Monday, 5 February 2018

A Dr's Notes

Dr Subhasini from Chennai has shared her experiences coming to the fold of the Siddhas. I shall make way for her now.
Needless to say about the divine grace of guru Agathiyar. He lives in thousands and thousands of hearts but still he looks after us like a mother. 
It all started way back in childhood days, my younger sister had been the person crazy about Siddhas, and badly wanted to meet them. All this curiosity driven by mother and her experiences. I had been though not reluctant a little timid, silent. My prayers and worship to Lord Shiva was the prime. To be frank I had never been too persistent or consistent. I usually start new prayers and worship and keep shifting adding, reducing except few things. 
My experience with astrologers had been mixed, my views were not very constant. But my interest in nadi was high despite the misconceptions existing around it. After my graduation in undergraduate medicine which itself was financially tough for my family, I felt the divine blessing to complete. After 2 years of my post graduate entrance preparation without continuous work and all efforts, I saw most of my friends settling in post graduate courses and a family life, giving me all kinds of advice. It was the time I literally lost hope in God (a tantrum shown obvious).
A year later, my sister had taken toll, spotting the books written by Hanumandasan (the famous nadi guru of Chennai). It was the starting of all that followed. It was an awesome series. We browsed in and out about him only to find out we wouldn't be able to contact him (he had passed away 2 years back then in 2013). We felt very unlucky, in fact like a piece of cake not reaching your mouth. 
Days passed, weeks continued, finally I was introduced to Sithanarul blog by my sister. Whom I owe everything in my life for she had been through all my sufferings and in a persistent attitude to find a solution. Later, we got to know about Kallar nadi through the blog. But as usual due to the misconceptions more than us, my mother was too worried and indecisive whether to get a reading. Finally convincing all, my sister booked dates for all of us. I had the reading first. To be short Agathiyar had given few puja, yagam for my higher education and told that I had to be careful on diet. He also told that I had become weak. 
Even after this reading we had confusions on reliability but after my sister's reading we started believing. Later, after all the puja also I couldn't cross that year for a good seat, (the exam I had written few months back). 
The next exam I literally didn't prepare in hope of getting a seat in the previous exam… but not long I had to face the exam. Despite to it exceptionally I had got a closer, comfortable location for my exam center, making me more frustrated. Cos I didn't give in a good preparation. With all pressures to settle in family, pg and my mother getting retired earlier part of the year, I felt like inside a huge pressure cooker. But the kind guru, that gracious he was to take care from every single second making me really calm. 
I got a decent rank which I really didn't work. It was a blessing, I cannot explain the intensity, nor a good writer to bring in to readers mind the feeling of how a guru makes you feel. I didn't realise that time cos I had aimed to high. Later I settled in a para clinical branch which I had refused to take up earlier in better colleges and institutes due to different reasons. I badly wanted Agathiyar to reply, as though he was the guy next door. Which I till date think and reflect despite that he had been so kind and caring. A human nature to expect more and more and to get a quick answer and reply. A cycle which I couldn't break till date. 
I went back to Kallar, another reading. This time giving a great surprise (surprises had never been part of my life except a few). This time Agathiyar says he wanted me to serve people in distress and bring them out. I was totally awestruck, too less a word to explain the exact situation. I really wondered if it really meant me, cos the branch which I took rather forced was literally something I had not wanted. Agathiyar added he will adopt me a daughter I was totally freezed. I was not in my senses that day or to be more frank from that day. He is living with me and I keep fighting with him for even small unexpected events….. But I still believe strongly he will continue to be with me. 
I till date feel I had not been a very obedient daughter to him, sneaking on junk food, questioning him back for all that happens to be a part of my life, not able to cope up with the regular people at work… But all this which I believe is my karma and Agathiyar may forgive me in the days to come. 
But of all the differences every single action, his step in my life, I feel his presence. He has never left me alone, In fact I have seen a lot in day to day life from simple train bookings, travelling to getting better in life. Many a times when ever I get a tantrum/ doubt, I look into Sithanarul blog only to get an answer so apt. Once I had a doubt, cos I had gone out of his advice, I felt bad. I really thought he would have left me, I had cried literally a night. The next day morning I get an answer through the blog where he says it's his duty to change the attitude and correct his children. He lives for all of us. He is around all of us.
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