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I read a post by Samiappa Palanivelan at http://samiappapalanivelan.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/dog-as-a-saviour/. Samiappa Palanivelan shares an account where a miracle had taken place.

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar
This reminds me of a similar episode where Tavayogi was saved too. Tavayogi narrated this episode to me when we pushed him to talk about his past. Tavayogi does not talk much about his life. He submitted to us though and revealed his journey on the path of the siddhas. During the time when he was in Tirupur and managing his cotton mill, he had ventured to hike up Sathuragiri although his heart was weak. He was adamant and refused to listen to the good advice of family and kin. While trekking up the mountain he felt faint and on the verge of collapse. Suddenly a man appears with a piece of bread and asks him to eat it. The pain in his chests goes away. Tavayogi is able to walk again and continues his hike up Sathuragiri! 

After Tavayogi left his family to become a monk or turavi, he walked the length and breadth of India. One day he had extreme hunger pangs. There was no one around. He took God to task, stating that if it was true that God existed then he should feed him (Tavayogi) or he shall pass away in hunger. Out of nowhere appeared a couple with hot steaming rice and asks that Tavayogi eat it! 

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal has had numerous encounters with these Siddhas.

Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai
Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai too has met Siddhas on several occasions. Although their ultimate form is that of Jothi, for the purpose of interaction with people, they do take various forms as in the following miracles.

Agathiyar had promised me in the Nadi reading that I shall witness many miracles take place both at home and abroad. True to his words it took place numerous times. These miracles were of the minutest nature and those that were mind shattering too. 

Miracles during My First and Second Pilgrimages to India

I encountered many mysterious happenings and miracles during my first and second pilgrimages to India in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Miracle 1 A Switch for the Good

When Deivanthiran turned up at the Chennai Airport to chauffeur me instead of Raji as planned, was it so that I could be brought to meet my first Guru Supramania Swami?

Miracle 2 A Siddha Gives Darshan.

When I was about to board the car on the grounds of the famed Sri Rangam Temple at Trichi, a man suddenly appeared beside me. He was very pleasant and spiritual. He had a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. He had long white beard and hair that was tied neatly, was very fair, of medium height and wore a clean white vesti. He spoke beautiful English and Tamil. For no reason, he started blessing me repeatedly! I could only thank him.

Miracle 3 Siddha Hanuman Gives Darshan.

When a Brahmin priest whom I picked up at the Utamar Temple in Palur volunteers to take me to the Tiru Aanaikaval Temple in Trichi to perform atonements or parikaram, he made the temple caretaker open doors that were closed! 

He insisted a particular elderly priest perform the Puja. He took me as swiftly as the wind does from one shrine to another and finally asked to be dropped at the roadside and not at the Utamar Temple where I had picked him up originally. After dropping him off, as I glance back, I realized that I had left him at a Hanuman Temple! Did Vayu’s son accompany me to perform the parikaram?

Miracle 4 Receiving Blessed Milk at Palani

When I came out of Siddha Bhogar’s samadhi at Palani, to my surprise I was given Abhisegam milk to drink by a young priest! 

I became intoxicated with bliss after consuming the blessed milk. I did not understand what transpired then. Agathiyar explained this miracle later through the Nadi. I have no words to describe the love that the Lord has for me. 

A similar miracle takes place when Tavayogi, my brother Kathirasen and I were at Palani in 2005. We are given the blessed milk again after coming out of Bhogar Samadhi! 

Miracle 5 Yogi Ramsuratkumar Joins in Chant

When Supramania Swami and I chanted Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s name, the Yogi joins us in the chant! 

After ten minutes into the chanting, I heard a third voice accompany Swami and me chant the Mantra YOGI RAMSURATKUMARA, YOGI RAMSURATKUMARA, YOGI RAMSURATKUMARA, JAYA GURURAYA. No one was at Swami’s kudil then except for both of us. Later Supramania Swami told me the Yogi had appeared and chanted with us! It is amazing to realize that the Yogi joined us after he had gone into samadhi!

Miracle 6 A Visitation from the Divine Forces?

When I was at Supramania Swami’s kudil in 2005, and was fast asleep, Swami received a visitation from the deities! 

A woman dressed in a rainbow colored sari and a kid walked into Swami’s kudil and sat on the floor. They spoke amongst themselves. Swami sat quietly and watched. And then they entered Swami’s prayer room. After a while when they did not come out of the prayer room, Swami went in only to be faced with an empty room. They had vanished! He narrated it to me the next day. Sadly, though they chose to come after I was asleep, after having chat with Swami throughout the night and hitting the sack at 2.40 am. 

Miracle 7 Vibhuti Appears Miraculously

When I was on a pilgrimage of the Siddha caves with Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, Tavayogi hands out the sacred ash that materialized out of thin air!

