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With the grace of the Siddhas, the noble wish of two masters to share and give back to society what they had learnt from the Siddhas has materialized. Master Arunan is giving Varma Therapy while Master Uva provides Energy healing. After successfully carrying out the healing session at AVM twice, the third healing session is scheduled for 29 April 2017. 

Besides healing, the masters hold classes in Varmam system, referred as 'Varmam Warrior Arts' where the martial arts aspect of Varmam is integrated with other warrior essence such as meditation, yoga, breath work, siddha principles and further relevant studies. This integrated Varma system is a dynamic martial system of life that merges the Ancient Siddha’s Varmalogy system with modern warrior ways.

Master Uva explains,
Varma Kalai or the art of vital points, is the ancient Indian martial art form that manipulates vital points in the body, which can be used both for self-defense, healing and spirituality. Varma Shastra belongs to the very Ancient Siddha tradition rising from the South of Ancient India. 
His Varmam Warrior Arts system is the ancient Varma Kalai martial training system combined with modern defenses, health, healing, spiritual and fitness training that includes the following core structures within its system:

- Varmam Vasi (Breathing)
- Varma Kavasam (Inner Power)
- Tarkhapu Varmam (Varma Defense)
- Pancha Por Murai
- Varma Weapons
- Kuttu Varisai
- Warrior Yoga
- Varma Meditation
- Varma Healing (Adangal)
- Varma Vital Point Therapy
- Varma Energy Therapy (Meitheendha Kalai)
- Varma Siddha Herbs

Both masters have worked hard to design a wonderful Varmalogy system of life, martial application and healing system making it available in its present evolved form for today’s needs. Master Uva says, "In essence it is based on the Great Siddhas ancient teaching, adapted for everyday use and beyond it in a new perspective." He stresses that "The Warrior ways of the ancient days must be adapted for today’s warriors needs or else everything becomes stagnant and ‘non-alive’."

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