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When my family and I visited my wife's cousin last Friday, she and her husband told us that they would be leaving for a place called Brahma Rishi Hills in Pahang early next morning. They went on to explain about the place. Then she utter the 'magic word'! She told us that it seems Agathiyar had meditated there! This got me excited. We asked if we could follow and they obliged us by bringing us along. So all 8 of us got into their 4 wheel drive and headed for the Brahma Rishi Temple in Bukit Tinggi. 

I shall always remember how my grandchild tricked me once. As she was very mischievous, I told her sternly that I was not speaking to her again until she behaved herself. I turned my face away and refused to look at her. This 4 year old tried all possible means to catch my attention, and to look at her. She forcibly tried to turn my face around too. She offered all sorts of things to me hoping to make friends again. After a little while and having failed at all her attempts, she suddenly uttered 'the magic word'! She said, "I got one biggggg Agasthiya picture" That got me excited. I turned to her and asked, "Where?" She took my hand and led me a short distance to the door of the store under the staircase in her living room. She opened the door to the store and started laughing aloud! There was no picture. She had tricked me! But I was amazed at the intelligence of this kid who knew exactly what would catch my attention. She knew the 'magic word'! I shall never forget her. She is now 11.

It took us half an hour to drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre to the Chinese village Kampong Bukit Tinggi at the foot of the hill. Then one needs to hike 5 kilometers to reach the temple. A 4 wheel drive will get us even nearer, and we need only to walk a short distance. A stream flows besides the track and further up we are greeted by the beautiful sight of a waterfall. It was a beautiful day out there in the midst of the jungles of Pahang; a day well spent. We were joined by 120 students from a Yoga School who trekked the hill to hold their activities in this remote, green, beautiful and peaceful place. Several good Samaritans headed by retired Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) fame Srimathi Nagesvare, cooked breakfast and lunch for all those gathered at the temple.

Coming back home and searching for more information on the temple, I come across the following photos on their Facebook, that thrilled me even further. 

The mysterious ray of light beginning to appear inside the temple during prayers. Photos courtesy of
The ray of light gaining in its intensity
The light ever so bright and obvious
The ball of light caught on film 
The amazing single ray of light inside the temple, that was caught on film, was similar to the Jhoti that followed Jnana Jyothiamma where ever she went on her travels seeking the Siddhas! These photos included another of a ball of light appearing at a boulder besides the stream passing by the temple.

Jnana Jhothiamma at the feet of Agathiyar and Lobha Ma at Kalyana Theertam in Thirunelveli
The very first sight of a single ray of light caught on film in midday

The light nearing this blessed soul

The light directly above Jnana Jyothiamma's head

The light leaving her, crossing the lake and eventually merges with Agathiyar and Lobha Ma

The single ray of light begins to split to two and eventually merges into a single brilliant column of light as it makes its way across the lake on its way to Agathiyar and Lobha Ma

Agathiyar has kept his promise. True to what he had said in my Nadi reading, he has shown amazing miracles in India and keeps showing them in Malaysia too.

When Mano whom I meet at the hills asked me what had brought me to the hills, I told him I heard the 'magic word' mentioned by my wife's cousin and her husband Dr WA Srinatha. Later Mano left a comment on Siddha Heartbeat.
Brahma Temple also known as Brahma Rishi Hill Temple Malaysia at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang is a Holy Ground for aspiring Spiritual Masters and Swamiji. 
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Driving Distance from Kuala Lumpur City Centre to Kampong Bukit Tinggi: 49.5 km , Duration: 46 mins, Route: Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2/Route 28 and Karak Expy/E8

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