Saturday, 31 August 2013


I came across an account of a journey by Bhushavali N to Konganar's cave at
Opening to Konganar's cave. Photo courtesy of
There was another posts on Konganar's cave at Thedal at by Saravanakumar.B

It brought back memories of my travels with Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal to these caves in 2005.
At 'base camp'. Salutations to Lord Ganapathy before we start of our journey.
A dilapidated temple on the route up to Konganar's cave
The path leading to Konganar's cave
In front of the huge boulders that form Konganar's cave
On the hill top overlooking the path that we had just taken
The opening to the tiny space in the rocks where Tavayogi had meditated during the earlier years when he was still searching
Tavayogi in his own space
Tavayogi back 'home'
Tavayogi making his way into a small gap between two huge boulders where Konganar had meditated
Inside Konganar's cave
Tavayogi holding the vibhuti or sacred ash that materialize here

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