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Sanjiv Malhotra from New Delhi shares his experiences after coming to Agathiyar. Sanjiv and his family are regular visitors to Kallar Ashram and have read the Nadi several times. Agathiyar has guided them. I saw the intense devotion and bakthi they have on Agathiyar when I met them at Kallar Ashram. I saw the bliss in them at Othiappar temple in Othimalai. It is an honor to come across such noble souls in our journey. 

He writes: "Believe me when HE is the host the journey becomes remarkable, full of experiences and such experiences which have to remain embedded in the depth of one’s heart."

What a wonderful understanding, stand and faith on the Divine. I give way to Sanjiv now to narrate the rest of his experiences.
My very first Jeeva Nadi reading around four years back mentioned that I would travel for Darshan to Sathuragiri hills in the South close to Madurai where I would get the blessings of a Devi and also that my Guru will be revealed to me after that the Divine Darshan. Being from North of India little did I know about the divine hill. Many other things were also told to me in my first Jeeva Nadi reading.

A couple of years later vide another Jeeva Nadi reading I was told that Agathiar would call me to his abode and after that I would get another Jeeva Nadi reading.

The annual Guru Puja at ‘Kallar Ashram’ was to be held 4th January 2018 onwards. I and my wife have been fortunate to be at Kallar during the preceding two Guru Puja as well.

My mind was focused on the expected Jeeva Nadi reading. Well I thought that’s great on 4th January I will be at ‘Kallar’ which is the Abode of Agathiar’ and after the Guru puja maybe I would get a Jeeva Nadi reading at Kallar itself. I was eager to know what Agastya had to tell me.

Our flight for Coimbatore was booked well in advance for the 1st of January 2018 with the thought of spending time in Kallar and starting the New Year afresh at His abode. This was done somewhere in August 2017.

Much to our dismay Tavayogi Ji suddenly underwent a cardiac bypass and his health became a matter of concern for us. We are thankful that Agathiar took care of him and he was back for the Guru Puja celebrations. Since Swamy ji was not keeping very well and needed rest and we had enough time before Guru Puja, the thought of our going to Sathuragiri and making it back to Kallar seemed to be a good option.

Little did we know that our trip had been planned by Agathiar Himself down to the minutest detail.

During the months of December and January winter sets in and is usually at its peak. Fog does sometimes worsen the visibility conditions. Luckily No fog had set in and we had a clear sky. A day before our flight Mr. Fog came knocking in the morning hours resulting in a few delays with the flights and some cancellations. The rest of the day was sunny. The day of our departure eventually came; we had an early morning flight. We woke up to a clear sky and heaved a sigh of relief. The one hour drive to the airport took us fifty minutes and we thanked Agathiar for keeping Mr. Fog at bay.

After our arrival at the airport and on completing the check in formalities we found a blanket of fog slowly descending down and within no time we were in a situation of zero visibility. Many flights was delayed and quite a few cancelled. Take offs and landings came to a standstill. We waited with abated breath for the announcement of our boarding. Well an hour or so later we were ushered into the aircraft and somehow knew that we would be taking off soon. Visibility started improving but still no sign of take off. Four hours we just sat in the aircraft before it moved even an inch. We were informed later on that there was a dense patch of fog in the runway which just refused to clear. The delay in our flight taking off turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us which is a secret between the three of us me, my wife and Agathiar ji.

Anyway we would reach Coimbatore now and then take a cab to Sathuragiri. That motivation was enough for me. Now it’s important to point out here that I had absolutely no idea at the time of booking my tickets for Coimbatore (which was somewhere in August) that Sathuragiri darshan was allowed only on a few days in the month. Moreover at that point of time (of booking my tickets) I had not even thought of visiting this Divine place, Sathuragiri. 
1st and 2nd of January 2018 were among the few days when darshan was allowed it being Full Moon on 1st January 2018. I cannot under any circumstances fool myself into believing that this was a coincidence.
We finally landed in Coimbatore in the afternoon at around 2.30pm, had a quick lunch and were in the cab on our way to Sathuragiri Hills. It would not be out of context to mention here that we had an English speaking driver who was of immense help in the entire trip.