Tavayogi with the vibhuthi in the caves of Uthiyur
Tavayogi took me to the caves in Uthiyore in Kangayam where he had stayed during his early years of wandering. Then at the cave occupied by Konganar, we chanted the names of the Siddhas. On completing the chant, I open my eyes to see Tavayogi holding out the sacred ash (vibhuti) in front of me. He applied it on my forehead and gave the elderly man who followed us and me some to bring back. When I asked why he was leaving the remaining portion of ash behind, he asked me if I had brought it along. We looked at each other. No one brought it along. We were equally puzzled as to how it had appeared!

Miracle 8 Tavayogi in Various Places at the Same Time?
Tavayogi at Tanjai Periya Kovil or Breehadeshwarar Temple
When Tavayogi and I alighted from the car on arrival at the grounds of the famed Breehadeshwarar Temple in Tanjore, a peddler walked up to Tavayogi and asked, “How come you are back here Swamiji? I just saw you here yesterday?” to our amazement!

How would that be possible since I was with Tavayogi the past days touring temples and samadhi of Siddhas?

Miracle 9 Agathiyar Opens His Eyes

When I was at the Agneepureeswarar Temple, at Agasthiyampalli near Vedharanyam with Tavayogi, Agathiyar manifests in a granite statue at his shrine!

Tavayogi at Agasthiyampalli
I was witness to a miracle performed by Agathiyar at his shrine at Agneepureeswarar Temple and again at Kutraleshwarar Temple in Courtalam. In both instances, he had opened his eyes via his granite statue.

As Tavayogi and I alighted from the car at the Sri Agneepureeswarar temple, an elderly temple priest welcomes us at the entrance or Raja Kopuram with a wide smile and immediately leads us to Agathiyar’s temple within the temple walls. When Tavayogi began singing hymns for Agathiyar, the priest stopped him immediately. He instructed us to go around the temple grounds and offer prayers at the main temple of Lord Shiva first. We obeyed him although we were puzzled. 

After praying at Shiva’s temple, we came back to Agathiyar’s temple. Tavayogi picked up from where he left. I continued chanting the names of the Siddhas. I broke down in tears asking Agathiyar to open his eyes as he had promised me in the Nadi. However, he did not. 

After chanting the names of the Siddhas, I opened my eyes only to realize Tavayogi who was seated opposite me was now standing outside in the open air. 

Disappointed that Agathiyar was not moved by my devotion, I got up to join Tavayogi. I moved towards him into the open. As I approached him, Tavayogi ushered me to his side. He asked that I look at Agathiyar for he told me that the Siddha was opening and closing his eyes. After a moment, he asked if I could see the miracle too. I peered at the granite statue of Agathiyar but unfortunately, I saw nothing of that sort. I could hardly make out his face much less see him open and close his eyes. The interior of Agathiyar’s temple was dark. I was standing in the open in the heat of midday. 

I could sense Tavayogi’s disappointment that I could not see the miracle happen. We were both disappointed. Then Tavayogi prompted me to sit with Agathiyar while he snapped a photograph of Agathiyar and me. Tavayogi throws his shawl over to me asking me to lay it on the cold cement floor that had oil spilt all over it. As I laid his shawl and sat, I glanced at Agathiyar and what do I see? That is when the miracle as promised by Agathiyar happens. Agathiyar was observing me with an eye open. I saw him open his left eye!

Agathiyar opens his eye
I looked hard not believing what I saw. When I arrived, I took the trouble to investigate and observed that both his eyes were engraved closed. I paid attention to his eyes since he had promised me in my Nadi that he would open his eyes when I arrived at his temple in Agasthiyampalli. The Siddha was enshrined in granite with both eyes closed. Nevertheless, miraculously, his left eye was then open! I turned to look at Tavayogi and he immediately gave me a broad smiled saying, “They show themselves only for a while”, and he hurried me out of there. Even as I came out from his shrine, the Siddha was grinning away with an eye open.

The newly delivered Agathiyar in the foreground which is a replica of Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli (in the background).
In the official photograph of Agathiyar from the temple authorities at Agasthiyampalli given to my nephew Thayalan Sundara Arumugam when he was returning from Agasthiyampalli, both Agathiyar’s eyes were sculptured open and he was grinning away!

Agathiyar with eyes wide open at Agasthiyampalli as photographed by Varadaraj
The photographs of Agathiyar at Agasthiyampalli taken by Varadaraj, of the Bronze Creative in Swamimalai whom I had commissioned to make an exact replica of Agathiyar, depicted Agathiyar with both his eyes open!
Agathiyar as he appeared to Surendran
When Surendran went over to Agasthiyampalli recently, the photos he took of Agathiyar showed both his eyes open! How it is that he portrayed himself with his eyes closed initially only to open his left eye later when I was there in 2005? 

Miracle 10 Agathiyar Opens His Eyes Again

Again, this miracle unfolds when at Kutraleshwarar Temple in Courtalam, Agathiyar, and this time, opened and closed both his eyes like any ordinary person! 

After our encounter with Agathiyar in Agasthiyampalli, Tavayogi and I came to Courtalam. At the Kutraleshwarar Temple, Tavayogi started singing hymns as usual in front of Agathiyar’s granite statue. As we sat on the cement floor, I thought I saw Agathiyar open and shut both his eyes. I got up to move closer to investigate. Sure enough, he was watching me with eyes that were very much human! 

