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The majesticity of Erai can never be fathomed both in size and understanding. It is said in the scriptures that both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma competed to reach the feet and crown of Lord Shiva respectively but failed to do so. That is the magnanimity and expanse of Erai. 

We have read/heard of many stories of saints, devotees and disciples having had visions of their favourite Erai, Deities and Gurus appearing before them in many forms and in things, in subtle bodies and at times in a physical body - spending time with them, disclosing secrets and revelations before leaving. 

A veterinarian doctor from Ooty accompanied Tavayogi on one of his visits to Malaysia. He mentioned to me of a couple in India who were staunch devotees of Agathiyar. On being invited to enter there sacred prayer room that was closed, he was startled to see Agathiyar who was taking a nap, get up from his reclining position, tie his long hair that served as a mantle or a wrap, around his head, took a glance at the doctor and disappeared from sight.

K. Venkatraman writes in his "Yugangal Kadanthu Vazhum Unnatha Kalai", a Vijaya Pathipakam Publications, the extraordinary story of how he was rooted to the ground as he watched shadowy figures in the light of the full moon at the 18 Siddhas Peedham in the hills of Sathuragiri. They were amazingly each 7 1/2 feet tall and fitted the common description of Rishis, Munis and Siddhars. 

When I came to the Siddha path and also after reading  Ramalinga Adigal's feat, I too very much wanted to see both of them in the flesh. It was a desire that I carried with me for some time. When Tavayogi came along I stated this desire of mine to him. He answered, as usual with another question - whether that is what I wanted. He told me that was achievable and that they shall grant the desire easily. He put me on track again as usual after each time I begin to deviate. 

But the consolation is that Agathiyar has appeared to several others at AVM. Jnana Jyothiamma was blessed to have visions of Agathiyar and the Siddhas when she was here for a short visit. An accidental tourist from Australia who was brought over to AVM by an AVM family member, saw Agathiyar's humongous, majestic and magnanimous form. A regular AVM family member has seen the extraordinary forms and visions of Erai several times too. It does not surprise me if Agathiyar who is in the form of an 18 inch bronze statue at AVM, appears, to true disciples and those without an iota of doubt and suspicion alike, as 18 feet in height. Both Agathiyar and Ramalinga Adigal have yet to bless me with their darshan or vision. I guess I have a long way to go.

Recently Lord Muruga gave darshan to two wonderful souls in his viswarupam or all his magnanimity. Lord Muruga at the Carey Island stood huge and magnificent to a devotee as the seven items of libation he requested were poured over his small granite statue in this 80 year old temple. At the same time he appeared huge and majestic in the grounds of this temple to another devotee in the image of the majestic statue of Lord Muruga that welcomes us at Batu Caves Murugan temple. This darshan was in response to the devotees yearning that everyone could watch the libation of Lord Murugan while he was deprived of the beautiful sight as he was engaged in ringing the temple bells. This reminds us of how both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathy appeared to Agathiyar, who was sent to the south, as promised in their matrimonial costume minutes after their marriage at Kailash.

There is much debate about Agathiyar, his form and size, his life, his achievements etc. It is said that there were many Agathiyar's over several periods of time. It is said that Agathiyar took the form of a dwarf, some stating he was only 1 1/2 feet tall while others mention he was 3 feet tall and yet many others denying these stories. The only person that can confirm all these is Agathiyar himself. It does not surprise me if he can reduce himself to a teeny-weeny size or expand himself to include all of this prapanjam for he has said that he is the prapanjam, he is within it and the prapanjam is in him!

Agathiyar has time and again told us not to go into debate of such issues, often asking us of what use is this knowledge to us. Agathiyar is very much a practical Siddha, addressing the present issues, and motivating us positively to move on. Never has he in any instance spoke otherwise. Each time we sit before him to hear him speak through the Nadi, we return home energized and motivated to begin the next task set for us. We await his orders anticipating for bigger things to come. We understand pretty well that his desires and ours if matched and are alike will bring positive results. We also understand that we are mere tools in his hand to help do his divine work towards the family and society.

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