Saturday, 9 June 2018


"Yenggugiren" fame Gowri Arumugam has recently released her first album "Agathiyar Geetham" under Raagawave Production, an album mooted by Agathiyar while she was spending quality time at the Kallar Ashram, India.

Back in Malaysia, AVM and AUM collaborated in bringing out this album that was a tribute to Agathiyar. Raagawave has regularly being contributing a portion from the cd sales of Agathiyar Geetham to Persatuan Teman Setia (a conglomerate of Amudha Surabhi/Thondu Seivom/AVM) to pursue its charity work.

She and her friends decided to take up the call to help feed the homeless in Johore Bahru (JB) last Thursday. They cooked, packed and joined up with the organizers of Program Sayangi Gelandangan to distribute food parcels to the hungry on the streets.

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