I made it a point to notice Agathiyar’s statue carefully since the miracle at Agasthiyampalli. At Courtalam, the Siddha’s eyes were sculptured wide open. I stood still, amazed, my sight fixed on the Siddha’s eyes that was blinking back at me. Tavayogi who saw the excitement in me and as usual ushers me out of there.

Miracles In The Presence Of Supramania Swami

Miracle 11 Lord Shiva at Parvatha Malai?

When Supramania Swami went to Parvatha Malai, about 30 kilometers away from Tiruvannamalai Lord Shiva helps him pick some traditional herbs! 

As Swami was looking for a specific herb, he met a sundry shopkeeper from Tiruvannamalai, who greeted him and enquired as to what he (Swami) was doing there? Swami replied that he came in search of a particular herb but he (Swami) could not identify it. The shopkeeper friend replied that it was very easy to locate and identify the herb and fetched him a bunch of it. On meeting the shopkeeper in town later, Swami touched on their meeting at Parvatha Malai only to be told that he (the shopkeeper) had never stepped on that hill! 

Miracle 12 A Visitation from Yogi Ramsuratkumar

When Swami was meditating in his village home at Nachananthal, 8 kilometers away from Tiruvannamalai, his Guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar knocks on his door and hands him his (the Yogi’s) painting and hurries away into the darkness! 

It is interesting to note that the Yogi had already gone into samadhi earlier! 

Miracle 13 A Siddha Intervenes.

When Supramania Swami was in the midst of constructing a temple at Tiruvannamalai, a Siddha puts a stop to his efforts! 

A stranger appeared at his kudil. He beckons Swami to step out onto the road. He then questions him in a harsh manner, “What do you think you are doing? Why are you going back to Bakti Margam when you are already in the Gnana Margam?” Supramania Swami stopped construction of the temple immediately.

Miracles In The Presence Of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal

Miracle 14 A Siddha Saves Tavayogi’s Life.

When Tavayogi adamantly wanted to hike up the hills of Sathuragiri although he was diagnosed as having heart problems and blockages, a Siddha comes to his aid as he was on the verge of collapse! 

He hands him a bread bun. After consuming it, the ache in Tavayogi’s chests disappears. Later on re-examination, Tavayogi is given a clean record! Who passed him the magical bread? 

Miracle 15 Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi feed Tavayogi.

When Tavayogi was roaming the length and breadth of India in search of himself, often he had gone hungry, sleeping at platforms and temple grounds, seeking alms and food from the public, Lord Shiva and Parvathi feed him! 

As all shops were closed and there were no one around in the town he passed by, he challenged the Lord to provide food or he shall not budge from the spot he was seated. Amazingly a couple bring him steaming hot food! 

Miracle 16 A Visitation from Siddha Konganar?

When a stranger walked into Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal’s ashram and asked that he be allowed to stay overnight, least did Tavayogi expect him to be a Siddha! 

Tavayogi and the stranger chat for an hour before retiring. The next day Tavayogi met him again when he (Tavayogi) went on his daily morning walk. The man was perched on the road culvert. He called out to Tavayogi and asked him over, revealed himself as Siddha Konganar and disappeared!

Miracle 17 Lime Appears Miraculously

When Tavayogi brought my nephew Thayalan to Siddha Konganar’s cave later, a similar miracle happens where a lime materializes!

Miracle 18 A Visitation from Lord Murugan?

When Tavayogi was having lunch with my brother Kathirasen and his family at his (Tavayogi’s) ashram, Lord Murugan walks in! 

In walked a stranger in his thirties who told them he had heard about Tavayogi’s ashram; had heard that there were good souls running the ashram; and had decided to come and see for himself. He told them further that he was in Kadhirgama but did not like it there. He was in Thiruchendur and did not like it there either. He had gone to Palani and for the same reason left Palani later. Astonishingly all the places he mentioned were places of significance to Lord Murugan as they were the abodes of the Lord. This made Tavayogi sit back and re-evaluate the stranger. He realized then that the stranger was no commoner. Could he be Lord Murugan himself? True enough he then called all those present into the Peedham and blessed them before leaving the ashram grounds!

Miracle 19 A Visitation from Lobhamudra?

When Tavayogi was at his ashram, Lobhamudra gives Darshan!

Tavayogi believes this could be Lobhamudra who made her appearance at Kallar

A young woman in her twenties arrived at Tavayogi’s ashram. She said she was from a town in Andra Pradesh and had heard about his ashram. She had ventured on her own to see for herself. All the while, she spoke extensively and passionately about Agathiyar. Tavayogi, who had on several occasions missed to see through the veil, was this time around alert. He thought to himself if she could be Lobhamudra, the wife of Agathiyar. Tavayogi, who had on many occasions missed taking photographs of weird strangers who turned up at his ashram doors only to reveal themselves as Siddhas later, immediately had someone take her photograph. She obliged them by posing with the bunting of Agathiyar. She bid farewell and disappeared into the bushes from where she had emerged! 

