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If Pattinathar regarded the physical body as a burden, on the contrary Thirumular began to take good care of it, considering it as a vehicle for God realization, after he realized it was a temple where God resides. The lady saint Avvai too has mentioned "No experience is possible without the body; even the very self too is realized through this body" (P. Karthigayan in his "History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu", a Notion Press Publication, 2016).

The Siddhas went to the extent of caring for the physical body, sustaining it for years, making it a sound body fit to perform tapas. Towards this end, the Siddhas found ways to extend their lifespan and change their mortal form to becoming immortal.

B.Kamalakkannan list the age of the Siddhas based on Bhogar 7000 in his "Sathuragiriyil Korakka Siddhar", Vanathi Pathipakam, 2007. These are only some of the numerous Siddhas who had outlived the natural lifespan of an average human being.

P. Karthigayan in his "History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu", a Notion Press Publication, 2016, writes,

"Siddhas believed that human beings are created for excelling in knowledge, understanding the nature, and helping their fellow man to form a divine civilization on earth. They needed to live longer and even become immortal, to achieve this goal".

Closer to present times, Sri Jaganatha Swamigal is said to have lived 145 years; and even remains immortal till this day. Ramesh, a friend of mine from Kuala Lumpur had been to Jaganatha Swamigal's temple in Tapah with his relatives many years back. As it was pretty late at night and having a baby and a two year kid with them they decided to spend the night at the temple grounds. While the parents were attending to the baby, the kid roamed around. Suddenly she screamed aloud. Everyone rushed to her side. After calming her down, they questioned her. To everyone's surprise she pointed to Jaganatha Swamigal's photo and said, "Grandpa had come and carried me!" Jaganatha Swamigal still lives in this temple.

Jaganatha Swamigal who is said to be from North India, travelled through India, Burma, Thailand before arriving in Malaya, before going into samadhi in 1959. He is said to have mentioned that his samadhi will gain popularity after 41 years which coincided with the year 2000. 

Sri Raghavendra Swamigal too had three astrologers draw up his horoscope and each astrologer determined a different date of his samadhi. The Swami then explained why the three dates varied. 

It is said that when Agathiyar walked in the woods the trees and plants would bow to him and bend and come close to the ground and reveal its nature, the medicinal value of its bark, leaves, flowers and sap, thus enlightening Agathiyar. Prof. Dr. Kadeer Ibraheem in his talk on the Philosophy of Sri Jaganatha Swamigal mentions that Jaganatha Swamigal too when he reached over to pluck flowers the branches swayed to the ground coming closer to him, giving access to him to pluck them. He could talk to animals and plants and his touch could cure illnesses. It is said that he often cured those in the hospitals through his touch. At one instance he had all the snakes that had bitten the kids in a nearby school take back its venom, and got them to promise not to harm any person in the vicinity.

Dyalen Muniandi who went ahead of others while hiking down Pothigai hills, had come to an abrupt stop. A huge tree lay on his path, blocking the only access in the jungle. Soon the others in his troupe came along too. To everyone's surprise, the tree gave way to all of them to cross over by bowing and lowering itself towards the ground! Agathiyar's grace and presence of the Siddhas was very visible then.

M.Sankar Aiya of the Agathiyar Sannadhi at the Adhi Kumbeswar Temple was equally surprised when his touch cured a 4 year kid of his deformity! The kid and his parents from Singapore were visiting a relative in Kumbakonam, when they were informed of Sankar Aiya. Sankar Aiya being a Siddha practitioner agreed to see the kid. He had only touched him when the kid could move his limb as normal. Sankar Aiya could only thank Agathiyar for his grace and his divine will to work through Sankar. 

If the ordinary man is subjected to the play of fate and destiny and is caught in time and space, on the contrary the Siddhas had fathomed the mystery of life and creation; mastered the techniques of defeating time and space; took control of nature and its forces; and took charge of their lives. Although it looks like they defied the laws of nature, in actuality they commanded nature, and were able to manipulate these laws for their noble cause.

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