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Agathiyar in my very first Nadi reading to my bewilderment and surprise, laid out the cards in front of me. He had access to my karmic records and was exposing them! And it was all possible from reading my thumbprint! After analyzing and identifying the category of my thumbprint Sentilkumar brought out three stacks of old palm leaves on which were scribbled "words, lines, dots" that only he could decipher. Reading them aloud to me, he asked me either to confirm or reject what was read out, reminding me not to reveal anything more. After a tedious session of question and answer he told me to come another day, two weeks from then, for we never came close to picking out the right Nadi for me, one that precisely carried my life's journey. 

I was back again, with excitement, sitting with him, and going through a similar session two weeks later. And there it was, a matching Nadi that I could rightfully acknowledge as mine. I told Sentil I was sure it was mine. Even then I did not get the full reading. I was asked to come another day for the complete reading of my Pothu Kaandam or general canto. 

On the designated day I sat with him again, this time in awe, as he ran by my life's journey as recorded (of the past) and written (for the future) by Agathiyar. My life was no mystery then. Agathiyar revealed the events till my death. Not only did I go to him to know about myself, I came to worship him. He continued to call me in for further readings. Over the years I came to a new understanding regarding what was fated and destined on one hand and free will and the extent that we could shape our own lives on the other.

I realized that what was said in the Nadis were only one of several possibilities that could actually become a reality if followed and adhered. If we chose not to pursue in that direction given, a new set of possibilities comes along. Here is where we are given a choice to decide either to listen to the words of the wise or otherwise. 

I realized that exceptions where made in very special cases where Agathiyar breaks the norm. If it is required of everyone wishing to have a Nadi reading to be present for their reading and to provide a print of their thumbprint that would enable the Nadi reader to trace our Nadi, Agathiyar chose to reveal my wife's Nadi without the need for all the customary procedures! This exemption surprised the Nadi reader too. Although I was called in for the Nadi reading that day, Agathiyar, addressed my wife and chose to speak about her life's journey throughout the entire Nadi reading, without even calling for her presence.

I realized that he had access to my thoughts too. He was monitoring me from some place or space! He was revealing my thoughts and actions in real time. It was scary. Now I really needed Magneto's helmet to protect myself from Agathiyar prying into the private moments and corners of my memories and life. Over the years with continuous worship to him, he began to instruct silently, moving my thoughts and limbs, to do his doing and wants. Now I truly needed a complete set of costume to resist the onslaught of telepathic attacks and energy.

Taking him as Guru, I realized Agathiyar working subtly and magically removing obstacles and clearing the path, changing old ways and bringing new insights, bringing vigor and strength to an otherwise old and worn out suit. What was a norm for others did not now apply to us. What was a deity to all became a Guru to us. What was seen with fear and apprehension, now became a working partner. Everything began to fall in its place and worked in our favor. All this was due to the grace of the Guru, Agathiyar. 

Ram Dass in his "Paths to God - Living the Bhagavadgita", Harmony Books, 2004, gives us a clear understanding of this phenomena and karma. He says, free will and destiny exist simultaneously but on different planes. Now we are getting there. Things are beginning to fall into place. The picture is getting clearer and the confusion leaves. 

He says there is a plane of reality were we are the free agent, free to decide and do all things. On another plane from a "different perceptual vantage point" we realize that our thought forms are conditioned. I realize that this two planes intermingle. 

He adds, "The choices arose out of a long chain of prior events that absolutely predetermined your decisions. I say, "I have free will" - that's my karma talking!"

Ram Dass goes one to state one particular incident in his life to clearly explain his theory. Going back to India a second time, in 1971, he went looking for Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji) again but did not find him in the usual spots. Spending some time at a meditation retreat in Bodh Gaya, he resumed his search for Maharajji. Teaming up with a lady and a bus-full of passengers she brought along,  all 35 including the driver headed for Delhi. Nearing Allahabad, one of the people on board insisted they stop over. But it meant further delay in reaching Delhi and they were all hungry and tired. So they all turned to Ram Dass to make a decision. After wrestling with the thought Ram Dass gave the green light.  The Kumbha Mela having taken place a few weeks ago, and the Mela having ended, there were only a handful of people around on the Mela grounds. The person who asked that they stop over, directed the bus to a Hanuman temple. That is when someone in the bus spotted Maharajji with his devotee Dada. Maharajji, after the pranams by pilgrims, asked the entire entourage to follow him to his devotee's house. Dada's wife greeted them saying dinner was almost ready.  She mentioned that they had been cooking all day in anticipation of Ram Dass and his entourage's arrival, surprising them by mentioning that Maharajji had told her 35 people shall arrive. 

Ram Dass at this juncture puts a question to us, "Now who do you suppose it was who thought he was sitting on the bus, deciding whether to visit the Mela grounds? Long before I made my decision it was already decided - Maharajji knew all about it that morning! I played my part. I "decided" to go to the Mela grounds. But my decision was inevitable."

Ram Dass continues beautifully when he says, "This present moment is the sum of all that past karma. All those life waves, flowing and flowing, just to bring me to this place, to this moment.... If you are standing outside of time, it is possible to see the whole course of those life waves - past, present and future. When you are at that stage you see in advance the direction the karmic waves are taking, and you know exactly why its all happening the way it is."

Supramania Swami told me that we shall keep on polishing till it shines relating to coming back again and again till we perfect it; Tavayogi asked me, "Whats the hurry. We can always come back again to complete the journey."  Similarly Ram Dass heaves a sign of relief at knowing what was happening "within a lifetime bounded by birth and death" was only a moment and "part of a much vaster design." This perspective helps in that it "calms us down a great deal. The whole game isn't riding on this one lifetime!...there is a great feeling of release inherent in that; it removes the anxiety and the sense of urgency. We don't have to do it all right now - in fact we see we are not doing it anyway! Its the lawful continuity of karma and reincarnation flowing through us lifetime after lifetime, kalpa after kalpa."

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