Miracle 20 Agathiyar’s Darshan

When Tavayogi being the patron of the first World Conference of Siddha Philosophy was in Malaysia to officiate the three-day event, answered a telephone call from his ashram cook and able aid Nadaraja, Nadaraja excitedly informed Tavayogi that he (Nadaraja) had just seen Tavayogi on the ashram grounds! Nadaraja added that Tavayogi’s form had transformed and changed to that of Agathiyar and vanished in front of his eyes! Once inside the hermitage, Nadaraja was blessed to see three individuals of the three major faiths who after a brief moment vanished too! 

Agathiyar has been performing miracles at the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil in Kallar, Kovai.

Present day Agathiyar Gnana Peedham
Present day ashram at Kallar
What started as a humble hermitage by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal on the instruction of Agathiyar, the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham has today mushroomed into a much bigger ashram the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil Dhyana Kudil. Agathiyar instructed Tavayogi to seek out a place called Agathiyar Vanam and set up his hermitage there. Hence, Tavayogi found himself at present day Turipalam, Agathiyar Vanam in Kallar on the 9th km Ooty-Mettupalayam route.

The ashram initially
Tavayogi performing the Abhisegam rite to the Aaru Aathaara Peedham that was newly installed at Kallar
The Peedham beautifully decorated
The Peedham
The Aaru Aathaara Peedham at Kallar
Agathiyar instructed him to install the Aaru Aathaara Peedham to be worshiped. This 7-tier granite structure was subsequently made and installed. When the Peedham was delivered in one huge piece, Tavayogi and the other devotees ended figuring out how to haul it across the railway tracks, that plies Ooty and Mettupalayam that runs in front of the ashram and up the hill where the hermitage stands. Agathiyar assures Tavayogi and gives a sign. They engage an elephant to do the task. Once at the top and in the hermitage, they faced the problem of moving the Peedham into the meditation room. The elephant comes to the rescue again. By using its trunk to push, the Peedham is set in its place. 

Agathiyar then sent local native aboriginal Indians to settle around the Peedham. The Government later built homes for these dwellers. Tavayogi started feeding these native children and donated clothing and stationary with funds from the public. 

Tavayogi was then instructed to propagate and spread the teachings of the Siddhas to devotees in Malaysia and Singapore. Towards that purpose, he made a few trips to these countries.

Tavayogi leading the prayers at the Yagam
The Yagam
108 Sarva Dosa Nivarana Maha Yagam conducted personally by the devotees, monitored by Tavayogi and his aids

Tavayogi started conducting Yagam or lighting of the sacrificial fire. Later he was instructed to light five fire pits and this was increased to 108 the following year on the instructions of Agathiyar. 

Along the way, Tavayogi gets visitations from Siddha Konganar, Lobhamudra, and Lord Murugan.

Agathiyar in fiber at Kallar
Then a fiber statue of Agathiyar was installed. The statue of Agathiyar was placed because the public could not comprehend the formless; they needed a statue to look at, focus and contemplate, and touch.

Tavayogi with Agathiyar
Tavayogi with Thava Murugar
A devotee later suggested that Lord Murugan too be placed to compliment Agathiyar, as Murugan was Agathiyar’s guru. Hence, the statue of Thava Murugar or Siddha Supramaniar came to be.

The granite statue of Agathiyar that Mataji had been instructed to install many years back which currently is at Kallar
Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyar on her part was told to bring back to Kallar a small granite statue of Agathiyar she had had made some time back under instruction by Agathiyar and which was placed somewhere else.

Agathiyar in the hills of Kallar
Agathiyar then instructed Tavayogi to place a granite statue of him (Agathiyar) at the exact spot where he had appeared to Tavayogi in the jungles of Kallar. 

The peacock that came mysteriously to Kallar
A peacock mysteriously appears at the ashram out of the blues on one fine day.
The Jeeva Nadi in the possession of Tavayogi
Then Tavayogi ‘discovered’ that he had a Jeeva Nadi in his midst amongst the numerous Nadis he had in his possession. When my wife quizzed Mataji on how they came to possess the Jeeva Nadi, Mataji explain that one fine day they discovered that letters appeared in a blank Nadi leaf on its own. Tavayogi was instructed in the Nadi by Agathiyar to read to devotees who came in search of the Jeeva Nadi on Saturdays. Mysteriously Agathiyar puts a stop to the Nadi reading a year back. After a lapse of a year, Agathiyar has begun speaking through the Jeeva Nadi again since 22 June 2013.

The Mystical Rudraksham
Tavayogi holding out the Rudraksham
The Rudraksham now worshipped as a Shivalingam at Kallar
The Rudraksham
A few days before the Agathiyar Jayanthi & Guru Puja celebrations on 31 December 2012, a sadhu mysteriously shows up at Kallar bringing with him an unusual Rudraksham and hands it to Tavayogi with instructions to worship it as a linga. 

