gurus, I have come to realize that he himself has now come to lead me on. From a Muni who gave me the freedom to reap and taste all the pleasures of the world, I have come to realize that he has finally made me drop all my desires and wants.

This is the Agathiyar I have come to know, working subtly and mystically on me and my perception of life and the world around me. I owe much to all those who came into my life and provided the way and the means for me to take the path of the Siddhas, a discovery in self and the world around.

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