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I had taken close and dear ones to temples and mediums, hoping to get relief from either their illnesses or problems. The mediums would engage in rituals and pass on amulets etc to bring relief or protection. 

I would stand aside and watch in fear and horror when the mediums go into a trance demanding and making deals with already terrified "clients" to help clear their illnesses or problems.

Soon I began to accept them and their mode of worship for there were people who have had seen results and returned to settle their debts. These "life-savers" had their own following of people who frequented them for solutions. They serviced this sector of the society.

Coming into the Siddha fold brought me to accept them too for if Agathiyar was the Prapanjam then all things in it was he too.

Never did I realize that they would work through me and those close to me too one day. After coming to worship the Siddhas they used my premises as their venue and me as a tool to attend to those who came seeking. I did not quite like the idea of them using my premises and me to carry out their operations. I had to make my stand known to them that I did not want to end as a soothsayer, charlatan, healer, sorcerer and mystic and have queues of people lining up to get a solution for the mess they made or brought onto themselves. It was fine to deal with them if they were to change over a new leaf after having rid them of their illnesses or postpone sudden impending death or removed their sorrow. But sadly it does not happen.

Me and my wife confronted the Siddhas. We humbly asked that they stop their divine play or lila. The Siddhas listened to our requests. They stopped sending people over, but they still held on to the very thin string, only giving us a break from the sudden and overpowering happenings that took place around us. In actuality they were giving us time to settle into our new roles. Meanwhile they worked very subtly in us bringing us to an understanding on why all these had to take place. From a householder who was self centered and happy just carrying out his responsibilities towards the family, they prepared us to open up our hearts and our home to others in distress.

During the days where I just had a painting of Agathiyar at my altar Tavayogi instructed me to start the ritual of lighting the sacrificial fire. When Agathiyar came as a statue there was libation thrown in too, commanded by the Mahamuni himself. Although I did not want to end up being a priest and get tied up with rituals all my life long, I submitted to the commands of my guru in physical form and the Satguru in subtle form respectively. 
They showed me to two true and wonderful gurus, both gems of a guru. I was brought to the realm of gurus. I was brought to watch and understand the responsibilities a guru had to take on for their disciples. All the happenings in their lives served to teach me and enlighten me about new frontiers beyond the understanding of common folk. It was all mystical and mysterious in nature.

Although he had five gurus namely his father Jayaram Pillai, Satananda Swami, Pundi Mahaan, Kollimalai Swami and Visiri Swami, Supramania Swami spoke much about Visiri Swami or Yogi Ramsuratkumar. He narrated how the Yogi came and knocked his door of his village home at Nachananthal some 8 kilometres away from Tiruvannamalai town. The Yogi passed him his photo on a bunting and left. I listened coolly until Supramania Swami mentioned that this miracle took place after the Yogi had gone into samadhi! That made me sit up. How would that be possible? How does one arise from the dead? On my second visit Supramania Swami brought the Yogi from his samadhi to sit and chant with both of us. Amazing.

When he began to build a temple for Lord Muruga, a dream that he had cherished in his heart only to reveal it to me, seeking financial assistance to see the project through, a stranger stopped Supramania Swami in its midst asking why he was regressing back to Bakthi when he was already in Jnana. Swami stopped building the temple.

I came to understand that Ramalinga Adigal had built the Satya Gnana Sabai in Vadalur on the instruction of Erai who promised that the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, Devas and Devis would come down, assemble and reside in it. However the said event, mysteriously, did not take place.

Tavayogi had Chitramuthu Adigal as his guru and Jeganatha Swamigal as Paramaguru. Tavayogi who was prepared to go into Samadhi was stopped from doing so but rather instructed to start an Ashram/ Temple against his liking and brought to Malaysia to spread the teachings of the Siddhas and officiate more peedhams affiliated to him. 

Although Tavayogi acknowledged that he had released the leaflet I had in my hands, mentioning his intention to build a temple for Agathiyar in Kallar, he confided in us later that it was Agathiyar's directive and that the project was for the public. The temple/meditation hall/ashram became a reality and was consecrated in 2016. Agathiyar tells us that he makes appearances at the ashram, blessing devotees. Tavayogi surprised me telling me that he had come the night I arrived at the Ashram. He tells me that they made their appearances in all the sacred places related to the Siddhas that we went to.

