Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Agathiyar Vanam Malaysia (AVM) is not the traditional peedham nor is it a temple. It is simply a home to a family that came to worship Agathiyar and the Siddhas. Soon it opened its doors to strangers who came mysteriously, knocking on its door. These strangers have today come together as the AVM family.

If I was asked to engage in performing rituals and worship till this day, many were assigned the task to serve the community and society. Hence we began many programs that included feeding the hungry on the streets, in orphanages, in old folks homes, and delivering groceries to the doorstep of the poor. 

It was during these prayers at AVM that we realized many among us were indeed talented musically. AVM provided an avenue for these talented and budding artistes to showcase their talent. Many came forward willingly while some needed to be coaxed. Never did we imagine that in time to come AVM would collaborate in producing an audio CD containing tracks on Agathiyar. After this idea that was mooted at Agathiyar's abode in Kallar Ashram, India, its producer Gowri Arumugam on returning to Malaysia turned to AVM to collaborate. It was an honor for us. She insisted that we give these budding artistes from the AVM family an opportunity to sing the praise of Agathiyar in her album. And so these children took a giant step from singing within the four walls of AVM to cut an album. Agathiyar Geetham is now making its rounds in homes of devotees.

If in the past AVM had been blessed with youngsters who sang and played instruments, yesterday we had the rare opportunity to listen to a veteran musician play the harmonium at his residence. He is Vinthamaray's father. He played us several pieces of classic melodies that melted our hearts and soul. Although he apologized several times that it had been ages since he played the instrument, but one could see that he never lost his touch.

We at AVM are blessed to have in our circle multi talented souls who have brought fame and worth to AVM. Thank you family.

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