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When I began doing puja for the Siddhas at home, after reading the Nadi in 2002 where Agathiyar asked me to come to his path, the Nadi Nool Aasan Senthilkumar started me on the recitation of the Siddha names or Siddhar Potri. He was a guru in a sense for introducing me to the numerous Siddhas. It is said that the mere mention of the names of the Siddhas will have them turn to look at you. Their grace shall fall on you by mere mention of their names and just thinking of them.

My very first painting of Agathiyar was gifted by the late Sivabalan who brought in the Nool Aasan from India. I worshipped this painting until I decided to place it in my in-laws home. I worshiped another painting of Agathiyar from thence on. In 2010, Agathiyar comes to my home in the form of a bronze statue commissioned and made in Swamimalai and air flown to Malaysia. Never did I imagine that this particular form of Agathiyar in Agasthiyampalli will be famous the world over.

In all my 55 Nadi readings Agathiyar has stressed the importance of performing puja and prayers. Maybe that was to be my dharma in this life.

When Agathiyar told me to feed the birds (pulligal) before coming in for one of my Nadi reading, (I was having weekly Nadi readings then) and in a later reading asked that I feed the birds once a week, never did I imagine that he would make provisions to send these birds to my home too. To our further joy, other species of birds dropped in too, unannounced. Later a pair of squirrels turned up too.

Soon I realized that when Agathiyar wants us to carry out a task, he brings the relevant persons too around to help us accomplish his directive.

In 2013 Agathiyar sends Bala Chandran Gunasekaran to my home to participate in a Pournami Puja after being instructed in a Nadi reading. Never did I imagine that this wonderful soul would take the worship of Agathiyar that was private and confined to my family and home to another level. With him came his thirty odd former schoolmates and friends. Bala Chandran, throughout his numerous Nadi readings was reminded to perform seva or thondu or service and annadhanam or feeding. With his team of youngsters Bala Chandran formed his Thondu Seivom group to accomplish this task that was given to him. Maybe that was to be his dharma in this life.

Soon I too figured that we needed a name for my home so that I could direct newcomers over. And so Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) was born. When Bala Chandran came over to my home, he brought his team along. Thus AVM and Thondu Seivom travelled on a mission to promote Tavam and Dhanam within our circles, two virtues that we are constantly asked to uphold in life. Besides relieving others of their hunger and wants, these noble actions bring joy and bliss to us. On another perspective, it is said that both the receiver and the giver will have his karma reduced.

It is amazing to see so much can be achieved and done when we are of the same thought and in the same frequency. With many other wonderful souls joining the bandwagon, AVM, its financial arm Amudha Surabhi and Thondu Seivom took up several charities and prayers fulfilling the wishes of the Siddhas.

Agathiyar who kept a watchful eye on us, guided us on. It was wonderful to receive his blessings and encouragements to carry on in subsequent Nadi readings for members in the AVM family.

AVM, AS and TS are currently involved in fulfilling the following dharma:

Pusat Jagaan Insan Istimewa, Semenyih
~Providing monthly groceries / things they need
~Bala Chandran's family is providing monthly annathanam on a personal/family basis

Pusat Jagaan Sayang Sejati, Bdr Rinching, Semenyih
~Providing monthly groceries
~Dr.Jana is sponsoring transportation fees for 8 kids

Persatuan Kebajikan Vivekananda, PJ
~Providing Milo packets (a beverage) for needy family in the Klang valley

Pothigai Meals on Wheels
~Contribution of RM150 monthly to Agathiyar Universal Mission (AUM) towards distribution of food parcels every month to the homeless people in Kuala Lumpur city.

Medical student's expenses
~Contributing RM200 monthly for a medical student's expenses.

Come join us in bringing cheer and hope to those in need who Agathiyar shows to us from time to time.

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