Agathiyar continues performing miracles at the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham. 

Miracles In The Presence Of Other Devotees

Miracle 21 Agathiyar Gives Darshan

When on opening the door to the prayer room of a couple who were staunch devotees of Agathiyar, Dr. Nanjan of Ooty saw the form of Agathiyar rise from the floor on which he had slept on, tied his long sprawling hair, took a glance at the Dr. and vanish! 

Dr Nanjan narrated this incident to me when he accompanied Tavayogi to Malaysia in 2007. Dr Nanjan, a retired veterinarian and a sadhu can be contacted at B. Nanjan, 9/66, Kumaran Kudil, Melur, Po, The Nilgiri-643221. 

Miracle 22 Did Lord Ayappa, Anjaneyar & Anjalai Give Darshan?

When Asokan, from Malaysia, was separated from the rests of the entourage and lost his way while on pilgrimage to Sabari, Anjaneyar and Anjalai offered to accompany Asokan until he arrived safely at the temple! 

Asokhan who is with the military police had gone on a couple of pilgrimages to Sabarimalai and on his return narrated with excitement and devotion the happenings that took place when he was there. I took down these notes as he narrated the happenings during these pilgrimages to me. It amazed me to listen to him, often tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, as he narrated the miracles that took place and the play of God on a true disciple like him. I used to ask him again and again to narrate his journey, even though I had heard it from him earlier and he would willingly sit and talk about it with the same intensity and joy every time. 

Asokhan once asked his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa in meditation on how to overcome the many problems that he faced in his daily life. The Guru in him advised him to be patient. He needed to exhaust his Karma first and so towards that purpose he was asked to undertake a yantra to Sabarimalai. 

However, Asokhan had no idea how he was going to go to India. He prayed to Lord Ayappa. He very much wanted to go over to Sabari but did not know the way and have the means to do it. 

Miraculously he received his passport the day after his prayer was submitted to the Lord; his leave was approved within two days; the money required for the pilgrimage was acquired in the next two days; and he has to follow a Gurusamy and a group of fifthteen devotees. Thus, Lord Ayappa had provided for him to journey to Sabarimalai. Asokhan prepared himself for the pilgrimage as a kannisamy. 

On arrival in India, the group went through the sacred ritual of placing the irumudi on their heads and thus started the sacred journey from Dindugal to submit the irumudi at the feet of Lord Ayappa at Sabarimalai. 

During the hike to Aludhamalai, Asokhan realized seven group members who were ahead of him and another seven behind him were missing. He realized that he was travelling alone. His head was aching due to the weight of the irumudi. Only the Gurusamy was allowed to relieve him of the irumudi. However, his Gurusamy was nowhere to be seen. Asokhan was thirsty and hungry too. He had no money on him as all the documents were with the Gurusamy. 

He reached a spot where another group had camped and were serving food (annadhanam). He lined up behind the other devotees for the free food. However, sadly they refused to give him food and drink. 

Disappointed and hungry he left the spot. He was now dizzy out of hunger and thirst. He prayed to Lord Ayappa. Not able to bear the weight of the irumudi any further, he asked another Gurusamy to relieve him. Having rested for a moment he followed the newfound group. It was 7 pm when they reached the foot of Karimalai. They camped for the night. He was offered water and biscuits. 

At 3 am the next day, the group who had already begun their hike up the path awaked Asokhan. Asokhan was given INR100 and water by the Gurusamy from this group. Asokhan tried to catch up with them but found himself lost again in the dense forest of Sabari. 

Miraculously a small male child appeared out of nowhere and holding on to his elbow pulled him away from the edge of a ravine. The child chanted “Swamiye Saranam Ayappa” all the way, as he led Asokhan through the jungle. He waited for Asokhan to catch up at some places and rested when Asokhan rested. Finally, he disappeared from sight at the Pambanathi. Who was the child who led him until Pamba? 

Asokhan asked of those pilgrims he met on the way for directions but unfortunately, he could not understand Malayalam. As he hiked up, he came to the Kannimula Ganapati temple where he prayed to be reunited with his group. Then at the Anjaneyar temple, he asked Anjaneyar to accompany him. At the Goddess Ambal temple, he prayed for his safety. 

Asokhan followed other Gurusamy and now stood before a steep hill. As he sat down wondering how he was going to trek up the hill, he saw an old man come towards him. The old man called out in Tamil to his even older mother to hurry up. Asokhan was relieved to hear someone speak in Tamil. Asokhan related what had happened to him. They asked Asokhan to follow them. Asokhan noticed that when he walked behind them he was relieved of his tiredness, and bodily pains and ache. However, the moment he walked ahead of them he had all the discomfort come back. He was puzzled. Another thing that Asokhan noticed peculiar in them was that both the man and his mother did not cry out “Saranam Ayappa” as did the others on the journey to Sabari. 