A room was booked for us in Thaaniparai which is at the base of the hill. We slept in comfort and got up fresh and energetic looking forward to the journey ahead. R R Swamy who runs an annadan atop the hill near to the temple and whom I happened to contact through our very dear Manoj Bhai had taken care of us to an extent that he not only saw to it that we were comfortable on the night of arrival but also sent a person along with us from the base of the hill to guide and help us in the trek. We were surprised to see our driver who was reluctant to climb atop for darshan on the night of arrival in Thaaniparai ready and eager to accompany us in the morning. We paid obeisance and seeked the blessings of Vinaygar, Raja Kali Amma, Paechi Amma and Karuppasamy whose temples are at the foothills. We prayed for a hindrance free successful journey. The temples of Paechi Amma and Karuppasamy have been installed by the Siddhars for guarding the Southern side of the Hill.

There are a number of articles and blogs that one can read to know about the trek to Sathuragiri Hills. We were well prepared with stick in hand to assist us in the climb, glucose, a few chocolates, drinking water and some biscuits. A torch in case we need in the early morning hours. A quick light breakfast and we started walking, looking forward towards the climb on this mystic hill. Different thoughts crossed our mind while we took in the purity, natural ambience and holiness of the place. After all this was Agathiar Jis and the other Siddhas abode. Many Siddhas it is said are still in penance in these hills. This is the hill where Shiv and Parvati have given word to Siddhas that they will always be there.

This is the Hill where the Siddhas assume any form a butterfly, a rock, a tree, a plant. It is this Sathuragiri trek which is also known as the “Kailash” of South. This is the Hill where Agathiar will hold your hand and take you for darshan and believe me when HE is the host the journey becomes remarkable, full of experiences and such experiences which have to remain embedded in the depth of one’s heart. How much ever I would like to I cannot at the moment share all my experiences on this platform as I do not as yet have permission to do so. I have though shared some of these experiences with some fellow devotees.

While trekking uphill we learnt that Gorakkar cave had now been closed to the public and all routes to the same had been fenced. In fact later on I came to know that Tavayogi ji who has spent quite a few years in the Hills of Sathuragiri had made a small hut for himself above the cave where he would go into dhyan for long durations without the need of food or water. I had read about this cave and was eager to pay my respects here and also meditate for some time but since some people had started partying close there, so the restrictions. It’s really sad. May better sense prevail upon people who use the place for partying, throw plastic bags and empty packets of chewing tobacco around. Undoubtedly they do not know what they are doing. We also came to know that special permission was required to trek up to Thavasi Parai where the Siddhas meditate and Periya Mahalingam since they were deep in the jungle and danger of wild animals around was always lurking. We left it at that and were absorbed in the bliss of having had the opportunity to be at Such a Divine place. We continued our climb with the Chants of Om Agatheesaya Namah and Har Har Mahadev.

On reaching atop the hill we met R R Swamy ji at his matt who welcomed us with great warmth and then we were off for Darshan of Sundara Mahalingam and Santhana Mahalingam. At R R Swamy ji matt food is offered to all no matter what time of the day or night. I can only revel with admiration at the level of commitment of service and charity towards mankind by R R Swamy and the people associated with him. Arranging all material that it takes to cook on top of the hill involves a tremendous cost because everything has to be carried on top by people. Preperations for the Annadan start months before. The clear instruction by R R Swamy is no one should go without food.

The Mahalingam ensures that there is no shortage of food. For those who want to contribute towards the noble cause of Annadan at the Holy place can contact R R Swamy Ji .His phone number is +919047079909, +919842179909.

Another surprise awaited us when we joined for 18 Siddha Puja which happens once in a year. 2nd Jan 2018 was the day of 18 Siddhas Puja also. This was a sight to behold and cherish. Thank you Agastya Muni if you had not planned for us we would never have been fortunate to have the darshan.18 Siddhas Puja carried on for some time and each of the 18 Siddhas were bestowing love and blessings on all who were present. After the puja we met a gentleman who had come from Salem sitting outside Satta Muni cave. We spent quite some time with him talking before we decided to move towards the matt for lunch. The climb to the top from the base took us a little more than five hours which was pretty good considering that we stopped at quite a few places for Darshan. A hearty lunch was served with so much warmth and love followed by a wonderful Darshan.

