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Srīnāthā Rāghavan posted a short piece on Homa and its benefits on fb several hours ago.
No matter what the Dosha (ill effect), Peeda (suffering), Baadha (obstacle), Runa (debt) or anything malefic, it can be negated by Homa. Fire absolves! 
By invoking the Divine Energies through it, Homa can bring the powerful presence of the Divine into one's living space. I have personally witnessed many "Miracles" happen just by doing regular Homa. (For me Miracles are perfect phenomenon, which doesn't have a perfect explanation, hence in quotes.) The key is continuity. 
The first thing one immediately notices after performing a Homa is the Space gets cleansed and purified by the holy smoke, which is emitted by a Fire that has successfully consumed the good and bad karmas of the Homa Karta. I have personally seen people getting better - Health wise, Wealth wise, Sense wise and also otherwise. In my own case, when both my Parents were painfully down with illness, all I did was regular Homa at home and the Heat and Smoke they breathed made them recuperate better. 
Homa is a unique process, where it affects all the senses turning the experience into Panchamahabhoota Upasana - The Worship of the Five great elements. Do Homa - Uplift and be uplifted!
When Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal asked me to conduct Homa I had the shivers as I thought only Purohits or priests "were licensed to do it." He assured me that it was fine and told me it would be pretty simple. He guided me on what I needed to purchase and told me to light the fire pit and chant the names of the Siddhas. That would suffice he added. I did as told.

Tavayogi who had been conducting Homa during Full Moons or Pornami, too embarked on performing a Yagam on a large scale at his Kallar Ashram grounds for the benefit of the people who attended the prayers and also to appease and sublimate the terror subjected by Mother Nature upon us through natural calamities. The Yagna or Yagam is a Homa done on a bigger scale. 

When he visited my home some years later he conducted the Homa and Abhisegam on Agathiyar. I learnt the finer points in preparing and performing the Homa and Abhisegam by watching Tavayogi and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar do it.

My yearning to know more about this fire ceremony brought me to many documents explaining the benefits of performing it. I gathered excepts of them and published them online in 2012. This book served to remind me of the efficacy of this ceremony. 

When Tavayogi came to Malaysia again in 2016, we arranged for him to attend prayers at the homes of the AVM family members, that included the Homa ceremony. 

Agathiyar in a Nadi reading told me that the fire ceremony had the capacity and ability to burn one's karma, the baggage of past doings that he has brought onto himself. In another reading he convinced me to carry on doing it saying that it would benefit the prapanjam, heal the world we live in. This words of encouragement kept me going all these years. Soon I was shown that these were not mere words or promises by the Mahamuni.

When someone was caught and imprisoned when the authorities found a reasonable amount of drugs in his car that he was not aware of as his friends had borrowed the vehicle earlier, his wife flew to India and surrendered to Agathiyar and Tavayogi. Tavayogi and Mataji arranged to have a homa done the following day. They assured her that the Siddhas would uphold the truth and her husband would be released if indeed he had no knowledge or any part in the crime. He was released unconditionally.

When a public servant was suspended from his job while awaiting internal investigation for a wrongful allegation, Mataji asked him to join us in Homa as he was not in any position to leave for India. We accommodated Mataji's request. He participated in the Homa. Soon he was reappointed to his job as the accusations were found to be baseless.

When someone was unfairly given the boot by his employer, taking the cue from Tavayogi and Mataji I asked him to participate in a Homa ceremony. He won his case and was compensated for. 

When a bachelor who had been unsuccessful in meeting his potential life partner after many years, wrote to me, I suggested that he conduct a Homa. He did the Homa in his home for close to a month and found his life partner eventually.

When someone who had lost his job after an accident came to Agathiyar, I thought we should carry out a Homa. That night he calls me to say he received a call offering him a job. He was in tears as he told me that he could not believe that a miracle had taken place so immediate.

When my family members succumbed to illness or injuries I conducted a Homa for their quick recovery. And so my daughter recovered from dengue where both Agathiyar and Tirumular attended and administered to her; another daughter had her tibia and fibula bones mend naturally; my wife came out of surgeries safe and sound and had fast recovery. 

When Tavayogi was hospitalized last year, the AVM family prayed for his quick recovery. Agathiyar tells us that the Siddhas hearing our prayers, had performed the Yagam so that he would live longer. When he succumbed to a relapse recently, we let him go as he wanted very much to go into Samadhi, something that he had been yearning since the day I met him in 2005.

All these episodes has deepened by faith in Agathiyar and the Siddhas. As AVM's Guru Balachander Aiya mentioned this evening, the Siddhas take us on a journey, summoning us to do many rituals just as they had themselves done in the past. They pass on to us the treasures that had brought them success in all their endeavors. That is the trait of a true Guru.

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