I was asked to build a temple in my very first Nadi reading. Feeling blessed, special and elevated, having my ego boosted thinking that I was the chosen one to carry out this divine task, in my eagerness to accommodate the request of Agathiyar, I asked around the existing temple committees in my vicinity for a space to erect and install a shrine for Agathiyar. No one offered to share their space both in their temples and their hearts. That was when Supramania Swami mooted the idea of building a temple in India. I agreed to help him out as I thought it was immaterial where the temple was built, Malaysia or India, and for whom it was built, Lord Muruga or Agathiyar. However the project was stalled by the divine who had initiated it in the first place as a spark of desire in Swami's heart.

In 2009, Agathiyar requests Sundara Arumugam Aiya who was in the process of building the Sri Jegathguru Raghavendra Mririga Brindavanam Kinta in Ipoh to allocate a space for him. At the same time Agathiyar in my Nadi reading requested that I commission his bronze statue and place it at the Brindavanam. I set out to have his bronze statue commissioned and made at Swamimalai exactly the way he wanted. Agathiyar told me he will be in my home while awaiting completion of the Brindavanam.

After several postponements the Brindavanam was finally to be officiated. But then Agathiyar had not said a word about him moving there nor the protocol in bringing him over. I had to decide and decide fast for time was nearing for the opening of the Brindavanam. I took the decision (he tells me later in the Nadi that it was his decision) not to send him till there was a green light from him. Meanwhile a devotee volunteered to provide a statue of Agathiyar at the Brindavanam.

If the divine's plans do change for reasons known only to them then it does not come as a surprise that whatever foretold to us could change too. The dad need not explain to the child on why he took certain decisions but always has his child's welfare and future in mind while going about his duties. Similarly I prefer not to question the divine's decisions knowing pretty well that whatever moves they make would only be for our good and a better future.

Agathiyar chose to stay at my home. Agathiyar arrived in 2010 in the form of the statue some 8 years after I was introduced to the Siddha worship. For the sake of convenience of those who came calling and asking for the whereabouts of my home, I pinned the location of my home in Google maps as Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM), a name adopted from the original Kallar Ashram that was located at Agathiyar Vanam. Since then he has brought many seekers to AVM.

Many came and their hearts were conquered by Agathiyar's sight and grace. They stayed on serving him in various capacities.

Some came believing it was a temple complex or an establishment but ended up disappointed that it was only a home. They never came back.

Some stayed for awhile and left later, working in a detrimental manner to this insignificant establishment of ours.

Those who came with sincerity observed the prayers and took it back with them into their homes.

I was happy with this arrangement. But Agathiyar kept telling me he will keep on sending more of his seekers over. He then told me that we would have to hold a vizha or fest. I was afraid my home could not contain. But yet I accommodated his wish, although I could not provide comfort to the wonderful souls who gathered in this tiny home of ours.

Then Lord Muruga surprises us saying that I was to hold Agathiyar's annual guru puja during the star Ahilyam in the month of Thai rather then Ahilyam in the month of Margazhi as ordained in Kallar and elsewhere. When the thought that my home would not contain the crowd arised in my mind at the time of reading the Nadi, he says that I need to build a temple. Again a thought arises countering his asking. Aren't there enough temples for you Muruga? There were already way too many temples around us. The all knowing Erai reads my mind and answers that he is aware of the existence of numerous temples for him in this country and adds that there was a reason he wanted me to build one.

Since I was still considering whether to heed or excuse myself from this gigantic task he sends Agathiyar to coax and convince me to carry our his commands. Agathiyar told me the home is rather small to accommodate the people he was about to send, hence the need to move house.

I was always happy, satisfied and contented with the way AVM took shape retaining its present form. It was a private home of an individual who worshiped Agathiyar. Then Agathiyar brought his children over to AVM asking me to accommodate their requests in opening my home to his children. Soon we felt the home was getting rather small to accommodate the ever increasing numbers of Agathiyar devotees. Lord Muruga too felt the same and hence the reason I build a temple for him.

It is amazing how the divine reaches out to us through the Siddhas. It is amazing how the Siddhas walk us through their plans. But experience has taught us that even their plans could change.

As of today Lord Muruga has asked me to build a temple for him, something Supramania Swami was told to abandon back in 2005. As of today Lord Muruga has asked me to build a temple for him, the same thing that the divine asked of Tavayogi back in 2002. As of today this holds truth. It could change though. That is the world of the mystical and mysterious Erai.

Poster by G. Bala Chandran 

Poster by G. Bala Chandran

This and the following photos by Mahindran. Alangaram by Mahindran

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