Asokhan found it amusing and feared for their safety when along the way the old man took to task certain dishonest traders. He bought Asokhan watermelon and water to feed his hunger and quench his thirst. At Sarankuti, the old man asked that they rest awhile. Asokhan was asked to look out for his group while the old man reclined like Lord Vishnu with his head supported by his left hand. His mother lay down beside him. 

Asokhan thought he should massage the old man’s feet in return for his help in bringing him to Lord Ayappa. As Asokhan placed his hands on the old man’s thigh, the old man opened his eyes to look at Asokhan, gave him a smile and closed his eyes again. He laid his head on his left arm, which now served as a pillow and continued his nap. After some time Asokhan too closed his eyes in meditation. Since Asokhan wanted to repay the kind deed, but did not have money on him, he thought it good gestures on his part to bring relieve, Asokan started to massage the legs of the elderly man only to realize there was a tail between his legs! 

He immediately stopped massaging the old man’s leg and brought his palms together in prayer. Was this Anjaneyar himself? 

They continued the journey towards the second Sarankuti. Here the old man explained to Asokhan how to witness the Jothi. Asokhan and the old man removed their shirts and made their way to Lord Ayappa. The old man asked Asokhan to break a coconut at Karupana Sannadhi. They then started to climb the eighteen steps covered in gold leading to Lord Ayappa. To his surprise, Asokhan realized that they were the only ones climbing the stairs. The old man and his mother who walked alongside gave way to Asokhan to walk in the middle. Asokhan saw Devas and Devis standing on either side, welcoming them as they climbed the steps. Asokhan went into a state of bliss. 

Asokhan tells me he went to Sabari three times after that trip and had gone up the stairs four times but never had he seen nor experienced a similar welcome during those times. 

The old man then brought Asokhan to the kodimaram on the temple grounds where they rested again. The old man’s mother asked Asokhan to lie down on her lap. Immediately Asokhan fell into deep sleep. They woke him up and handed him to another group from Dindugal before they left promising to come back. However, they never came back. 

A new group that he made acquaintance with took him along to look for his group. They came before the eighteen steps again but this time Asokhan had to nudge his way up through the crowd. 

The group wanted to leave for Dindugal, so Asokhan was passed on to the information counter. Asokhan was fed and at 8 pm, he was brought to another group from Malaysia. He was given INR300 by someone in the group. Shortly before 5 am, the next day Asokhan was united back with his group. The group submitted their irumudi to Lord Ayappa and returned to Malaysia with Asokhan cherishing the many magical moments he lived through. 

Miracle 23 Receiving a Darshan of the Siddhas at Sathuragiri

Dr. K. Venkatraman author of the book YUGANGAL KADANTHU VALZHUM UNNATHA KALAI (Venkatraman) in Tamil by Vijaya Publications, 20, Raja Street, Coimbatore, has had an encounter with Siddhas at Sathuragiri. Here is a translation of what took place. He writes, 
“My friends and I travelled to Sathuragiri in 1999. I used to frequent these hills then. A cool breeze and the sound of gushing waters from the falls nearby ushered us as we made our way up this hill. We reached Sundaramahalingam temple at 7 pm. Agathiyar established the linga at this temple. We stayed at the home of the priest, Marimuthu. This place was in the midst of a dense jungle and the temple was without electricity. It was a full moon night. Exhausted from the walk up the hill and having done the full moon prayers all my friends retired to bed by 11 pm. Marimuthu and I chose to sit in the open in the cold night. We talked about Siddhas and the herbs that were available in these jungles.” 
“Suddenly Marimuthu got up and held my hand. He hurried me into his house. He closed the doors and latched them from inside. He blew out the hurricane light. In a soft voice, he told me to remain calm. He said to me, “Now Siddhas are going to perform prayers at the Sundaramoorthi shrine.” He moved to the kitchen and opened the window. We stood at the window. It was 12.30 am. Some moments passed by. Suddenly I heard the sound of the conch faintly. Unfortunately, I could only see the rear of the temple from that spot and I did not know what was happening in front. Then the sound of the conch stopped and I could smell a beautiful aroma in the air, one never smelt before. I very much wanted to go out and see what was taking place. So I rushed out and stood at the back portion of the house.”

“In that cold shivering night I started to sweat profusely. The reason being: I saw shadows in the moonlight exactly on the steps leading to the Sundaramoorthi shrine, the eighteen Siddhas temple and Sattainathar’s cave. Each one of them was easily 7 ½ feet tall, lean, with long tresses, bearded, the tandam in their armpits, Kamandalu or drinking vessel in the other hand, one behind the other walking on the steps towards the eighteen Siddhas temple. I suddenly called out for Marimuthu. The three figures turned to look at me. I could see their eyes were red in the dark. The next moment they disappeared. I had been to Sathuragiri many times since then but nothing like that happened again.”
Miracle 24 Agathiyar Shows His Presence At Kalyana Theertam

When Jnana Jyothi Amma from Minnesota, USA made a pilgrimage to Kallar where without her least expectation, Agathiyar through Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal initiated her! 

Jnana Jyothi Amma had planned to spend six months at Tavayogi’s Ashram but for reasons only known to Agathiyar was made to return to USA after a couple of weeks, missing the Annual Guru Puja and Jayanthi celebrations.