Pain in the feet and back spasm had just about to set in for me and I was about to take a pill to kill the pain when the gentleman from Salem suggested I see a Siddha doctor who was also around. The Siddha doctor who had also come for Darshan turned up in not more than five minutes and gave me an acupressure and acupuncture treatment by pressing some points all around my back and my feet.

The pain had gone. Bye to the pill. He takes care to the minutest details. The acupressure had made me feel fresh and good. We decided to go again for darshan of the Holiest of the Holy, The Supreme Guru, The One and Only Lord Shiva at the Sundra Mahalingam Shrine. Breathtaking, Majestic beyond words.

While we were absorbing all this in came a Nandi eager to do the Darshan too. Squeezing us against the railings of the temple, unmindful of the devotees around Nandi completed the parikrama and left. Hardly had we absorbed this that the Priest placed in my spread out hands a Dhoti, flowers along with the sacred ash all blessed and touched at the sacred shrine. We decided to sit at the back of the temple and meditate. Some time had elapsed when my wife felt as if something was placed in her lap; it took a little while for her to register only to find a beautiful face of Lord Shiva made of chandan placed in her lap along with flowers. The gentleman from Salem had left this for us as a memory to cherish for the rest of our lives and informed us that it is strange that one was somehow left with the priest, which he gave us, deciding not to disturb us during meditation.

The grace of Agathiyar was being clearly felt. Somehow a small room with a roof top made of an aluminum sheet was arranged for us to spend the night since that probably was the only place which had a washroom. The small room had a door without a latch, a bed and a Chitai (A hand-woven mattress). An earthen lamp was lit in the room, our source of light we were given blankets and also had carried two warm sheets for the night. We lay awake for quite some time in anticipation of our journey the next day. Since the door did not have a proper latch and a little strong push could have led to the door falling down I placed a big drum filled with some material right in front of the door. This I feel helped soothe my wife’s nerves since the thought of spending the night in the forest that too in a room whose door could fall off was keeping her awake. After some time a cow came and sat next to the room and we could hear the sound of the bell in her neck every time she moved. I wanted to use the washroom and so went out of the room. What I saw was the cow sitting next to the wall of the room and a well built robust dog black in color with erect ears and a large chest standing just outside the room with his face towards the temple. I had never seen such a mighty and handsome dog before. I came inside knowing that we were being looked after 24x7.

An amazing experience of being weightless and effortlessly climbing the Hill that too at a pace unknown to me never eludes my mind. The same was experienced by my wife too. I have no words to express the joy every breath and every step taken on the Hill gives. It is a divine place, the Hill of the Siddhas, The Hill of Shiv and Parvati. At certain places we went to we found that packets of chandan, Sindoor and the holy Ash just coming straight into my wife’s hands.

The trip to Sathuragiri is a treasure which Agastya Muni has given us. Something which we will keep embedded in our hearts for a lifetime. There is so much love and affection that HE showers, reminding his devotees that HE is always there for them.

After our trip we did get a Jeeva Nadi reading as Agastya Muni had promised. A few excerpts:

Agathiar ji speaks,

“During your pooja in Sathuragiri, I was present and gave blessings in the form of Roobam (In the form of human being) and Arubam (in the form of light). In this time period you have got blessings of Guru’s. I accepted you as my disciple.”

“Sathuragiri is a great and holy divine place. There is no limit for this mountain and it is such a wonderful place. Whoever comes to this holy place will get a great amount of Siddhas blessings.”

“In Sathuragiri, Lord Karuppasamy was taking care of both of you.”

“You are walking towards this Siddha path. This path will give high wisdom. This is a very great and true path. You people got the blessings of Thava Murugan and Pasna Moorti and Bhogar”

“Currently both Gayatri related Siddha/Monks and Gayatri Devi gave their blessings to you both”

I remain indebted to Shanmugam ji as I learnt about the Siddha path through his wonderful blog “Siddha Heartbeat”.

OM Agatheesaya Namah.

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