Wednesday, 4 April 2018


The Siddhas threw the bait into the ocean of life that we were all caught in hoping for a catch. Some Siddhas lived amidst the public but stayed aloft watching for a potential candidate to walk by. Some dived into the picture or rather into the lives of potential candidates at the nick of time to lift them away from the precarious world we know off. Some came along at the right time to remind the candidate of his past and the need to pursue the journey that had stopped abruptly. Hence they all did come for the sole (soul) purpose of reclaiming their kind and leading them back on the track to the kingdom of Erai.

I and others at AVM were among several of those who took the bite. I took the readings, explanation, reasons and instructions given in the Nadi as the word of Erai. I was fortunate that he showed me not one but two gurus, in the physical form, to teach, guide and accompany me on this journey.

Slowly they began to break the beliefs I had and the ideas I carried that were inculcated in me; that I picked up; that I cherished and upheld for years; that I held as the truth and dear to the self; and that I was ready and willing to engage, in a duel or battle, to uphold my thought, opinion and my stand. They began to break all the misconception I had. They broke all the commonly accepted doctrines and understanding that we acknowledge as the truth. Soon science and logic failed in the face of these deliberations. All philosophical musings and understanding shed and crumbled. They began to show things in a new light. They began to reassemble my thoughts. They began to work with my mind. They began to work on my physique. They began to work alongside with my spirit. I then came to realise that there was a pre and post periods in understanding too; of one before coming to the path of the Siddhas and another on the path. 

We came as a son among many to them; they instructed and watched us to see if we complied with their directives, asking and request. Observing us closely they then lead us on with more guidance that was customized to each individuals temperament, nature and character; his standing in society; his surroundings; and the factors available around him that could help mould him into the person they wanted.

Just as every culture and society has a place of worship, we too had a new understanding regarding temple and idol worship. What was once a place to drop in twice a week to seek the divine's blessings, now revealed its mysteries and transmitted its electrifying energies as we were ready and tuned for it. We tapped into these energy storehouses and retain these energies that did wonders. We began to appreciate the monumental service that the Siddhas, our forefathers and ancestors, had done for their prodigies. Thirugnana Sambandhar and Ramalinga Adigal among many others, as a child had amazing spiritual experiences in these temples. Through idol worship the divine manifested and granted their darshan and grace.

The Siddhas showed us the importance of worship in our homes too. They showed us that with constant worship even metal, stone, ash, water, fire and air can attain divine properties and hold, carry, convey, transmit and project these divine attributes hence conferring these divine energies onto those whose stood before them, showering them with abundance of grace and blessings, transmitting divine knowledge, healing their physique and soul, and shaping their thoughts and mind.

Agathiyar had asked that on completion of his bronze statue that was commissioned at Swamimalai,  be taken to the Adhi Kumbeshwarar temple in Kumbakonam and puja performed before he was to be shipped/flown over to Malaysia. He asked that we give it, the metal, life by chanting his name 100,000 times. This was on 3rd January 2010. Today he sits majestically 18 feet in height at AVM willing to hear and grant all our wishes through this 18 kilogram piece of metal.

Lord Muruga reveals that the projection of the nine planets or Navagraham that sits way beyond the skies, replicated on ground in a neatly and orderly manner in the temples, are not merely deities that could confer boons and eradicate our troubles but were indeed gurus who could change ones fate. I understood the fact that they were deities to the general public, but their roles switched to become that of gurus to those traveling the path. It comes as no surprise going by the many stories told of the Siddhas and their numerous magical achievements that challenges logical thinking and the mind; and that challenges science and its concepts. Nature became teacher to them. We are told that the plant kingdom would bow down to Agathiyar and reveal their properties in healing mankind. 

They showed us the benefits of performing rituals, reciting mantras, singing their praise and chanting their names that subtly help bring change in us. They performed these rituals too that worked on the plane of sound and light, and delivered results. While the team of dedicated doctors attended on Tavayogi to bring him back to normalcy, Agathiyar says the Siddhas too performed a Yagna so that he would survive.

As Supramania Swami says non of our efforts go to waste, all the efforts taken towards gaining the trust and love of the Siddhas has paid off eventually. What began with puja in our homes, soon led to visitations to their abodes and temples. The Siddhas who were impressed with our steadfastness and sincerity, two important ingredients needed of seekers, to our surprise invited us to perform these rituals at the temples too. They broke the norm of the day making way for us to perform Yagna and libations to deities at temples chosen by them. They made their presence felt in these places to several devotees.

Today Lord Muruga has suggested that we build a temple for them. Although we pretty well know that they would handle the whole project, we did draw up some guidelines. The temple would not be the conventional and typical temple but one that caters for and lives with the times. It would have a place for all sectors and levels of devotees be it those in sariyai, kriyai, yogam or gnanam as depicted beautifully at both the new and old Kallar ashram. This will incorporate both activities related to dharma and tapas. If his desire and ours match then the temple will be a reality.

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