Jnana Jyothi Amma with Tavayogi and Mataji after the Yagam
Never less, she returned after a year to participate in the festivities. She made acquaintances with a Siddha medicine practitioner Dr Ram Subramaniam who was introduced by Tavayogi during the fair.

Jnana Jyothi Amma at Papanasam
The Dr and she made a pilgrimage to Papanasam. There started a trail of miracles and astonishment.

Agathiyar reveals to his student Siddha Pulastyar that the Siddhas are in the form of Jothi, in the Jothi and as the Jothi. 

Swami Saravanananda who had witnessed balls of fire while he was keeping night vigils in the Pothigai hills says, “The body of such a Siddha appears to be a ball of fire or a pillar of fire”. The locals called these balls of fire - the luminous Siddhas - the bodies of celestials and advanced Siddhas. These folks say that the Siddhas come out to parade their form in balls of light after 11 pm daily.

However, in Jnana Jyothi Amma's case the Sidhas chose to come out in bright daylight during midday to bless their favorite child for all to see! Agathiyar shows a marvelous spectacle and reveals his presence to Jnana Jyothi Amma and Ram Subramaniam at Kalyana Theertam. 

At 11.15 am on February 2nd I asked her on SKYPE, “I thought you were suppose to start your Mystical Journey today?” She replied, “Yes, at 4 pm”. And she continued, “Mystical journey? What a solid coinage of words....” Never did either of us imagine that it would indeed turn out to be A MYSTICAL JOURNEY! 

Just see for yourself in the following photographs snapped feverishly by Siddha Vaidyar Dr Ram Subramaniam during the precious moments of revelation. Words would not describe faithfully this majestic Effulgence of lights posted at https://apps.facebook.com/tripwow/ta-075a-2e7e-ece1?fg=1

Jnana Jyothi Amma describes the event in her own words, “The latest clip what you just posted...Miracles by Siddhas, I feel the words. Effulgence of light or streaks of beaming light can be used instead of Display of lights. Display means projection/presentation/something that can be seen and noticed...something very Ordinary...Effulgence of light or streaks of beaming light can mean...something Heavenly /Divine. This is just my Understanding Shan...” 

Jnana Jyothi Amma explains further, “The jyothi. You will notice after you see all the pics .. how it moves and finally merges with daddy .. it merges with father and mother.. (She lovingly calls Agathiyar - Daddy)”. 

Further on Dr Ram and Jnana Jyothi Amma are led into a cave where Agathiyar shows them Jhoti Darisanam!
A devotee leads Jnana Jyothi Amma and Dr Ram into the cave to view Agathiyar's Paatham
Jnana Jyothi Amma is shown the light

Jnana Jyothi Amma has this to say, “Proceeding to Daddy's cave where Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma used to meditate...Inside the cave. Notice the speck of light at the right side. You will eventually notice that it comes out as a star.”

Miracle 25 Agathiyar Grooms a Disciple for a Bigger Mission.

When Agathiyar performs miracles through Jnana Jyothi Amma for all to see! 

Just as we have seen the many miracles that have taken place at Tavayogi’s Ashram in Kallar, Agathiyar did perform equally magnificent miracles in the life of an ardent devotee. She is Jnana Jyothi Amma from Lakeville, Minnesota in USA. Jnana Jyothi Amma was an ardent devotee of Goddess Ambal and Karupana Samy. Each time she returned to her homeland in Kerala, she never failed to offer her prayers to the seven feet tall Karupana Samy whom she installed in Chennai. She was an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba too. Then she came across Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal’s website that sent her reeling to Kallar. At Kallar Agathiyar through Tavayogi magically and mysteriously initiated her. Tavayogi sent her away after her initiation. She went back to USA only to return the following year (2012) to participate in the Agathiyar Jayanthi celebrations in Kallar. 

Her tale is to be told for it is a magnificent one. Jnana Jyothi Amma used to share many hours with me on SKYPE even before she made the journey to Kallar. Her yearning for Agathiyar grew from day to day. Her first wish to go to Kallar was fulfilled when there was a calling within her. After Kallar, her life changed drastically. 

She used to watch the prayers for Agathiyar at my home via SKYPE and very much wanted to participate in the rituals. The ever-compassionate father created an opportunity for her to do so eventually in India itself at her convenience. She did the rituals to her heart’s content. Her second wish too was fulfilled! 

She was having severe leg pains that affected her mobility. Agathiyar sent Siddha practitioners to heal her. Tavayogi introduces her to Siddha Practitioner Dr Ram Subramaniam. Her wish that her bodily aches should go away was fulfilled! Her third wish was fulfilled too!

