Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Sri Subramaniam Purushothman Aiya learned carnatic music from his father Sri Purushothama Raja first, and later from Isai Thendral TN Mariappan who was a friend of his. As he had immense love for music he got himself a chance to sing in talent shows or Kalapadam. He changed his name to Gopinath and continued to sing at this event and many stage shows. Many knew him for singing T.A. Mothi's songs. He also won a gold medal in a singing competition held in Klang where Re. Shanmugam was the chief judge. Besides singing, he plays the harmonium and sittar.

After a long absence he took to his harmonium and delivered a couple of songs of Ramalinga Adigal, one on Lord Muruga and another on Lord Krishna when AVM requested him to play recently.

His prodigy and daughter Vinthamaray who regularly sings at AVM has also contributed her voice for the album "Agathiyar Geetham".

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