Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Living in the present

Coming into the present moment is coming alive. Living in the moment takes away your burden, pain and guilt. Living in the moment takes away fear, apprehension and your worries. Living from moment to moment brings on the full potential of time and space connecting you to Erai and existence, hence enriching your life with Erai substance. 

Try as much as you can to be in the present. Bring yourself back to the present moment when you find yourself dwelling in the past or planning for the future. Do all you have to towards the future events or recall the past if the need arises but anchor yourself to the present and fall back into the present moment once you are over with your plannings or reminiscences.

Do no damage

The world was around before we came and shall be around after we leave. Even if we do not leave our footprint behind at least do not do damage to what was already there. I once saw a documentary on Siberian nomads who pitched their tents and herded their animals as they moved from place to place. Each time they dismantled their tents to leave the place for greener pastures to graze their animals they got on their feet and rubbed down the grass leaving it the way it was the day they arrived there. Then the camera shifted to an oil rig just some metres away, abandoned and left behind by a prospecting foreign oil company once the field was found to be not productive to operate no more. The locals took care of their plains well knowing pretty well they will have to come back again to graze their animals next season. On the other hand the foreigners made their buck and left a mess around for others to clean up. 

Be grateful

If you are hale and healthy offer a prayer of thanks to Erai for your health might fail one day.

If you have perfect eyesight take in all the wonderful sights of nature this moment. So take in the beauty of nature all around us for you might lose your vision one day.

Slow down a moment to admire the many myriad forms of nature and all of creation in which the skill and meticulous workmanship of Erai becomes very much obvious to us. We begin to realize that there is no master craftsman greater nor beyond Erai.

If you have perfect hearing now take in all the sounds that nature orchestrates each moment for us. Stop talking for a moment and listen to natures sounds. Soon you shall hear your own breath and heartbeat. Learn to quieten down and listen for soon the hearing too will deteriorate.

Taste all the nectar and essence that nature has provided us from food for you might not get to taste them another day.

Take in deep breaths and bring in the live force and prana that is all around us, energizing each cell to perform its work, for one day the breath might stop.

Take a walk now for your limbs might fail you later.

Do all that you have wanted to do today with all the attention and care you can give as if there would not be another day.

Hug your spouse, children and friends today for either of you might not be around another day.

Hold these thoughts and the present moment will be enriching and of quality.

Take charge of your life

We always expect assistance from outside. Yes it is needed for certain chores. Similarly we go to a guru for direction. Take what he gives and leave on your journey of self discovery. Do not be attached to the guru. Similarly the guru too stays detached from the student. 

Many ask me to pray for their loved ones in times of need. I do. But I would love them to pray individually too and realise the potential of their prayers. That is what we do at AVM too. Instead of gathering everyone at AVM each Thursday we call them over once. They take note of how to go about with a basic Siddha puja and bring it back to their homes. We ask them to engage in puja at their own homes at their own convenience. We want them to build a power source in their own home where they learn to seek all that they want from Erai rather then going to  another. 

The full potential of Erai is within us we are told and many saints have realized it and spoke and sang about it. Bring that mighty spirit into your homes and hearts through prayers. Bring that healer within your and heal yourself. See him heal you from within. 

Believe that you do not need any external medium to interact with the divine on your behalf. Take charge of your life. Deal with Erai yourself. Start speaking to him. Ask him whatever your heart desires. He shall give it to you. 

Once you have exhausted all your desires and have nothing more to ask for yourself he shows up at your doorstep. Only when you have dropped or exhausted your desires and begin to live for others, then and only then he moves into you and delivers others desires and asking through you. You become a vessel for him to communicate. 

Once you have emptied yourself he moves in to occupy your home and your heart. He resides in it and begins to deliver to those who come seeking. Empty yourself today and replace your heart with love. Let everyone become an apostle of the divine.

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