Monday, 17 April 2017


Ram is one of many samaritans who has taken up the responsibility of caring for the elderly in Chennai through an Old Age home that he runs. 

Ram formed a Trust in 2012 and runs this Old Age home for destitute women senior citizens. This home accepts inmates based on two basic criterias: that they have no husband or sons to care for them and that they have no pension or deposits in their name. Food, shelter, clothing and medicines are provided free for inmates. Medical facilities are provided through the Hindu Mission while eyecare is provided by Sankara Eye hospital.  Currently he has 11 inmates. The oldest inmate is a 88 years old grandma. They are taken care of till their last days. 

Ram adds, 
Rajalakshmi Charitable Trust (RCT) is a non-profit organisation that runs Vasantham Home for the destitute senior citizens. It also supports education of underprivileged children and educational institutions that support the underprivileged.
Currently Vasantham old age home is operating in a rental premises. In order to reduce the burden of recurring monthly rental expenses, and also to provide a more senior citizen friendly environment, RCT has decided to construct its own space. The cost of land and building is estimated to Rupees 1 Crore. The Trust and its trustees are bearing 50% of the total cost. The remaining has to be raised through donations from philanthropists like you. Kindly consider contributing towards providing a comfortable space for the aged people in our home. Your donations will be eligible for exemption under 80G IT Act.

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