Jnana Jyothi Amma at Ambasamudram
Jnana Jyothi Amma at Papanasam
Jnana Jyothi Amma at Papanasam
Jnana Jyothi Amma at Papanasam
Jnana Jyothi Amma and Dr Ram Supramaniam at the steps leading to Kalyana Theertam
Jnana Jyothi Amma given the rare privilege to rests at Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma's hermitage at Kalyana Theertam
Jnana Jyothi Amma with Dr Ram with Agathiyar and Lobhamudra at Kalyana Theertam

Feeling better, now she was able to go on a pilgrimage! The Dr and she go on a pilgrimage to Ambasamudram and Papanasam. At Kalyana Theertam, she is greeted by Agathiyar and Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma’s devotees. She is invited into Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma’s ashram. Devotees of Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma bring her to the caves in the vicinity. Her yearning to see Agathiyar materializes when Agathiyar shows her his light form or Jothi Darisanam in the caves of Kalyana Theertam. Her wish to see Agathiyar was fulfilled! Her fourth wish is fulfilled too!

It is here too that a stream of light appears mystically from the sky, follows her, blessing her and slowly makes its way to Agathiyar and Lobhamudra who are seated majestically on a chariot! Amazingly, this majestic display was visible only on camera!

Jnana Jyothi Amma given a mat and pillow to rest her tired feet
Jnana Jyothi Amma had always mentioned that she would want to lay a mat and lie in my prayer room. Her wish was granted when ‘strangers’ lay a mat and place a pillow for her to rests at Kalyana Theertam! The fifth wish is granted!
The Mysterious streak of light at Srikalahasti
Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma’s devotees and Jnana Jyothi Amma then set off to the jungles of Kalahasti to perform a Yagna. Jnana Jyothi Amma is shown an amazing streak of light at the original Srikalahasti temple! Her sixth wish that Tavayogi should take her to all the caves and shrines of the Siddhas was fulfilled!

Agathiyar opens his eye in Agasthiyampalli
Agathiyar opens his right eye in the painting worshipped by nine female devotees.
I had told Jnana Jyothi Amma about how Agathiyar had opened his eyes in the granite statue of him at Vedharanyam and Courtalam and in the painting of Agathiyar in the home of devotees.

Ramanujar opens his eye
While in Chennai, she is taken to a temple built by a new acquaintance where Ramanujar opens his eyes!

Agathiyar opens his left eye at Panchesti
Later on her visit to the Arulmigu Ananda Valli Ambigai Sametha Agatheeswaran Thirukovil in Panchesti, Agathiyar opens his eye.

Jnana Jyothi Amma was sad that she had lost a gift that was precious to her given by someone close to her when she was leaving USA. The friend who she had become acquainted with recently in Chennai hands her a box, which on returning home she finds out to her amazement, contains a similar gift to the one she lost at Dallas! 

She had told me she wanted to move house as her present home was not conducive for meditation. Then she becomes acquainted with a devotee of Lord Murugar. Amazingly, Lord Murugar provides for her to be in solitude at Palani through this person! 

On 21 March 2013, Jnana Jyothi Amma informed me over the phone from Palani about another miracle that took place. A man, she assumes to be very old, knocked her door. She invites him in. He gave a loud laugh as he entered her home. He spoke to her about the mystical rudraksham in Tavayogi’s possession. He then asked her for a drink. Jnana Jyothi Amma went in to fetch him some drinking water, expecting him to disappear by the time she returns as it usually is with Sadhus. However, he was waiting for her to return. He sipped the water and returned her the tumbler. To her surprise he gave her a peck on her cheek on the exact spot Jnana Jyothi Amma had kissed the granite statue of Agathiyar at Tavayogi’s ashram in Kallar. The statue is now placed in the hills of Kallar. He then left. All this took place in within a matter of three minutes. Jnana Jyothi Amma out of curiosity peeked into the tumbler. What did she see? There was honey in it! 

She was in solitude at Palani beginning 7 March 2013 before Agathiyar instructed her to move to another spot of his. Now she is in solitude in yet another place. 

Her journey continues.


  1. Great reading all these !!
    Thanks a lot
    I wish to share my story short
    I was n vacation in usa
    I had thoughts of boghar
    I fortunately met a seamy n usa n he told me to meditate on bogar palani
    On return i went there m yes his place was crowded
    Soon i got a place to sit and all crowd vanished
    I was given a glass full og tasty milk .
    I returned thanking ..om bogarguruve potri!!
    Om sam siddhaya namaha


  2. Thanks for reassuring my faith with these miracles..Amazing! A short story of mine.. After my mother reffered to Agathiyar tulya nadi for me @tambaram, I did not know as to when I would do my pariharams as I was in the US. I was in a conundrum and I did not know what to do. I prayed to the Lord and immediately my wife (who doesnt believe in nadi as such) asked me to travel to India by myself. I knew for a fact that it was Agathiyar's call. I am indebted to him for eternity.

    I also strongly believe that he saved me from a plumb job offer which I was highly interested in but could have broken my family apart. I have left my future into his safe hands and waiting for his call.



  4. Hi.
    I too was guided to meditate in palani.after I completed one person waited with a glass of milk and gave me.others have asked for t and that person has told .No I am waiting for one lady to give her..
    Can I know the blessing secret..


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