Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Agathiyar Puja @ Bangsar

Thavathiru Kumaran Swamigal from the Agathiyar Ashram and Thirukovil at the foothill of the Anuvavi Murugan Temple in Coimbatore has been keeping himself busy since his arrival in Malaysia recently. 

Thavathiru Kumara Swamigal (far right) with Sri Krishna's family

Besides conducting numerous rituals of lighting of sacrificial fires or Yagams at the homes of members of the Temple of Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur of which he is closely associated, he found time to grace AVM recently. We were blessed to have him participate in out weekly Guru Naal puja on a recent Thursday.

Swamiji also found time to conduct a special puja and abhisegam or libation for Agathiyar at the Sri Raja Sakthi Nageshwary Amman Temple at Bangsar KL Eco City on 12 November 2016. Agathiyar from AVM was brought over to grace the puja too. It was a lovely evening where it suddenly showered heavily as if to bless the event, as the Yagam began. 108 herbs or muligai was placed in the Yagam and another 108 herbs were soaked overnight and used to bath Agathiyar.

108 Herbs soaked in water overnight ready to bath Agathiyar

AUM and AVM turned out a day before to clean the temple grounds and turned up early on the day of Puja to prepare for the evening puja. AVM is honored to be invited to bring Agathiyar over to the temple and participate in the Puja.

A Day Before.

The Day of Puja.

Swamiji with devotees

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