Saturday, 12 November 2016


A Special Maha Velvi Yagam with 108 herbs (108 Muligai Yagam) and libation with 108 herbs (108 Muligai Abhisegam) will be performed for Agathiyar at the KL Eco City Temple beginning from 4pm this evening. This puja will be led by Thavathiru Kumara Swamy from India.  

Swamy belongs to the 100 year old Sri Agathiyar Ashram and Thiru Kovil at Anuvavi Murugan Kovil Malai Adivaram, Periya Thadagam, Coimbatore. This puja is conducted with the intention of bringing good health and wealth to the devotees; removing one's karma and procuring blessings from the Siddhas. 

Swamy had participated in the weekly Guru Naal Puja on Thursday recently at AVM.

Agathiyar from AVM has been invited over to grace the prayers. We are blessed to participate in this rare puja where 108 herbs are soaked in water and the murthy is bath in this. 

This Puja is organized by Sri Krishna and family of Agathiyar Universal Mission (AUM) with assistance from Sri and Srimathi Balachander Aiya of AVM.

Please make yourself available.

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